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BDO Life Skill Levels (Black Desert Online Professions 2019)

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BDO Life Skill Levels

Life Fame Silver/Day
10 – 150 100,000
151 – 300 175,000
301 – 450 250,000
451 – 600 325,000
601 – 750 400,000
751 – 900 475,000
900+ 600,000

BDO Life Skill Levels:
All 10 Life Skills have a max of 7 levels. And each of those levels has a set number of Life Skill Levels. The following BDO Life Skill Levels are in order of max level (Guru) to Beginner:

  1. Guru 20 Life Skill Levels
  2. Master 30 Life Skill Levels
  3. Artisan 10 Life Skill Levels
  4. Professional 10 Life Skill Levels
  5. Skilled 10 Life Skill Levels
  6. Apprentice 10 Life Skill Levels
  7. Beginner 10 Life Skill Levels

As you increase in Life Skill Levels, you will notice the colors of the grade change as shown above. As your characters start leveling past Skilled level, your account will start earning a daily payment, depending upon their Life Skill Levels.

Press your P key to view all of your current Life Skill Levels. Click on the tab that says Life Info. This will show all the available Professions that you can gain exp on and level.

BDO Life Skill Levels

You are not limited as to which Life Skills you can level up, but you will soon find that there are crafts that are much easier to level than others.

BDO Life Skills List:
Click on the link to view a more detailed guide.

BDO Profession Levels Calculate Life Fame

Life Fame Silver/Day
10 – 150 100,000
151 – 300 175,000
301 – 450 250,000
451 – 600 325,000
601 – 750 400,000
751 – 900 475,000
900+ 600,000

Profession Levels are used to determine your daily pay from Life Fame.

How to Calculate Life Fame:
Write down the number of all your Profession Levels for every character on your account that has Professional, Artisan, Master and Guru. Find this number by converting the Profession levels into a number. For example, Professional 1 is converted into 31 and Artisan 2 is converted into 42. Ignore any Profession Levels that are Skilled or lower.

  1. Guru: (1-20) 81-100
  2. Master: (1-30) 51-80
  3. Artisan: (1-10) 41-50
  4. Professional: (1-10) 31-40
  5. Skilled: (1-10) ignore
  6. Apprentice: (1-10) ignore
  7. Beginner(1-10) ignore

Divide the total Life Fame Levels of all characters by 2, and round down any decimal. Add total Guru levels (Guru 1-20 is level 81-100). Take that total and add 1. That is your Life Fame.

Life Fame Calculation:
rounddown(Total levels of Professional/Artisan/Master/Guru)/2 + (Total Guru Levels) + 1 = Life Fame

If you had 3 Life Skills:
Professional 10
Artisan 1
Master 2

You calculate your Life Fame like this:
40 + 41 + 52 = 133
133/2 = 66
66 + 1 = 67 Life Fame

Family Fame

Life Fame contributes to Family Fame. Add all three fame types together to obtain your Family Fame total:

Family Fame = Life Fame + Combat Fame + Special Fame

Family Fame Market Rewards:

A tax discount is applied to the Central Market taxes for selling items. The tax discount depends on the Family Fame like the below:

BDO Crafts: Speed Leveling for Life Fame

You can easily achieve 750 Life Fame by getting 10 characters to Professional 1 in 5 Life Skills. Each skill that is at Professional 1 level gives +15 Life Fame. Each alt would give +75 Life Fame.

Best Life Skills to Level:

NOTE: You have to switch characters or channels for Life Fame to update after raising Life Skill Levels.

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