Atoraxxion Knowledge is split up by seperate Atoraxxion biomes.

Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea Knowledge consists of 145 topics obtained by puzzles, hidden objects, and fighting monsters. It’s highly desirable because it rewards high failstacks and two Vaha’s Dawn.


Vahmalkea Knowledge Tips:

  • Finish Vahmalkea Main Quest Line
  • Complete all Vahmalkea Puzzles
  • Complete Quest: “Atoraxion – The Last Tome” from Black Spirit > Quest > Event
  • Defeat final boss to get Scroll of Vaha’s Records
  • Defeat Vahmalkea mobs for Ecology knowledge
Vahmalkea Knowledge Rewards:


  • 50 Vahmalkea Knowledge Reward
    • Enchanted Scroll (+70)
    • Vaha’s Dawn
  • 130 Vahmalkea Knowledge Reward
    • Enchanted Scroll (+130)
    • Vaha’s Dawn

Vahmalkea Knowledge Categories

Press H Key:


  • Adventure Journal > Journal of Atoraxxion
    • Vahmalkea Expedition Journal I
    • Vahmalkea Expedition Journal II
    • Vaha’s Thread
  • Ecology > Atoraxxion > Vahmalkea

  • Character > People of Atoraxxion > Architect of Vahmalkea
    • Vaha’s Records – Childhood
    • Vaha’s Records – Adolescence
  • Academic
    • Engineering of the Ancients
    • Architecture of the Ancients

Vahmalkea Knowledge: Step 1

Complete the main quest line for Atoraxxion.

Press O > Main quest tab

  • [Lv. 56] *class*, New Power 0/14  (Succession or Awakening Questline)
  • [Invitation from I] Somone Beckons 0/15
  • [Atoraxxion] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea 0/45
    • requires a 100G Gold Bar (10 milllion silver)


Vahmalkea Main Quest Line

Vahmalkea Knowledge: Step 2

After completing the quest line, you will have completed 4 of the puzzles you needed.

You must complete all the secret puzzles as well to obtain the following:

Atoraxxion – The Last Tome

  • Quest: “Atoraxion – The Last Tome” from Black Spirit > Quest > Event
  • Have knowledge from the group: Vaha’s Thread (see below)


Atoraxxion - The Last Tome

Vahmalkea Knowledge via Vaha’s Thread (Puzzles)

Attoraxion Knowledge, “Vaha’s Thread” is obtained via completing all the puzzles in the dungeon.

All the Knowledge hints are the same:

Can be obtained through [Unravel the Thread] You can find out new information by unraveling the threads based on what you already know.


Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea Knowledge Quests

Start NPC: Vaha’s Sky – Sol Magia

Atoraxxion Knowledge Quest Quest Rewards
[Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Vahmalkea I
Learn 50 Atoraxxion Knowledge
Enchanted Scroll (+70)
Vaha’s Dawn
[Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Vahmalkea II
Learn 130 Atoraxxion Knowledge
Enchanted Scroll (+130)
Vaha’s Dawn


Vahmalkea Knowledge: Ecology

Vahmalkea Knowledge under the Ecology category can be obtained via grinding mobs inside the dungeon.

———- COMBINE: ———-

Ancient Weapon Blueprint +
Vaha’s Circuit of Special Information =

Ancient Weapon Blueprint Pattern

Result:  Deciphered Ancient Weapon Blueprint.

Item Drop from Atoraxxion mobs:

Vaha's Circuit of Special Information

Ancient Weapon Blueprint is purchased for 1 million silver at:

  • Zone 1: Vaha’s Sky – Sol Magia
  • Zone 4: Vaha’s Heart – Atoraxxion Exchange
  • Zone 5: Vaha’s Cradle – Sol Magia
Ancient Weapon Blueprint.

Deciphered Ancient Weapon Blueprint:

Right Click to learn a random Ecology knowledge.

If you already know it, nothing will happen.

If you don’t already know the knowledge, it will display that a new knowledge has been learned.

Deciphered Ancient Weapon Blueprint

Atoraxxion Knowledge: Hidden Objects

120 Knowledge is obtained via hidden objects along the path to the end of the dungeon + Ecology.


  • Complete main Atoraxxion quest line to obtain all of them.
  • Have “Atoraxion – The Last Tome” equipped to obtain all knowledge
  • 1 Knowlege is found only on Elvia server


Atoraxxion Knowledge: Scroll of Vaha’s Records

25 Knowledge can be obtained via defeating the final boss.

Each time you defeat Urukios, you obtain a Scroll of Vaha’s Records.


Scroll of Vaha’s Records:

  • Right click to obtain a random knowledge.
  • You may get a knowledge you already know, in which case nothing happens.

For 100% chance of success:

  • Exchange 10 Scroll of Vaha’s Records for a specific knowlege at an Atoraxxion Exchange.
Scroll of Vaha's Record

Atoraxxion Knowledge: Thread of Old Memories

Location: Vaha’s Head (where Ahtenn spawns, final zone before final boss. Climb up the side of the wall starting in the SW)

There are 18 circles you have to walk over in the correct order.

The hint for the correct pattern is found in Vaha’s Storm. (It’s near the Ancient Weapon Puzzle. NE corner of the 2nd zone. Climb up the side of the wall to the east.)

Image of the hint located in Vaha’s Storm.

Atoraxxion Knowledge via a Puzzle


Inside Vaha’s Head find a low lying mound of dirt that leads up to a blocky ramp.

thread of old memories
thread of old memories


After running along the ledge towards the SW corner, you’ll pass a block and can start climbing the tall wall in a NW direction.

thread of old memories


Once you reach the very top, keep following the pathway all the way around to the NE corner of Vaha’s Head.

thread of old memories


Step onto each circle until a beam of light shoots out and the circle smokes. The order doesn’t change. Take it slowly.

If you step onto a wrong circle, the beam of light will go out.

Interact with the Stellagia after you get the success notice, “You untangle a thread begot by reliving memories lost.”

thread of old memories

Knowledge from Hidden Objects

Knowlege Location: Vaha’s Sky


1. Sands of Vahmalkea

Sands of Vahmalkea is the first knowledge you will encounter. It’s on the first level, before the path slopes downward.



2. Collapsing Cave

Collapsing Cave is on the path as it slopes downward.



3. Hard-to-Breath Air and A Small Spring for Orze

Two are hidden on the small island in the little lake.



4. Small Waterfall

Swim to the little waterfall across the small lake.



5. Climate Within the Cave

As you continue downward, turn right at a crossroads into a small room filled with exposed roots and rocks.



6. Grave of Worn Branches

Look up and to the south. You will see a break between the mountains. Climb up and keep traveling down the rocky ravine southward.




Knowlege Location: Vaha’s Query


A Petal of a Large-flowered Bracken

Go back to the north the way you came. Continue west and northward on the main road. Turn right at a crossroads. You will see a big cactus.



Toppled Ancient Device

As you continue downward, you will enter a large room with a lake. Look along the right side of the wall for a large round ball.



Roots Above the Cave Dwelling

Keep following the right wall upward. Before a narrow corridor (Ahv’s Corridor), look left. There are some rectangular rocks you need to climb up on before going back toward the corridor.



Vahmalkea Door of Barrier

Inside the narrow corridor (Ahv’s Corridor).




Knowlege Location: Vaha’s Sky


The One Looking Over Them

After passing through corridor (Ahv’s Corridor), hug the right wall and step into the first puzzle room where you had to balance with boxes.



Damaged Energy Dispersion Hexadron

Keep traveling along the right wall and look for a small cube imbedded in the ground.



Powerless Vahmalkea’s Heart

You will see another corridor with two short posts. Climb the post on the right.



Someone’s Been Here

Don’t go into the corridor, but follow the wall in the puzzle room.



Empty Kyvelan Hexahedron

Keep following the right wall, passing the puzzle, until you enter a small room with a large glowing device in it called “Hidden Ancient Device.”



Hidden Ancient Device

It’s the back of the large device in the middle of the room.



Stream Between the Side Road

Go out of the Hidden Ancient Device room back into the puzzle room. Stay along the right wall until you see a small pool of water. Go into the small corridor.



Waterfalls of the Tranquil Heart

Go back into the puzzle room and keep following the right wall. It’s outside the little pool.





Knowlege Location: Vaha’s Query


Collapsing Ruins

In the puzzle room, take the south corridor out into Vaha’s Query. Hug the right wall.



Eternal Gateway

Keep traveling south until you reach the next corridor.



Someone’s Love Letter

Keep traveling south through the corridor. There is a bend in the road and you will encounter a tall device called, “Vaha’s Storm – Vaha’s Eye.” Don’t pass the device, but go back to the bend where there are a bunch of cubes you have to climb to reach the top.



Orze’s Token

It’s just above the last knowledge you obtained.



Vahmalkea Track Control Device

Keep heading west until you come to a big ravine with a river. There is a large blocky climbing wall to the north that leads to a bridge.

This is one of the trickest rock climbing walls to navigate. You have to keep jumping until you are above the bridge and can drop down to the left track of the bridge.

Start on the east side of the rock climbing wall, then climb up and west until you round the top corner and can see the bridge.

Jumping onto the bridge part from the cliff, aim towards the the small section highlighted in the last photo below.



Ancient Stone Stair

Go back to the climbing wall. There is a stairway nearby leading down to the river.



Man-made Falls of Atoraxxion

Go into the river and swim south until you encounter a large stone before a waterfall.



Desert Fox Cave in Vahmalkea

Follow the river north. You will pass two columns supporting a bridge. At the large structure sticking out of the ground, go right and hug the wall.



Fallen Valmakea Floating Stone

Go west to the base of the large structure sticking out of the ground.



Giant Kyvelan Hexahedron

Go back south and climb upstairs to the road on the east side of the ravine. Travel down the road south and underneath some arches. After the arches, turn right and climb up a hill to some rocks.



Cactus with Flowers

Turn left to the east at the intersection and keep running south and east until you find the cactus along the right wall.



Giant Weapon Fragment

Keep heading east until you enter the large room with bridges. Hug the left wall after entering. Look for a structure with white lines on a raised platform.



Wobbly Pillar

Go east towards the large pillar in the middle.



Giant Weapon Fragment

Another Giant Weapon Frament is leaning against the most northern pillar.



Collapsed Weapon Warehouse

Go back SW to where you entered the room where there is a Vaha’s Eye tower. Near that there is a slanted blocky climbing wall along the south side that leads to the bridge and puzzle area up above.

Go north until you get to an intersection on the bridge then turn right onto the eastern ledge.



Remodeled Kyvelan Hexahedron

Go to the NW corner of where the mimicry puzzle is located. Look down and you will see an earthen ledge. Jump down to it and cross the bridge over to the other land mass to the west.



Keep heading south and west whenever you can. Jump up this steep hill.


Travel west and then you will find a place you can drop down to travel around the cliff’s edge.


You will come across a bridge. Turn left onto it.


Look for an arch not far away.


Collapsed Ancient Outer Wall

Go back across the bridge and stay up high while traveling north.



Sun Gravestone

Jump down to the lower level and travel down the road leading NE. Hug the right wall.



Something’s Been Placed Here

Look around and see a large circular depression in the ground.



Sun-patterned Slate

Go NE to find a small square plate at the bottom of the wall.



Shade in the Desert

Travel far SW and cross the locked entrance into Vaha’s Heart. Go NW until you find the Vaha’s Heart – Exchange. It’s by the tree nearby.



Energy Dispersion Hexahedron

Look east of the tree and you’ll see some blocks to climb.



Vahmalkea Floating Stone & Vahmalkea Floating Stone Core

Climb the wall that leads to the 4 tower puzzle. Look for a large round sphere.



Ancient Architect Technology

Go a bit north and west across the bridge that leads to the next locked entrance.



Vaha’s Sun Relic Slate

Inside Vaha’s Head, find the Sol Magia and locked gateway on the west side. Climb up on the wall nearby.

Vaha's Sun Relic Slate


Aligned Energy Dispersion Hexahedron

Inside Vaha’s Garden (the hallway where you input the dagger for the final boss), check the last device on the right before the Sol Magia.

Aligned Energy Dispersion Hexahedron


No Longer Flowing Water

After defeating the final boss, you can enter Vaha’s Paradise. Jump into the water on the left side.

No Longer Flowing Water

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