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BDO Memory Fragment Guide (Black Desert Online 2019)

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BDO Memory Fragment for Durability Repair BDO Memory Fragment

In this BDO Memory Fragment Guide, you will learn about the elusiveness of memories and how they are a fickle thing in Black Desert Online... So players beware... *blinks* What were we talking about?

Memory Fragments have two main uses:

Memory fragments are obtained by collecting 5 boss scroll pieces and putting them together in a pattern. This creates a 7 day scroll that summons 2 to 3 bosses, depending upon which scroll you use. Using the scroll will automatically give you a [Coop] quest, which rewards the most Memory Fragments. However, you can also loot Memory Fragments from your party member's boss corpses. Most scroll parties require 5x or 10x scrolls. So make sure you have enough scroll pieces to create 5 scrolls before looking for a party, or you may be cursed as a dreaded and awful Leecher! :( Then, prepare to die...

HAPPY Memory Fragment Hunting!!

Memory Fragment Repairs Max Durability

Every player will eventually require hundreds of Memory Fragments, which repair the Max durability of expensive boss gear. Max durability is lost as gear is enhanced into greater power. Cheap gear can be repaired using identical cheap gear. But, using boss gear to repair boss gear would get extremely expensive. Memory Fragments can be used instead and are far cheaper.

Memory Fragment Durability Recovery Rates:

NOTE: Amount of Durability increases fourfold if used with Artisan's Memory, purchased from the Pearl Shop.

Memory Fragment Marketplace Pricing

Memory Fragments are tough to find on the Marketplace. Most people that mention camping the Marketplace to snipe one, grumble in raised fisted frustration. The image below of the empty Marketplace shows a Pre-order price of 1.8 million silver, even though the Max price is currently 750k silver.

BDO Memory Fragment Price on Marketplace

At 1.8 million silver, it would actually be cheaper to preorder than buying the pieces, but Preordering is notoriously hit or miss. You have to wait on someone to list a Memory Fragment, then hope the Markeplace picks it for preorder, which is RNG. Then hope you put in the highest bid out of everyone else that has preorder bids. It can be frustrating.

Memory Fragments from Grinding/Farming

BDO Ancient Relic Crystal Shard pattern to form a scroll

Memory Fragments can be consistently and actively obtained via grinding mobs. Mobs in Southern Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia level 42+ drop boss scroll pieces that are arranged in a + pattern. However, the drop rates can be dismal, depending upon what you hunt. Most mobs have less than .28% drop rate. Players report anywhere from 2 to 9 Memory scroll pieces after grinding for one hour.

3 Different Memory Scroll Pieces:

  • Ancient Relic Crystal ShardAncient Relic Crystal Shards: grinding in Southern Calpheon
  • Forbidden Book Forbidden Books: grinding in Mediah
  • Scroll Written in Ancient Language Scrolls Written in an Ancient Language: grinding in Valencia

Memory Scroll Piece Memory Fragment Scroll Bosses Memory Fragment Reward Bundles
Ancient Relic Crystal ShardAncient Relic Crystal Shard
Drop Location: Southern Calpheon
Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll
Level: 50+
Memory Fragment Quest:
[Co-op] Ancient Relic Crystal
Memory Fragment Boss: Org
Memory Fragment Boss: Gehaku
Memory Fragment Boss: Saunil Siege Captain
Saunil Siege Captain
Memory Fragment Quest Reward Bundle - Ancient Ruins Org Reward Bundle

Memory Fragment Quest Reward Bundle - Ancient Ruins Gehaku Reward Bundle

Memory Fragment Quest Reward Bundle - Ancient Ruins Saunil Siege Captain Reward Bundle
Forbidden BookForbidden Book
Drop Location: Mediah
Cartian Spell Cartian Spell
Level: 52+
Memory Fragment Quest:
[Co-op] Eliminating the Threats to Mediah
Abandoned Iron Mine Executor

Illezra's Servant

Skeleton King
Memory Fragment Quest Reward Bundle - Ancient Ruins Abandoned Iron Mine Executor Reward Bundle

Memory Fragment Quest Reward Bundle - Ancient Ruins Illezra's Servant Reward Bundle

Memory Fragment Quest Reward Bundle - Ancient Ruins Skeleton King Reward Bundle
Scroll Written in Ancient LanguageScroll Written in Ancient Language
Drop Location: Valencia
Pila Fe Scroll Pila Fe Scroll
Level: 55+
Memory Fragment Quest:
[Co-op] Valencia Monsters Extermination

Magram of Pila Fe Scroll Reward Bundle - Magram of Pila Fe Scroll Reward Bundle

Khalk of Pila Fe Scroll Reward Bundle - Khalk of Pila Fe Scroll Reward Bundle

Scroll Written in Ancient Language Drop Changes

Patch Notes - January 30th 2019

Adjusted the chances of obtaining Scroll Written in Ancient Language when defeating monsters at the Valencia Monster Zone.

  • Bashim Base: +20%

  • Desert Naga Temple: +200%

  • Titium Valley: -10%

  • Crescent Shrine: -10%

  • Gahaz Bandits: -20%

  • Cadry Ruins: +350%

  • Centaurus Herd: +20%

  • Roud Sulfur Mine: +50%

  • Aakman Temple: -15%

  • Hystria Ruins: -30%

Memory Fragment Boss Scroll Tips

  • A 5x10 Relic group takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Combine scroll pieces together by arranging them in a + shape. (Un-check Auto-arrange)
  • Right click boss scroll to draw a path to the summoning location
  • Park your mount in a safe spot, away from summon location
  • Can't attack bosses during Node/Conquest wars
  • Only party leaders can summon bosses and receive quest
  • Using a Memory Fragment scroll will automatically give you the associated [Co-op] quest
  • Only the party leader, who had the scroll, gets the quest reward, which rewards the most Memory Fragments
  • If Boss doesn't summon, check to see if you got the quest. If so you can join another party doing the same quest
  • No death penalties from bosses
  • You cannot change party leader after the boss is summoned.
  • Boss must be killed in 30 minutes or it will despawn
  • Boss will despawn if it is idle for 2 minutes.
  • 50% chance to obtain 1 Memory Fragment when you hit a party member's last boss

Memory Scroll Boss: Org (Boss #1 from Ancient Relic Crystal Shards)

BDO Memory Scroll Boss: Org

Can I Solo a Memory Fragment Boss Scroll?
If you have good gear, you can do them solo, however you loose out on looting your party member's boss. Memory Fragments have a random chance of dropping from party kills that you don't summon yourself. Defeating their summoned bosses may also grant you with additional loot based on the damage you do:

  • Hunter's SealHunter's Seals (2 can be exchanged for Black Stone (Armor), 3 for Black Stone (Weapon), 5 for Grade 3 Reform Stone
  • 18,000 - 33,000 silver
  • random amount of regional loot to exchange for gold bars (20-30 pieces)
  • 50% chance of a Memory Fragment as long as you did some damage to party member's last boss.
So there is good incentive to join a Memory scroll group. Scroll groups are easily found in the Find Party menu. Press Esc > War/Coop tab:

BDO Find Party for Memory Fragment scrolls

Ancient Relic Crystal Shards

5xAncient Relic Crystal ShardAncient Relic Crystal Shard = 1x Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll

Ancient Relic Crystal Shards are the most popular scroll pieces to obtain because you can find them from low level mobs found around Southern Calpheon territory. You can also obtain these from fishing in both fresh and sea waters. They are plentiful on the Marketplace, but can add up in price:

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard Price on Marketplace

The cost of Ancient Relic Crystal Shards is at an all time high. For a 10 scroll run, it would cost you 80 million silver to buy them at the Marketplace. The amount of Memory Fragments you get back from a party of 5, with each having 10 scrolls is RNG, but usually around 65-75. For this reason, many prefer grinding their own Ancient Relic Crystals Shards.

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard Grind Locations: Level 42+

Best Locations for Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
Most of the mobs in Southern Calpheon territory will drop Ancient Relic Crystal Shards. Many players have reported that Saunils are great for farming because you make good silver per hour. They drop Metal Armor Fragment, and 100 of them can be turned in for 100k gold bars. They drop other goodies like Black Stones as well. According to, Ancient Relic Crystal Shards have a high drop rate on the Skeletons that are found around Hexe Sanctuary. Grinding there might also give you the rare, blue grade AP accessory, Witch's Earring.

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard Drop Rates from
Ancient Relic Crystal Shard drop rates

Ancient Relic Crystal Shards From Fishing

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard drops from fishing

It's highly RNG, but most players report getting 5+ shards after AFK fishing overnight. Ancient Relic Crystal Shards have a drop rate of about 3%. Unless you have a very large inventory, it's best to fish inland, where you get more trash loot, which is automatically deleted. (Make sure the option to throw away trash is checked.) Fish in Abundant waters so that your AFK fish bite time is faster.

If you do have max inventory space, you can maximize your profits by fishing in Ross Sea or Margoria. Max inventory allows you to AFK fish the entire night session, but you make more in the Great Ocean because you will get higher quality fish.

Memory Fragment Drop Rates From x10 Scroll Runs

So how many Memory Fragments can we get from Memory scroll runs? Here is some data from players:

Thank you to KoZ who posted the following data on their Youtube channel.

BDO Memory Fragment Scroll Drop Rate

Thank you to Eren1996 who posted the following data on their Youtube channel.

BDO Memory Fragment Scroll Drop Rate

Other Ways to Get Memory Fragments

Most of the other ways to obtain Memory Fragments rely on the generosity of the developers and what kind of events they run.

Memory Fragment Attendance Rewards
This will usually give you around 15 Memory Fragments for each tab window you have for Attendance Rewards. Some example Attendance Reward windows you can have: "Guild", "Loyal", "Returning", "Rookie", etc.

This example month from "Loyal" Attendance Reward gave 14 Memory Fragments.

BDO Memory Fragment Attendance Reward

Memory Fragment Events
The are many events in BDO that reward Memory Fragments. The one that immediately jumps to mind is their Moonlight Shard event.

BDO Memory Fragment Moonlight Shard Event

Event Details: [Event] Moonlight Shard is combined with a Memory Fragment using Processing > Simple Alchemy. You can get Memory Fragment x1 to x3 and also rarely, [Event] Moonlight Shard x1. If an additional [Event] Moonlight Shard is obtained from Simple Alchemy, then another round of Simple Alchemy is available. This last event allowed 2 [Event] Moonlight Shard per 24 hours.

Another Memory Fragment event they do is the Gold Rush event.

BDO Memory Fragment Gold Rush Event

They also have holiday events that frequently give out Memory Fragments. The Snowflake event is a good example.

BDO Memory Fragment Snowflake Event

There are many more events that reward Memory Fragments, such as the Black Spirit's Adventure event. Too many events to list them all.

Pearl Shop Memory Fragments (P2W)

Artisan's Memory turns 1 Memory Fragment into 4. So it will repair 4 Max Durability of your boss gear instead of just one, if it is yellow grade.

Artisan's Memory Full Price:
  • Quantity 1: 50 Pearls
  • Quantity 10: 450 Pearls
  • Quantity 100: 4000 Pearls

These do go on sale periodically and there are sometimes coupons available.

BDO Artisan's Memory

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