Atoraxxion Knowledge is split up by seperate Atoraxxion biomes.

Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea Knowledge consists of 145 topics obtained by puzzles, hidden objects, and fighting monsters. It’s highly desirable because it rewards high failstacks and two Vaha’s Dawn.


Vahmalkea Knowledge Tips:

  • Finish Vahmalkea Main Quest Line
  • Complete all Vahmalkea Puzzles
  • Complete Quest: “Atoraxion – The Last Tome” from Black Spirit > Quest > Event
  • Defeat final boss to get Scroll of Vaha’s Records
  • Defeat Vahmalkea mobs for Ecology knowledge
Vahmalkea Knowledge Rewards:


  • 50 Vahmalkea Knowledge Reward
    • Enchanted Scroll (+70)
    • Vaha’s Dawn
  • 130 Vahmalkea Knowledge Reward
    • Enchanted Scroll (+130)
    • Vaha’s Dawn

Vahmalkea Knowledge Categories

Press H Key:


  • Adventure Journal > Journal of Atoraxxion
    • Vahmalkea Expedition Journal I
    • Vahmalkea Expedition Journal II
    • Vaha’s Thread
  • Ecology > Atoraxxion > Vahmalkea

  • Character > People of Atoraxxion > Architect of Vahmalkea
    • Vaha’s Records – Childhood
    • Vaha’s Records – Adolescence
  • Academic
    • Engineering of the Ancients
    • Architecture of the Ancients

Vahmalkea Knowledge: Step 1

Complete the main quest line for Atoraxxion.

Press O > Main quest tab

  • [Lv. 56] *class*, New Power 0/14  (Succession or Awakening Questline)
  • [Invitation from I] Somone Beckons 0/15
  • [5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion 0/48
    • requires a 100G Gold Bar (10 milllion silver)
    • 5 different materials available on the Marketplace


Vahmalkea Main Quest Line

Vahmalkea Knowledge: Step 2

After completing the quest line, you will have completed 4 of the puzzles you needed.

You must complete all the secret puzzles as well to obtain the following:

Atoraxxion – The Last Tome

  • Quest: “Atoraxion – The Last Tome” from Black Spirit > Quest > Event
  • Have knowledge from the group: Vaha’s Thread (see below)


Atoraxxion - The Last Tome

Vahmalkea Knowledge via Vaha’s Thread (Puzzles)

Attoraxion Knowledge, “Vaha’s Thread” is obtained via completing all the puzzles in the dungeon.

All the Knowledge hints are the same:

Can be obtained through [Unravel the Thread] You can find out new information by unraveling the threads based on what you already know.


Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea Knowledge Quests

Start NPC: Vaha’s Sky – Sol Magia

  • 1st teleporter inside Atoraxxion zone 1
Atoraxxion Knowledge Quest Quest Rewards
[Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Vahmalkea I
Learn 50 Atoraxxion Knowledge
Enchanted Scroll (+70)
Vaha’s Dawn
[Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Vahmalkea II
Learn 130 Atoraxxion Knowledge
Enchanted Scroll (+130)
Vaha’s Dawn


Vahmalkea Knowledge: Ecology

Vahmalkea Knowledge under the Ecology category can be obtained via grinding mobs inside the dungeon.

———- COMBINE: ———-

Ancient Weapon Blueprint +
Vaha’s Circuit of Special Information =

Ancient Weapon Blueprint Pattern

Result:  Deciphered Ancient Weapon Blueprint.

Item Drop from Atoraxxion mobs:

Vaha's Circuit of Special Information

Ancient Weapon Blueprint is purchased for 1 million silver at:

  • Zone 1: Vaha’s Sky – Sol Magia
  • Zone 4: Vaha’s Heart – Atoraxxion Exchange
  • Zone 5: Vaha’s Cradle – Sol Magia
Ancient Weapon Blueprint.

Deciphered Ancient Weapon Blueprint:

Right Click to learn a random Ecology knowledge.

If you already know it, nothing will happen.

If you don’t already know the knowledge, it will display that a new knowledge has been learned.

Deciphered Ancient Weapon Blueprint

Atoraxxion Knowledge: Hidden Objects

120 Knowledge is obtained via hidden objects along the path to the end of the dungeon + Ecology.


  • Complete main Atoraxxion quest line to obtain all of them.
  • Have “Atoraxion – The Last Tome” equipped to obtain all knowledge
  • 1 Knowlege is found only on Elvia server


Atoraxxion Knowledge: Scroll of Vaha’s Records

25 Knowledge can be obtained via defeating the final boss.

Each time you defeat Urukios, you obtain a Scroll of Vaha’s Records.


Scroll of Vaha’s Records:

  • Right click to obtain a random knowledge.
  • You may get a knowledge you already know, in which case nothing happens.

For 100% chance of success:

  • Exchange 10 Scroll of Vaha’s Records for a specific knowlege at an Atoraxxion Exchange.
Scroll of Vaha's Record

Atoraxxion Knowledge: Thread of Old Memories

Location: Vaha’s Head (where Ahtenn spawns, final zone before final boss. Climb up the side of the wall.)

There are 25 platforms, which you must navigate in the correct order.

The hint for the correct pattern is found in Vaha’s Storm. (It’s near the Ancient Weapon Puzzle. NE corner of the 2nd zone. Climb up the side of the wall to the east.)

Image of the hint in Vaha’s Storm.

Atoraxxion Knowledge via a Puzzle

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