Obtain a free TRI Capotia Accessory through a Challenge Reward. Use 21 Dreamy Crystal of Balance to upgrade a TRI Capotia Accessory to PEN.

PEN Capotia Accessory Highlights:

  • Obtain a free TRI Capotia Accessory via Challenge Reward (Y).
  • Upgrade to PEN via a daily Challenge Reward (Y) for 21 “Dreamy Crystal of Balance”.
  • Obtain “Dreamy Crystal of Balance” this Season by fishing.
    • Fish in major cities like Velia, Altinova, or Heidel to obtain 75 [Season] Coelacanth.
    • Exchange x25 fish for Dreamy Crystal of Balance x7 (up to 3 times).
    • Total Dreamy Crystal of Balance: 21
  • Beginner friendly PEN accessory with stats equivalent to TET yellow grade boss accessories.
  • Capotia can be equipped after Season graduation on normal characters. (Capotia can’t be equipped on Season Characters.)

Capotia Accessories can also be obtained via manufacture, Season events, and leveling your character.

pen capotia accessory challenge ui

Capotia Accessories have identical stats to TET yellow grade boss accessories, “Ring of Crescent Guardian,” “Basilisk’s Belt,” “Narc Ear Accessory,” and “Ogre Ring.” However, they cannot be registered on the Central Market.

NOTE: If you have already obtained a Capotia Accessory through the Cloud Accessory Event, you can’t obtain this challenge reward.

tri capotia accessory: ring
tri capotia accessory: necklace
tri capotia accessory: belt
tri capotia earring

Obtain Capotia & Dreamy Crystal of Balance


CHALLENGE NAME: Special Accessory for Growth Support

A TRI Capotia is given to you for free from your Challenge Reward (Y).

capotia challenge reward


CHALLENGE NAME: Dreamy Crystal of Balance!

Log in for 21 days to obtain 21 Dreamy Crystal of Balance. This allows you to upgrade your TRI to PEN.

dreamy crystal of balance challenge reward

Capotia Accessory Stats

Capotia Ring
  • TRI: AP 15 Accuracy 10
  • TET: AP 16 Accuracy 10
  • PEN: AP 17 Accuracy 10
Capotia Earring
  • TRI: AP 13 Accuracy 11 DP 2
  • TET: AP 13 Accuracy 12 DP 3
  • PEN: AP 13 Accuracy 12 DP 4


Capotia Belt  +80LT
  • TRI: AP 15 Accuracy 10
  • TET: AP 16 Accuracy 10
  • PEN: AP 17 Accuracy 10
Capotia Necklace
  • TRI: AP 28 Accuracy 18
  • TET: AP 29 Accuracy 19
  • PEN: AP 30 Accuracy 20

Capotia Accessory Enhancement

1 Capotia Accessory is given to you at TRI level via the Challenge menu (Y).

Upgrade it to PEN with 21 “Dreamy Crystal of Balance”.

Obtain a total of 21 Dreamy Crystal of Balance via the Challenge menu (Y).

  • 1 each day for 21 days.

Enhancement is always guaranteed when you use Dreamy Crystal of Balance.


NOTE: For enhancement of your second Capotia Accessory, you can use the normal Capotia Enhancement method using Failstacks. (details below)

capotia enhancement dreamy crystal

Dreamy Crystal of Balance Costs

You will be given enough Dreamy Crystal of Balance to upgrade your TRI Capotia to a PEN Capotia Accessory.


    TRI (III) to TET (IV) → 7 Dreamy Crystal of Balance

TET (IV) to PEN (V) →  14 Dreamy Crystal of Balance

    TOTAL COST for 1 PEN 21 Dreamy Crystal of Balance

dreamy crystal of balance

Capotia Enhancement with Failstacks

Unless more Dreamy Crystals are given out later, you must use the traditional failstack system to enhance Capotia after the Dreamy Crystals are used up.

  • Like other normal accessories, enhance Capotia with another base accessory of the same name.
  • If you fail to enhance a Capotia Accessory, the main accessory will not be destroyed, but the enhancement level may decrease and the max durability will decrease by 10. The secondary accessory used for enhancement is destroyed, however.
  • Cron Stones cannot be used during Capotia enhancement.
  • Recover max durability by using another Capotia Accessory or Yona’s Fragments at a blacksmith.
  • Capotia Accessories do not have the same enhancement chances that other accessories have. A PRI Capotia Ring attempt at 2 failstacks has a 42% success chance. A PRI Ring of Crescent Guardian attempt at 2 failstacks has a 30% success chance.

  Capotia Ring

  • Basic: AP 14 Accuracy 8
  • PRI: AP 14 Accuracy 9
  • DUO: AP 15 Accuracy 9
  • TRI: AP 15 Accuracy 10
  • TET: AP 16 Accuracy 10
  • PEN: AP 17 Accuracy 10

Capotia Earring

  • Basic: AP 13 Accuracy 8
  • PRI: AP 13 Accuracy 9
  • DUO: AP 13 Accuracy 10 DP 1
  • TRI: AP 13 Accuracy 11 DP 2
  • TET: AP 13 Accuracy 12 DP 3
  • PEN: AP 13 Accuracy 12 DP 4

Capotia Belt  +80LT

  • Basic: AP 14 Accuracy 8
  • PRI: AP 14 Accuracy 9
  • DUO: AP 15 Accuracy 9
  • TRI: AP 15 Accuracy 10
  • TET: AP 16 Accuracy 10
  • PEN: AP 17 Accuracy 10

Capotia Necklace 

  • Basic: AP 25 Accuracy 16
  • PRI: AP 26 Accuracy 16
  • DUO: AP 27 Accuracy 17
  • TRI: AP 28 Accuracy 18
  • TET: AP 29 Accuracy 19
  • PEN: AP 30 Accuracy 20

Capotia Enhancement Chances & Failstack

Enhancement Chances for Capotia Ring shows a slightly higher chance than normal blue and gold grade accessories.

A Failstack of 11 will produce an Enhancement Chance of about 70% to obtain PRI level.

A Failstack Chart for Capotia would be helpful. Do you know of one? Please contact me.

Level Enhancement Chance Damage Accuracy Fail Durability Cost
Base 35.00 14 ~ 14 8 10
PRI 15.00 14 ~ 14 9 10
DUO 10.00 15 ~ 15 9 10
TRI 6.00 15 ~ 15 10 10
TET 2.00 16 ~ 16 10 10
PEN 17 ~ 17 10 10


Which Capotia Accessory Is Best?

This will depend upon the Capotia accessories you currently own.

If you are a new player and have no Capotia accessories currently, I recommend the necklace. The necklace has the highest AP and Accuracy of all the accessories. If you already own a PEN Capotia Necklace, I recommend the ring or belt.

  • The ring, necklace, and belt gain 1 AP every enhancement level after TRI.
  • The Capotia Earring gains 1 DP and 1 Accuracy per level after PRI. The earing is for those players who are more concerned with DP or who already own PEN Capotia rings, belt, and necklace.
PEN Capotia Necklace

Capotia Accessory Exchange

Changed your mind?

You can change your Capotia Accessory into a different Capotia Accessory once each day with a quest.

It must be PEN level of enhancement.

Visit Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager> located in any major city to change your PEN Capotia Accessory to a different Capotia Accessory.

You get a TET Capotia Accessory and enough Dreamy Crystals of Balance to upgrade it to PEN again.

Limited to one quest per day.

[EXC] A New Choice: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory

Quest Reward:
Dreamy Crystal of Balance x14

▼ Choose one of the following:
TET (IV) Capotia

  • You can complete the quest only when you have a PEN Capotia Accessory required for the quest in your inventory.
  • If you have reformed the Capotia Accessory, you need to extract the reform stone to progress and complete the quest.


Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>

Other Ways to Obtain Capotia Accessories

  • Processing (L) → Manufacture: Yona’s Fragments with other materials
  • Season Special Gift: You can obtain an additional PEN Capotia accessory of your choice during Season as a “Special Gift.” See details in my Season Guide.
  • Level Up Challenge Rewards (Y):
    • Level 58: Capotia Ring
    • Level 59: Capotia Earring
    • Level 60: Capotia Belt
    • Level 61: Capotia Necklace
    • Level 62: TRI Capotia Ring
    • Level 63: TRI Capotia Earring
    • Level 64: TRI Capotia Belt
    • Level 65: TRI Capotia Necklace

Obtain Capotia from Challenge Rewards

You can level your character to complete challenges that reward up to TRI Capotia accessories.

Complete these challenges once per family.

Capotia Accessory Reach Level
Capotia Ring 58
Capotia Earring 59
Capotia Belt 60
Capotia Necklace 61


Capotia Accessory Reach Level
TRI: Capotia Ring 62
TRI: Capotia Earring 63
TRI: Capotia Belt 64
TRI: Capotia Necklace 65
tri capotia accessory level challenge reward

Obtain Capotia with Yona’s Fragments

Craft Capotia by obtaining a rare drop from Valencia and using Processing (L) → Manufacture.


Capotia Manufacture Restrictions:

  • With the 3/23/2021 update, the manufacture of all Capotia Accessories requires a minimum level of 61.
  • There is no level restriction to wear them. (You can wear them on an Alt.)


Captotia Accessory Recipes

Processing (L) → Manufacture:

Capotia Accessory Recipe Materials Level
Capotia Ring 5- Oil of Fortitude
3- Kzarka’s Latent Aura
325- Yona’s Fragment
Capotia Earring 5- Oil of Corruption
3- Nouver’s Latent Aura
300- Yona’s Fragment
Capotia Belt 5- Oil of Tranquility
3- Kutum’s Latent Aura
350- Yona’s Fragment
Capotia Necklace 5- Oil of Storms
3- Karanda’s Latent Aura
400- Yona’s Fragment

Obtain PEN Capotia via Season Coelacanth

[Season] Coelacanth is an item drop that occurs while fishing in special areas on Season Servers only. Weekly quests reset on Wednesdays 6:00 PM Central Time (Thursday 00:00 UTC). See maps for designated fishing areas for [Season] Coelacanth drops.

Exchange to Fughar:

Condition Coelacanths Required Exchangeable Items
1x per Family [Season] Coelacanth x50
Advice of Valks (+60)
[Season] Coelacanth x25
Choose Your Concentrated Boss Crystal Box x1
[Season] Coelacanth x20
Burning Moonlight Black Stone x10
3x per Family [Season] Coelacanth x25
* Dreamy Crystal of Balance x7
[Season] Coelacanth x20
3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons
1x per Week per Family [Season] Coelacanth x20
[Event] Courser Training Box
[Season] Coelacanth x12
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit I
[Season] Coelacanth x10
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll x5
[Season] Coelacanth x7
Advice of Valks (+40)
[Season] Coelacanth x4
Yona’s Fragment x5
[Season] Coelacanth x3
Magical Shard x5
[Season] Coelacanth x3
Mass of Pure Magic x5
No limit [Season] Coelacanth x1
Time-filled Black Stone x5


*Dreamy Crystal of Balance grants 100% chance to enhance a TRI (III) or higher Capotia accessory up to PEN (V).

Season Coelacanth Fish

Capotia Accessory Info