Archaeological Site Map in Lost Ark opens a portal into a solo dungeon. This dungeon will have a single chest you can excavate for a chance to get a rare Tool Kit, honing mats, and valuable relics.


Archaeological Site Maps:


  • Rare chance to get a Craft Kit for Legendary and Relic Tools
  • Can’t be purchased on the market and must be crafted in your Stronghold
  • Bound to Roster
  • Require 302 or higher item levels depending on the Site Map.
  • The only way to obtain high tier Craft Kits besides buying them at auction.
Luterra Archaeological Site Map


Archaeological Site Map Recipes

Archaeological Site Maps can only be obtained from crafting in your Stronghold.


Archaeological Site Map Requirements:

  • Reach Stronghold Level 5
  • Research at the Lab → Crafting Workshop Lv.2 in your Stronghold.
  • Research at the Lab → Crafting Method: *location* Treasure Map in your Stronghold.
  • One character in your roster who has Item Level of 302, that increases with the map tier.


Archaeological Site Map Cost Recipe Crafting Requirements
Luterra, Arthetine, or North Vern (T1)
10 170 – Rare Relic Achieve Item Lv. 302.
Craft Method: * Treasure Map
Rohendel Archaeological Site Map (T1) 15 200 – Rare Relic Achieve Item Lv. 460.
Craft Method: Rohendel Treasure Map
Yorn Archaeological Site Map (T2) 20 30 – Caldarr Relic
150 – Rare Relic
Achieve Item Lv. 802.
Craft Method: Yorn Treasure Map
Feiton Archaeological Site Map (T2) 30 35 – Caldarr Relic
175 – Rare Relic
Achieve Item Lv. 960.
Craft Method: Feiton Treasure Map
Punika Archaeological Site Map (T3) 40 39 – Oreha Relic
195 – Rare Relic
Achieve Item Lv. 1302.
Craft Method: Punika Treasure Map
South Vern Archaeological Site Map (T3) 50 43 – Oreha Relic
215 – Rare Relic
Achieve Item Lv. 1340.
Craft Method: South Vern Treasure Map


Using An Archaeological Site Map

Right click your Archaeological Site Map to view where the secret dungeon is located.

The text on the map will tell you which zone to enter. The text will change, depending upon how close you are to the dungeon entrance.

The dungeon entrance will be invisible and you will not be able to see any indication it is there until you run over it and an interaction icon will pop up.


“Enter Secret Dungeon” will display. Press your G key then ENTER to gain entrance.

Dungeon Entrance for Archaeological Site Map
Portal for Archaeological Site Map

The text changes on the map, as you get closer.

Archaeological Site Map Rewards

Archaeological Site Maps consistently give every grade of relic, including green and blue. Most of the time, they also give a blue or purple grade craft kit.

The tier of items you obtain, depends upon the tier of the Archaeological Site Map. For example, South Vern and Punika Archaeological Site Maps give the highest tier, blue grade Oreha Relic.

Archaeological Site Map Rewards

Is Archaeological Site Map Profitable?

Archaeological Site Maps depend on two very rare drops in order to be very profitable.

This can dissuade people who don’t like to gamble or who don’t have large investments of time and resources.

To earn a good profit, most players need to consistently do them. If you are only doing a few, you may not profit, because the chances to obtain an Expert or Master Craft Kit are low.

Some players, don’t care about profits and are more interested in using Site Maps to obtain higher tier tools and to supplement their honing materials.


There are ways you can increase your chances of rare and basic materials.


Site Map Rewards Avg
Oreha Relic 31
Rare Relic 37
Ancient Relic 48
Solar Grace 2.4
Solar Protection 0.07
Solar Blessing 0.56
Apprentice Craft Kit 0.72
Adept Craft Kit 0.4
Expert Craft Kit 0.02
Master Craft Kit 0.0?

Source: Thanks DrokgaX!

Sniffer Dog

Sniffer Dog increases the amount of rare materials gained.

  • Excavation Level Requirement: 30
  • Buff duration: 2 minutes
  • Cooldown: 5 minutes
  • Get increased rare mats for 2x the energy cost. (It costs and additional 180 energy.)
  • Summon before gathering a chest.
  • Summon after and NOT before entering an archaeological site map portal or you’ll lose the buff.
  • Sniffer Dog and his buff will be removed if you change channels or portal away.

Rare Materials Excavating Tool

If you are most interested in rare materials, there is also a buff you can obtain on tools.

The chances you obtain this buff seem to be quite rare in itself! LOL!

I crafted 10 Adept Tools and only got this on one of them. Ouch.


Does the Tool Matter for Site Maps?

There is debate over whether tools actually aid in any way when gathering a map chest. I’m of the belief they do, since the map itself states you MUST have an excavating tool to even open the chest.

Weirdness, but ok! 🙂

Adept Excavating Tool with Rare Materials

View Rare Materials Chance

To view your Rare Material Chances press your L key and find the “Excavating Details” section.

Excavating Details
  • Rare Material Acquisition Rate +
    • Chance of obtaining additional Rare materials
    • Chances increase drastically upon using certain skills. (Perfect Timing, Throw Bait, Sniffer Dog)
    • Given by tool buff named “Rare Material Acquisition Probability”
      • This is rarely seen on Adept tools in my experience and gives about a 20% buff.


Be watchful for scary creepy Moko! 🙂

Just teasing. The monsters inside the dungeon die in one RMB attack.

Chest in Archaeological Site Map