This Epheria Frigate guide has been adapted from “Margoria & Ships Content“, written by Halkeides (u/Halkeides). This helpful guide has been edited, added to, and formatted by me, with a focus on the Epheria Frigate. It’s now kept current on GrumpyG, with Halkeides’ permission. Thanks Halkeides! ! I will update this BDO Epheria Frigate Guide with any new BDO patches/changes or updates from the sailor. ūüôā (Halkeides is currently very busy IRL with studies and not playing much Black Desert Online.)

BDO Epheria Frigate (Sea Monster Battleship)

The Epheria Frigate is a Great Ocean boat that excels at sea monster hunting. It boasts 4 cannons for killing sea monsters. The Frigate is more expensive for sailors to build. It’s also twice the cost to equip with blue grade Frigate gear. It has half the amount of inventory space, but gains a 10% boost to Turn, Acceleration, Brake, and Speed. The Epheria Frigate suffers from having 1,000LT less weight limit, when compared to the Epheria Sailboat.

BDO Epheria Frigate

Epheria Frigate vs Sailboat

Epheria Frigate is a great ship, but be prepared to pay for its sea monster hunting ability. The Epheria Sailboat can be used in combat, but it is best used for trading purposes because it has 2 less cannons for sea monster hunting and suffers a 10% penalty to Acceleration, Turn, Brake, and Speed. The Sailboat is the least expensive Epheria boat to build and costs half as much to equip with blue grade sailboat gear. It has over twice as much storage as the Epheria Frigate. The Epheria Sailboat also helps traders by having 1,000LT more weight limit.

Epheria Frigate vs Sailboat

BDO Epheria Frigate

Ship License: Epheria Frigate:


Proof of ownership of an Epheria Frigate. Go to the wharfs to check out the boat.

Storage: 12

Acceleration: 110%

Speed: 110%

Turn: 120%

Brake: 120%

Cannons: 4

Blue Gear: 50% more cost

Weight Limit: 4,000 LT

BDO Epheria Frigate crafting recipe and materials

BDO Epheria Sailboat

Ship License: Epheria Sailboat:


Proof of ownership of an Epheria Sailboat. Go to the wharfs to check out the boat.

Storage: 25

Acceleration: 100%

Speed: 100%

Turn: 110%

Brake: 110%

Cannons: 2

Blue Gear: 50% less cost

Weight Limit: 5,000 LT

BDO Epheria Sailboat Crafting Recipe and Materials
  • So which Epheria ship is best?
    • ——— Quick Frigate and Sailboat Comparison ———
    • Epheria Frigate: 12 storage slots. 4,000LT weight limit. 10% higher Speed, Brake, Accel, Turn. 4 cannons. Blue gear requires 50% more mats.
    • Epheria Sailboat: 25 storage slots. 5,000LT weight limit. 10% lower Speed, Brake, Accel, Turn. 2 cannons. Blue boat gear requires 50% less materials.
    • TLDR: Epheria Frigate excels at hunting Sea Monsters. Epheria Sailboat excels at trading.

Epheria Frigate Crafting

In order to craft this battleship, you will need to have Epheria’s Shipyard (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5).

BDO Epheria Frigate Ship Part Workshop

BDO Epheria Frigate shipyard location

Free up 12+ Contribution:
In order to build an Epheria Frigate, you will need to purchase Epheria’s Shipyard (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5) with Contribution Points. But purchasing this shipyard will require you to purchase 5 other houses, and require a total of 12 Contribution Points. (You will also need Contribution Points to purchase lodging for workers.) See details about the Epheria Shipyard requirements on bddatabase.net.

The shipyard has to be at level 3 to start making your boat.

Epheria Frigate License has a workload of 3,875, which is a bit longer than the 3,220 tasks required by the Epheria Sailboat. Artisan goblin in the same town will take from 40 to 60 minutes to finish 1 task, so this is going to take many days to build! (3,875 hours / 24 = 161 days with 1 worker.)

You can speed up the build time by putting more than one worker on the job. Unlike other crafting jobs, you can stack workers on boat building. They can come from any town in which the nodes are connected. For example, Calpheon City makes inexpensive and plentiful lodging.

BDO Epheria Frigate Shipyard

With 6 more workers, it will take a month to build an Epheria Frigate. Add all the workers you can afford to speed the build time.

If you have around 2 billion silver, you might be able to find one on the Market. There were only 11 up at the time of this writing.

BDO Gathering Logs for Epheria Frigate Crafting

Process & Gather Materials:
Do you cringe when you hear the word gather or processing? Some of the materials can be purchased at the Marketplace: Steel, Flax Fabric, and Pine Plywood are easy to find. Logs, however, are the bottle neck and are extremely difficult to obtain via the Marketplace. You will need thousands of logs to chop into Standardized Timber Squares. Depending upon your processing skill (and maybe luck?), you will need around 16,000 logs. Whew!

Gathering Logs for Epheria Frigate:

  • Hedgehog: This will cut your gathering time significantly. My sister, who has a Hedgehog pet, gathered 3x more logs than myself in the same amount of time. Hedgehogs have a chance to proc an extra gather roll/pull.
    • Me with No Hedgehog:
      • 10 logs/minute = 27 hours gathering for 16,000 logs
      • 1 Lucky Axe 130 durability gave me:
        • 397 Pine Timber
        • 202 Logs
        • 12 Pine Planks
    • Sister with 1 Hedgehog: 30 logs/minute = 9 hours gathering

Hedgehog Proc Chances:

  • T1 and T2 Hedgehog: 30% proc chance
  • T3 Hedgehog: 40% proc chance
  • T4 Hedgehog: 50% proc chance

Visit our BDO Hedgehog guide to learn more about this furry little guy and how to obtain one.

Ship License: Epheria Frigate crafting recipe and materials

Ship License: Epheria Frigate

Inventory: 12

Acceleration: 110%

Speed: 110%

Turn: 120%

Brake: 120%

Expected Epheria Frigate Materials Cost (with Artisan 2 Processing):


Maximum Cost

Artisan 2 Processing

25 x Design: Epheria Frigate

 Daily Quests

800 x Jade Coral Ingot

4,000 x Melted titanium shards + 800 x Prairie Green Coral = 24,000 x Coral Piece + 32,000 x Rough Emerald

8,000 x Rough Emerald

450 x Enhanced Flax Fabric

450 x Flax 

450 x Flax

1000 x Standardized Timber Square

100,000 x Log

20,000 x Log

1600 x Pine Coated Plywood

16,000 x Pine Timber

16,000 x Pine Timber

Workload: 3875

The following coral can replace Prairie Green Coral when Processing Jade Coral Ingot.

 РTwilight Red Coral 

 РDaybreak Blue Coral

 РGolden Sun Coral

 РBreezy White Coral

To help you obtain materials for crafting the Epheria Frigate, you can do a daily quest chain if you have Professional 5 Fishing skill.

Daily Fishing Quest Chain

(requires Professional 5 Fishing)

Philaberto Falasi gives you this quest. Which begins a 6 quest chain ending in [Daily] Business with Falasi Family

Optional Reward:

  • 10 Jade Coral Ingot
  • 50 Pine Coated Plywood
  • 30 Enhanced Flax Fabric
[Daily] Business with Falasi Family quest chain [Daily] Business with Falasi Family quest rewards

Epheria Frigate Green Accessories

You can buy Epheria Frigate green accessories and gear from Wharf Manager NPCs. (It is impossible to craft these accessories.)

Wharf Managers
Croix Velia Wharf
Gafur Pirates Wharf
Gintabam Port Ratt Wharf
Gongklad Sausan Wharf
Luicy Arehaza Wharf
Samia Ancado Wharf
Sugarsh Tarif Wharf
Tunger Altinova Wharf

Epheria Frigate with Green Grade Gear

Epheria Frigate : White Horn Prow

Epheria Frigate : White Horn Prow

Base stats:

Movement Speed +1%

DP +10

DR +10

Buy price: 7,500,000

Epheria Frigate : Lillia Cannon Epheria Frigate : Lillia Cannon

Base stats:

AP +11

Max Stamina +1000

Buy price: 7,500,000

Epheria Frigate : Light Plating Epheria Frigate : Light Plating

Base stats:

DP +10

DR: 10

Weight Limit +100LT

Buy price: 8,250,000

Epheria Frigate : Red Breeze Sail Epheria Frigate : Red Breeze Sail

Base stats:

Max Power +1000

Turn +1%

Buy price: 6,000,000

Blue Frigate Gear

In order to craft blue grade Epheria Frigate gear, you will need to purchase Ship Part Workshop (2nd floor, Epheria 1-4):

BDO Epheria Frigate Ship Part Workshop

Epheria Frigate: Dragon Prow

Epheria Frigate: Dragon Prow

Base stats:

Movement Speed +2%

Turn +3%

DP +20

DR +20

Epheria Frigate: Zafina Cannon

Epheria Frigate: Zafina Cannon

Base stats:

AP +22

Max Stamina +5000

Epheria Frigate: Enhanced Black Plating

Epheria Frigate: Enhanced Black Plating

Base stats:

DP +20

DR +20

Weight Limit +150 LT

Turn +3%

Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail

Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail

Base stats:

Max Power +50000

Turn +2%

Brake +2%

Epheria Frigate: Ocean Dragon Prow

Epheria Frigate: Ocean Dragon Prow

Base stats:

Max Power +50000

Movement Speed +3%

DP +20

DR +20

Epheria Frigate: Streamlined Black Plating

Epheria Frigate: Streamlined Black Plating

Base stats:

Weight Limit +200LT

DP +20

DR +20

Epheria Frigate: Serena Cannon

Epheria Frigate: Serena Cannon

Base stats:

AP +21

DP: 20

Damage Reduction: 20

Max Stamina +5000

Epheria Frigate: Nor'easter Sail

Epheria Frigate: Nor’easter Sail

Base stats:

Max Power +50000

Turn +2%

Movement Speed +1%

Sea Monsters & Ship Combat

Sea Monsters are worthwhile to hunt, but they require using advanced Great Ocean ships, like the Epheria Frigate. These ships have much better stats that allow them to cross dangerous water. They also have cannons and allow you to perform ship combat skills.

Sea Monster List & Drops

NOTICE: Patch Notes – 23rd January 2019
The chances of obtaining the items below by defeating monsters in the ocean has decreased by 60%. Will update the drop chances in the table below as soon as it is confirmed:

  • [Guild] Steel Candidum Shell

  • [Guild] Amethyst Hekaru Spike

  • [Guild] Black Rust Tongue

  • [Guild] Nineshark’s Fin

  • [Guild] Ocean Stalker Whisker

  • [Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Goblet

BDO Sea Monster List: Loot & Knowledge

BDO Hekaru Sea Monster

BDO Hekaru drops Hekaru: Hekaru Location Map

Sihuram gives sea monster knowledge.


[Guild] Amethyst Hekaru Spike 1.5%

[Guild] Hekaru’s Spike 100%

[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan 100%

Friendly unless attacked

BDO Ocean Stalker Sea Monster BDO Ocean Stalker drops Ocean Stalker: Ocean Stalker Location Map

Bindo gives sea monster knowledge


[Guild] Ocean Stalker Whisker 1.5%

[Guild] Ocean Stalker’s Skin 100%

[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan 100%

Friendly unless attacked

BDO Candidum Sea Monster

BDO Candidum drops Candidum: Candidum Location Map

Gintabam gives sea monster knowledge


[Guild] Steel Candidum Shell 8%

[Guild] Candidum Shell 100%

[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan 100%

BDO Nineshark Sea Monster

BDO Nineshark drops Nineshark: Nineshark: Location Map

Moran gives sea monster knowledge


[Guild] Nineshark’s Fin 8%

[Guild] Nineshark’s Horn Fragment 100%

[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan 100%

Hard to outrun

BDO Black Rust Sea Monster

BDO Black Rust drops Black Rust: Black Rust Location Map

Siyunchae gives sea monster knowledge


[Guild] Black Rust Tongue 8%

[Guild] Black Rust Jawbone 100%

[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan 100%

BDO Goldmont Small Battleship

BDO Goldmont Small Battleship drops Goldmont Small Battleship: Goldmont Small Battleship Location Map

Sihuram gives sea monster knowledge


[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Goblet 1%

[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin 100%

BDO Goldmont Medium Battleship

BDO Goldmont Medium Battleship drops Goldmont Medium Battleship: Goldmont Medium Battleship Location Map

Haeran gives sea monster knowledge.


[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Goblet 3%

[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin 100%

BDO Goldmont Large Battleship

BDO Goldmont Large Battleship drops Goldmont Large Battleship: Goldmont Large Battleship Location Map

Moran gives sea monster knowledge


[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Goblet 5%

[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin 100%

[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan

[Guild] Sea Monster’s Neidan

Used for:  [Guild] Origin of Wind, Guild Funds, [Boatman Promotion] The Man and the Sea I

[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin

[Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Coin

Used for: [Boatman Promotion] The Man and the Sea I, Guild Funds

Sea Monster Location Map

The following picture shows where Sea Monsters spawn in Margoria and Ross Seas.

BDO Sea Monster Map, Spawn Locations
Red Area Hekaru spawn location
Blue Area Ocean Stalker spawn location
Darker Blue Area Black Rust spawn location
Grey Area

NineShark, Candidum, Goldmont Pirate Battleship spawn locations

(except for the one inside Black Rust spawn, there may be only Nineshark and Candidum)

Patch Notes – 20th June 2018:

  • Young Nineshark, Young Candidum, and Young Black Rust have been added around the border area of Ross Sea and Margoria Sea.

    • Upon defeating Young Nineshark, Young Candidum, and Young Black Rust, you can obtain Young Sea Monster‚Äôs Neidan, Young Candidum’s Shell, Young Black Rust Jawbone, or Young Nineshark’s Fragment.

    • Sailing Skill EXP can be obtained upon defeating Young Nineshark, Young Candidum, and Young Black Rust. However, Life EXP boost will not be applied here.

    • Perform Heating on green-grade Young Candidum’s Shell x10, Young Black Rust Jawbone x10, or Young Nineshark’s Horn Fragment x10 respectively to obtain blue-grade [Guild] Candidum Shell x1, [Guild] Black Rust Jawbone x1, or [Guild] Nineshark‚Äôs Horn Fragment x1.

    • Perform Heating on Young Sea Monster‚Äôs Neidan x10 to obtain [Guild] Sea Monster‚Äôs Neidan x1.

Great Ocean Events

While you are in Ross Sea or Margoria Sea, you may encounter events which will harm your ship if you are travelling afk.

BDO Ocean Hurricane/Tornado


Tornadoes only occur when you are at the wheel of the ship and moving. They damage your ship and may cause you to lose trade items from cargo.

Your fishing will be interrupted when struck by lightning. This causes your AFK fishing session to stop.

BDO Margoria Phantom Ship

Margoria Phantom Ship

It can spawn with stormy weather and will force you out of the helm, stopping your boat. You can kill it with cannon fire. It can occur when you are at the wheel of your ship, whether you are moving or not. If you don’t want to fight it, return to your ship’s wheel and sail away. The Phantom Ship will disappear after it is a certain distance away from you.

Margoria Lost Item

Margoria Lost Item Margoria Lost Item

Margoria Lost Item spawns randomly on sunken ship remains

You can loot it with a Silver Key It’s a little confusing, but I think you randomly obtain items from Furious Sea Spirit Fragment loot table shown on bddatabase.net.

Margoria Lost Item Drops

Epheria Frigate Skills & Basic Ship Combat

Boat Skill IconShip Skill DescriptionKeySkill

Ram Boat/Sailing Skill

It is like horse instant accel for ships. Makes the ship rush forward for 5 seconds. Stops the ship for a couple seconds afterwards. Damage is done at the end or back of the ram animation.
Q Beginner
Power Accel Boat/Sailing Skill Power Accel:
It is like horse start accel. Use when standing still to instantly speed up for a short time.
Space + W Apprentice
Breezy Sail Boat/Sailing Skill Breezy Sail:
At full speed, gives a temporary speed improvement for 10 seconds. Like horse sprint skill for ships.
Shift + W Skilled
Swift Retreat Boat/Sailing Skill Swift Retreat:
Makes sailing backwards faster
S Professional
Abrupt Turn Boat/Sailing Skill Abrupt Turn:
To turn abruptly while sailing.
S+ A/D Artisan
Smooth Turn Boat/Sailing Skill Smooth Turn:
To turn faster while standing still.
A/D Master
Bullseye Boat/Sailing Skill Bullseye:
Cannon reload time shortened.
Passive Guru

Advanced Sea Monster Hunting Tactics

The T-W-Q Ram sequence is no longer required, so it’s much easier to Ram after the August 22nd, 2018 patch. However, damage from the Ram skill was significantly decreased (-30%), leading some players to complain or rejoice, or to rejoice and complain at the same time while juggling cannon balls across the sea. Anyway, sea monster hunting is still a fun way to play for many ocean voyagers. It just takes longer to solo hunt than it used to.

  • XBOX 360 Controller: there are reports of players getting amazing navigation using an Xbox controller. (with boat movement that is hard to do reliably without a high precision mouse and steady hand)
    *** Read more about using and configuring gamepads for sailing in our BDO Controller Guide *** (This BDO Controller guide goes into detail about controller mapping for sailing & sea monster hunting.)
    Patch Notes 4-10-19 state: “Fixed the issue where you were able to turn abnormally quickly using the controller pad while riding a ship.”
  • W-Q: causes the boat to instantly charge forward into a 5 second Ram animation. You do not need to be sailing at full speed first. Previously, in order use Ram (Q), you had to be at “sailing speed” going forward or use the hotly debated T-W-Q combo. (Pressing T after W, canceled the sailing speed requirement, letting you ram again.). Since August 22nd, 2018 patch, the sailing speed requirement was removed: “After using Ram, press Q to launch attacks right away.” and you can now Ram “by pressing Q while sailing regardless of speed.”
    • Cannon upgrades still increase Ramming damage: although this damage was decreased as well as the Ram skill damage in the August 22nd, 2018 patch: “Fixed the issue where damage inflicted would be tripled upon equipping the cannon suitable for Galley, Epheria Frigate, and Epheria Frigate.”
    • Increase the zoom of your minimap with 5 clicks: This is roughly Ram’s max range.
    • Learn the proper range for starting Ram, in order to achieve the max number of hits at the end of the Ram animation.
  • S-T-S-R: instant stop for the boat
  • CTRL to engage Mouse Movement: clicking the water or sea monster and then hold Right Mouse Button then turn the camera. Instantly turns the ship up to 180 degrees Apparently mouse movements were disabled in the 4-3-19 Patch.

Sailing Nerfs or Improvements?

Patch 4-24-19 Back Attack Removed

  • Fixed the issue where some of the motion of the following sea creatures would count as back attacks.

    • Hekaru: Fixed the issue where Back Attack was possible when launching attacks from behind in all situations.
    • Candidum: Fixed the issue where Back Attack was possible during when Candidum was moving back to its initial point of spawn.

  • Fixed the issue where Back Attack was possible during certain movements and attack motions for the following monsters:
    • Black Rust
    • Nineshark

    • Ocean Stalker

    • Young Candidum

    • Young Black Rust

    • Young Nineshark

Patch 4-10-19 Controller Changes

Fixed the issue where you were able to turn abnormally quickly using the controller pad while riding a ship.

Patch 4-3-19 Disables Mouse Movement

The use of mouse movements will not be available while boarding the Galley, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, and Old Bartali Sailboat.

Patch 1-23-19 Lowers Sea Monster Drops

The chances of obtaining the items below by defeating monsters in the ocean has decreased by 60%.

  • [Guild] Steel Candidum Shell

  • [Guild] Amethyst Hekaru Spike

  • [Guild] Black Rust Tongue

  • [Guild] Nineshark’s Fin

  • [Guild] Ocean Stalker Whisker

  • [Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Goblet

Ram and Cannon Changes: 8-22-18 Patch

  • Fixed the issue where damage inflicted would be tripled upon equipping the cannon suitable for Galley, Epheria Sailboat, and Epheria Frigate.
    • [Guild] Galley: Maria Cannon
    • Epheria Sailboat: Julia Cannon
    • [Guild] Galley: Sophia Cannon
    • Epheria Sailboat: Elena Cannon
    • Epheria Frigate : Lillia Cannon
    • Epheria Frigate: Zafina Cannon
    • Epheria Sailboat: Elise Cannon
    • Epheria Frigate: Serena Cannon
  • Ram skill damage have been reduced by 30% for Galley, Epheria Sailboat, and Epheria Frigate.
  • It has become more convenient to use the skill Ram for Galley, Epheria Sailboat, and Epheria Frigate.
    • [How to Use]
      • Previously: By pressing Q while sailing and speed picked up.
      • Changed to: By pressing Q while sailing regardless of speed.
    • [Attacking]
      • Previously: After using Ram, attack was possible again after moving a certain distance.
      • Changed to: After using Ram, press Q to launch attacks right away.

Fluffy’s Ship Combat Tactics

The following tactics are quoted from an awesome Sea Monster Guide written by FluffyQuack on the official BDO forums. Sea Monster Hunting Guide Thanks Fluffy! ūüôā

How should I hunt sea monsters?

Guild Galley with a party of 5 people (one captain and four cannoneers). There's really no other practical way. If you do it with an Epheria Sailboat, you can kill Hekarus and Ocean Stalkers, but it will be very slow. A Guild Galley can hunt those much faster, and also take on harder sea monsters like Candidums and Black Rusts.

BDO Sailing Ship Any tips on how to fight sea monsters?

Yes! To begin with, our guild struggled to kill more than 2-3 weaker sea monsters before we had to make a pit stop at Port Ratt or Lema, but after learning various tricks we became capable of killing 7-8 of the strongest sea monsters in one single trip. First of all, you want a Guild Galley and you want a party of 5 players. All crew members should be carrying 30+ Ship Repair Materials (buy them from the marketplace or craft them using plywood) and 1-2 Breezy Crystals (bought from guild NPC). You use these items to repair health and power of the Galley.

I'll divide tips into two categories. One for the people handling the cannons, and one for the person steering the ship.

  • You'll want to man the cannons on the right side (that's starboard for fancy boat talk people). The reason is simple: the ship sails can get in the way of the camera when using the left side cannons.
  • You hold shift and W/D to change vertical firing angle.
  • You hold shift and LMB to ready the cannon for firing. This shows you a rough firing arc, and you'll fire once you let go of LMB. The cannon will fire automatically if you hold LMB for too long.
  • The easiest shot to make is when the sea monster is right next to your ship. Just aim straight down and fire. These will almost always hit and it feels like the sea monster has a massive hitbox when it's right next to you.
  • Long distance shots are generally risky, and if you go for them, I suggest aiming just behind the sea monster (from your perspective) for it to connect.
  • The game can be deceitful when it comes to telling you if you actually hit the sea monster or not. You heard the shot hit and you saw blood? That shot might still have been a miss for unknown reasons. The only way to tell if your shot connected is if you see a health bar after hitting the sea monster.
Sailing Anchor
  • Try to always turn in the same direction so you're essentially sailing in one big circle. There's always a risk of de-aggroing the sea monster, and it'll regain all of its health whenever this happens. This reduces the chances of that happening.
  • If there's floating boxes or a shipwreck nearby, you can try to stay near the vicinity of it to avoid the sea monster de-aggroing. If there's nothing nearby to use as reference point, ask a crew member to use a maid and tell them to not close the maid window.
  • Remember to use the boost skills (Q while moving or Space while still) when the sea monster is about to attack. You'll have to get used to the behaviour and animations of the sea monsters to tell when they're about to attack.
  • Sailing backwards can be very useful for adjusting your angle without moving too far. Try to avoid doing this while the sea monster is close as it'll take a while before you can use any boost skill after sailing backwards.
  • In general, you wanna go for hit'n'run attacks. Move (or wait) for the sea monster to get close, make sure cannoneers have a good angle for firing, and boost away once you see the sea monster getting ready for an attack.
  • Hekarus and Ocean Stalkers are really easy to deal with so they're good to hunt for practice. Nine Sharks don't have a lot of health, but they can deal serious damage to your ship. Candidums are very tanky and they have really erratic behaviour (they're the most likely to de-aggro). Black Rusts are the toughest of sea monsters and they'll wreck your ship unless you avoid their attacks.
  • A sign of a good fight is if you defeated one of the toughest sea monsters having only lost 10-15% ship health.
Is ramming sea monsters viable?

I've only got a small amount of experience with this, but yes, it is. Ramming isn't intuitive at all as you only do damage at the very end of the animation. If you can master the timing for it, it can be viable to take down tougher monsters with it even as a solo player, although Professional 1 Sailing (for the fast backwards movement) is practically required.

Sailing & Ship Combat FAQ

  • BDO Boat Stuck? Help!
    • Escape Option: It’s common for boats to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Press Esc key and then the “Escape” button in the game interface. You will need to gather your boat at a Wharf Master when it teleports you to land. I did this twice, and it placed me on the mainland at the river West of Velia. I’m not sure of the “safe” area it’s going to put you, so use at your own risk!
    • Contact Support Option: You can use the in-game support and let them know your boat is stuck. My sister did this once and they transported her and her boat all the way to Velia, even though she was way over in the deep sea by Port Epheria. This option can take over a day to complete, so you will have to play an alt while you wait. Use at your own risk!
  • Can I sail to Margoria with a Fishing Boat?
    • It’s possible to cross the Great Ocean on a Fishing Boat, but it’s not recommended. A Fishing Boat can only take 1 or 2 hits from hostile sea monsters, and it’s not easy to outrun a Nineshark in a Fishing Boat. To have any chance of not getting stranded in the middle of the ocean on a wimpy Fishing Boat, you have to be very vigilant and careful. Hekaru (big purple whale) and Ocean Stalker (green sea snake) are friendly unless attacked. However, Pirate ships and every other sea monster will be hostile. Avoidance Tip: study the sea monster map and steer clear of sea monsters with white and light blue coloring. You’ll notice that if you skirt around the northern edge, you can avoid much of the Pirate and Nineshark spawn locations. In your game settings, have viewing distance at max and run around everything suspicious in the water. *Gulp!* Good Luck you Fish monger!
    BDO Sailing on a Fishing Boat
  • Can a Fishing Boat survive a ghost/phantom ship?
    • The ghost ship doesn’t do too much damage to a ship. It will leave Fishing Boats alone and only stops Galley/Epheria Ships.
  • Is an Epheria Frigate faster than a Fishing Boat?
    • Even if your Fishing Boat has +10 gear, the Epheria Frigate is faster and has an added bonus of being less costly to repair.
  • Can I harpoon off my Epheria Frigate?
    • You can only harpoon off of a Fishing Boat. Galleys/Epheria ships can’t be used if you want to do any harpooning.
  • Do i have to buy more than one cannon for the Epheria Frigate?
    • You automatically have a cannon, but you can purchase a green grade one at the vendor, and can craft a blue grade cannon in a workshop. You only need to make/buy/enhance one cannon and they will be used for all the ones you see on the Frigate/Sailboat/Galley.
  • How many repair materials/kits should i bring?
    • Voyages from Port Epheria to Port Ratt and back to Port Epheria won’t require repair kits on an Epheria Frigate. However, if you are hunting sea monsters, you will want tier 2 (blue grade) repair kits. But if possible, you’re better off sailing to a Wharf Manager and repairing. Repair kits are really only useful if you have another player helping. (Expect to spend 1 million silver for full repair at a Wharf Manager.)
  • Do I need workers to build an Epheria Frigate?
    • To craft a ship in a shipyard, you will want many regular city workers. You can also obtain Boatmen for both the guild ship (Galley) and Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate. These special workers act like equipment to buff your ship. See below for more details on building ships and obtaining boatmen.
  • Do I need to load the cannon after each shot?
    • Cannonballs can be put into the cargo of the ship and will be pulled automatically as they are fired. Sometimes cannonball quantity will get bugged and you have to take them out and put them in again to restore.
  • Can I hunt sea monsters solo?
    • There are many reports of players doing this. Please see the advanced sea monster hunting guide. It’s best to have at least one other player with you, but it’s possible to hunt the smaller monsters solo. Allot will depend upon the enhancement level of your cannon and plating of the ship. Preferably +7, but that is expensive to obtain. At least have +5 green gear. You can’t move the ship and fire cannons at the same time, so solo hunting requires mastering the Ram boat skill (W+Q: see advanced sea monster tactics). Using a gamepad helps. You will need to repair after one or maybe two Hekaru.

Epheria Frigate Boatman

Boatman Basics

Sailors for Boats

Epheria Frigate can be equipped with 1 Boatman. These NPCs provide different passive buffs to your ship, depending upon which race you choose. You can hold multiple different workers in your inventory and switch them out as needed. In order to fill a boat’s Boatman slot, you have to buy (hire) a boatman from an NPC. You can improve Boatman buffs by doing certain quests, when your Sailing skill reaches a certain level (Skilled or Professional). Boatmen are treated like an inventory item and not like normal workers.

Boatman for Epheria Frigates
In order to obtain a Boatman for your Epheria Frigate, you have to buy them with 1 million silver and get 500 Amity with one of 4 different NPCs, depending upon which Boatman and buffs you want. (Or you can purchase any 4 boatmen from the <Work Supervisor> Lilvayne in Calpheon City.) All Boatmen of the same race have the same stats, no matter if they are for Frigates or Sailboats. In other words, Frigate boatmen have the same stats as Sailboat boatmen. They just have a little different name, depending upon the Epheria boat type: such as “Frigate Sailor Contract: Boatman Bravant” instead of “Sailboat Sailor Contract: Boatman Bravant”.

BDO Sailor Contract: Boatman Khaora BDO Sailor Contract: Boatman Berocchio BDO Sailor Contract: Boatman Tarte BDO Sailor Contract: Boatman Bravant

Boatman Location Map & Boatman Stats

Where to find Boatmen and their stats:

Patch Notes – 25th July 2018: Now you can hire 4 different types of Epheria Boatmen from the Amity Shop of Calpheon Worker Manager NPC: Lilvayne <Work Supervisor>
BUG NOTICE: Lilvayne’s Amity shop doesn’t seem to be working for all players

BDO Boatman Location Map & Boatman Stats

Boatman Race


Boatman Buff



Turn +1%
Max Stamina +5000



Acceleration +1%
DP: +5



Speed +1%
Max Power +500



Brake +1%

Boatman Promotion Quests & Grades

Once you have a basic Boatman in your inventory, you can improve his grade up to Artisan level, depending upon your sailing skill. Skilled Sailing skill will allow you to command a Skilled sailor. Professional Sailing skill will let you use a Professional sailor. Artisan skill, an Artisan sailor. You will also need 1000 Amity with the right NPC: Philaberto Falasi for Boatman upgrades.

Boatman Tiers/Grades
  • Skilled: +3% Speed, Accel, Turn, Brake
  • Professional: +6% Speed, Accel, Turn, Brake
  • Artisan: +10% Speed, Accel, Turn, Brake

Boatman Sailor Promotion Quest:
Here is an example of the requirements for the Boatman Human sailor promotion quest called [Boatman Promotion] The Man and the Sea I. Other races of boatmen have the same requirements.

BDO Sailor Promotion Quest Requirements

The following npc’s give you the quest that lets you promote your Boatman:

Boatman Promotion Quest Giver
Epheria Frigate
Amity Mini-game

Boatman Promotion NPC:
Philaberto Falasi

Required Sailing: Skilled 1
Required Amity: 1000
Amity Game:
Marco Faust
Ivan DeRose

Philaberto Falasi Amity Game

Boatman Promotion Screenshots:

BDO Boatman Promotion NPC: Philaberto Falasi BDO Boatman Promotion Quest BDO Boatman Promotion Quest

BDO Sailor Skilled Boatman Bravant after promotion

Boatman Contract Renewals

The first sailor you obtain after upgrading is good for 7 days. You must then purchase contract renewals that last 1 day and cost 150k+. Right-click the Contract Renewal to open up the UI to renew the contract.

Boatman (for Epheria Frigate)
Contract Renewal: Skilled/Professional Boatman (for Epheria Frigate) costs 500 Amity from Tirol at Dias Farm, Calpheon. Amity Points will decrease by 500. You can buy multiple when the window is open and you don’t have to repeat the amity game unless you close out the window. Contract renewals can be placed in Storage and used between characters on the same account. It’s possible to access a Boatman contract renewal in your storage with a Storage Maid at sea. The contract renewal will extend the contracted period by 24 hours, and Boatmen contracts can be renewed up to 7 times.

The following table gives a snap shot of the cost for each contract renewal and the assocated increase in buff.

Epheria Frigate (Boatman)
500 Amity with Tirol
Buff %
Contract Renewal: Skilled Boatman
Buy price: 150,000
Contract Renewal: Professional Boatman
Buy price: 600,000
Contract Renewal: Artisan Boatman
Buy price: 2,400,000

Epheria Frigate & Cannon Emotes

Press the following command keys to have your character perform the special actions/emotes while on the Epheria Frigate or its cannons:

  • <Galley, Frigate, Sailboat>
    • Z : All aboard!

    • X : Portside, fire!

    • C : Starboard, fire!

    • V: Let‚Äôs feed them to the fish!

  • <Cannons of Galley, Frigate, Sailboat>
    • Z : Harpoon ready to fire!

    • X : Set sail!

    • C : Fire in the hole!

    • V : We need ammunition!

  • HAPPY Sailing!!

    BDO Margoria Sailing Scene

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