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BDO Patch Notes & News (Black Desert Online 2019)

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Hello All! This is me, discretely eavesdropping on the latest tidbits of gossip... It's where I find all the best Black Desert Online news... Patch notes are stolen from Mr Pearlbob, pictured here, before he has a chance to send them off to the head office in Calpheon City.

HAPPY journeying!!

Black Desert Online Patch Notes & News

When is Patch Day?
Patch day occurs every Wednesday. The servers are taken down for maintenance and updates for 5 hours. New events are usually introduced. This is a time for rejoicing and/or crying, as the case may be...

BDO News on Demand:
Below you will find the most up to date news about Black Desert Online, from two trusted sources. They are not affiliated with me and I have no control over what they write on their public news feeds. The links for each news entry will take you directly to the corresponding article published on,, or You can find the latest player created news on two active forums: and

Other BDO Twitter Feeds

BDO Patch Note Archives

I have decided to archive Patch Notes for BDO and not just link to the ones on the official site. Just in case the Patch Munchkin comes and eats up the rest of the ones available there. I might look into creating a searchable database just for the official notes.

April 2019

March 2019

February 2019

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