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GrumpyG Upgrade!

Whew! The site now has added memory and processing power. So hopefully, not so many errors and missing images will pop up!

Now it's time to start updating guides again! I'm a bit behind because of the server issues.

GrumpyG has some added functionality:

  • BDO Guide Comments - help me spot errors and keep guides up to date
  • Contact Me - for only super secret elect ninjas that find the hidden link. *pssst* bottom of page...
  • Rate Guides - help me know what you like and don't like. If you don't like a guide, please let me know why, so I can fix any errors or try to improve it. (Comments or private email form.)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy your stay and the new design. :)




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Thanks for visiting GrumpyG, and have fun in BDO! 🙂