Alchemy in BDO allows you to make a large variety of elixirs and items that buff just about anything you can think of, giving everything from Combat to Life Skill buffs.


Alchemy Benefits:

  • Make millions of silver each day in Imperial Alchemy
  • Craft Lightstones, vs paying Dalishain 20mil for 1.
  • Earn Alchemy Byproducts:
    • Contribution EXP + Alchemy EXP
    • Alchemy Ingredients

Alchemy is a fun Life Skill that can be simple if you are ok with slowly leveling. It can also be complex, depending upon the difficulty of the recipe and how rare the mats are.

BDO Alchemy Tool

Our Alchemy Recipe List shows Alchemy EXP, Alchemy level requirements, item stats, and ingredients with filters and search.


Alchemy for Beginners

Overall, Alchemy ingredients are more challenging than Cooking ingredients. This Life Skill is primarily active due to the rare ingredients that can’t be passively obtained via worker nodes. Even the most beginner alchemy recipe requires items that you will probably have to spend effort gathering yourself, unless you don’t mind relying on the marketplace or waiting for pre orders.

For this reason, Alchemy requires the Gathering and/or Farming Life Skills.

You can probably see why Alchemy is often called a veteran’s Life Skill and not beginner friendly. But, you can level Alchemy without too much trouble, if you are patient and stick to a few of the easier recipes.

Alchemy NPC Vendors

There are several NPC Vendors you can use in Alchemy.

The first vendor you’ll need, will probably be a General Goods Vendor, located in all major towns and cities.

General Goods Vendors:

  • Sell basic Alchemy Tools and an ingredient for crystal making.
  • Sometimes have different titles like Quartermaster, Miscellaneous Merchant, and Villa Manager, etc.
  • Find the nearest one by clicking the Find NPC icon on the top right of your window (It looks like a magnifying glass)
  • You can find other important Alchemy vendors this way as well, by typing into the search. For example, you can type, “Herb”, “Mushroom”, or “Seed”. If it is in their name or title, it will show.


General Goods NPC Finder

Alchemy Vendor for Herbs

There are Herb Vendors located in capital cities starting at Calpheon City.

The following herbs are sold for about 500 silver each:

NOTE: NPC Alchemy vendors usually have more expensive pricing than the Marketplace. But NPC vendors have an unlimited supply. Fire Flake Flower and Sunrise Herb are probably the most difficult to find on the Marketplace from the list above.

Nieves <Herb Vendor>
Location: Calpheon City


Alchemy Vendor for Mushrooms

There is a Mushroom Vendor located in Calpheon City.

The following mushrooms are sold for 900 to 1,000 silver each:

NOTE: Again, NPC Alchemy prices are more than the marketplace, but have an unlimited supply. Sky Mushroom and Ghost Mushroom are probably the most difficult to find on the Marketplace from the list above.

Brandio <Mushroom Artisan>
Location: Calpheon City


Alchemy Vendor for Seeds

Ingredients can also be obtained via the Farming Life Skill.


  • Seed Vendor: Ahr in Calpheon City
    • buy Seeds to grow your own herbs and food.
    • costs from 220 silver to 4.5k silver each
    • Carrot Seed
      Garlic Seed
      Grape Seed
      Hot Pepper Seed
      Olive Seed
      Onion Seed
      Pepper Seed
      Pumpkin Seed
      Strawberry Seed
      Sunflower Seed
      Withered Acacia Seed
      Withered Grape Seed
      Withered Sunrise Herb Seed
      Withered Wheat Seed

Ahr <Seed Vendor>
Location: Calpheon City

Many cities have seed vendors that only offer a few Withered Seeds. The Seed Vendor in Calpheon City has some of the best seeds available from an NPC vendor. With these you can rent a fence and farm some select alchemy ingredients.


Farming & Gathering for Alchemy

Seeds for Mushrooms (aka hypha) and herbs are obtained on the marketplace or as a rare drop by gathering its plant with a hoe.

For example, one of the most in demand herbs, Fire Flake Flower, can be obtained by gathering Fire Flake Flowers in the forests with a hoe, until you obtain seeds. This is true for most herbs and mushrooms.

A cluster of Fireflake Flower can be gathered on a hill top, north of Quint Hill node and east of Port Epheria. These have the greatest chance to drop Fireflake Flower Seed. View on

Fireflake Flower Locations east of Port Epheria. Bring a hoe!

Fire Flake Flower Location Map

Wild Herbs give seeds as well and also many rare Alchemy ingredients.

Gathering at Behr, Calpheon Territory is a great way to obtain bottleneck Alchemy ingredients. As a bonus, gathering Wild Herbs with a hoe is the fastest way to level the Gathering Life Skill.

Below is an image obtained from, showing 1 hour of gathering with 1000 Gathering Mastery.

Gathering Rewards
wild herbs in behr

Mushroom & Herb Seeds for Alchemy

Below is a list of all the mushrooms, herbs, and fruits you can obtain seeds for and grow in a farm.

  Mushroom Grow Time (Min)
Emperor 4hr 35m
Hump 2hr 40m
Arrow 5hr 33m
Dwarf 4hr 45m
Fortune Teller 4hr 45m
Cloud 5hr 33m
Tiger 5hr 12m
Ghost 4hr 19m
Sky 4hr 56m
Amanita 3hr 20m
Ancient 3hr 44m
Bouquet 3hr 1m
Leccinum 3hr 1m
Purple 2hr 46m
Pie 2hr 53m
Fog 5hr 3m
Bluffer 3hr 44m



  Herbs or Fruit Grow Time (Min)
Strawberry 4hr 10m
Grape 3hr 55m
Fire Flake Flower 2hr 46m
Silver Azalea 3hr 55m
Dry Mane Grass 2hr 22m
Silk Honey Grass 3hr 20m
Delotia 3hr 42m


Seeds and Hypha not available in-game:

Everlasting Herb, Frekah, Fig, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Teff

(These will have to be obtained via the gathering Life Skill or other ways)

Truffle Mushroom Hypha

When crafting via Alchemy, there is very rare chance to proc Unknown Seed as a byproduct. Combine Unknown Seed with Truffle Mushroom through Processing→Simple Alchemy to create a Truffle Mushroom Hypha that can be planted in a fence, grown, and harvested for an average of 60 Truffle Mushrooms. The Truffle Mushroom Hypha can only be harvested and not bred for more seeds. Surprisingly, the hypha grows into a huge tree!

Farming Resources

Alchemy Nodes

Herbs, mushrooms, and traces can be obtained by investing Contribution Points in worker nodes.

TIP: To begin, prioritize Alchemy nodes that give Sunrise Herb and Silver Azalea in Balenos and Serendia.

Alchemy Node Ingredient
Gavinya Coastal Cliff, Valencia
Gervish Mountains, Drieghan
Cron Castle Site, Balenos
Balenos Forest, Balenos

Sunrise Herb
Lynch Farm Ruins, Serendia
Northern Plain of Serendia, Serendia

Silver Azalea
Karanda Ridge, Calpheon
Longleaf Tree Sentry Post, Calpheon
Ancient Fissure, Mediah

Silk Honey Grass
Tshira Ruins, Drieghan
Dry Mane Grass
Ehwaz Hill, Balenos
Coastal Cliff, Balenos

Fortune Teller Mushroom
Elric Shrine, Mediah
Epheria Valley, Calpheon

Sky Mushroom
Glish Swamp, Serendia
Southern Cienaga, Serendia

Cloud Mushroom
Glutoni Cave, Calpheon
Emperor Mushroom
Ivero Cliff, Valencia (T1 to T3)
Forest Of Plunder, Balenos

Arrow Mushroom
Kamasilve Temple, Mediah
Bree Tree Ruins, Calpheon

Tiger Mushroom
Marie Cave, Calpheon
Ghost Mushroom
Northern Cienaga, Serendia
Dwarf Mushroom
Polly’s Forest, Kamasylvia
Blue Umbrella Mushroom
Rhua Tree Stub, Calpheon
Emperor Mushroom
Weenie Cabin, Kamasylvia
Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom

Trace of Nature

Trace of Nature is obtained via Processing (L) → Heating any Rosar or Yuria weapon, monster zones, worker excavation nodes, and gathering.

Trace of Nature is used to make tier 2 bloods like Wise Man’s Blood.

For example, one very helpful node located in Balenos, called Ancient Stone Chamber, gives 27 Trace of Nature each day, using a level 30 Artisan Goblin worker from Velia.

This is one of many nodes that gives Trace of Nature.

Trace of Forest


Excavation Nodes

Many Excavation nodes are hidden and have to be purchased in person at their Node Manager, even with a Value Pack buff on. This often requires you to purchase the main node first with CP, then you will see an option to spend Energy at the Node Manager NPC. Energy cost is usually 35… don’t be surprised if you pass out from utter exhaustion for speaking so effusively to your sneaky Node Manager. 😉

Ancient Stone Chamber

Nodes with High Trace of Nature Production:

The best node to purchase that produces the most Trace of Nature is Sherekhan Necropolis from Duvencrune.

Cheapest in CP Cost:

The excavation nodes below are listed by highest silver per CP with the most profitable at the top, taking the entire CP chain cost into account.

Excavation Nodes for Trace of Nature Worker’s City CP Traces Per Day
Lynch Farm Ruins Excavation Heidel 2 27
Sherekhan Necropolis Excavation Duvencrune 7 52
Glish Ruins Excavation Glish 5 27
Fountain of Origin Excavation Duvencrune 9 52
Bernianto Farm Excavation Calpheon 7 27
Zvier Highlands Excavation Eilton 5 27
Tooth Fairy Forest Excavation Grána 9 37
Beombawi Valley Excavation Dalbeol Village 2 6
Haemo Island Excavation Nampo’s Moodle Village 2 6
Rhua Tree Stub Excavation Keplan 7 26
Ancient Stone Chamber Excavation Velia 8 27
Ancient Ruins Excavation Site Excavation Tarif 8 27
Mountain of Division Excavation O’draxxia 9 32
Mansha Forest Excavation Trent 9 27
Sherekhan Iron Mine Excavation Eilton 12 26
Dokkebi Forest Excavation Dalbeol Village 3 6
Dokkebi Forest Excavation 2 Dalbeol Village 3 6
Golden Pig Cave Excavation Dalbeol Village 3 6
Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Humility Excavation Arehaza 10 11
Star’s End Excavation Grána 16 2
Crypt of Resting Thoughts Excavation Old Wisdom Tree 11 4

Alchemy Tools

After obtaining your Alchemy Ingredients for your first recipe, you will need to choose an Alchemy Tool.

Get an Alchemy Tool:

  • NPC General Goods Vendor (very limited selection)
  • Marketplace (nice selection, but supply and demand pricing and availability)
  • Craft one by purchasing a Tool Workshop type of housing and hiring a worker
  • 1 time quest. (details below) and a daily alchemy quest from Liana to repair it. (Liana’s Life Skill Quests)
  • Daily quests for Oxiterr Crystals in Everfrost
  • Daily quests for Sangpyeong Coin in LoML
  • Purchase one of the best Alchemy Tools with 300 Loyalties.

New Player Advice:

If you are new to the game with little Contribution, money, and resources, just purchase a cheap Alchemy Tool from the vendor for 5,000 silver. Lara is the General Goods Vendor in Heidel.

The Advanced Alchemy Tool on the Marketplace, is one of the best available, giving -1 second Alchemy time reduction and 900 Durability.

Advanced Alchemy Tool

Alchemy Tool List

Alchemy Tool Durability Alchemy Time Tool Workshop Recipe Ingredients
Alchemy Tool
100 Level 2

Buy at General Goods Vendor:

5k Silver

Balenos Traditional Alchemy Tool
500 +5 seconds Level 2

Buy at General Goods Vendor:

50k Silver

Intermediate Alchemy Tool

Quest details below.
500 Level 3  40 – Rough Stone
 25 – Log
 20 – Melted Iron Shard
 10 – Black Stone Powder
Serendia Traditional Alchemy Tool
1250 +6 seconds Level 3  20 – Rough Stone
 15 – Log
 20 – Melted Iron Shard
 20 – Black Stone Powder
Advanced Alchemy Tool

Quest details below.
900* -1 second Level 4

 30 – Polished Stone
 15 – Usable Scantling
 24 – Melted Iron Shard
 20 – Black Stone Powder

or  300 Loyalties

Calpheon Traditional Alchemy Tool
2000 +7 seconds Level 4  20 – Polished Stone
 5 – Birch Plywood
 40 – Melted Iron Shard
 40 – Black Stone Powder
Supreme Alchemy Tool
5000* -1 second can’t craft Exchange any of the following:
40 Resplendent Medal of Honor
15 Dark Spirit’s Greed
 100x Imperial Alchemy
 RNG Black Market Vendor
 25x Oxiterr Crystals
Morning Light Traditional Alchemy Tool
3000* -1 second Level 2

Tool Workshop Recipe:
 85  – Polished Stone
 15  – Standardized Timber Square
 30  – Iron Ingot
 30  – Fire Horn

or  100 Sangpyeong Coin

* repairable

Advanced Alchemy Tool Quest

It will not take long for you to reach Apprentice 1 Alchemy. Once you do, you can complete a short questline to obtain one of the best Alchemy Tools in the game. Do NOT throw away the Advanced Alchemy Tool when the Durability is used up, because you will be able to repair its durability every day with a quest.


Alchemy Tool Quest Line:

  1. – The Nervous Alchemist – makeHelix Elixir x5
  2. – Seiri’s New Draught – – makeSavage Draught x1
  3. – [Repeat] Seiri’s Teacher – makeSavage Draught x5
  4. – [Repeat] Helix Elixir (optional) – makeHelix Elixir x30 (rewards Alchemy Exp)

Quest Requirements:

  • Level 56+
  • Alchemy Level: Apprentice 1 or higher

Seiri <General Goods Vendor>
Location: Duvencrune, Dreighan capital city

Alchemy Tool Durability & Repair

Alchemy Tool Durability: Each Alchemy recipe you make, will reduce the Durability on an Alchemy Tool by 1. (Higher Alchemy level and Alchemy Mastery will allow you to produce more using the same Durability.)

NOTE: Some higher durability Alchemy Tools have a penalty buff that slows your time and are best used for extended periods of AFK crafting.

Example: A Balenos Traditional Alchemy Tool has 500 durability, so you can make 500 recipes before the tool becomes useless and needs to be discarded, but it also adds 5 seconds to each recipe.


Which Alchemy Tools can be repaired?

Morning Light Traditional Alchemy Tool, Supreme Alchemy Tool, and Advanced Alchemy Tool can be repaired.

You must have the appropriate repair tools in your inventory to repair their durability.

One tool will repair all the durability.

Approach your Alchemy Tool installed in your residence and press the “Repair” button.


Obtaining a Repair Tool

Exchange one Supreme/Advanced Alchemy Tool with max durability to NPC Dalishain in a major city to exchange it for one repair tool.

Obtain 1 Repair Tool via a daily Alchemy quest from Liana.

Exchange one Morning Light Traditional Alchemy Tool with NPCs located in Land of the Morning Light for one repair tool.

Repair Tools can be stacked, placed into Storage, and moved by Maids/Butlers.

Alchemy Tools Required Repair Tool How to Obtain Repair Tool

Advanced Alchemy Tool

Lomerun’s Advanced Alchemy Repair Tool

Exchange Tool to:
[Wandering Alchemist] Dalishain located in any major city or Velia

Daily Alchemy quest from Liana.

Supreme Alchemy Tool

Lomerun’s Supreme Alchemy Repair Tool
Exchange Tool to:
[Wandering Alchemist] Dalishain located in any major city or Velia

Morning Light Traditional Alchemy Tool
Morning Light Traditional Alchemy Repair Tool

Exchange Tool to:
Moodle Village: Dalhoon
Dalbeol Village: Sarang
Byeot County Village: Old Man Sangcheol

Daily quest for Sangpyeong Coin


Alchemy Basics: Obtain Residence

After you have gathered your Alchemy ingredients, you will need a Residence.

Many players choose Calpheon City for their Alchemy head quarters because of the Alchemy ingredient vendors located there. Sometimes ingredients can be hard to find on the Marketplace.

Another popular choice is Olvia due to the repeatable Alchemy quests there.

However, many use Heidel or Velia, because they are there most often fishing or enhancing.

For a detailed guide on how to purchase a home and the best Residence locations, please view our Residence Guide.

Alchemy Tool Installation

After you have purchased Residence housing and gathered your Alchemy ingredients, go inside your Residence and click “Place Mode” button at the top of the screen.

Look for your Alchemy Tool icon in the furniture inventory window. It will be at the top left, before the Pearl furniture options.

Click the Alchemy Tool icon then mouse over to the room and click again. Press the down arrow key (or spacebar) to place the tool. You may move or rotate the tool if you wish. Press Esc key to exit placement window.

Approach the Alchemy Tool and press the R key to open up the alchemy window. All Alchemy recipes are shown. There is also a crafting database in game (F2 button).


Side Note:

Pearl shop items have a P for Pearl Shop. Feel free to place Pearl Items to see what they look like. You won’t buy them unless you click the purchase all button at the right of the screen.


BDO Cooking Utensil Placement

Place ingredients for 1 batch only in the alchemy window, then choose the Batch Production button to make more than 1 batch.

For previous recipes, select the Alchemy recipe in the list. It will also show all the variations you have made. Select which batch you want to duplicate. Hit the Select button to add those ingredients to the alchemy window.

Alchemy Tool & Recipe Interface

Our Alchemy Recipes list will allow you to filter to view only beginner alchemy recipes.

Clear Liquid Reagent and Pure Powder Reagent are good recipes to get started with.


Alchemy Level Benefits


Crits on Recipes:

Alchemy level determines which recipes you can craft, but also when their critical versions start to occur. For example, Elixir of Time can be crafted by a beginner alchemist immediately. After Professional 1 or higher is obtained, the crit of the recipe, Elixir of Flowing Time, will also be 1/3 of the time.


Alchemy Level Impacts Alchemy Mastery:

The higher your Alchemy level, the more Alchemy Mastery you will obtain. This gives many different beneficial Alchemy buffs. Alchemy Mastery Guide.


Max Procs on Recipes:

You need to be 10 levels above the Alchemy Level minimum requirement listed on the recipe in order to get max procs.

The proc rate starts at 0.15 and increases up to a maximum of 0.3, 10 levels after the requirement for the recipe. For example if a recipe requires Master 1 then you will require Master 11 to max out rare procs.


You can make a crit version of an elixir by using 3 green grade elixirs.


Processing (L) → Simple Alchemy:

3- Elixir of Time
+ – Blue Reagent

= – Elixir of Flowing Time


Alchemy Mastery Buffs

Alchemy Mastery buffs begin early on. You will start to see benefits starting at 50 mastery.

Alchemy Mastery gives a better chance to obtain the max amount of products per craft. It also increases your Imperial Alchemy profits.

Below is just the first few levels. For more details, please visit our Alchemy Mastery Guide.

 Alchemy Mastery +Chance for Max Rare Byproduct Special Byproduct Regular Byproduct Imperial Profit
0 0.00% 0.01% 0.04% 0.25% 0.00%
50 5.76% 0.01% 0.05% 0.28% 2.70%
100 6.35% 0.01% 0.06% 0.32% 3.15%
150 6.97% 0.01% 0.07% 0.37% 3.63%
200 7.62% 0.01% 0.09% 0.42% 4.15%


Alchemy Substitutions

Alchemy Ingredient Grades:

White > T2 Green Grade > T3 Blue Grade

Ingredient amounts in recipes can be changed based upon the grade of the ingredient.

  • 1 green = 3-18 white
  • 1 blue = 18 or more white.

To see more details about material substitutions in recipes please view this awesome infographic that Summer created.


Ingredient Category Ingredient Substitutions
Wild Grass Weeds
Gemstones *

Empty Crystal
2,500 silver @ General Goods


OR any green grade crystal









Salt Sun-dried Salt
3x white grade
3x Fire Flake
1x Pile or Bunch of *
1x Bunch of Fire Flake


Alchemy Recipes with 2 “Gemstones” in it, require at least 1 specific Green Grade crystal listed in the crafting window.

Ingredient Category Ingredient Substitutions
Blood Group 1

Wolf Blood

Flamingo Blood

Rhino Blood

Cheetah Dragon Blood

Blood Group 2

Deer Blood

Sheep Blood

Pig Blood

Waragon Blood

Ox Blood

Llama Blood

Goat Blood

Blood Group 3

Weasel Blood

Fox Blood

Raccoon Blood

Scorpion Blood

Marmot Blood

Blood Group 4

Troll Blood

Bear Blood

Ogre Blood

Dinosaur Blood

Yak Blood

Lion Blood

Blood Group 5

Worm Blood

Lizard Blood

Bat Blood

Kuku Bird Blood

Cobra Blood


Alchemy Byproduct

While crafting alchemy recipes, you will sometimes get Mysterious Catalyst. Exchange it to an NPC for one of the following:

  • Exchange 10: Contribution EXP 900 and Alchemy EXP 30,000
  • x10: Clear Liquid Reagent x200
  • x10: Powder of Darkness x200
  • x10: Powder of Flame x200
  • x10: Powder of Rifts x200
  • x10: Powder of Earth x200
  • x10: Powder of Time x200
  • x10: Shining Powder x5

Exchange NPC:

To easily find the nearest NPC, right click Mysterious Catalyst and select NPC Location. Autopath (T button) and done.

Mysterious Catalyst has a proc rate of 14% for most alchemy recipes. That means every 100 crafts, you will obtain 14 Mysterious Catalyst. (ex. Elixir of Time)

Mysterious Catalyst

Alchemy Quests for Beginners

There is an Alchemy quest line for beginners that will help you learn the basics and gives Alchemy Exp and other rewards.

Where to Begin: Glish, SW of Heidel

Gathering Level Requirement: Apprentice 2+

  • Gathering Guide
  • To obtain Beginner 5, you can gather with a tool or complete the [Gathering] quest line under “Sugested” tab in the Quest (O) window.


Daily Alchemy Quests

There are also repeatable quests you can do that give Alchemy Exp and Alchemy materials.

For more info, please see Alchemy Quest Guide.

Seilane <General Goods Vendor>
Location: near Storage Keeper in Glish.

seilane glish

Bonus Alchemy Quests While Crafting

Each time you complete an alchemy recipe, there is a chance that you will instantly obtain a bonus quest.

Keep an eye open for these, since you can only have one bonus alchemy quest at a time.

Alchemy Quest Requirement Trace Reward
[Bonus] A Simple Test from Dalishain I Make 40x
Legendary Beast’s Blood
500 Contribution Experience
1x Alchemy Skill EXP
500x Trace of Nature
[Bonus] A Simple Test from Dalishain I Make 40x
Sinner’s Blood
500 Contribution Experience
1x Alchemy Skill EXP
500x Trace of Nature
[Bonus] A Simple Test from Dalishain I Make 40x
Clown’s Blood
500 Contribution Experience
1x Alchemy Skill EXP
500x Trace of Nature

Alchemy Time Gear

Base Alchemy time is 10 seconds.

The goal is to eventually obtain 1 second Alchemy time.

Alchemy Mastery clothes give a bonus to Alchemy time, but don’t give Alchemy Exp. But there are many ways to boost Alchemy Exp. Please see my Life Exp Item List.


Any combination of the following:

  • Pavilla Costume: -2s (2200 Pearls, )
  • +3/+4 Silver Embroidered Alchemist’s Clothes OR TET Gorgath/TRI Manos Alchemist’s Clothes: -4s/-5s
  • Treant’s Tear/Life Spirit Stone/Khan’s Heart Life/Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life: -1/-1.1/-1.3/-1.4s
  • Seafood Cron Meal: -0.6s
  • Verdure Draught: -1s
  • Advanced Alchemy Tool: -1s
  • Lightstone Combo: -2s (A Fragment of a Star, a Spoonful of the Moon)

1 Second Alchemy Time Example:

  • Advanced Alchemy Tool
  • Pavilla Pearl Costume
  • +3 Silver Embroidered Alchemist’s Clothes
  • Cron Seafood Meal
  • Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life


I recommend you obtain the Advanced Alchemy Tool. It is expensive to make, but you can quest for it once and do Liana’s daily quest to repair it.

    Alchemy Time Gear List


    Icon Alchemy Time Reduction Item Decreased by: Acquired By:
    teff bread Teff Bread 0.3 seconds Cooking Utensil (Beginner Lv.6)
    Teff Flour x5 + Mineral Water x3 + Leavening Agent x2 + Salt x2
    teff sandwich Teff Sandwich 0.5 seconds Cooking Utensil (Professional Lv.1)
    Teff Bread x1 + Freekeh Snake Stew x1 + Grilled Scorpion x1 + Red Sauce x3
    seafood cron meal Seafood Cron Meal 0.6 seconds Simple Cooking
    Balenos Meal x3, Calpheon Meal x3, Margoria Seafood Meal x1, Ancient Cron Spice x1
    Lightstone Combo
    2 seconds [A Fragment of a Star, a Spoonful of the Moon]
    Alchemy Time -2 seconds
    Alchemy EXP +13%
    Alchemy Mastery +25
    Max Carrying Weight +50LT
    Advanced Alchemy Tool
    1 second Tool Workshop Level 3
    30 Polished Stone, 15 Usable Scantling, 24 Melted Iron Shard, 20 Black Stone Powder
    Alchemy Stone of Life Alchemy Stone of Life 0.5 – 2 seconds Alchemy Tool (Skilled 5)
    8x Shining Powder, 5x Blood of the Sinner, 6x Powder of Time, 9x Pure Powdered Reagent, 9x Clear Liquid Reagent
    life spirit stone Life Spirit Stone 1.1 seconds RNG drop from Kamasylvia mobs
    verdure draught Verdure Draught 1 second Simple Alchemy
    Worker’s Elixir x3, Elixir of Swiftness x3, Elixir of Time x3, Tears of the Falling Moon x1
    +4 Silver Embroidered Alchemist’s Clothes 5 seconds Costume Mill Lv.1
    10x Wool, 10x Powder of Darkness, 15x Black Stone Powder
    TRI/TET: Manos Alchemist’s Clothes 5 seconds Processing > Manufacture
    200x Pure Gold Crystal, 5x Manos Stone 20x, Essence of Nature, 15x Enlightened One’s Cotton Fabric,
    Pavilla Costume Set 2 seconds Pearl Shop Costume (2200 Pearls)

    The Shai Alchemy Advantage

    Shai is the only class that starts with Professional 1 Alchemy and Gathering. She also has a useful passive skill that gives her more LT than other classes per level.

    See all of her Alchemy buffs below.

    Alchemy Bonuses:

    • Gathering & Alchemy starts at Professional 1.
    • 10 Skills that give up to +5% Gathering/Alchemy XP.
    • Skill that gives 300% Combat XP buff from Gathering/Alchemy
    • Light Bag: Passive skill that increases the amount of Weight Limit you gain when you level up.

    Imperial Alchemy

    Imperial Alchemy is the process of taking Alchemy Items and putting them into a box.

    Processing (L) → Imperial Alchemy

    You deliver the boxes to an Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC located in major cities like Heidel and Calpheon City.

    Equip Alchemy Mastery Gear before turning in any boxes to increase your silver.


    For more details, see this Imperial Alchemy Guide.

    Alchemy Power Leveling

    Based upon Summer#8727 advice for leveling Alchemy with edits by me to include more resources. Thanks Summer! 🙂


    MY NOTE: Liana’s Daily Life Skill quests are very helpful for leveling Alchemy, especially in the early levels. They also give you an item to repair your Advanced Alchemy Tool.


    Beginner 1 to Professional 1

    Begin leveling Alchemy by crafting Clear Liquid Reagent and Pure Powder Reagent.

    Clear Liquid Reagent
    Pure Powder Reagent

    Reagents are low experience, but have ingredients that are the easiest for new Alchemists to obtain. The mats can usually be found on the marketplace, although buying them can get very expensive.

    These reagents are also required in many later tier recipes.

    Players have leveled to Guru on reagents, but as you grow in levels, it may be cheaper just to buy them on the marketplace and use them to craft higher tier recipes for better profit and more exp.


    Professional 1 to Artisan 1

    Clown’s Blood and Sinner’s Blood are the most common and will always find use. You can craft other T2 bloods as well, if you have a use for them.

    Tier 2 Bloods List:

    Legendary Beast’s Blood
    Tyrant’s Blood
    Clown’s Blood
    Sinner’s Blood
    Wise Man’s Blood


    Artisan 1 to Master 1

    Imperial Alchemy at Artisan level starts becoming decent EXP and a nice boost in income.

    You can start crafting Oils, but make sure you have a use for them.

    Alchemy Oils:

    Oil of Regeneration
    Oil of Storms
    Oil of Fortitude
    Oil of Corruption
    Oil of Tranquility


    Master 1 and Higher

    Clown’s Blood when wolf blood costs >5k. Decent EXP. Don’t stockpile more than 200k clown’s blood. Under certain circumstances it can be viable to make and vendor clown’s blood to recoup some of the costs. The viability heavily depends on the price of wolf blood.

    Master and Guru Imperials: Great EXP and profit. Competes with cooking imperials for profit so choose wisely.

    Draughts and supplier elixirs: to the market. Good EXP. Profit depends on the market so do the math beforehand (more on that below).

    T3 elixirs: (elixirs that use oil of X) to the market. Great EXP. Profit depends on the market and is rather volatile.


    Summer’s Advice on Reaching Guru 1 and higher:

    In alchemy, there’s always a trade-off between EXP, profit and effort to make a recipe. Unlike cooking, there’s no single recipe that can be spammed out for good EXP without either throwing away money or running into bottlenecks. That’s just the current state of alchemy. Is spamming reagents to guru possible? Jup. Is it fast or efficient? Hell no. Therefore I recommend to mainly focus on profit and let EXP come naturally. Get familiar with any of the profit calculators like Bdodae/Google Sheets (there are cooking/alch sheets around that can be adapted) and figure out a wide array of potentially profitable recipes. At any time, a different set of recipes will be profitable in the current market. Figuring out the currently profitable recipes and making+selling them will not only yield the best profit but likely also the best EXP. Diversifying is key here, same as high-end market cooking really. The best EXP is also where the best profit is at. Draughts can be a good starting point cause they’re good EXP, have high turnover and tend to always be profitable with some combination of making/buying the sub-elixirs.

    A wise player once said: Alchemy is a skill were you should not focus on crafts for XP but just crafts for $$. You can easily lose bills going for guru or make bills. I always recommend to people after master alchemy unless they have billions of silver they want to throw away just focus on making things that are profitable and the xp will come.


    Summer’s Leveling Chart & Advice: Here’s a chart that adds some numbers to the info above. Don’t take the profit numbers for granted. Profit heavily depends on the current market prices. Ofc lots of the more nuanced info gets lost in a chart like this. For example the profit and EXP on draughts heavily depends on which parts you craft yourself and which ones you buy (for example some people like to skip the 400 EXP sub-elixirs of draughts at the cost of income).


    Alchemy Leveling vs Profit Chart