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GrumpyG's BDO Gaming Gear (2018)

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Gaming Chair Cat and Mouse GrumpyG Gaming Headset
HAPPY BDO Gaming Gear Day!!
(DISCLAIMER: this is a recognized holiday for me only.)

I tried to go ad free, but my grand scheme to earn enough for a pink gaming mouse pad failed miserably! *sobs* So now my evil plan unfolds, to place strategic blinky ads all over GrumpyG! Ad Mayhem anyone? Muwhahahah!

(You can still encourage me by starting your shopping journey here and buying something via my affiliate link. I will earn a small bit of what you order on qualifying purchases. No extra cost to you.)

If you are interested in buying a controller for BDO, please check out BDO Controller Guide.

Example Gaming Gear on Amazon:
(By the way, affiliate cookies expire in 24 hours, so if you don't purchase anything within 24 hours of your first click, I wont earn the ad fee.)

I'm warning you! My blinky ads are fearsome indeed... Oh well. :) Here's one for good measure, just in case you missed it the first time:

Gaming Gear Click Me
Don't make me make more... cause I will.

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I'd love to hear from you! If you would like to contact me, you can do so via PMs on BDO's forum or Message me on I will help answer any questions you might have. Black Desert Online can be challenging to master for even the most hearty MMORPG fan. :)

BDO Guides Got Guide Fever?
If you have a guide you've been working on, that you would like to collaborate on, please contact me. I can actually refrain myself from meddling with it, if you don't want any editing done to it. Or... you can request my un-magical editing touch upon the guide. :) I will gladly take a look and see if I can publish it here. Obviously, if it's outdated or has errors, I can't publish it as is. But, it's fun for me to edit guides, so let me know! It's inspiring to see so many great BDO guides written by the community! Thanks!

You can encourage me to write more BDO guides, by shopping at
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Thanks for visiting GrumpyG, and have fun in BDO! :)