BDO Matchlocks are special weapons that can only be used on <Wild> creatures. (There are PVP ones available that have different stats.)

Matchlocks are used to level the Hunting Life Skill and are equipped in your main and sub-weapon slots.

Most matchlocks can be enhanced to greatly improve their damage.

BDO Master Matchlock

BDO Hunting Matchlock List

Hunting Matchlock Damage +10 Enhancement Damage Hunting Skill Crafted Crafted Matchlock Ingredients
Practice Matchlock
Practice Matchlock
0 can’t enhance Beginner 1 uncraftable costs 2 Contribution Points to rent from:
Daphne DelLucci (Balenos Forest)
Guild Manager Laiano Pietro (Velia)
General Goods vendor Hessenvale (Western Guard Camp)
Beginner Matchlock
Beginner Matchlock
750 2250 Beginner 1 Level 1 Tool Workshop
[Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock
[Event] Beginner Hunter's Matchlock
2100 can’t enhance Beginner 1 Progression Pass Complete 8 Hunting Life Skill tasks.
[Event] Bobble Bobble Matchlock
[Event] Bobble Bobble Matchlock
2100 can’t enhance Beginner 1 Water Events Water Events like “Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival” Quest: [Event] Matchlock Shooting Water? Give 10x Usable Scantling over 10 days.
Apprentice Matchlock
Apprentice Matchlock
900 2700 Beginner 10 Level 2 Tool Workshop
Skilled Matchlock
Skilled Matchlock
1050 3150 Apprentice 10 Level 2 Tool Workshop
Professional Matchlock
Professional Matchlock
1200 3600 Skilled 10 Level 3 Tool Workshop
Artisan Matchlock
Artisan Matchlock
1350 4050 Professional 10 Level 3 Tool Workshop
[Hunting] Master Matchlock

1650 4650 Artisan 10 Level 4 Tool Workshop


Matchlock Enhancement Progression

To prevent wasting materials, the following is a good matchlock enhancement progression:

  1. Practice Matchlock: rent for 2 cp. The practice matchlock cannot be repaired. It must be returned to the npc and rented again to replenish the durability. Recommended only for certain beginner quests.
  2. [Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock: Excellent beginner Matchlock that is almost equal to a +10 Beginner Matchlock, but can only be obtained by completing 8 objectives in Progression Pass. (Progression Passs is available after Season Graduation.)
  3. Beginner Matchlock: If you don’t have [Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock yet, this can be used at low levels. Get one for free at level 30 by completing the quest Chuck Laurie the Hunter (no other requirements).
  4. Apprentice Matchlock (Beginner 10): During the hunting quest line you will reach Beginner 10, which will let you use this gun. I would recommend upgrading it to +3 or +4. This will give you a decent damage boost, and it will be cheap enough to not be a big hit to your budget. You will get one for free during the early stages of the Balenos Islands quest line from completing the quest Towards Marka Island. This quest line requires level 46+.
  5. Skilled Matchlock (Apprentice 10): You will get a +3 Skilled Matchlock from the main hunting questline from Return, the Next Legend, and Prelude to Hunting. This quest is at the end of the Balenos Islands quest line. I recommend enhancement to +5 or +6. (you don’t need to enhance this very high because you will soon get a professional matchlock, if you continue the quest line.)
  6. Professional Matchlock (Skilled 10): If you continue the hunting quest line that leads into Calpheon, after the Balenos Islands quest line, you will get a +5 Professional Matchlock from the quest Let’s Begin the Hunt. Enhance this to +10.
  7. Artisan Matchlock (Professional 10): You will get this for free as an achievement for reaching Artisan. +10
  8. Master Matchlock (Artisan 10): again +10

Matchlock Enhancement How To

Matchlocks can be enhanced with Black Stone (Weapon).

  • You can upgrade matchlocks up to +10.
  • Black Stone (Weapon) is used in all levels of matchlock Enhancement.
  • There is always a chance of failure, unless “Force-Enhance” is selected.
  • Enhancement failure costs 5 Durability (much more if “Force-Enhance” is selected)
  • Cron Stones can NOT be used.
  • Enhancement costs 1 Black Stone (Weapon) (much more if “Force-Enhance” is selected)

Black Stones can be obtained via rare drop from many different creatures. View Black Stone (Weapon) page and drop rates on

Hunter’s Seals from boss fights and repeatable quests can be turned in for Black Stones. View our guide on Hunter’s Seals

Matchlock Failstack Recommendation

Many players use a failstack close to the below recommendation. However, you may not like the risky approach and would like to use higher failstacks, or even force enhancement, to avoid frustrating failures.

  • +1 use  6+ fail stacks (maximum of 13)
  • +2 use  8+ fail stacks (maximum of 14)
  • +3 use  11+ fail stacks (maximum of 15)
  • +4 use  11+ fail stacks (maximum of 16)
  • +5 use  11+ fail stacks (maximum of 18)
  • +6 use  15+ fail stacks (maximum of 20)
  • +7 use  15+ fail stacks (maximum of 25)
  • +8 use 25+ fail stacks (with a 3.9% base Enhancement Chance, consider Force-Enhance instead)
  • +9 Force-Enhance (90 Blackstones +50 Durability cost)
  • +10 Force-Enhance (120 Blackstones +55 Durability cost)

Matchlock Enhancement Chances & Costs

Below is a chart showing the enhancement chances of all matchlocks that can be enhanced. (Most can.) Yellow grade has the same difficulty as a beginner matchlock.

Lvl Enhancement Chance Hunting Damage* Force-Enhancement
Black Stone Cost
Durability Cost
0 66.67% +1650 2 10
+1 44.44% +1950 3 15
+2 29.63% +2250 4 20
+3 19.75% +2550 5 25
+4 13.17% +2850 9 30
+5 8.78% +3150 17 35
+6 5.85% +3450 35 40
+7 3.90% +3750 70 45
+8 2.60% +4050 90 50
+9 1.73% +4350 120 55
+10 +4650


*The damage shows the current top tier yellow grade matchlock. ([Hunting] Master Matchlock)


Obtaining Matchlocks

Matchlocks can be easily obtained via the Marketplace and crafted in a Tool Workshop.

You can also get them by doing Hunting quests, Progression Pass goals, and Challenges from leveling the Hunting Life Skill.

Daily hunting quests reward Hunter’s Tokens, which can be exchanged for matchlocks.


Hunting Progression Pass

The Hunting section of Progression Pass is good to do in order to obtain a nice Matchlock for beginning hunters.


Category Goals Rewards Additional Rewards
Hunting/Butchering x4 Ship License: Epheria Cog (Kalis-Certified) 23 Total Goals:
Caphras Stone x23
x8 [Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock
x12 Breath of Narcion
x16 [Event] Item Brand Spell Stone
x20 Breath of Narcion



Progression Pass UI
Event Beginner Matchlock


Beginner Matchlock

[Event] Legend of the Nineshark
Chuck Laurie the Hunter Eastern Balenos
Shoot and Help Eastern Balenos

 Hunter’s Token Exchange:x4


BDO Beginner Matchlock


Apprentice Matchlock

Towards Marka Island


Achievement: You became [Apprentice Hunter]!

Hunter’s Token Exchange:x5


Skilled Matchlock


Preparing a Dangerous Entrapment Eastern Balenos
Return, the Next Legend, and Prelude to Hunting Eastern Balenos


Achievement: You became [Skilled Hunter]!

Hunter’s Token Exchange:x8


Professional Matchlock


Let’s Begin the Hunt Northern Calpheon 200


Achievement: You became [Professional Hunter!]

Hunter’s Token Exchange:x15


Artisan Matchlock

Achievement: You became [Artisan Hunter]!