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GrumpyG's BDO Guides & Tools (Black Desert Online 2019)

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Hello All! You have arrived at the home page of GrumpyG, a place to find guides and tools for Black Desert Online. Come pull up a chair and sit a spell. I hope the information here helps you on your far-reaching adventures in BDO...

HAPPY journeying!!

Top Reason to Play Black Desert Online:
Immersive Gameplay via Action Combat - Black Desert Online gameplay is famous for it's high paced, action combat. When battling enemies, get ready for some serious key combo variety and fun. This game isn't your typical MMORPG, which requires a key to select the enemy, before pressing a hotkey of 0 through 9. BDO uses action combat, which means you will hit anything and everything that is within range of your attack. You don't have to tab select a monster to fight it, ever!

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Thanks for visiting GrumpyG, and have fun in BDO! :)