Epheria Caravel became part of Black Desert Online in The Great Expedition Update on 23 October 2019. Caravel is an upgrade from Epheria Sailboat and takes considerable planning and time to obtain. You must already own an Epheria Sailboat to upgrade to a Caravel.

Caravel Strengths:

  • Captain cannons (see details below)
  • Twice as much LT (an additional 5,000 LT)
  • 5 more Inventory and 20 more Cabins


T2 T3 T4 T5
Ship Stat Epheria Sailboat Improved Sailboat Epheria Caravel Carrack (Advance) Carrack (Balance)
HP 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,350,000 1,300,000
Rations 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,100,000 1,300,000 1,400,000
Base LT 5,000 5,000 10,000 16,500 15,000
Speed 100% 100% 100% 110% 115%
Accel 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Turn 110% 110% 110% 115% 115%
Brake 110% 110% 110% 115% 115%
Inventory 25 slots 25 slots 30 slots 40 slots 35 slots
Cabins 10 10 30 50 50
Cannon per Side 1 (player) 2 (captain) 2 (captain) 9 (captain) 9 (captain)
Reload 17s 13s 13s 13s 12s

Caravel Cannons – Greater Attack

The Caravel brings great improvement in fire power. The cannons are considered “Captain” controlled. This means you can press RMB or LMB to fire the right/left side cannons.

Lower tier ships, like the Epheria Sailboat have “Player” controlled cannons requiring you to stop the ship to fire them, unless you have a friend on the ship.

With the Caravel’s captain cannons you can move and turn the ship, while firing at the enemy all at the same time.

You also have the ability to enter into FocusFire mode by pressing Q or E keys. (Ship/Sailing Skills Guide)

The Caravel cannons are solo friendly. Unfortunately, this also means your passengers have nothing to do if you take them along for sea monster hunting.

Caravel: Best in Barter/Trade 

Caravel is often called the best ship for Barter, when compared to the other T4 ship, Galleass.

  • 2,000 more weight limit
  • 15 more Inventory slots

The Caravel allows you to pick up two full loads of 6 [Level 1] Barter goods, without returning to land for storage.

This is important because you only have to make one trip for two full loads, and obtain the maximum exchanges, instead of two seperate trips back and forth to storage. A Galleass would have to make two trips back and forth to storage, in order to obtain the maximum exchanges for two [Level 1] Barter Routes.

The Carrack upgrades available from Caravel are also considered the best in Barter ships, due to superior weight and inventory.

Epheria Caravel vs Epheria Galleass
Barter ——T4 —— Battle
Ship Stat Epheria Caravel Epheria Galleass
HP 1,000,000 1,200,000
Rations 1,100,000 1,200,000
Base LT 10,000 8,000
Speed 100% 110%
Accel 100% 110%
Turn 110% 120%
Brake 110% 120%
Inventory 30 slots 15 slots
Cabins 30 30
Cannon per Side 2 (captain) 4 (captain)
Reload 13s 13s


Epheria Caravel Materials

Epheria Caravel requires materials that can only be obtained by jumping through hoops. Really!

Epheria Caravel Materials:

With just a glance, you can see it will take many days to obtain everything you need. Depending upon your luck, it could be many weeks.

Caravel Materials & Cost (Quick List)

ATTENTION! –> The quantities below assume you will complete days 1 and 4 of Ravinia’s Quest Line. This gives half of many of the materials that you need. For full cost, skip this list and see table below.

  • icon Sea Monster’s Ooze x150 – common drop from <Hungry> Ocean Stalker and <Hungry> Hekaru south of Oquilla’s Eye
  • Worker Node Rare Procs (low supply currently on MP)
  • iconZinc Ingot x5,000 (145 million silver – good supply on MP)
    • or 37,040 Zinc Ore melted with Artisan 2+ Processing  (92.2 million silver)
  • icon Red Tree Lump x5000 (8.1 million silver – plentiful on MP)
  • icon Upgrade Permit (400 million silver)
  • icon +10 Old Prow/Cannon/Plating/Wind Sail (14 million silver)
    • Memory Fragments x40 (60 million silver)
    • icon  Verdant Black Stone x120 – trade any [Level 1] Sea Trade Good to Ravinia’s sisters.
    • Land Goods List for [Level 1] Sea Goods – Land goods are from nodes/gathering/cooking/farming (350 to 840 million silver perhaps, depending on luck and time spent refreshing Barter to skip expensive ones.)


Almost every material to obtain a Caravel could be called a bottleneck item. Zinc is readily available, but expensive. Only Red Tree Lump is cheap and plentiful at the time of this writing.

Pricing and supply can change quickly in BDO due to player actions and game events.

Caravel Materials (Detailed List)

NOTE: The material costs below assume Artisan 2 level of Processing. (2.5 average yield per process recipe completion)

NOTE #2: Quantities below are the FULL cost, excluding Ravinia’s quest line, which yields half of many materials.


Epheria Caravel Materials

Ship Mats Additional Info
icon Graphite Ingot for Upgrade x100

Processing > Heating:

  • Zinc Ingot (10,000)
    • Melted Zinc Shard (37,040)
      • Zinc Ore (74,080)
  • Sea Monster’s Ooze (100) [Looted from Hungry Sea Monsters]


Ravinia Quest Line Days 1 & 4 (x50 total)

icon Timber for Upgrade x100

Processing > Chopping:

  • Old Tree Bark (10,000)
  • Red Tree Lump (10,000)
  • Sea Monster’s Ooze (100) [Looted from Hungry Sea Monsters]


Ravinia Quest Line Days 1 & 4 (x50 total)

icon Adhesive for Upgrade x100

Processing > Heating:

  • White Cedar Sap (10,000)
  • Acacia Sap (10,000)
  • Elder Tree Sap (10,000)
  • Sea Monster’s Ooze (100) [Looted from Hungry Sea Monsters]


Ravinia Quest Line Days 1 & 4 (x50 total)

icon Ship Upgrade Permit: Epheria Caravel x1 Sold by Philaberto Falasi  in Port Epheria $400,000,000
icon Island Tree Coated Plywood x100

Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for x100 Plywood

  •  [Level 2] Filtered Drinking Water
  •  [Level 2] Narvo Sea Cucumber
  •  [Level 2] Pirate Gold Coin
icon Rock Salt Ingot x100

Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for x100 Ingot

  •  [Level 2] Conch Shell Ornament
  •  [Level 2] Balanced Stone Pagoda
  •  [Level 2] Urchin Spine
icon Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue x4
  • [Daily] Ravikel’s Test = x8 Glue – give Iridescent Coral Piece to Curio
  • 150 Oquilla Coins = x16 (for details: Daily Sailing Quests Guide)
  • Ravinia’s Crow Coin Shop 140 Crow Coins Each (560 total)
  • Young Ocean Stalker rare drop
  • Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for x4 Glue
    • icon[Level 3] Torn Pirate Treasure Map
    • icon[Level 3] Gooey Monster Blood
    • icon [Level 3] Rare Herb Pile
    • icon [Level 3] Blue Candle Bundle
icon Seaweed Stalk x6
icon Epheria: Old Prow enhanced to +10 Read our guide on Epheria Old Ship Gear.
icon Epheria: Old Plating enhanced to +10
icon Epheria: Old Cannon enhanced to +10
icon Epheria: Old Wind Sail enhanced to +10

How to Upgrade to Caravel

To upgrade your sailboat to the Caravel, vist the <Wharf Manager> in Veila, Port Epheria, or Illya Island. Take out your sailboat and remove any gear that is currently being worn by your ship. All ship gear must be fully repaired in Durability and Max Durability. Put your ship back into the wharf.

All ship parts and upgrade materials must be in your inventory. When going to purchase the ship permit, make sure you have enough silver in your inventory. Port Epheria doesn’t have access to the Warehouse.

See the charts below for detailed information on how to acquire materials.