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GrumpyG's BDO Guides & Tools (Black Desert Online 2018)

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Hello All! I finally made a home page for GrumpyG! :) Welcome to this little corner of the world, where I can share my love of all things BDO. Come pull up a chair and sit a spell. I hope the guides and tools here will help you on your far-reaching adventures in Black Desert Online...

HAPPY journeying!!

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you! If you would like to contact me, you can do so via PMs on BDO's forum or Message me on I will help answer any questions you might have. If you see any mistakes, my apologies. I try to write truth, but BDO can be a bit complex for someone like me, to say the least... But who doesn't love a bit of tinfoil now and then? If an idea is tinfoil theory, I will try to state as much.

BDO Guides Got Guide Fever?
If you have a guide you've been working on, that you would like to collaborate on, please contact me. I can actually refrain myself from meddling with it, if you don't want any editing done to it. Or... you can request my unmagical editing touch upon the guide. :) I will gladly take a look and see if I can publish it here. Obviously, if it's outdated or has errors I can't publish it as is. But, it's fun for me to edit guides, so let me know! It's inspiring to see so many great BDO guides written by the community! Thanks!

BDO Guides & Tools List