Memory Fragments are highly desirable in BDO because they have several important uses.


  • Repair Maximum Durability of gear lost during failed enhancement
  • Skill Add-on changes
  • Ingredient used to upgrade Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear


Memory Fragments are obtained through the marketplace, boss scrolls, Dark Rifts, and events. The majority of players consistently obtain them through defeating bosses.

Memory Fragment

Memory Fragments Repair Max Durability

Every player will eventually require hundreds of Memory Fragments, which repair the Max Durability of expensive boss gear. Max Durability is lost as gear is enhanced into greater power. Cheap gear can be repaired using identical cheap gear. But, using boss gear to repair boss gear would get extremely expensive. Memory Fragments can be used instead and are far cheaper.


Memory Fragment Durability Recovery Rates:

  • White Grade: Recovers 10 Max Durability
  • Green Grade: Recovers 5 Max Durability
  • Blue Grade: Recovers 2 Max Durability
  • Yellow Grade: Recovers 1 Max Durability
  • Orange Grade: Recovers 1 Max Durability

NOTE: Amount of Durability increases x5 if used withArtisan’s Memory, purchased from the Pearl Shop.

How to Use Memory Fragments

Memory Fragments are used to repair durability by visiting a <Blacksmith> or <Stable Keeper>.

Click their “Repair” option then “Recover Max Dur.”


BDO Memory Fragment to Repair Max Durability

Memory Fragments from Boss Scrolls

BDO Ancient Relic Crystal Shard pattern to form a scroll

Memory Fragments are obtained by collecting 5 boss scroll pieces and placing them in a + pattern. This creates a 7 day scroll that summons 2 to 3 bosses, depending upon which scroll you use.

Boss scroll pieces can be consistently and actively obtained via grinding mobs or fishing. Mobs in Southern Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia level 42+ drop them. However, the drop rates can be dismal, depending upon what you hunt. But, there are some monster zones that are well known for dropping boss scroll pieces.

Scroll Written in Ancient Language

3 Different Boss Scrolls:

Boss Scroll Piece Boss Scroll Bosses

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard

Location: Southern Calpheon

Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll

Level: 50+

Memory Fragment Quest:
[Co-op] Ancient Relic Crystal



Saunil Siege Captain

 Forbidden Book

Location: Mediah

Cartian Spell Cartian Spell

Level: 52+

Memory Fragment Quest:
[Co-op] Eliminating the Threats to Mediah

Abandoned Iron Mine Executor

Illezra’s Servant

Skeleton King

Scroll Written in Ancient Language

Location: Valencia

Pila Fe Scroll Pila Fe Scroll

Level: 55+

Memory Fragment Quest:
[Co-op] Valencia Monsters Extermination




Other Boss Scroll Loot

  • Hunter's Seal Hunter’s Seals (exchange for Black Stone (Armor/Weapon), Reform Stones, or Hard/Sharp Black Crystal Shards
  • 18,000 – 33,000 silver
  • random amount of regional loot to exchange for gold bars (20-30 pieces)
  • 50% chance of a Memory Fragment if leeching a party member’s boss.
Memory Fragments and Loot from Boss Scrolls

Example Relic Scroll Loot
(10 Scrolls)

Relic Groups

Relic groups have two different options for summoning bosses and obtaining Memory Fragments.

2 Boss Summon Options:

  • Use the summoning device (This method is quick, but gives less Memory Fragments.)
  • Right click the boss scroll (More time required, but gives more Memory Fragments because of leeching mechanic.)


For more details, please view our Relic Group guide.

Find Party

Best Monster Zones for Memory Fragments

You can grind in certain monster zones for boss scroll pieces that will allow you to obtain Memory Fragments.

Cadry Ruins (Lower AP)

Cadry Ruins is a good grinding spot to obtain Memory Fragments for players with around 140 AP because it has a higher drop rate for Scroll Written in Ancient Language. But it also has other desirable traits.

  •  Scroll Written in Ancient Language: 24 / hour
  • Yona’s Fragments: 14 / hour (6 Yona’s + 2 Ring of Cadry Guardian)
  • Atanis Element: 3 / hour
  • Sealed Black Magic Crystal: 8 / hour
  • Black Stone: 77 / hour

Cadry Ruins also gives a good supply of Atanis Element for Infinite Pots, Magical Shard, Yona’s Fragments, and Black Stone.


Cadry Ruins
Location: Valencia

AP: 140
DP: 160

Hystria Ruins (Mid AP)

Hystria Ruins is a good grinding spot to obtain Memory Fragments for players with around 230 AP because it has a higher drop rate for Scroll Written in Ancient Language.

  • Scroll Written in Ancient Language: 32 / hour
  • Tungrad Earring: 1 / hour
  • Caphras Stone: 31 / hour
  • Sealed Black Magic Crystal: 8 / hour
  • Black Stone: 41 / hour

Hystria Ruins also supplies Caphras Stone, crystals for Magical Shard, and Black Stone. You can also get a few treasure drops for the Compass here.

TIP: Aakman Temple is very similar to Hystria Ruins in available loot and difficulty and is also an excellent grinding spot for Memory Fragments.

Hystria Ruins
Location: Valencia

AP: 230
DP: 300


How to get to Hystria or Aakman via portals.

Dark Rift Reward

Solo bosses, called Dark Rifts, reward 2 to 6 Memory Fragments.

Although the Memory Fragment amount is small, Dark Rifts are still worthwhile to do because of the other loot you obtain from doing them.

Example Dark Rift Loot:

Dark Rift Bheg Loot

Dark Rift Boss: Bheg
Difficulty: Very Difficult

BDO Dark Rift Griffon Loot

Dark Rift Boss: Ahib Griffon
Difficulty: Very Difficult

Dark Rift Loot from Dim Tree

Dark Rift Boss: Dim Tree
Difficulty: Difficult

Read more about Dark Rifts in our Dark Rift Guide.

Dark Rift Boss UI Button
Dark Rift Navigate to Boss

Latent Boss Aura Reward

You can exchange 1 Latent Boss Aura to a blacksmith NPC for 1 Memory Fragment.

x1 Latent Boss Aura = x1 Memory Fragment - BDOMemory Fragment

Latent Boss Aura drops from all field and world bosses.

Exchange Latent Boss Aura

Dice Game Reward

You can obtain Memory Fragments in the Black Spirit’s Adventure Dice Game.

Look for the item called [Event] Advice of Memory available on all three boards.

You can also obtain them via the reward chests for completing boards:

Black Spirit’s Special Selection Box I
Advice of Valks (+40)
Caphras Stone Bundle (x20-30)
Memory Fragment Bundle (x20-30)
Black Crystal Shard Bundle (Sharp Black Crystal Shard x10-20, Hard Black Crystal Shard x10-20)
[Event] Courser Training Box (Mysterious Blue Conch x5, Fruit of Yianaros x5, Brilliant Crimson Fire Flower x5)

Black Spirit’s Special Selection Box II
Advice of Valks (+50)
Caphras Stone Bundle (x50-100)
Memory Fragment Bundle (x50-100)
[Event] Special Celerity Box (Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1, Fiery Celerity Draught x3, Stonetail Wind’s Meal x3)
Black Spirit Adv Dice Memory Fragment

Memory Fragments via Events

Memory Fragments are given away for free during special events and limited time BDO codes.


Memory Fragments from the dice and board game, Black Spirit’s Adventure:

Memory Fragments from Dice Game

Memory Fragment Helper

Artisan’s Memory makes Memory Fragments more powerful.

They increase the amount of Max Durabilty repaired by 5. So it will repair 5 Max Durability of your boss gear instead of just 1, if it is yellow grade.

Artisan’s Memory Full Price:

  • Quantity 1: 50 Pearls
  • Quantity 10: 450 Pearls
  • Quantity 100: 4000 Pearls

These do go on sale periodically and there are sometimes coupons available.

BDO Artisan's Memory from Pearls


Artisan’s Memory via Loyalties

Players also have the option of logging in every day for 4 days. This will give you 800 Loyalties, which is enough to purchase 1 Artisan’s Memory from the Loyalty shop.

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