BDO Leveling

In this BDO leveling guide, you will learn details about the best places to hunt and the many ways you can speed up your leveling.

You can level faster by increasing Combat Experience gained, while hunting at good grinding spots. Character levels can also be obtained via completing certain quests that reward combat exp.

Black Desert Online is a massive, amazing world, and there are countless hunting spots spilling over with evil monsters to vanquish! So many mobs to hunt, and oh so few hours to the day!

BDO Power Leveling


BDO Power Leveling (or Boosting) is when a highly geared player brings a low level friend to a high level grinding area and kills monsters. Players report it takes 2 to 3 hours to level a friend to 56. This is using all XP buffs and the power leveling is done by another player that has high AP.


  • Power leveling will leave the boosted character with a lower amount of Skill Points: 360 to 400 SP.
  • Combat Experience is not penalized due to monster or party member level differences.
  • For a party of 2 each person gets 60% of Combat Exp.
  • Low level characters can be power leveled in any area that they have sufficient DP for. Even if they don’t have good DP, many grinding spots have safe zones where players can just hide. (Example: Sausans has walls to hide behind and towers to climb for safety.)
  • Distance penalty can become an issue, so stay close to your power leveling partner.
  • You cannot obtain items when the difference between the lowest and highest party member level is more than 9 levels in a party.

Leveling in a Party

Leveling in a party is often difficult outside of special grinding spots. You might have a hard time finding an area in which two players can hunt together as you level. Often, what happens is that there are not enough mobs for even a small group when everything dies in one or two hits. PVP is very active lately I have noticed. If someone wants your grinding spot without you in it, they will hit you without notice, unless it’s obvious you are in a group or are more powerful.

When you enter a leveling area and there is a player/party already there, switch channels and see if the grinding spot there is less crowded. Unfortunately, this has a too long cooldown.

BDO Party Exp Distribution

Players in Party Experience Gained Per Party Member
1 100%
2 60%
3 50%
4 50%
5 50%

From the Party Experience chart, you can see that any party size over 3, makes no difference to Experience distribution. This is why you sometimes see Mirumok leech requests in sever and world chat. For more info on this, visit the NA Mirumok and Gyfin Discord. There are requirements to take part in the Party-finder for NA Mirumok and Gyfin groups. (Party Exp Elixirs and other elixirs.)

Black Desert Level Cap

BDO Leveling XP Chart

There is no level cap in Black Desert Online. However, there is what people call a “soft cap”, where it gets to be nearly impossible to obtain a certain level. You see this reflected in the image I obtained of one of graphs available on Smite Datamining, which shows the amount of xp needed per level. As you can see, the xp needed for level 63 is much more than the amount needed for level 56. Getting to level 56 is fairly quick, but after level 62, leveling gets extremely difficult.

For more details, please view our Max Level & AP Cap page.

BDO Leveling Time: XP Table

Click the button below to show a BDO XP table, which displays the required XP for each level. It will help you determine the leveling time required to level up your character. Thank you to DSdavidDS, who posted this Xp table on Reddit. View Original Post. This same xp per level is confirmed on Smite Datamining.

Level Exp Buff
0-4 1
5 161
6 472
7 1.181
8 2.626
9 5.319
10 10.005
11 17.721
12 29.865
13 48.273
14 75.300
15 113.911
16 167.777
17 241.381
18 340.127
19 470.464
20 640.005
21 857.666
22 1.133.804
23 1.480.364
24 1.911.035
25 2.441.411
26 3.089.163
27 3.874.210
28 4.818.908
29 5.948.238
30 7.290.005
31 8.875.042
32 10.737.423
33 12.914.685
34 15.448.049
35 18.382.661
36 21.767.828
37 25.657.269
38 30.109.369
39 35.187.443
40 40.960.005
41 47.501.047
42 54.890.322
43 63.213.635
44 72.563.144
45 83.037.661
46 94.742.974
47 118.571.374
48 158.997.683
49 207.619.316
50 415.238.632
51 830.477.264
52 1.245.715.896
53 1.868.573.844
54 2.802.860.766
55 8.408.582.298
56 21.021.455.745
57 52.553.639.363
59 210.214.557.450
60 630.643.672.350
62 2.522.574.689.400
65 20.180.597.515.200
66-100 403,611,950,304,000

BDO Book of Training Combat: AFK Leveling with Training Manual

BDO Jamey Drucker Training Manual NPC

You can start AFK leveling, after you reach level 50 and have enough silver to spend on BDO Training Manual Book of Training – Combat. You buy them from Jamey Drucker <Black Spirit’s Training>, who is located in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, and Valencia City.

BDO AFK Training Manual How-To
Just right click the Training Manual that you bought from Jamey Drucker. Next go up to a training scarecrow and press your R key to interact with it. You will slowly receive combat exp during the duration of the Training Manual.

BDO Book of Training Manual: AFK Leveling AFK Training Manual Tips:
  • There is a leveling cap of 99% of your current level.
  • training scarecrows are located in any town
  • have a weapon or sub-weapon equipped
  • You can use “Book of Training – Combat” and “Book of Training – Skill” at the same time.
  • Extend the duration of training by using another Book of Training before training ends.
  • Extra combat exp buffs and items will increase the combat exp received and decrease the time needed for training.
  • Disband from your party. Black Spirit’s Training does not share. You will be unable to interact with the training scarecrows, if you are in a party or platoon.
  • If you disconnect or start AFK training during maintenance, you will loose any time lost.
Training Manual Hours Training Manual Price
Book of Training – Combat (1 Hour) 1,000,000 silver
Book of Training – Combat (3 Hour) 3,000,000 silver
Book of Training – Combat (5 Hour) 5,000,000 silver
Book of Training – Combat (10 Hour) 10,000,000 silver

Level EXP/Hour Hours to Level Days to Level Silver/Level
56 to 57 1.92% 51.56 2.14 52 million
57 to 58 1.16% 85.34 3.55 86 million
58 to 59 0.62% 159.67 6.65 160 million
59 to 60 0.32% 309.37 12.89 310 million
60 to 61 0.15% 660 27.5 660 million
61 to 62 0.040% 2,475 103.12 2,475 million

Thanks to Jannanomana’s [Data Collecting] AFK Training results forum post for the data on exp per hour with AFK Combat Training.

Combat XP from Quests

Chenga – Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom
Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom
Item Effects
● Prognyl Silver Bar Gain +20%
● Combat EXP via Quest Reward +30%
● Vision Range +150m

Chenga Tome Guide

bddatabase entry

In a patch on July 3rd 2019, Combat Exp was added to side quests. Players now have a much easier time leveling outside of killing mobs. Here are the quest combat exp details.

Look for NPC’s with quest icons that have a thin solid gold border.

Quest Experience Rewards:

With Chenga tome equipped…

  • Beginner & Mid-Level Zones: Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, Valencia
    • Level 1 to 57: 1.3% EXP
    • Level 58: 1.04% EXP
    • Level 59: 0.13% EXP
    • Level 60: 0.044% EXP
    • Level 61+: 0.021% EXP
  • Newest High AP Zones: Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and Star’s End
    • Level 1 to 60: 1.3% EXP
    • Level 61+: 0.021% EXP

Think of Quest Exp as separate from Combat Exp. Combat Exp items do not increase Quest Exp. Only the Chenga Tome raises Quest Exp.

Get details and instructions in our Chenga Tome Guide

Chenga Tome official patch notes:

To help the growth of your characters, general quests (excluding main, life, fishing, adventure, trade, and repeat quests) now have Combat Grade EXP rewards.

  • With Combat Grade EXP, you can receive different amounts of EXP depending on the level of your character.

  • The amount of EXP received is not a set number, but a percentage of your current required EXP.

  • For example, if you complete a quest with a Combat Grade EXP reward, a level 58 character will receive 0.5% EXP, while a level 60 character will receive 0.02% EXP.
    ※ The example shown is not the actual ratio used in game and is used to help you understand its concept.

  • Also, the “Combat EXP Gain +30%” effect of “Chenga – Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom” is also applied to the Combat Grade EXP reward.
    (“Chenga – Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom” can be acquired by completing the suggested quest “[Lv.53] The Adventurer’s Tome regarding the legend of Chenga”.

  • Quests with Combat Grade EXP rewards are indicated with the orange Combat EXP icon in the quest rewards list.

Valencia Main Quest Line Combat Exp

Below is a copy of patch notes dated July 15, 2020:

Having heard of your travels and fame, Sahazad Nesser has announced that he will bestow the blessing of the Royal Nesser Family when you are questing in his kingdom.

  • You will now obtain a large amount of Combat EXP from completing “[Lv.55 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story” and “[Lv.56 Valencia II] Treasure of Valencia.”

  • Completing both main and general quests in the region will provide an even faster leveling experience.

BDO Season Server

Season Servers are special channels that give +100% Combat XP and +20 Skill XP.

  • Only available during a limited time
  • Only season characters can enter them
  • Season Characters graduate after the season ends and can’t enter again
  • Easier progression with special Tuvala gear and Tuvala enhancement

Read more about Season Server.

BDO Leveling Boosts: Combat XP Buffs

BDO Combat XP Boosts

There are many xp boosts in BDO that can be stacked on each other. There is no xp buff cap amount, however some XP items will overwrite an existing combat xp buff and not stack together. For example, 100% XP scrolls cannot be stacked with Book of Combat. Weekend XP Boost cannot be stacked with Olvia XP buff.

Helpful XP Calculator: ClippyTheBlackSpirit XP Calculator Spreadsheet

Leveling Boosts (Quick List)

Combat Exp Item Exp Buff
Splendid EXP Elixir
or Beast’s Draught
or 20%
2X Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience 20%
[Villa] Skill and Experience (180 min.)
or [Camp] Mercenary’s Experience
Milk Tea
or Simple Cron Meal
or 20%
GM’s Blessing 1 (1h) 10%
[Event] item like Cold Dark Beer 20%
Value Pack 30%
Weekend/Olvia/Season Server 100%
Fever Time XP buff
Weekday Nights
16:00-23:00 PDST
(7 hrs. per night)
Daily Blood Frenzy! 200%
[Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger V 100%
Extra Combat EXP Scroll
or Book of Combat
Secret Book of Old Moon 100%
10-min XP Scroll 10-100%
Experienced Cry 10%
Call to Battle 10%
Golden Bell 100%
Pets 0-25%
Titles 0-12%
Pearl Costume 10%
Black Spirit Energy Burning 20%
Gold Bar Exchange random
HAN Magic Crystal – Gervish 1% each
4 set: 5%
HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod 1% each
4 set: 5%
Chenga Tome +30%
quest XP

Leveling Boosts (Detailed)

Combat XP ItemCombat EXP BuffDurationIngredientsAcquisition
EXP Elixir
Combat EXP +10%
Combat EXP +15%
5 min.
[10 min.]
8 min
[15 min.]
1x Weeds
1x Salt
1x Sunrise Herb
Processing » Filtering
Bottle of River or Turbid Water (gathered with an Empty Bottle)
 1x Powder of Darkness
 1x Spirit’s Leaf
 2x Blood 1:
Wolf Blood
Flamingo Blood
Rhino Blood
Cheetah Dragon Blood
 2x Powder of Flame
 5x Pine Sap
 7x Dry Mane Grass

Processing » Simple Alchemy
1x Aal’s Tear (at Material Vendor for 22k)
Processing » Simple Alchemy
1x Blue Reagent (at Material Vendor for 50k)
● Marketplace (Current Price: 10k) Crit: 82.5k, [Party] 160k
● Alchemy Tool (Apprentice 1, Crit: Professional 1)
Beast’s Draught
Beast's Draught
Combat EXP +20% 15 min. Simple Alchemy:
Grim Reaper’s Elixir x3, EXP Elixir x3, Elixir of Will x3, Tears of the Falling Moon x1

view recipe on
● Marketplace (Current Price: 565k)
● Processing Tab (L)
Milk Tea
Milk Tea
Combat EXP +8%
HP Recovery +5
90 min.
110 min.
Tea With Fine Scent x2 + Milk x3 + Cooking Honey x3 + Wheat Flour x2

view recipe on
● Marketplace (Current Price: 9.7k, Crit: 11.1k)
● Cooking Utensil: Skilled Lv.1 (Crit: Professional Lv.1)
Simple Cron Meal
Simple Cron Meal
Combat EXP +20% 120 min. Simple Cooking:
Knight Combat Rations x1 + Mediah Meal x3 + Valencia Meal x3 + Ancient Cron Spice x1

view recipe on
● Marketplace (Current Price: 293k)
● Processing Tab (L)
Value Pack
Value Pack
Combat XP +30% 1-90 Days Purchase Pearls with real $$$ or obtain via Loyalties (you earn 200 Loyalties per day for logging in). Rarely through events, rewards, etc. ● Marketplace (Lucky pre-order required)
● Loyalties: 2,800 (1 Day)
● Pearls: 1,500 (30 Days, $15)
Pearl Bear Pet
Combat XP
permanent ● Random chance to obtain +5% Combat XP pet skill
● Purchase Pearls with real $$$. Pets are rarely obtained through events, rewards, etc.
● Market Price: 53 mil. Lucky pre-order required)
● Challenge Reward: 5000 hours play time
● Pearls: 1,500 ($15)
Pearl Costumes
Combat XP +10% Appearance
(4 slot bonus)
● Equip 4 pieces of a costume set. ● Market Price: 223 mil. Lucky pre-order required
● 3400 Pearls ($34)
[Villa] Skill and Experience
Villa Buff: Skill and Experience
Combat EXP +10%
Skill EXP +10%
Desert Disease Resistance +40%
3x Gold Bar 1G (300k)
9x Gold Bar 1G (900k)
Villa Rental (7 Days):
1x Villa Invitation
1x Gold Bar 100G (10 mil.)
Villa Buff Locations: Kunid’s, Amir’s, Alsabi’s, Gahaz’s, Inaha’s, Tasaila’s, Shandi’s, Dudora’s, Oberin’s
Combat EXP Scroll
Extra Combat EXP Scroll
Combat EXP +100% 60 min. Combat EXP Scrolls can be purchased with Pearls, and are rarely obtained through events, Challenge rewards, etc. ● Pearls: cost 50 each or buy 10 and get one free

Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience

BDO Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience
  • The helm XP Crystal can be obtained by completing a quest series in Altinova, Mediah Territory.
  • You can also obtain one by defeating Dark Rift bosses and turning in 30x Dark Spirit’s Greed. Read more about how to obtain this item in our Dark Rift Guide.

BDO Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience Quest Giver Hailey

Knowledge Battle With Haley Details:
The quest line is given by Haley <Pickpocket>. He is located very close to the Storage Keeper. This is a Knowledge quest line that rewards the Helm XP crystal, when the full Knowledge category is completed. It can only be done once per account.

Got Energy & Patience?
Get ready to do allot of running back and forth with much energy depletion! The quest line involves running back and forth between Haley, a note on a table nearby, and another NPC. Each quest will take 10 energy to guess at an answer to a question. The last quest will cost 40 energy.

Knowledge Battle With Haley Quest Tips:

  • The table with the note is behind you, when you talk to the Storage Keeper.
  • You can use energy from Alts to finish the quest line.
  • You need to check the note every time. After answering the question, you get “quest completed”, but the note is part of the quest objective also.
Total Energy Required: 240 energy
Answer #1 - Moguly Pirates Captain
Answer #2 - 101 things
Answer #3 - Lord's Accusation
Answer #4 - Harassed the daughter
Answer #5 - Remains of Ancient Giant
Answer #6 - Allan Serbin
Answer #7 - Dark Red Crystal
Answer #8 - Khuruto
Answer #9 - Comitia of Tantinis
Answer #10 - The Mausoleum
Answer #11 - Kamasilve Temple
Answer #12 - Neruda Shen
Answer #13 - Adam Berney
Answer #14 - Mediah Shore
Answer #15 - Alustin
Answer #16 - Sezec Hunters
Answer #17 - Cron Castle
Answer #18 - Letusa
Answer #19 - Helmet
Answer #20 - Wandering Rogues
Answer #21 - Bareeds III

Daily XP Buff: [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger

BDO Daily XP Buff
Combat Fame Achievement Reward Combat Exp Training Exp
0-300 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger I [Fame] Combat EXP +20% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +20% (60 min.)
301-600 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger II [Fame] Combat EXP +40% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +20% (60 min.)
601-900 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger III [Fame] Combat EXP +60% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +20% (60 min.)
901-1200 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger IV [Fame] Combat EXP +80% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +30% (60 min.)
1201+ [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger V and VI [Fame] Combat EXP +100% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +30% (60 min.)

Combat Fame Silver/day
15 – 300 300,000
301 – 600 480,000
601 – 900 660,000
901 – 1,200 840,000
1,201 – 1,500 1,020,000
1,501 – 1,800 1,260,000
1,801 – 2,100 1,440,000
2,101 – 2,400 1,800,000
2,401 – 2,700 2,040,000
2,701 – 3,000 2,220,000
3,001 – 3,300 2,400,000
3,301 – 3,600 2,580,000
3,601 – 3,900 2,760,000
3,901 – 4,200 2,940,000
4,201 – 4,500 3,120,000
4,501 – 4,800 3,300,000
4,801 – 5,100 3,480,000
5,101 – 5,400 3,660,000
5,401 – 5,700 3,840,000
5,701 – 6,000 4,020,000
6,000+ 4,200,000

The Combat EXP amount of this daily XP buff is determined by your Combat Fame. Combat Fame is a calculation of the levels of all of your characters, with bonuses for higher levels. Characters of level 56 and up will get twice the Combat Fame points and characters of level 60+ get 5 times the Combat Fame points.

Combat Fame Example Calculation:
three characters of level 60, 1, and 58 = (60×5)+(58×2)+1 = 417

NOTE: Exp Buff is only for levels 15 to 59 This achievement reward will not stack or accumulate, so if you don’t use it before server reset, you lose the XP buff.

HAN Magic Crystals

And for our more wealthy citizens… 6x HAN Magic Crystal – Gervish and 4x HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod in gear for +20% combat exp (9+9+2)

HAN Magic Crystal - Gervish

HAN Magic Crystal - Macalod

How to Obtain Macalod Crystal
Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window (L) to combine JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1, Combined Magic Crystal – Macalod x1, Garmoth’s Scale x3

How to Obtain Gervish Crystal
Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window (L) to combine JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal x1, Combined Magic Crystal – Gervish x1, Garmoth’s Scale x3.

Daily XP Buff: Daily Blood Frenzy!

BDO Daily XP Buff: Blood Frenzy
BDO Daily XP Buff: Blood Frenzy

The Combat EXP amount of this daily XP buff is determined by which Experience buff you choose from an Achievement reward. The Achievement is called Daily Blood Frenzy! Access your Achievements by pressing the Y key.

Daily XP Buff:
This achievement reward will not stack or accumulate, so if you don’t use it before server reset, you lose the XP buff.

Choose one of the following XP Boosts:

  • Mercenary’s Experience (60 min.): Combat EXP +200% (60 min)
  • Mercenary’s Experience (120 min): Combat EXP +100% (120 min)
  • Mercenary’s Skill (60 min): Skill EXP Gain +30% (60 min.)
  • Mercenary’s Skill (120 min): Skill EXP Gain +15% (90 min.)

Pet Combat Exp Skill

BDO Combat Exp Pet Skill

Even tier 1 pets have a random chance to obtain a Combat EXP Skill that will add +5%. With 5 Tier 1 pets, you could possibly obtain a total of 25%. The chances of this happening, without considerable luck or Pearl-effort is rare, however.

As you breed pets together, it’s possible to obtain many +5% Combat EXP pets. One player reported spending $250 to achieve 4 Tier 4 pets. View Progamingcinema’s reddit post here. He has since obtained a full set of Tier 4 pets with Combat Exp buff, giving him a 25% leveling bonus. Not bad! 🙂 Here is his screenshot:

BDO Combat Exp Pet Skill

Golden Bell Leveling Buff

Golden Bells give a nice bonus to Combat EXP for one hour. It’s one of the nicest BDO leveling buffs in the game because it is shared with everyone on the server you use it on.

If you have 1,800 Pearls tucked away for a rainy day, you can use it on the Golden Bell.

BDO Leveling Buff: Golden Bell XP Boost with Pearls

Leveling Boosts are that MUCH?!
Feeling broke in Pearls? Never fear, your rich friends are on the way! Keep track of all current Golden Bells buffs through Discord:

  • Bellcord Global – Channels and time left for current Bell buffs on NA, SEA, and EU servers (+100% XP)

Sealed Book of Combat

Sealed Book of Combat was removed from the Loyalty shop, but may still be found in game from old or new events.

Sealed Book of Combat gives 100% Combat Exp plus 50% Skill Exp.

Note: After activating the Book of Combat, the buff does not immediately start. You must right click Book of Combat again, so that you see a 24 hour Combat Exp buff in your buff list. Books have a one hour cool down, so you will have to plan ahead when you want to use it.

Sealed Book of Combat (1 day) used to cost 1,000 Loyalites.

BDO Leveling Buff from Sealed Book of Combat

Secret Book of Old Moon

According to Patch Notes, Secret Book of Old Moon will stack with all other Combat Exp buffs, including Book of Combat.

Combat EXP +100%
Skill EXP +50%
Life EXP +50%
Reset (enhanced) skills freely
Change skill add-ons freely
Buy villa scrolls via your campsite without having a villa invitation
Stable slot +1 (for all regions)
Wharf slot +1 (for all regions)

Secret Book of the Old Moon (1 Day) can be purchased for 2000 Loyalties.

Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days) can be purchased in the Pearl Shop.

Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days) costs 1,250 Pearls.

BDO Leveling Buff from Secret Book of Old Moon

Guild XP Boost: Experienced Cry

BDO XP Boost: Guild Skill Experienced Cry

Experienced Cry is a guild skill that gives a combat EXP or Life Skill experience buff. It costs 15 Guild Points to train up. The buff has a cool down of 5 hours and a duration of 60 minutes.

XP Buff: Combat EXP and Life Skill XP +10%
REQUIRES: 25x [Guild] Pledge of the Blood

Purchase [Guild] Pledge of the Blood at a <Guild Manager>. Only available to the Guild Master. You cannot store guild items in personal storage.

Titles Combat Exp Buff

Buffs from Titles
Luck Energy EXP
50 1
60 2
70 2 1
80 2 2
90 2 3
100 2 3 3%
150 3 3 3%
200 3 4 3%
300 3 4 6% 5%
400 3 5 6% 5%
500 3 5 9% 5%
600 3 5 9% 10%
700 3 6 9% 10%
800 4 6 9% 15%
900 4 6 12% 15%
1.000 5 6 12% 15%

Titles give some nice buffs to experience if you have enough of them. 900 Titles will give the maximum Combat Exp boost of 12%. This buff is shared with all your characters.

Other Buffs: You also get boosts to Luck, Energy, and Stamina. The max buffs you can gain from Titles is currently +6 Energy, +5 Luck, 15% Stamina, and 12% Combat EXP.

Titles in BDO are in the following categories:

  • World Titles: World titles are received as you complete quests, events, knowledge, enhancement milestones
  • Combat Titles: Kill a certain amount of specific monsters
  • Life Titles: Life Skill and crafting milestones
  • Fishing Titles: Catch a certain number of specific fish

  • BDO Title Window showing XP Buffs

NOTE: You do not need to get only Combat Titles to get the Combat EXP buff. All titles are added together.

All titles can be found here on

Combat XP Scrolls: 5% to 100%

BDO Leveling Scroll: Combat XP Buff Drop & Exchange Scrolls:
Drop & Exchange scrolls 5-10% can be found by looting random objects around the world. They are also commonly obtained from chests that are unlocked with bronze/silver keys. Some quests in the beginning of the game rewards you with these as well.
Combat EXP +100% or EXP +10% and EXP +5%, etc.

Exchange Items for 5% Combat XP Scrolls:
  • Cobwebs
  • Altar Imp’s Trumpet
  • Poorly Trimmed Hide
  • Scorched Cauldron
  • Honey

+100% Combat EXP Scrolls
The +100% Combat Exp scrolls can be purchased for 50 Pearls.

Black Spirit Energy Burning: 20%

Leveling with this Combat Exp buff is extremely easy, but it will cost you plenty of Energy.

Level 50+ characters talk to Black Spirit (,) and then click “Exchange”. He offers a 20% Combat Exp buff or 8% Skill Exp buff. Duration is 30 minutes. XP Buffs cost 50 energy each.

BDO Black Spirit Energy Burning XP Buff

Black Spirit Energy Burning Tip:

  • You can have the Combat EXP buff and the Skill EXP buff going at the same time for 100 Energy.

Gold Bar Exchange

You can give 100k Gold Bars X5 to NPCs to receive buffs with random amounts for AP, DP, and/or Combat Exp. Click “Chat” then “Elionism’s Blessing – Experience” and you will get a random amount of Combat Experience from 5%-15%.

BDO Priest Combat, AP, and DP Buffs

The NPC in Heidel is Arsen, who is located in the church, next to Eil.

500k Silver Cost for each attempt:

  • Gold Bar Exchange NPCs:
  • The 3 different buffs stack with each other.
  • All buffs have a duration of 2 hours, and do not disappear even when you die.
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Experience:
    5-15% Combat Exp + 10% Skill Exp (not sure on the random figures for Skill Exp)
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Attack:
    3 AP + 3 Accuracy (is this one random as well?)
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Protection:
    50-150 HP + 3-8 DR

Extra Conqueror Quests

Conquerer’s Might Buff

– Combat EXP +300%
– Skill EXP +100%

– Duration: 30 min

If you leave a spot open in your quest log, you can randomly pick up a Conqueror quest that will reward a Combat XP buff and Combat Skill XP buff.

  • These quests will be automatically accepted when you obtain Dark Energy items from these areas.

  • Cannot accept more Conquest Quests if you already have the maximum amount of quests.

  • You can complete the quest via the Black Spirit and will be rewarded with Combat and Skill EXP increase buffs.

  • You can start another Extra Quest as soon as you complete one.



[Extra] Conqueror of the Bashim Base!

[Extra] Conqueror of Taphtar Plain!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Basilisk Den!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Cadry Ruins!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Gahaz Bandit’s Lair!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Desert Naga Temple!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Crescent Shrine!

[Extra] Conqueror of Roud Sulfur Mine!

[Extra] Conqueror of Pila Ku Jail!

[Extra] Conqueror of Waragon Nest!

[Extra] Conqueror of Titium Valley!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Abandoned Iron Mine!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Manes Hideout!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Wandering Rogue Den!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Omar Lava Cave!

[Extra] Conqueror of Marni’s 2nd Lab!

[Extra] Conqueror of Helms Post!

[Extra] Conqueror of Elric Shrine!

[Extra] Conqueror of Sausan Garrison!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Undead!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Hasrah Ancient Ruins!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Wilderness Golem!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Kuit Islands!

[Extra] Conqueror of the Shultz Guards!

Marni Stones: Level 57+

BDO Marni Stone for Fogans 250 Kill Count

Wacky Toshi sells Marni Stones that you can exchange to him for Combat Exp. The stones require a certain amount of monster kills for many mobs located in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan.

Tier 1 Marni’s Stone: 60k • 250 Mob Kills
Tier 2 Marni’s Stone: 110k • 500 Mob Kills

Mob and Wacky Toshi Locations:
  • Valencia
    • Bashims – Located at Bashim Base.
    • Cadry – Located at Cadry Ruins
    • Desert Nagas – Located at Desert Naga Temple
    • Desert Fogans – Located at Titium Valley
    • Gahaz Bandits – Located at Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
    • Centaurus – Located at Taphtar Plain
    • Lavas – Located at Roud Sulfur Mine
    • Basilisks (Basilisk Den node)
    • Pila Ku (Pila Ku Jail node)
    • Crescents (Crescent Shrine node)
  • Kamasylvia (Wacky Toshi is at Wisdom Tree and Tooth Fairy Forest)
    • Forest Ronaros Monsters – Located at Tooth Fairy Forest
    • Fadus – Located at Loopy Tree Forest
    • Mushrooms – Located at Polly’s Forest
    • Navarn Steppe – Old Wisdom Tree
    • Manshaums – Old Wisdom Tree
  • Dreighan
    • Tshira mobs – Located at Tshira Ruins
    • Bloodwolves – Located at Blood Wolf Settlement
    • Sherekhans – Located at Sherekhan Necropolis
  • Sycraia Ruins – North coast of Iliya Island
  • Protty Cave – cave entrance on Weita Island
  • Town Locations: Valencia City, Old Wisdom Tree, Duvencrune, Sand Grain Bazaar, Ibellab Oasis, and Shakatu.

BDO Marni Stone NPC: Wacky Toshi

You can use the NPC search button to locate Wacky Toshi.

View Wacky Toshi locations and info page on

Marni Stone Colors:

BDO Marni Stones in an Inventory
  • Unused Marni’s Stones are yellow.
  • Filled stones are orange, with a green check mark.
  • Partially filled stones are blue.
BDO Marni Stone for Fogans 500 Kill Count

Are Marni Stones Worth It?
Marni Stones are easy and really help for faster leveling. I think they are well worth the price. They do take up pack space, especially if you choose the higher Exp, 250 stones. But Valencia mobs don’t drop much loot anyway besides a few Rocoba, scrolls, and the rare yellow accessory. Rent a close-by Villa for 10 million silver and use your camel for speedy travel over the sand. Sell your trash to the Villa NPC, where you can also repair.

  • 0 Weight
  • Right click the stone and select ‘Item Count’ to have the kill count displayed on your UI.
  • 2x 250 Marni Stones give slightly more Combat Exp than 1x 500 Stone
  • Buy as many Marni Stones as you like. When one is filled, the next will automatically start filling. Turn in multiple stones at one time.
  • You must get the last hit on the monster to get credit.
  • Marni Stones must be kept in your inventory and will not work on your mount, Storage, etc.
  • Marni Stones are bound and can’t be transfered to an alt.
  • The Combat Exp you get is based upon your level and the Marni Stone used.
  • Marni Stones have the name of the monster you must kill on them: Ex: Marni’s Stone (Bashim)

Exp Per Marni Stone?
Marni Stones give a set amount of Combat Exp, which changes depending upon your level. The stone Tier and grind location also affect how much exp each stone gives. Tier 2 Stones give more Exp, but give less exp when compared to 2x Tier 1 stones.

NOTE: Patch notes say you get “120% to 160% of Combat Exp for defeating monsters excluding Combat Exp Boost can be given”. I’m not sure how accurate this is since some players claim much less %.

Thank you to Jannanomana for sharing the following Marni Stone Combat Exp image! Source

BDO Marni Stone Exp Rates

Marni Stone Level Update: (Patch Notes – 2nd October 2019) You can now hand in Marni’s Stone after Lv 62 to Wacky Toshi. You will receive very little Combat EXP after exchanging.

Grinding Spots

There are many grinding spots in BDO and each has unique pros and cons. Sometimes you might find an excellent place to level, but it provides low money or is too difficult.

To help you choose the best grinding spots, I’ve been working on a Grinding Spot Guide. It is a sortable table that lists the higher level grinding spots with AP/DP recomendations and money per hour as well as Skill XP and Combat XP.

Leveling Guide: Level 13 to 15

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 13-15
Northern Heidel Quarry:
Levels 13-15

BDO Mine Imp BDO Mine Imp Tower BDO Mine Imp Warrior
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★☆
Loot: ★☆☆☆☆
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Black Stone Armor Black Stone (Armor) 0.39%

View leveling spot on:
somethinglovely node map

Northern Heidel Quarry is a very easy leveling spot, located North of Heidel in Serendia Territory. A <Violent> Mine Imp will sometimes spawn here and drop Reblath Armor or green crystals.

Leveling Guide: Level 15 to 18

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 15-18
Moretti Plantation:
Levels 15-18

BDO Scarecrow Ghost BDO Wheat Field Lookout
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★☆
Loot: ★☆☆☆☆
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Black Stone Armor Black Stone (Armor) 0.39%

View leveling spot on:
somethinglovely node map

Moretti Plantation can be challenging if you don’t have the right gear. This leveling spot is located South of Heidel in Serendia Territory. Mobs drop Strength Gloves of Heve and Strength Shoes of Heve. A <Violent> Scarecrow Ghost will sometimes spawn here and drop Black Stone (Weapon) or green crystals.

Leveling Guide: Level 18 to 24

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 18-24
Castle Ruins:
Levels 18-24

BDO Scarecrow Ghost BDO Wheat Field Lookout BDO Wheat Field Lookout
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★★
Loot: ★★★☆☆
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Black Stone Armor Black Stone (Weapon) 0.39%

View leveling spot on:
somethinglovely node map

Castle Ruins can be challenging, but has amazing mob groups inside the castle. This leveling spot is located SE of Heidel in Serendia Territory. It’s beyond the scarecrows. The mobs will sometimes drop green grade main hand weapons. Rusty Helmet junk loot is sold for 3.5k silver. A <Violent> Al Rhundi will spawn here and sometimes drop Agerian Helmet.

Leveling Guide: Level 24 to 30

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 24-30
Bloody Monastery:
Levels 24-30

BDO Scarecrow Ghost BDO Wheat Field Lookout BDO Cultist Warrior
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★★
Loot: ★★★★☆
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Black Stone Armor Black Stone (Armor) 0.39%

View leveling spot on:
somethinglovely node map

I love hunting at Bloody Monastery. The mob groups here are dense, especially inside the temple complex at the top of the hill. This leveling spot is located South of Glish in Serendia Territory. The mobs will sometimes drop green grade main hand weapons and armor. Old Hood junk loot is sold for 3.5k silver. <Violent> Cultist Warriors will spawn here and usually drop Agerian Helmet and sometimes Armor of Hercules’ Might and Black Stone (Armor).

Leveling Guide: Level 30 to 35

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 30-35
Khuruto Cave:
Levels 30-35

BDO Khuruto Shaman BDO Young Khuruto BDO Khuruto Elite Solder
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★☆
Loot: ★★★★☆
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Black Stone Armor Black Stone (Armor) 0.39%

View leveling spot on:
somethinglovely node map

Khuruto Cave is a wonderful hunting zone. The mob groups here are dense and you can have a change of scenery by descending into the cave network. This leveling spot is located East of Northern Wheat Plantation in Calpheon Territory. The mobs will sometimes drop green grade main hand weapons and armor. Old Longsword junk loot is sold for 5.9k. <Violent> Khuruto Fighter will spawn here and usually drop Rough Red Crystal and sometimes Talis Ring and Black Stone (Weapon).

Leveling Guide: Level 35 to 40

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 35-40
Abandoned Land:
Levels 35-40

BDO Khuruto Shaman BDO Young Khuruto BDO Khuruto Elite Solder
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★☆
Loot: ★★★★☆
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Black Stone Armor Black Stone (Armor) 0.195%

View hunting location on:
somethinglovely node map

Abandoned Land is a great hunting location. Mobs here are slow, so it’s easy to get away from them, if you get into trouble. This leveling spot is located NW of Calpheon City in Calpheon Territory. The mobs will sometimes drop green grade main hand weapons and armor. Brand Token junk loot is sold for 7.2k. <Violent> Contaminated Butcher will spawn here and usually drop Rough Red Crystal and sometimes Taritas Shoes and Black Stone (Armor).

Leveling Guide: Level 40 to 45

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 40-45
Marni Cave Path:
Levels 40-45

BDO Chimera BDO Horn Chimera BDO Mad Screaming Orc Wizard
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★☆
Loot: ★★★★★
Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Black Stone Armor Black Stone (Armor) 0.39%

View hunting location on:
somethinglovely node map

This hunting spot is located SE of Calpheon City in Calpheon Territory. Shimmering Green Liquid junk loot is sold for 5.5k. Mad Screaming Harpy has a higher than normal drop rate for Trace of Ascension and Black Stone (Armor) 0.481%. Mad Screaming Orc Wizard has a higher than normal drop rate for Black Stone (Armor) 0.481%.

Leveling Guide: Level 45-50

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 45-50
Catfishman Camp:
Levels 45-50

BDO Catfishman Witmirth BDO Fat Catfishman BDO Catfishman
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★☆
Loot: ★★☆☆☆
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Loure's Lost Shoes Loure’s Lost Shoes 0.2%
Ancient Relic Crystal Shard Ancient Relic Crystal Shard 0.225%
Treant Spirit's Whisper Earring Treant Spirit’s Whisper Earring 0.5%

View hunting location on:
somethinglovely node map

Catfishman Camp is a popular hunting location because of the large, dense mob groups. This is the place to go to grind for Treant Spirit’s Whisper Earring, which is a nice AP Earring for this level. This hunting spot is located SW of Calpheon City in SW Calpheon Territory. Black Stone drop rates are extremely low here and don’t expect to make allot of silver. Check your inventory periodically, because it might fill up with worthless fish trade items. <Energetic> Fat Catfishman will spawn here and sometimes drop Goblin Chief Summon Scroll or Black Stone (Weapon). Normal Fat Catfishman also have a chance to drop the Goblin Chief Summon Scroll. 0.1%

Leveling Guide: Level 50-53

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 50-53
Helms Post:
Levels 50-53

BDO Helm Iron Shield BDO Helm Two Axe Warrior BDO Helm Hammer
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★☆
Loot: ★★★★☆
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Valuable Rare Loot:
Asula Earring Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring 0.07%
Asula Ring Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring 0.07%
Mediah Merchants Union Helm Mediah Merchants Union Helm 0.005%

View leveling area on:
somethinglovely node map

Helms Post is a popular leveling area because of the large, dense mob groups and the Asula Ring and Asula Earring that drops here. This leveling area is located NE of Heidel in NW Mediah Territory. Black Stone drop rates are normal and Forbidden Book drops here rarely 0.135%. Helmet Ornament is dropped frequently and sold to the vendor for 840 silver. <Hard> Helm Golem will spawn here and sometimes drop Scarla Necklace or Black Stone (Armor) or Forbidden Book. Steer clear of him, if you are alone or have low DP, because he is Level 59 and really hurts. Good thing he is slow!

Leveling Guide: Level 53 to 56

BDO Leveling Guide: Level 53-56
Sausan Garrison:
Levels 53-56

BDO Sausan Cannoneer BDO Tough Sausan Soldier BDO Sausan Sniper
BDO Leveling Guide Rating:
XP: ★★★★★
Loot: ★★★★★
Difficulty: ★★★★★

Valuable Rare Loot:
Grunil Armor Pieces

View leveling area on:
somethinglovely node map

Sausan Garrison is a great leveling area. It’s massive and has large mob groups. It also has nice loot, with players reporting an average payout of up to 40 million silver per hour (+LT, pets, and maids required). Sausans have a knockdown ability and hit hard without good gear. There is less traffic here than it used to be, so not as much PVP. This leveling area is located North of Kusha, which is in far NE Mediah Territory. Black Stone and Forbidden Books drop here rarely. Junk loot can be exchanged for Gold Bar 10G (1 million silver).