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BDO Hedgehog Gathering Pet (Black Desert Online 2019)

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BDO Hedgehog Pet
BDO Hedgehog Pet that is colored white

BDO Hedgehog is a popular gathering pet that gives a helping hand to the Gathering Life Skill. This adorable munchkin-faced pet is a must have for anyone who spends allot of time chopping, butchering, mining, etc in Black Desert Online. Hedgehogs give significantly more gathered materials because of their Special Talent. At level 10 they give players a 30%-50% chance to proc an extra gather, depending on the Hedgehog's tier.

BDO Hedgehog gather

Look at the image of a loot table from someone butchering a carcass, after hunting with a Matchlock and having their Hedgehog pet out. You can see that it actually causes a whole extra roll, so that the gatherer gets twice as much as he normally would. This even works for the Hunting skill exp item drop, which is the only reliable way to level the Hunting Life Skill.

Hunters love this furry little beast!

NOTE: The Hedgehog gathering buff does not stack if you have more than one Hedgehog out, but you can Exchange/breed them to increase their gathering proc chance.

Hedgehog Gathering Proc Chances:

BDO Hedgehog is a Sailor's Friend

BDO Ship

Ready to conquer the Great Ocean and vanquish the mighty sea monsters within? But you need a sailboat!

Sailors <3 Hedgehogs
When you look into starting to acquire sea legs, you will rush with glee to the recipe websites to discover how to build your very own boat. Then you will suddenly faint at the number after the fatal word: LOGS... This will give you nightmares for quite some time and perhaps ruin your once bright smile forever... :(

Just a warning. Look away if you have a weak stomache...

Epheria Sailboat: 16,000 logs BDO log
Epheria Frigate: 20,000 logs BDO log
(with Artisan 2 Processing life skill)

(Unless, of course, you're one of those weirdos who enjoy gathering... *cough* my sister *cough*)

BDO Gathering Logs for Epheria Sailboat Crafting
BDO Gathering Logs for Epheria Sailboat Crafting

Hedgehog to the Rescue!
Logs are considered a bottleneck item because you can't easily obtain them via nodes. They are always sold out on the Marketplace. But a hedgehog can really speed up gathering logs. 3x faster in our test.

Hedgehog Test Results:

If you "Exchange" the hedgehog and gain tier 4, you can increase your gather amount by 50%! It's been reported by players that this does not effect Hard/Sharp Shard drop rates.

Get BDO Hedgehog via Gift Package

The cheapest way to get a BDO Hedgehog pet is to gift a friend or yourself a Gift Package. The Gift Package gives a second basic account for $9.99. There are a few requirements and hoops to jump through.

You can also choose a Polar Bear instead if you like. Polar Bears give a Weight Limit buff of +50 at Tier 4. and Auto-fishing Time Reduced of 30% at level 10.

NOTE: Gift Packages are not available to Steam Players at the moment of this writing.

If you do give an account to yourself, you will need another email address, different from your main account's email. You can always give the account and email to a friend later if you like.

Gift Packages are Limited: You can only send a maximum of 10 Gift Packages, according to a GM on the forum .

BDO Hedgehog Requirements:
  1. You already purchased the game before the 1st of the month. If not, wait until next month to buy Gift Package.
  2. Go to BDO website on their Gift Package page
    BDO Hedgehog Gift Package Page
  3. Purchase a Gift Package. (Normally sold for $9.99)
  4. After purchase, you will be sent to a web page that has a game code
  5. Copy and paste the game code into an email to your friend
  6. Friend must copy and paste the game code on the Redeem Code webpage.
  7. Friend must reach level 30
  8. Wait an hour or so...
  9. Go to BDO website on their Gift Package page
  10. Scroll down to "GIFT PACKAGE LIST" heading.
    BDO Hedgehog Gift Package List
  11. Click "Get Coupon" button (It will turn red when ready.)
  12. Choose Hedgehog and then click the Gift Package Reward graphic on the website.
  13. Check in-game mail
  14. No refunds

BDO Hedgehog via Events & Boxes

Rarely, there are events that will offer Hedgehog pet. Some events will allow you to buy a chest that gives a random chance for a Hedgehog.

Hedgehog Bonus Back Event Example
One example was the Bonus Back Event on 24 October 2018. This event gave a bonus bundle that included a Hedgehog if you spent 12,000 Pearls.

BDO Hedgehog from Bonus Back Event

Hedgehog Boxes
Another example Hedgehog pet event was the Rare Critter Boxes, which gave you a low chance to obtain a higher tier Hedgehog.

Rare Critter Box Example (from March 2018)
2,200 Pearls
Obtain 1 of the following: Hedgehog (Tier 4), Hedgehog (Tier 3), Hedgehog (Tier 2), or Snowflake Reindeer Box (Snowflake Reindeer x2)
BDO Hedgehog from Rare Critter Boxes

Get BDO Hedgehog via Amerigo's Welcome Package

Hedgehogs can be purchased by buying an Amerigo's Welcome Package in the Pearl Shop. This is normally priced at 4400 Pearls ($44). Sometimes there are sales and coupons.

You can only buy one per account.

BDO Hedgehog via Amerigo's Welcome Package

Too Cute Hedgehog Video

Take a closer look at the Hedgehog though this adorable movie posted by Allseeing2 on reddit. Thanks to the actors and creator! :)

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