BDO Cooking got an important change on 15th April 2020. The previous cooking byproucts were replaced with a new item called Witch’s Delicacy.


Witch’s Delicacy Highlights

  • players report a drop rate of 2%
    • get about 2 Witch’s Delicacy for every 100 completed recipes
  • exchange for Milk, Beer, or Contribution Points + Cooking Exp
    • note that 30 Cooking Exp = 30,000 Cooking Exp


BDO Witch's Delicacy

Witch’s Delicacy Exchange Rate


Witch’s Delicacy x10 icon Beer x500
icon Milk x120
icon Contribution EXP 900
+ Cooking EXP 30,000

Witch’s Delicacy NPC

Witch’s Delicacy is exchanged to Nadia Rowen.

Witch’s Delicacy Exchange NPC Location

Nadia is a cooking vendor located in Olvia. Olvia is the remote town located NW of Western Guard Camp and W of Velia.



BDO Witch's Delicacy Exchange Location Map
BDO Witch's Delicacy Exchange Location Map

Profitability of Witch’s Delicacy

Milk vs Beer

  • Beer Value: 850,000 Silver
  • Milk Value: 1,296,000 Silver

Milk is the more difficult to obtain item and is frequently sold out on the Marketplace. Milk is considered a bottleneck item.

It is required for popular cooking dishes like Milk Tea, Oatmeal, Soft Bread, Sute Tea, and White Sauce. These dishes are often required in high tier cooking recipes. (Cron Meal)

At the moment it is at maximum developer price of 10.8k each.

Beer is easier to make and obtain and has a volatile price. ATM it is at 1.7k each. (This is NOT the max developer price.)

For these reasons, milk is probably the best option for most cooks.

Contribution & Cooking Exp

The real choice is between Milk and CP + Cooking Exp.

For new players, the CP is a nice boost. If you hate questing, but love cooking, the Contribution Exp is an easy win. AFK CP? Love, love!

For players that enjoy questing and are near the CP soft cap anyway, milk would be more beneficial.

 Sources & Additional Info


With the old system, each cook had an added value of 120 Silver, 0.1 Beer, 2 Cooking Exp, 0.06 Milk, AND 2 CP.

Current reports suggest the new byproduct has a 2% drop rate which means you’ll need to choose one:

  • 2.5 Beer per cook

  • 0.24 Milk per cook

  • 1.8 CP and 0.6 cooking exp per cook

  • 200 silver per cook (from vendoring the byproducts @10K each)

Beer and Milk rates were buffed, CP is about the same, cooking exp was nerfed significantly, but most importantly you can only choose one out of the four.

If you only care about CP then the rate will be about the same, but you won’t be getting an extra ~940 silver of added value to each cook that you used to get with old byproducts.


Patch Notes Copy

  • The Byproducts you can obtain through Cooking or Alchemy have been updated.

Cooking and Alchemy Byproducts have been updated.

Cooking and Alchemy Byproducts are one of the first contents of Black Desert which reflect the game’s philosophy that any content can lead to a character’s growth. However, because of their huge variety, they used to occupy a lot of space in the message of items produced, and also affected your Inventory as well as its weight. Hence we have been considering narrowing down the variety of the byproducts while enhancing their concept as we tried to figure out the ways of improving the convenience of the game for our players. Now we are ready to show you the result of our efforts.

You will now obtain only one kind of byproduct with Cooking or Alchemy, instead of many. You can still exchange this new byproduct for an item that you wish as before. Also, with this change, you can now obtain all items at once, which will allow you to focus on what you want. We tried to keep the exchange ratio given that this “obtaining all at once” would be possible, but the level at which, for instance, Contribution could be exchanged for byproducts was already set very high, so we have unfortunately decreased this ratio. However, we will try to investigate the ways in which our players could enjoy Cooking and Alchemy contents more meaningfully, and continue with the updates.

  • You can randomly obtain “Witch’s Delicacy” through Cooking.
  • You can randomly obtain “Mysterious Catalyst” through Alchemy.


*You can exchange the Witch’s Delicacy with Nadia Rowen of Olvia.
Witch’s Delicacy x10 Beer x500
Witch’s Delicacy x10 Milk x120
Witch’s Delicacy x10

Contribution EXP 900 +

Cooking EXP x30