AFK Leveling with Training Dummies and Books becomes available once your character reaches level 50. Begin by purchasing a Book of Training from a Black Spirit’s Training NPC for 1 million silver per hour.


Purchase Book of Training:

  • Book of Training – Combat (1/3/5/10 Hour)
  • Book of Training – Skill (1/3/5/10 Hour)

You can use both books at the same time.



AFK Leveling is a slower way to level, but still helpful when you can’t grind or quest.


AFK LEVELING TIP: Go hug someone in real life! 🙂

Book of Training: Combat

Training Dummy (Scarecrow) Locations

Training Dummies are located in most major cities, next to NPC’s with the title <Black Spirit’s Training>.

Training Dummy Locations:

AFK Leveling NPC Location: City, Territory
  Jamey Drucker Grana, Kamasylvia
  Jamey Drucker Heidel, Serendia
  Jamey Drucker Velia, Balenos
  Jamey Drucker Calpheon City, Calpheon
  Jamey Drucker Eilton, Everfrost
  Jamey Drucker Altinova, Mediah
  Jamey Drucker Valencia City, Valencia
  Jamey Drucker Duvencrune, Drieghan
  Hiznak O’draxxia, O’dyllita


The most popular locations are Velia and Heidel. If you are having trouble finding an empty Training Dummy, switch channels or try a different city.

Jamey Drucker <Black Spirit’s Training>
Location: most major cities
AKA: AFK Leveling NPC


Training Dummy Location Maps

You can do an NPC search for “Spirit’s Training” to find all Training Dummy locations.

How to AFK Level


Step by Step:

  1. Locate NPC by typing “Spirit’s Training” into the NPC Search. (top right search icon)
  2. Purchase a Book of Training (1/3/5/10 Hour) for Combat and/or Skill Exp
  3. Right Click the Books of Training you want to stack exp for. Time will be added instead of replaced.
  4. Approach a Training Dummy NPC called “Scarecrow” and press R to interact


Every 3 minutes, you will get Combat and/or Skill EXP.


Use your Combat Exp buff items before you use the Scarecrow. (A few items, like food, can be used during AFK leveling.)

Training Dummy Locations via NPC Search

Scarecrow Training Dummy

BDO Training Dummy for AFK Leveling

The Training Dummy is an NPC called, “Scarecrow.” Press R key to start AFK Leveling.


Training Dummy Doesn’t Work

If the Training Dummy isn’t working, make sure of the following:

  • You are not in a party.
  • You have a main weapon or sub weapon equipped.
  • You have the Book of Training icon on your buff list at the top of the screen. (details below)

Book of Training Time Left

After right clicking a Book of Training in your inventory, you will see an icon appear. This means you can use a Training Dummy.

This buff is shared across all of your family and does NOT disapear if you switch to an alt character.

BDO AFK Leveling Icons from Book of Training

Hover over the book icon with your mouse, and it will show the time you have left.

Training Dummy Experience, Time, & Costs

  • AFK Leveling costs 1 million silver per hour.
  • Your weapons will not degrade, so there are no repair costs.
  • Minimal Pet Feed costs because pets with Combat Exp do not have to be fed, but they do need to be out of the stable.
Book of Training Book Price
Book of Training – Combat (1 Hour) 1,000,000 silver
Book of Training – Combat (3 Hour) 3,000,000 silver
Book of Training – Combat (5 Hour) 5,000,000 silver
Book of Training – Combat (10 Hour) 10,000,000 silver

Training Dummy experience per hour depends upon your current level and combat or skill exp buffs.

You can greatly decrease leveling time by using items and methods to increase combat/skill experience. Combat Exp Guide


Combat Experience (without buffs)

Level EXP/Hour Hours to Level Days to Level Silver/Level
56 to 57 1.92% 51.56 2.14 52 million
57 to 58 1.16% 85.34 3.55 86 million
58 to 59 0.62% 159.67 6.65 160 million
59 to 60 0.32% 309.37 12.89 310 million
60 to 61 0.15% 660 27.5 660 million
61 to 62 0.050% 1,934 81.58 1,934,000,000
62 to 63 0.040% 2,475 103.12 2,475,000,000

Getting from level 61 to 62 will cost 1.9 billion silver and take about 2.7 months without buffs.


Skill Experience (without buffs)

Skill Points EXP/Hour Hours to Level Silver/Level
Below 600 500% 0.198 1 million
Below 1000 150% 0.66 1 million
1000 to 1300 120% 0.83 1 million
1300 to 1450 120% 0.83 1 million
1450 to 1600 50% 2 2 million
1600 to 1700 50% 2 2 million
1700 to 1750 40% 2.5 3 million
1750 to 1800 38% 2.63 3 million
1800 to 1850 20% 5 5 million
1850 to 1900 20% 5 5 million

Getting 1 Skill Point at 1800 SP takes close to 5 hours without buffs.


Credits: Thank you Jannanomana’s [Data Collecting] AFK Training results forum post for the data on exp per hour. It is still viewable on a web archive.

AFK Leveling Tips

  • Use items that buff combat exp. Extra combat/skill exp buffs and items will increase the exp received and decrease the time needed for leveling.
  • If you are a Season Character, make use of Season Server’s extra combat exp buffs. New players can use Olvia servers.
  • Extend AFK leveling time by using another Book of Training before time runs out.
  • There is a leveling cap of 99% of your current level.
  • You can use “Book of Training – Combat” and “Book of Training – Skill” at the same time.
  • Have a main weapon or sub-weapon equipped.
  • Leave your party. Combat Exp does not share. You will be unable to interact with the training scarecrows, if you are in a party or platoon.
  • If you disconnect or start AFK training during maintenance, you will loose any time lost.

Sources & Additional Info