BDO Epheria Frigate is one of two available T2 Great Ocean ships. It used to be the best ship available for battle, but since the Great Expedition update, it is now considered lower tier. Having said this, it’s still a great achievement to obtain one!

Epheria Frigate is the best T2 ship for battle and sea monster hunting. It has more cannons and greater manuverability and speed than the other Tier 2 ship, the Epheria Sailboat.

Epheria Frigate is more expensive to build and to buy on the Marketplace. There are 3 materials that can be time consuming to obtain, and are often considered a bottleneck (or too expensive to buy vs gather yourself). (Logs, Shining Powder, corals)

Epheria Frigate can be used for Barter and Trade, but keep in mind it has less Weight Limit and Inventory than Bartali Sailboat. (1,000 less LT and about half the inventory slots.)

For a detailed comparison, view our Epheria Sailboat vs Frigate guide.

Ship Stat Epheria Frigate
Durability 1,200,000
Ration 1,000,000
LT Limit 4,000LT
Speed/Accel 110%
Turn/Brake 120%
Inventory 12
Cabins 10
Cannon Reload 17s
Cannons 4 (2 per side)
Player mountable

Epheria Frigate Acquisition

3 Ways to Obtain Epheria Frigate:

Epheria Frigate Design & Materials Cost

NOTE: The base amounts in the table below assume Artisan 2 Processing, giving 2.5 per process recipe completion.


BDO Epheria Frigate
Ship Mats Additional Info
Standardized Timber Square x1000

Processing > Chopping:

  • Log > Usable Scantling

Base Amounts:

  • Usable Scantling (4720)
    • Log (18880)
Jade Coral Ingot x800

Processing > Heating:

  • Titanium Ore > Melted Titanium Shard + T3 Coral
  • T3 Coral:
    • Prairie Green Coral
    • Golden Sun Coral
    • Breezy White Coral
    • Twilight Red Coral
    • Daybreak Blue Coral

Base Amounts:

  • T3 Coral (2000)
    • Colored Coral (6000)
      • Coral Piece (24000)
      • Gem (2400)
        • Rough Gem (4800)
    • Resplendent Gem (2000)
      • Gem (5000)
        • Rough Gem (10000)
  • Melted Titanium Shard (10000)
    • Titanium Ore (20000)
Pine Coated Plywood x1600

Processing > Chopping/Heating:

  • Pine Timber > Pine Plank > Pine Plywood + Coconut

Base Amounts:

  • Pine Plywood (3200)
    • Pine Plank (12800)
      • Pine Timber (25600)
  • Coconut (32000)
Enhanced Flax Fabric x450

Processing > Heating/Grinding:

  • Flax > Flax Thread > Flax Fabric + Shining Powder

Base Amounts:

  • Flax Fabric (900)
    • Flax Thread (3600)
      • Flax (7200)
  • Shining Powder (900)
icon Design: Epheria Frigate x25 Philaberto Falasi

Repeatable Quest: [Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness

Location: Port Epheria

Epheria Sailboat/Frigate Design Exchange:

At Philaberto Falasi of Port Epheria, you can exchange a Epheria Sailboat Design with Epheria Frigate design or vice versa. Requires quest, “[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness.”

Epheria Frigate Crafting at Port Epheria Shipyard

You can craft an Epheria Frigate at the Port Epheria Shipyard. (2nd floor, Epheria 3-5).

Shipyard Contribution Cost:

  • 5 pre-requisite buildings (9 CP)
  • 1 Shipyard building: Port Epheria 3-5 2F (3 CP)
  • Worker Lodgings (1+ CP)
  • 1 Lodging: Port Epheria 3-3 2F (1 CP)

You will need to free up at least 13 Contribution Points. (Or more depending on Lodging cost for workers.)

You can assign multiple workers to build your Epheria Ship.

More workers = faster build time.

Epheria Frigate License shows a Workload of 1,050, which is slightly lower than the Epheria Sailboat.

Workers can come from any town, as long as the nodes are connected to Port Epheria.

Nearby Calpheon City has very cheap lodging, often just 1 to 2 CP per worker.

Obtaining Jade Coral Ingot

800 Jade Coral Ingot is quite expensive to buy on the Marketplace, so you may want to gather the materials and craft it yourself. You can also quest for it.

Crafting Jade Coral Ingot

The recipe can be a bit complex. Here is an image done by Stephy1989 that illustrates it very well. Thanks Stephy! 🙂

Jade Coral.png

Gems for Jade Coral Ingots

The gems are obtained by processing rough gems. You will need about 14,800 rough gems, if you only use the base rough gems.

Right now, Rough Ruby is the easiest rough gem to obtain on the Marketplace and process. (atm price is 3k each, and they are at min price)

Rough Rubies are obtained via mining any rock nodes like Granite and Feldspar. It’s a low drop rate and you also need Skilled 5 Gathering.

You turn these into Rubies by Processing > Grinding:

icon x5 Rough Ruby =  x1  Ruby


There are also Ruby nodes that drop rubies 100% of the time.

icon Ruby Nodes

Jade Coral Ingot Quests

There is one daily quest that gives 10 Jade Coral Ingots. Sometimes, there will be an event running that will also give a daily quest for Jade Coral Ingot.

Jade Coral Ingot Quest Location Quantity

[Daily] Business with Falasi Family

(requires Professional 5 Fishing)

Pre-requisite Daily Quest Line:

 – [Daily] Epheria’s Best Sailor
 – [Daily] Small Worry of a Castaway
 – [Daily] Big Worry of a Castaway
 – [Daily] Glittering Worry of a Castaway

Port Epheria



[Event] Missing Cargo

This event daily quest occurs every once in a while.

Port Epheria



Almost Completed Guard Post

quest line beginning at Philaberto Falasi

Port Epheria

Easier Than It Looks

quest line beginning at Philaberto Falasi

Port Epheria

Kicked Out Twice

quest line beginning at Philaberto Falasi

Port Epheria

Those Gripped in Fear

quest line beginning at Philaberto Falasi

Port Epheria
Oath of the Loopy Tree Forest Kamasylvia
The Hoof of Krogdalo Kamasylvia


Other Epheria Frigate Quests for Materials (Grana Dailies)

The following quests will give you 3 Enhanced Flax Fabric or 3 Pine Coated Plywood. They are Grana dailies, found under your Recurring tab. Look for the section called [Lv. 58] Kamasylvia Contribution 0/26. They are towards the bottom of the list.

[Repeat] A Tune for Spirit

[Repeat] Arnatte’s Melody

Repeat] Carrot Delivery

[Repeat] Even the Smallest of Life

Repeat] Master of Acting

[Repeat] Meet the Deadline

Gathering Logs for Epheria Frigate

The base Log amount required is 18,880.

Logs are often considered a bottleneck item. Unless there is a special event or similar going on, you can expect these to be in low supply/high price.

Time to equip an axe and get started gathering trees!

Gathering Logs with Hedgehog Pet

BDO Hedgehog Pet that is colored whiteHedgehog pet gives a chance to obtain an extra gather. He also gives Life Skill EXP +1-4%, depending on Tier.

Hedgehog Gathering Proc Chances:

  • T1 and T2 Hedgehog: 30% proc chance
  • T3 Hedgehog: 40% proc chance
  • T4 Hedgehog: 50% proc chance

If you aren’t familiar with other ways to speed up Gathering, view our Gathering Guide.

Obtaining Coral Pieces for Epheria Frigate

The base amount of Coral Pieces you will need is 24,000.

Coral Pieces are found in every type of coral located on the ocean floor.

Gather them with a hoe.

Read more details on underwater gathering gear.

Coral Map has a helpful resource map. Click on Underwater, then check all of the coral and Sea Fan options.

I noticed a dense cluster of corals just outside Velia. This would be easy to get to, if you have a slow boat. 🙂



Coral Pieces from Protty Cave

Protty Cave has Sea Fan throughout all of the dungeon. It’s not recommended for low-geared or low level players. You do have to clear mobs in order to gather corals here.

Protty Cave is located on Weita island, which is north of Velia.


Look for the entrance on Weita Island shown here.


  • Minimum AP: 170
  • Minimum DP: 230
  • One-Hit AP: 250
  • Recommended DP: 250
  • Character Level: Monster levels are 59 and 60 (Players below these levels may experience higher monster evasion/damage. Characters can come here lower than levels 59 and 60, especially if they have high gear scores.)

For more details on how to get there, etc, visit our Sycraia & Protty Cave Guide.

Coral Gathering at Sycraia Underwater Ruins

You can also find good nodes just outside and inside Sycraia Underwater Ruins. For more details on how to get there, visit our Sycraia & Protty Cave Guide.

Thank you to Potionshops detailed video showing Sycraia coral locations. They also have one for Protty Cave.