Land Good to [Level 1] Barter

One of the very first Barters you can do is a land item for a [Level 1] Barter item.

This page is dedicated to showing the quantity of Land Good items you will need for possible future Barter Routes. Barter Routes you can obtain are random, but the land items and the quantity required stays the same.

Land Good Categories:

  • Common Proc from Worker Node (16 items)
  • Rare Proc from Worker Node (24 items)
  • Alchemy (2 items)
  • Gatherable (48 items)
  • Farming (5 items)
  • Processing (9 items)
  • Cooking (5 items)

There are other Land Good Barters that may be available, but this page only covers those that provide [Level 1] Barter goods in exchange.

For example, there are “Old Moon Guild Carrack” Barters that are available right away. It will ask for something like 3,000 Vinegar in exchange for a random amount of Old Tree Bark. Etc.


Exchanges Remaining (x6)

For Land Goods to [Level 1] Sea Goods, you can do the exchange up to 6 times.

This is shown as “Exchanges Remaining” in the Barter Search window.

Cooking Items > [Level 1] Barter:  
Barter Land Goodx1x6
Essence of Liquor14008400
Grilled Bird Meat6003600
iconThick Meat Stew2001200

Gatherable Items > [Level 1] Barter:

Barter Land Goodx1x6Acquired By
Acacia Sap6003600 Gather, Node
Aloe11006600 Gather, Node
Bag of Muddy Water3001800 Gather, Node
iconBig Arrow Mushroom10006000 Gather, Node
Bloody Tree Knot100600 Gather, Node
Cactus Rind15009000 Gather, Node
iconCedar Plank6003600Gather, Process
Cloud Mushroom11006600 Gather, Node
iconCoal9005400 Gather, Node
Elder Tree Sap4002400 Gather, Node
Feather Wolf Hide6003600Gathered Only
 iconFlax170010200 Gather, Node
Fruit of Abundance20120 Gather, Farm
Fruit of Magic Power20120 Gather, Farm
Fruit of Nature40240 Gather, Farm
iconFruit of Destruction70420 Gather, Farm
iconFruit of Perfection30180 Gather, Farm
Lead Ore9005400 Gather, Node
iconLog4002400Gathered Only
iconLoopy Tree Plank6003600 Gather, Node,
iconMelted Iron Shard6003600Gather, Process
Monk’s Branch2001200 Gather, Node
Noc Ore9005400 Gather, Node
Nutmeg12007200 Gather, Node
Old Tree Bark2001200 Gather, Node
Pistachio11006600 Gather, Node
Powder of Crevice2001200 Gather, Node
Powder of Darkness2001200 Gather, Node
Powder of Earth2001200 Gather, Node
Powder of Flame2001200 Gather, Node
Powder of Time2001200 Gather, Node
Red Tree Lump100600 Gather, Node
Rough Black Crystal100600 Gather, Node
Rough Blue Crystal100600 Gather, Node
Rough Green Crystal100600 Gather, Node
Rough Mud Crystal100600 Gather, Node
Rough Red Crystal100600 Gather, Node
Rough Stone2001200Gathered Only
Rough Violet Crystal4002400 Gather, Node
 iconSilkworm Cocoon1200 7200 Gather, Node
Silver Azalea230013800 Gather, Node
iconSoft Ferri Feather12007200Gathered Only
Spirit’s Leaf2001200 Gather, Node
Star Anise6003600 Gather, Node
Wheat7004200 Gather, Node
White Cedar Sap6003600 Gather, Node
Wild Grass5003000Gathered Only
Wolf Hide6003600Gathered Only

Processed Items > [Level 1] Barter:  

 Barter Land Goodx1x6
Copper Ingot100600
Flax Fabric50300
iconKnitting Yarn2001200
iconGround Bird Meat8004800
iconProcessed Coal4002400
iconMelted Iron Shard6003600
iconCedar Plank6003600
iconLoopy Tree Plank6003600
iconViolet Crystal2001200

Worker Node > [Level 1] Barter:

 Barter Land Goodx1x6NodesNearest Town
Aloe11006600Ahto FarmTarif
Bag of Muddy Water3001800Kunid’s Vacation SpotAltinova
    Leical FallsAltinova
Cactus Rind15009000Pilgrim’s HavenSand Grain Bazaar
    Northern Sand DuneArehaza Town
Cloud Mushroom11006600Glish SwampGlish
    Southern CienagaGlish
Lead Ore9005400Glish SwampGlish
    Quint HillCalpheon / Port Epheria
    Primal Giant PostKeplan
Noc Ore9005400Lake FlondorGrana / Old Wisdom Tree
    Holo ForestGrana / Old Wisdom Tree
    Southern KamasylviaGrana
    Akum Rocky MountainOld Wisdom Tree / Duvencrune
    Khalk CanyonOld Wisdom Tree / Duvencrune
Nutmeg12007200Bazaar FarmlandSand Grain Bazaar
    Iris CanyoneShakatu
Pistachio11006600Gorgo Rock BeltAltinova
    Titium ValleyValencia City
    Erdal FarmValencia City
    Valencia PlantationValencia City
Silver Azalea230013800Lynch Farm RuinsHeidel
    Northern Plain of SerendiaHeidel
Star Anise6003600Kmach CanyonShakatu
    Shakatu FarmlandShakatu
Wheat7004200 Costa FarmHeidel
    Moretti PlantationHeidel
    Northern Wheat PlantationCalpheon
iconFortune Teller Mushroom290017400Ehwaz HillVeila
    Coastal CliffVeila
 iconSilkworm Cocoon1200 7200Erdal FarmValencia City
 iconFlax170010200Costa FarmHeidel
    Moretti PlantationHeidel
    Kamasylve TempleHeidel / Tarif
iconCoal9005400Keplan QuarryKeplan
    Glutoni CaveKeplan
    Omar Lava CaveTarif / Altinova
iconLoopy Tree Plank6003600Loopy Tree ForestGrana

Rare Procs From Nodes > [Level 1] Barter:

 Barter Land Goodx1x6NodesNearest Town
Acacia Sap6003600Stonetail WastelandAltinova / Tarif
Bloody Tree Knot100600Stonetail WastelandAltinova / Tarif
    Elric ShrineAltinova / Tarif
    Treant ForestTrent
Elder Tree Sap4002400Iris LumberingShakatu
    Veteran’s CanyonAltinova
    Gorgo Rock BeltAltinova
Flax Thread2001200Costa FarmHeidel
    Moretti PlantationHeidel
    Kamasylve TempleHeidel / Tarif
Knitting Yarn2001200Lynch RanchHeidel
Monk’s Branch2001200Forest of SeclusionVeila
    Serendia ShrineGlish
    Oze PassCalpheon / Keplan
Old Tree Bark2001200Mediah Northern Highlands (2)Veila
Pile of Sunrise Herbs9005400Cron Castle SiteVeila
    Balenos ForestVeila
    Gavinya Coastal CliffArehaza Town
Powder of Crevice2001200 Primal Giant PostKeplan
    Keplan QuarryKeplan
    Glutoni CaveKeplan
    Omar Lava CaveAltinova / Tarif
    Kmach CanyonShakatu
    Gavinya Volcano ZoneArehaza / Valencia City
    Roud Sulfur WorksArehaza / Valencia City
    Southern KamasylviaGrana
Powder of Darkness2001200Coastal CaveVeila
    Coastal CliffVeila
    Northern Heidal QuarryHeidel
    Hexe Stone WallKeplan
    Abandoned Iron MineAltinova
    Bashim HabitatAltinova
    Pilgrim’s HavenSand Grain Bazaar
    Crescent Mountains (2)Sand Grain Bazaar
    Gavinya Coastal CliffArehaza Town
Powder of Earth2001200Behr RiverheadCalpheon / Trent
    Lake FlondorGrana
Powder of Flame2001200Imp Cave (2)Veila
    Coastal CaveVeila
    Forest of SeclusionVeila
    Northern Heidel QuarryHeidel
    Mediah ShoreAltinova
    Pujiya CanyonAltinova
    CapotiaSand Grain Bazaar
    Crescent ShrineSand Grain Bazaar
    Gavinya Great CraterArehaza / Valencia City
    Gavinya Volcanic CenterArehaza / Valencia City
Powder of Time2001200Glish SwampGlish
    Quint HillCalpheon
    Abandoned Iron MineAltinova
    Omar Lava CaveAltinova / Tarif
    Ancient FissureHeidel / Tarif
    Holo ForestGrana
Red Tree Lump100600 Northern Plain of SerendiaHeidel
    Quint HillCalpheon
    Old DandelionCalpheon
Rough Black Crystal100600Abandoned Iron MineAltinova
    Bashim HabitatAltinova
    Pilgrim’s HavenSand Grain Bazaar
    Crescent Mountains (2)Sand Grain Bazaar
Rough Blue Crystal100600Kmach CanyonShakatu
    Gavinya Volcano ZoneArehaza / Valencia City
Rough Green Crystal100600Rhutum OutstationTrent
Rough Mud Crystal100600Southern CienagaGlish
Rough Red Crystal100600Khuruto CaveCalpheon
    Ancient FissureHeidel
Rough Violet Crystal4002400Crescent ShrineSand Grain Bazaar
    Gavinya Great CraterArehaza / Valencia City
    Gavinya Volcano ZoneArehaza / Valencia City
Spirit’s Leaf2001200Goblin CaveVeila
    Balenos ForestVeila
    Lumberjack’s Rest AreaTrent
White Cedar Sap6003600Mediah Northern HighlandsVeila
    Elric ShrineVeila
iconBig Arrow Mushroom10006000Forest of PlunderVeila

Alchemy > [Level 1] Barter:


 Barter Land Goodx1x6
Sinner’s Blood50300
iconClown’s Blood80480

Breeding from Farms > [Level 1] Barter Item: Fruit of * can also be obtained via Breeding seeds during farming.

Barter Land Goodx1x6
Fruit of Abundance20/40120/240
Fruit of Magic Power20120
Fruit of Nature40/80240/480
iconFruit of Destruction70420
iconFruit of Perfection30180
Fruit of Abundance Fruit of AbundanceSunflowerSunflower StrawberryStrawberry GrapeGrape OnionOnion
Fruit of Magic Power Fruit of Magic PowerEmperor MushroomEmperor Mushroom Fortuneteller MushroomFortune Teller Mushroom Hump MushroomHump Mushroom Tiger MushroomTiger Mushroom
Fruit of Nature Fruit of NatureCarrotCarrot BarleyBarley Sweet PotatoSweet Potato PotatoPotato Acacia LeafAcacia Leaf FigFig FreekehFreekeh LeccinumLeccinum NolinaNolina NutmegNutmeg Pie MushroomPie Mushroom Purple MushroomPurple Mushroom PenestrariaPenestraria Star AniseStar Anise TeffTeff Dalvenia AlreaDalvenia Alrea
Fruit of Destructionicon

iconAmanita Mushroom iconAncient Mushroom iconDwarf Mushroom

iconGhost Mushroom iconSky Mushroom


Fruit of Perfectionicon

icon Arrow Mushroom iconBluffer Mushroom iconCloud Mushroom

iconFog Mushroom

Data Source: Data on this page was edited from a GoogleDoc posted by Wozyo#6107 in Discord, (and . Thanks Wozyo!