[Manor] Fountain of Blessed Springs rewards those who have dedicated time to the Sailing Life Skill.

It is one of my favorite manor yard decorations, although not as large as some manor fountains.


[Manor] Fountain of Blessed Springs


It can only be installed in the exterior yard of a manor.


Bad Joke #007:
What did one manor fountain say to the other?
Water you doing tonight?

[Manor] Fountain of Blessed Springs

Requirements at a Glance

  • ship access
  • 10,000 Crow Coins
  • TRI: Manos Sailors Clothes
  • Knowledge category from sailing in Margoria
  • Items from Papua Crinea and Sailing/Barter

TRI+ Manos Sailor’s Clothes

To obtain the first quest, purchase from the Marketplace or craft/enhance some Manos Sailor’s Clothes.

Equip Item:

TRI: Manos Sailor’s Clothes (or higher)


Quest Name: [Manor] To Margoria

Quest NPC: Soryu <Sibyl>

Quest Requirements:

  • Equip TRI: Manos Sailor’s Clothes.
  • Obtain all the knowledge in the Margoria’s Star category.


Oquilla’s Eye is an island located far north of Velia and Lema Island.

TRI Manos Sailor's Clothes

Sail to Oquilla’s Eye

If you don’t have an Epheria Caravel/Galleass or better, I recommend you make that your priority first.

Soryu location map

View Oquilla’s Eye node location on bdolytics.com.

Quest Start NPC:
Location: Oquilla’s Eye

Wings of Frozen Tides

Completing this quest will increase the Amity of either Empress Papuraora or General Crioniak, but choose wisely, as it will decrease the other’s Amity.

Quest Name: [Manor] [Weekly] Wings of Frozen Tides

Quest Requirements:

  • GiveIridescent Pebble x1
    • Exchange Rainbow Fish Bone Coin x100 to Jabuo at the Ardal Fish Market or Rainbow Petal Coin x100 to Chief Benitu in the Panipani Village.
  • Give Blue Spirit Essence x20
    • Sea Monster drop from Black Rust, Goldmont Large Battleship, Hekaru, Lekrashan, Nineshark, Ocean Stalker, Saltwater Crocodile, Young Nineshark

Quest Completion Results:

Wings of Frozen Tides
+200 Amity: Quest Giver
-100 Amity: opposite faction

Quest Start NPC:
<Otter General>
OR: Empress Papuraora <Papu Empress>


Papua Crinea is an island west of Loopy Tree Forest, Kamasylvia.

View Papua Crinea node location on somethinglovely.net.

Crioniak Location Map

Ocean Horizon Key

In order to accept the quest from Bindo, you will need to use a crafted key on a hidden chest.


Treasure Chest Location

Use key on Treasure Chest <Dimly Shimmering>.

Reward: Heaven’s Tower


  • The chest is located in the water in the middle of Oquilla’s Eye.
  • Bring swimming gear.
  • View location on bdocodex.com
treasure chest map soryru quest

Fountain of Divine Melodies

Fountain of Divine Melodies is purchased with 10,000 Crow Coins.


  • Ravinia at Crow’s Nest or
  • Livenia at Oquilla’s Eye

To learn more about how to obtain and spend Crow Coins, please visit our Crow Coin Guide.

Gold Bar 1,000G

Finally, purchase a 1000G Gold Bar from a Storage Keeper.

If you have done all the above, you will have the following items and will be able to obtain the quest from Bindo.

4 Required Items:

Quest Start NPC:
<Ratt Delegation>
Location: Oquilla’s Eye

bindo location map

Quest: [Manor] [Weekly] Fountain of Blessed Springs


View Oquilla’s Eye node location on bdolytics.com.

Screenshots of [Manor] Fountain of Blessed Springs

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