Deathblow Artifact Combination is considered best in slot for PVE because of its high Monster AP and Crit Rate. It’s a highly sought after combo by many players. Ultimate Power does come at a steep silver cost though!

Because of the marketplace cost, this Lighstone Combination will take some time to obtain via monster zones, questlines, bosses, or alchemy.

Monster AP +16
Critical Hit Chance +14%

Infuse Deathblow on 2x Monster AP Artifacts.

[Deathblow + AP Artifacts]
Monster AP +28
Critical Hit Chance +14%

Death Blow Combination:

Lighstone of Fire: Predation x2
Lighstone of Fire: Blade x2

lighstone of fire predation
lighstone of fire blade

Important Deathblow Facts:

  • Deathblow Lightstones can be destroyed with negative Karma. (but not Artifacts)
  • Deathblow Lighstones + Artifacts can be shared with Alts via the Artifact UI or copied in Tag Character without cost. *happy dance of joy joy joy*

Obtaining Deathblow Artifact Combo

You will need two Artifacts to infuse the four Lighstones of Fire.


Monster Zones that Drop Monster AP Artifact:

The +6 Monster AP Artifact drops from 3 different monster zones in Everfrost. Kratuga Ancient Ruins is located in Mediah.

Grinding Spot Level Rec AP DP Silver Traits Mob Type
Jade Starlight Forest 61 280 350 320 Agris, Mob➖ Demihuman
Murrowak’s Labyrinth 61 280 350 275 Exp, Mob➕, Skill Animal
Erethea’s Limbo 62 290 360 ∅ Loot Scroll Animal
Kratuga Ancient Ruins 60 250 300 386 Agris Animal


Quests that Reward AP Artifact:

You can also obtain a Monster AP Artifact by completing the following quests:

Artifact Name:Marsh’s Artifact – Extra AP Against Monsters


marsh artifact monster ap

Best Grinding Spots for Fire Lightstones

Below are the top 9 grinding spots to obtain Imperfect Fire Lightstones.

Imperfect Fire Lightstones give you an RNG chance to obtain Lightstones you can use for Deathblow.

City of the Dead (2.3/hr)
310AP 380DP

Desert Naga Temple 1.5
100AP 180DP

Gahaz Bandit’s Lair 1.4
140AP 180DP

Roud Sulfur Mine 1.4
210AP 240DP

Fadus Habitat, 1.3
120AP 180DP

Jade Starlight Forest 1.3
280AP 350DP

Kratuga Ancient Ruins 1.3
250AP 300DP

Pila Ku Jail 1.2
210AP 240DP

Protty Cave 1.2
170AP 200DP

Crescent Shrine 1.2
140AP 160DP

Blood Wolf Settlement 1.2
190AP 210DP

Star’s End Pillars 1.2
260AP 360DP

There are a total of 24 monster zones that have higher drop rates for Imperfect Fire Lightstones.

Grinding Spot Location Level Rec AP DP Silver Traits Treasure Artifact
Desert Naga Temple Valencia 55 100 180 395 Mob➖,Combat Exp Infinite Potion (Pity) Ranged AP/DR/Eva
Fadus Habitat: Loopy Tree Forest Kamasylvia 53 120 180 398 Mob➕,Combat Exp, Skill Exp Infinite Potion (Pity) Magic AP/DR/Eva
Crescent Shrine Valencia 55 140 160 475 Agris, Mob➕ Infinite Potion (Pity) Ranged AP/DR/Eva
Gahaz Bandits Lair Valencia 55 140 180 372 Agris, Mob➕ Melee AP/DR/Eva
Protty Cave Island/Water 57 170 200 450 Combat Exp, Skill Exp Infinite Potion (Pity) Ranged AP/DR/Eva
Blood Wolf Settlement Dreighan 57 190 210 447 Mob➕ Infinite HP Potion Melee AP/DR/Eva
Basilisk Den: 3P Valencia 56 190 220 126 ∅Scroll, Skill Exp Melee AP/DR/Eva
Roud Sulfur Mines Valencia 56 210 240 253 Combat Exp, Specter Archaeologist Map Melee AP/DR/Eva
Pila Ku Jail Valencia 57 210 240 242 Archaeologist Map Ranged AP/DR/Eva
Tooth Fairy Forest Ronaros Kamasylvia 59 240 270 273 Infinite HP Potion Accuracy
Kratuga Ancient Ruins Mediah 60 250 300 628 Agris All Equal Drop Rate
Aakman Temple Valencia 60 250 300 459 Agris Upgraded Compass Black Spirit’s Rage
Thornwood Forest O’dyllita 57 250 320 435 Caphras, Specter Accuracy
Star’s End Pillars Calpheon 61 260 360 539 Accuracy
Star’s End Calpheon 61 260 320 465 Accuracy
Jade Starlight Forest Winter 61 280 350 611 Agris, Mob➖ Monster AP/DR
Abandoned Monastery: 2P Calpheon 61 280 350 520 Accuracy
Ash Forest Kamasylvia 62 300 390 452 Merchant Ring Max Stamina
Thornwood Forest: Dehkia O’dyllita 62 310 400 1043 Caphras, Specter Accuracy
Cyclops Land: Dehkia Calpheon 62 310 400 808 Mob➖
Darkseeker’s Retreat Ulukita 63 310 420 774 Agris Kabua’s Artifact Kabua’s Artifact
City of the Dead Ulukita 62 310 380 678 Origin of Dark Hunger Upgraded Telescope
Ash Forest: Dehkia Kamasylvia 62 310 400 596 Merchant Ring Max Stamina
Tungrad Ruins Ulukita 63 320 410 1002 Origin of Dark Hunger Upgraded Telescope


Imperfect Fire Lightstones from Bosses

These bosses have higher drop rates for Imperfect Fire Lightstones.

  • Nouver
  • Mirumok Destroyer Offin
  • Kzarka
  • Bheg
  • Garmoth
  • Muraka
  • Red Nose
  • Saunil Siege Captain
  • Narc Brishka

Kzarka <Lord of Corruption>

Convert Imperfect to Usable Fire Lightstones

Convert Imperfect Lightstone of Fire to have a chance to obtain Lightstone of Fire: Blade and Lightstone of Fire: Predation.

  • Hand over Imperfect Lightstone of Fire x1 and 20,000,000 Silver to Dalishain located in major cities. (You can also give her 3 unwanted Lighstones for 1 RNG Lightstone of any type.)
  • 1 Imperfect Fire Lightstone is an ingredient in making Purified Lightone of Fire. Requires Guru 1 level of Alchemy.
purified lightstone of fire
Imperfect Lightstone of Fire

Lightstone of Fire with Alchemy

You can craft Purified Lightstone of Fire with an Alchemy Tool inside your residence.

Requires Alchemy level of Guru 1.

RMB Purified Lightstone of Fire to obtain 1x Lightstone of the same type or very rarely an Iridescent Lightstone.

There is also a low chance of getting an additional Lightstone of any element when you craft a Purified Lightstone and also when you perform Imperial Alchemy and craft other recipes.


Purified Lightstone Lightstone Alchemy Recipe

Fire (Attack)
Imperfect Fire Lighstone x1
Black Gem Fragment x10
Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) x10
Powder of Flame x50
Clear Liquid Reagent x50


Magical Lightstone Crystals can replace Black Gem Fragments.

Resplendent Lightstones from Guild Boss

Resplendent Lightstone is a guaranteed drop from guild bosses.

This lightstone has a much higher probability of giving you a more valuable lightstone compared to Purified Lightstone.


Guild Boss:

  • Khan
  • Giant Mudster
  • Ferrid
  • Ancient Puturum

Alternatives to Deathblow

[The Wild] artifact combination is a much cheaper Monster AP Lightstone Combo.

I’ve also included 3 options that give extra damage instead of Monster AP.

1 Extra Damage = 85% of 1 AP.


Lightstone Combination Lightstones + Combo Effect AP Dmg
Fire: Predation
Fire: Predation
Fire: Predation
Iridescent Lightstone
[The Wild]
Monster AP +18
Fire: Blight
Fire: Blight
Fire: Blight
Iridescent Lightstone
[The Wild: Humans]
Additional Human Damage +24
Fire: Roar
Fire: Roar
Fire: Roar
Iridescent Lightstone
[The Wild: Demihumans]
Additional Demihuman Damage +30
Fire: Fallen
Fire: Fallen
Fire: Fallen
Iridescent Lightstone
[The Wild: Kamasylvia]
Additional Kamasylvian Damage +30
Iridescent Lightstone
lighstone of fire fallen
lightstone of fire blight
lightstone of fire roar