BDO Miniature Elephant Stats

Black Desert Online offers players the challenge of obtaining a Miniature Elephant, with some impressive Trading ability. With the right skills, this little elephant can speed up trading time, while he’s pulling on your heart strings! 🙂

Adopt your very own adorable mini elephant, today!

Miniature Elephant Highlights:

  • Silver Cost: Requires 30 million silver for the 1st elephant, then 20 million for each additional attempt.
  • Unlimited Lifespan: Elephants last forever, unlike most Wagons.
  • Speed for Active Trading: Best speed is achieved with Joyride and Quick Run skills.
  • Speedy Desert Travel: Elephant is not slowed by Great Desert sands or any other terrain. (I haven’t tried to drown him… yet.)
  • Wide Turns: Best turning occurs with Quick Turn skill.
  • Slow AFK: Travel speed while AFK is very slow.

Miniature Elephant can only be obtained after completing a Valencia quest line. They can’t be bought or sold at the Horse Market. They can be sold directly to a <Stable Keeper> for about 12 million silver, depending on skills and level.

NOTE: Since patch April 17th 2019, “The speed at which miniature elephants run by using ‘Shift’ key without having learned the skill Quick Run and without having equipped a Saddle has been increased by 65%.” Also: “The speed at which camels move in the desert when using the skill Quick Steps has been increased by 40%.”

Miniature Elephant Stats: Speed, Accel, Turn, Brake

BDO Miniature Elephant

The Miniature Elephant is slow and more difficult to turn than horses, especially at level 1. Obtaining his equivalent skills to a horse’s Sprint and Instant Accel will make him an excellent trading mount.


At level 1, the Miniature Elephant has a Weight Limit of 830LT. His inventory is quite large at 16 slots. The elephant can go up to a maximum of level 15. His weight increases to 1200LT at Level 15.

You can over-stack your Mini Elephant over his Weight Limit, and it doesn’t impair him too much. (200-300%) He can still Quick Run (Sprint) with 2000LT.

Miniature Elephant stats are influenced by RNG. When an Elephant levels, there is a roll to see how much each stat will increase. This probably ranges from 0.1% to 1.3%, like horses. Getting perfect or bad rolls 14 times in a row would be very rare. We can assume the average is probably around 0.6%.

Anyone carrying a trade item, including a Miniature Elephant, will cause Bandits to attack. View their location in the World Map.

Elephant Base Stats (Level 1)

Elephant base stats show lower stats than a Tier 1 horse. He’s not built for movement speed and agility, but for trading. Active travel, utilizing the right skills, makes the Elephant speedy, when compared to other trading mounts like wagons. Like the camel, his specialty is traveling over the desert. Great Desert sands do not impede the Elephant, Camel, or Dine. He’ll never beat Dine in a race across the desert, but aren’t Dream Horses a dream? 🙂 For AFK travel and normal movement, the Elephant is not recommended.

Mini Elephant
Speed/Accel: 105%
Turn/Brake: 105%
Weight Limit: 1200LT
Inventory Slots: 16

BDO Miniature Elephant

Brown Camel
Speed/Accel: 100%
Turn/Brake: 100%
Weight Limit: 350LT
Inventory Slots: ?

BDO Brown Camel

Black/Gray/Brown Donkey
Speed/Accel: 101%
Turn/Brake: 101%
Weight Limit: 225LT
Inventory Slots: 5

BDO Donkey

Trade Wagon
Speed/Accel: 100%
Turn/Brake: 100%
Weight Limit: 3200LT
Inventory Slots: 16

BDO Trade Wagon

Merchant Wagon
Speed/Accel: 100%
Turn/Brake: 100%
Weight Limit: 3700LT
Inventory Slots: 18

BDO Merchant Wagon

Forest Path Wagon
Speed/Accel: 105%
Turn/Brake: 110%
Weight Limit: 5,000LT
Inventory Slots: 22

BDO Forest Path Wagon

Deep Brown Camel
Speed/Accel: 101%
Turn/Brake: 101%
Weight Limit: 355LT
Inventory Slots: 8

BDO Deep Brown Camel

Tier 1 Horse (1B)
Speed/Accel: 109%
Turn/Brake: 109%
Weight Limit: 90LT
Inventory Slots: 2

BDO Deep Brown Camel


Elephant vs Wagon Comparison

Minature Elephant has the same LT as the Shabby Wagon after he is leveled to 15. Forest Path Wagon is considered BIS and has the largest weight capacity and excels in every stat except for base Speed. (This can be improved with gear.)

Wagon Speed Inventory Slots Weight Lifespan Horses Wheels Durability Impact Absorber
Flimsy 100% 6 900 LT 148,501 1 2 9900 70
Shabby 110% 8 1200 LT 247,501 1 2 9900 80
Mini Elephant
(level 15)
105% 16 1200 LT infinite 0 0 13000
Strong 110% 10 1500 LT 495,001 1 2 11900 80
White 110% 12 2200 LT 990,001 1 2 13900 80
Farm 100% 14 2700 LT 247,501 2 4 15900 80
Trade 100% 16 3200 LT 495,001 2 4 17900 80
Merchant 100% 18 3700 LT 990,001 4 4 19900 80
Noble 95% 20 4200 LT 990,001 4 4 21900 80
Forest Path 105% 22 5000 LT infinite 4 4 29900 80

Elephant Stamina

Feeding Your Miniature Elephant
Miniature Elephant has a Stamina bar just like horses and will go extremely slow if he reaches 0. He eats any type of Carrot. Special Carrots are good to use with him, as Quick Run can eat up his Stamina fast.

  • Elephant Food: Carrot Carrot: +1,500 Stamina, +1,200 HP
  • Elephant Food: Carrot High-Quality Carrot: +3,000 Stamina, +2,000 HP
  • Elephant Food: Carrot Special Carrot: +7,500 Stamina, +3,000 HP

Cooldown: 5 min

You can also use the Recover option at any <Stable Keeper>.

Elephant Leveling to Increase Stats & Skills

Leveling Your Miniature Elephant
You level your Elephant up, just like a horse, by riding him on an Auto Loop for about 3 days. Right Click anywhere on your world map and select the “Auto Loop” button. Auto Loop is indicated by a flashing green line.

The Mini Elephant has a maximum Level of 15.

Miniature Elephant Skills

Miniature Elephant has a maximum skill set of 8. There is a roll each time the Elephant levels to determine if a new skill should be learned. So he can potentially have all 8, but I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone. Obtaining any skill is highly RNG, with some players reporting only 1 skill learned at Level 15.

For “potato” Elephants, you can try again by spending 20 million and doing a quest, or purchase Mount Skill Change Coupons in the Pearl Shop.

The table below lists the 8 skills that Miniature Elephants have a chance to learn.

Icon Skill Name Keyboard Description
BDO Elephant Skill Charge Quick Start Q (Mask required) Charge equivalent. Elephant charges enemies.
BDO Elephant Skill: Quick Turn Quick Turn ← or → + ↓ while Running Drift equivalent. Must have for better turning.
BDO Elephant Skill: Fore Chop Fore Chop F frontal attack
BDO Elephant Skill: Joyride Joyride While Running F Instant Accel equivalent. Elephant temporarily runs faster
BDO Elephant Skill: Quick Halt Quick Halt While Riding ↓ Quick Stop equivalent. You can stop the Elephant faster
BDO Elephant Skill: Rampage Rampage SPACE (Stirrups required) Roar equivalent. Regenerate HP and Stamina for 30 seconds
BDO Elephant Skill: Side Steps Side Steps ← or → Sideways equivalent. Elephant can strafe right or left
BDO Elephant Skill: Quick Run Quick Run ↑+Shift (Saddle required) Sprint equivalent. Elephant can temporarily run faster

Skill Reset: Mount Skill Change Coupon

Mount Skill Change Coupon can be used on our Elephants to make them forget one skill. You cannot choose which skill you will get in return. It’s all RNG.

Pearl Costs:

  • 2500 Pearls: 11x Mount Skill Change Coupons
  • 250 Pearls: 1x Mount Skill Change Coupon
BDO Mount Skill Change Coupon

Mount Brand Spell Stone

— Quoted from GM Salome —
“Keep in mind that the brand is only increasing the chance that your horse learns the skill, and it’s all random regardless. I know you’ve had higher expectations because you invested Pearls into the brand stone, but the item is sadly not meant to guarantee said effect.

The brand stone however has other uses, which are guaranteed:
– recovery and revival 30% cheaper
– 50% mount gear durability consumption decrease”
Source: horse branding stones

Do Brand Stones Help Gain Skills?
This Pearl item says it increases Skill gain chance, but I see report after report from the breeding community that says they just don’t work. Perhaps they increase how fast a Skill is mastered when you do the Skill mini-game and NOT how many skills a mount obtains?

Benefits of Mount Brand Spell Stone
– “chance to learn skills increases” (debatable)
– recovery and revival 30% cheaper
– 50% mount gear durability consumption decrease


BDO Horse Mount Brand Spell Stone

Miniature Elephant Gear

Green grade Miniature Elephant gear is crafted in a Horse Gear Workshop by workers. The blue grade gear is crafted at Stonetail Horse Ranch 3, Horse Gear Workshop Lv. 2.

Elephant gear greatly increases the Elephant’s defense, but also adds additional movement help. Every bit of Turn we can get is good with our wide-turning friends!

  • Small Leather Saddle – for Quick Run and Joyride. Helps with turn!
  • Small Leather Stirrups – for Rampage
  • Small Leather Elephant Armor
  • Small Leather Elephant Mask – for Quick Start. Helps with Acceleration!

The table below lists the Elephant gear that is crafted in a Horse Gear Workshop: Level 3.

Icon Elephant Gear Elephant Buffs Crafting Recipe
Small Leather Elephant Armor Small Leather Elephant Armor

Base Stats:
Defense (DP): 14
Damage Reduction: 14



+10 Enhancement:
Defense (DP): 42
Damage Reduction: 42

Crafting Recipe:
5x Flax Fabric
10x Wool
5x Fine Soft Hide
Small Leather Elephant Mask Small Leather Elephant Mask

Base Stats:
Max HP +70
Acceleration +2%



+10 Enhancement:
Max HP +112
Acceleration +4%

Crafting Recipe:
2x Titanium Ingot
2x Flax Fabric
2x Supreme Thin Hide
Small Leather Stirrups Small Leather Stirrups

Base Stats:
Defense (DP): 10
Evasion: 10
Brake +2%



+10 Enhancement:
Defense (DP): 30
Evasion: 30
Brake +4%

Crafting Recipe:
2x Vanadium Ingot
25x Black Stone Powder
2x Supreme Tough Hide
Small Leather Saddle Small Leather Saddle

Base Stats:
Max HP+70
Max Stamina +2000
Turn +2%



+10 Enhancement:
Max HP+112
Max Stamina +6000
Turn +4%

Crafting Recipe:
2x Elder Tree Timber
5x Palm Plywood
5x Supreme Soft Hide


Blue-grade items for Miniature Elephant:

The blue grade gear is crafted at Stonetail Horse Ranch 3, Horse Gear Workshop Lv. 2.

All blue-grade Mini Elephant gear requires 10X Pure Forest Breath to make.

Deep Blue Hoof RootPure Forest Breath

  • RNG loot drop from any mob or…
  • use Simple Alchemy on Spirit Stone Fragments dropped in Kamasylvia. (combine 2x of 10 of any Wind, Water, Earth, Tree Fragments)
Icon Miniature Elephant Gear
Muzika Leather Armor
Muzika Leather Mask
Muzika Leather Saddle
Muzika Leather Stirrups


Miniature Elephant Blue Grade Gear


Miniature Elephant Quest NPC: Bochlo

Miniature Elephant Requirements

Obtain a Miniature Elphant by completing a questline starting at “The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant” from Bochlo <Stable Keeper> located in Sand Grain Bazaar.

Before You Begin:

  • Things to bring with you:
    • 100G Gold Bar 30 million silver: You will also need Shakatu’s Villa Invitation (7 Days) in your inventory, which costs 10 million silver for the quest [Villa] Especially Adorable Elephant
    • Empty Bottle 10 Empty Bottles: can be purchased at the Material Vendor in Shakatu
  • At level 1, Miniature Elephant is very slow and unwieldy. Allow extra time to learn his quirks, if you want to travel with him. Otherwise, wait to register him at a Stable in a more convenient location.
  • Make sure all quests are turned on. (Game likes to switch this on you without your knowledge sometimes.)
  • Must be Level 55+ to begin quest line. (No pre-requisite quests to begin the Mini Elephant quest line.)

You can use 100G Gold Bars for this quest series instead of silver, but it’s not necessary.

Miniature Elephant Quest Line


1. The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant

Miniature Elephant Quest 1: The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant

Bochlo <Stable Keeper> will have you go to Shakatu’s Villa to speak with Serazad.

Shakatu’s Villa is located NW of Shakatu in Valencia territory. Shakatu’s Villa Location Map

The Villa Keeper, Dumaham, will sell you a 7 day Shakatu Villa Invitation. He is located just outside the Shakatu’s Villa entrance.

Rent Shakatu’s Villa for 10 million silver, then go inside the villa and speak to Serazad.

Mini Elephant Quest #1

The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant

Quest Description:
The Sand Grain Bazaar Stable Keeper, Bochlo, recommended you to purchase a miniature elephant in order to start trading in the desert.

A miniature elephant can carry a heavier load than a camel, making it an ideal mount for desert trade. Since it is rare and difficult to acquire, Bochlo suggested you to go to Shakatu’s Villa to look for a miniature elephant.

Access to Shakatu’s Villa is limited and only those with an invitation can enter the villa. You can purchase the an invitation from Villa Keeper Dumaham for Gold Bar 100G x1. Make sure to have the gold bar prepared because you won’t be able to exchange your Silver for Gold Bar there. <— you can purchase with 10 million silver now and don’t need the bar.

After you get in the villa, go talk to Serazad.

2. Especially Adorable Elephant

Miniature Elephant Quest 2: Especially Adorable Elephant

Serazad will have you go to Shakatu and speak to Shakatu <Boss>. You will need to give Shakatu <Boss> 100G bar x3 for an elephant permit. After you pay him, go back to Serazad at Shakatu’s Villa.

Make sure you bring 10 Empty Bottles back to the villa.

3. Freshly Scooped Cool Water

Miniature Elephant Quest 3: Freshly Scooped Cool Water

Draw 20 bottles of river water. You can do it there at the fountain in Shakatu’s Villa. Give the water to the elephant outside the Villa, then speak to Serazad.

4. Freshly Prepared Fodder

Miniature Elephant Quest 4: Freshly Prepared Fodder

Gather 100 weeds and give them to the elephant outside the Villa. Speak to Serazad.

Shakatu Farm is the perfect place to gather weeds. It’s close by, just NW of Shakatu and East of the Villa. There are crops of Star Anise and Date Palm all bunched together for super fast gathering. Shakatu Farmland Location Map.

TIP: Use barehanded gathering to increase your chances of getting weeds.

5. Owner of a Special Elephant

Miniature Elephant Quest 4: Freshly Prepared Fodder


Talk to Batirma, the stable keeper, in Shakatu.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a baby elephant!


Obtaing More Miniature Elephants

You may want to try for a another Elephant, after you have leveled your Elephant and it didn’t get the best skills.

Speak with Shakatu <Boss> and pick up the quest: [Miniature Elephant] Permit from the Merchant League.

He will randomly give you 1 of 4 quests:

NOTE: After obtaining all the seals, you will also need 2x 100G bars (20 million silver)

Shakatu <Boss> will give you a Haystack For Elephant.

You will need a Large fence as the haystack takes up 10 grids. Expect the growth rate to be long, between 20-30 hours.

After the Haystack is at 100% growth, you harvest it and get another Mini Elephant Emblem. You take this to any <Stable Keeper> for registration.

The best quest you can possibly get is the Gahaz Bandits one. If you get a quest you don’t like, you can wait until server reset for a new one.

You also have the option of repeating the Miniature Elephant initial quest line for another 30 million silver on an Alt. This option is more expense and you have to do the gathering quests again. But when compared to 20 Trading quests, you might think it worth the expense.

Kill Trading Bandits for Golden Seal – [Imperial Conquest]

1. Take your horse to a <Trade Manager> and purchase any trade item. Put the trade item in the horse’s inventory.

2. The world map will show red bandit icons:

BDO Bandit Map Icon

This is where Level 50 to 55 thieves will spawn and attack you, if you have a trade item.

3. Kill the bandits and they will drop 0 to 3 seals.

4. Respawn time is about 45 minutes.

What is Active Trading by Eminent

BDO Trading Elephant

Trading with an Elephant
Elephants require 30 million silver investment, and possibly some Pearls on skill reset coupons (because you need specific skills for the elephant to be good). That said, elephant trade is very fast Trading Skill XP and the elephant itself may be useful for other things in the future depending on your play style. Elephant trade is 100% active.

Patch 4-10-19 introduced a quest which guides you on how to obtain the Miniature Elephant. It’s for level 55+ and called The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant. Pick this quest up at NPC Bochlo, the <Stable Keeper> in Sand Grain Bazaar.

After you get your trading elephant, you need to level it to 15 (just autopath it for like 3 days), and it needs to learn the skills “Quick Run” and “Joyride”. Without these skills, your elephant is useless and a wagon would be better.

One important thing to consider is effort. Trading with an elephant is significantly faster than using a wagon, but it’s completely active (unlike wagoning).

Trading with Wagons
On the other hand, most wagons require less of an investment and have the benefit of being semi-afk. While your wagon auto-paths between cities you have a few minutes of downtime to read a book or watch your favorite show. Wagon trade will bring in more profit than with an elephant because you can train horses in the meantime.

BDO Trading Merchant Wagon Craft Recipe

The Merchant and Noble Wagons are easy to buy from the market. You only need to get weight limit on your wagon for the heaviest inventory that you’re transporting (aka, look at the weight of the trade goods on your route, calculate how much it weighs… if you can carry it without gear then don’t waste your money).

Also note that there is p2w wagon gear that adds weight and speed.

I personally avoid wagon gear simply because it degrades. The time spent having to go repair makes the already negligible buff to your xp (4% speed) even less. If you aren’t lazy like I am, then I won’t discourage you from using wagon gear, it just wouldn’t be my choice.