[Season] Aurora Snowflake is a rare item obtained on Season Servers and exchanged for top tier rewards like a pet, and other Pearl items.


Obtaining Aurora Snowflake:

  • Season Pass Rewards (small icon at the top right of the screen)
    • Aurora Snowflake: 40
    • Aurora Snowflake with Black Spirit Pass: 40
    • TOTAL for both: 80
  • [Season] Lv. 10 to 61: Leveling Aid Box
    • Season Pass reward for reaching level 10
    • obtain 20 total boxes for leveling to 61
    • Total Aurora Snowflake from boxes:  40

TOTAL Aurora Snowflake: 80
TOTAL Aurora Snowflake with Pearls: 120


Limited Time Bonus:

Aurora Snowflake for Season

Aurora Snowflake from Season Pass

This chart includes only the objectives that reward Aurora Snowflake.

TLDR: The main objective is to reach level 60 and do the quest lines the developers view as very important to character growth.


Season Pass Goal Season Pass Reward Black Spirit Pass
(3k Pearls)
Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 1
Reach Lv. 10 on a season character
[Season] Leveling Aid Box
giving 40 Snowflakes for level 61
Horses, the Adventurer’s Companion
Complete the [Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards quest
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 7
Reach Lv. 40 on a season character
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 4
Enhance Naru Armor to +15 or higher, then equip it
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
A Whole New Me
Reach Lv. 56, complete the Awakening or Succession questline
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
How to Progress Faster
Use the Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
Finding Traces of Agris, God of Abundance
Complete the Book of Margahan – Chapter 1
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
An Invitation You Can’t Refuse
Complete the [Invitation from I] Invitation from I quest, then find hints about Atoraxxion
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
All Are Equal Before Me
Defeat 1 boss from the Dark Rift
[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 [Season] Aurora Snowflake x5
TOTALS 40 + 40 40

Black Spirit Pass
Normal Price: 3,000 Pearls

Black Spirit Pass

For those with extra Pearls to spend, you get 40 extra Aurora Snowflake to pay for items that might be of less demand like Inventory and Enhancement aids?

Aurora Snowflake Rewards

Aurora Snowflake are limited, based upon their rarity and value.



x1: Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x3
x2: Valks’ Cry x1
x2: Cron Stone x3


Limit 3 Quests per Family

x5: Artisan’s Memory x3
x5: Inventory +2 Expansion Coupon
x5: Advice of Valks (+40)
x10: Caphras Stone Bundle (10-50)
x20: Caphras Stone Bundle (50-100)



Limit 1 Quest per Family

x10: Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower x20
x10: Mysterious Blue Conch x20
x10: Fruit of Yianaros x20
x20: Advice of Valks (+60)
x30: [Venia] Merv’s Tailoring Tool
x30: [Da-Dum-Da-Dum] Merv’s Tailoring Tool
x30: Artisan’s Blessing (30 Days)
x30: Choose Your Pet Box
x30: Tier 8 White Horse (With Instant Accel)
x30: Manos Riding Crop
x30: Mythical Feather x3
x50: Advice of Valks (+100)
x70: Advice of Valks (+135)

Note that all quests can be done at least once, unless you don’t have the required Aurora Snowflakes.

Example: you could purchase both tailoring tools, but not two of the same name.

Best Aurora Snowflake Reward

In my humble opinion, the Choose Your Pet Box is one of the most helpful rewards.

Penguin is rarely available in the Pearl Shop and can be exchanged with a “Rare” pet type. Otter is a good choice as well, since it is “Premium” and costs more Pearls normally.

Choose Your Pet Box costs 30 Aurora Snowflake.


My Favorite Picks:

  • Choose Your Pet Box:
    • Flondor Duck (900 Pearls)
    • Shaggy Dog (900 Pearls)
    • Phoniel Squirrel (900 Pearls)
    • Otter (Premium pet – 1100 Pearls)
    • Lost Penguin (Rare pet – 1100 Pearls?)
    • Fluffy (900 Pearls)
  • Manos Riding Crop (256 mil silver depending on market)
  • Caphras Stones 50 to 100 (150 to 300 mil depending on market)
  • Advice of Valks +100 and +135
Choose Your Pet Box


The pet box is a nice reward. Rare Penguin pets normally cost 1100 Pearls for one.

What will you choose? Let me know why in the comments!

Aurora Snowflake Voting

Which rewards will you pick?


Lost Penguin Pet Type Confirmation

Here is the official response from a helpful GM from last Season. 🙂


I understand from your ticket that you want to exchange for the [Season] Choose your Pet Box, and have some doubts about the Pets.

After verifying the type of pets you can get, we can see that the Pet would be a RARE type tier 1:

Artisan’s Blessing (30 Days):

Provides the following benefits for 30 days:

Artisan’s Memory x1 is offered every day via Challenges

Tailoring Tools:

– Use Manufacture in the Processing window to combine Venia Riding Attire (or Da Dum Suit) and Merv’s Tailoring Tool into a Costume Set.
– You can obtain a costume suitable for your class from Merv’s Costume Set.

How to Exchange Aurora Snowflake

Aurora Snowflake are given to Pulvio located in Velia.

Speak to Pulvio, select “Quest” button and find the corresponding quest.

He has a quest for almost every Aurora Snowflake exchange. (Many are limited to 1 time completion.)

Valks’ Cry and Cron Stone are unlimited exchanges. Click his “Exchange” button instead.


Location: Velia

Sources & Additional Info