Broad Sea’s Shipwreck is a map that leads to a dungeon entrance in the sea.

You rarely obtain them by completing a Sailing Gate and using a key.


Possible Broad Sea’s Shipwreck Rewards:


  • Gold: 200 to 2200
  • Sea Bounty: Broad Sea’s Adventure Map
  • Card XP: Soul Leaf and Eternity Essence
  • Roster XP: 520+
  • Related Achievements: Restaurant on the Sea, You Work for Me
  • Rare Sailors: blue grade Crew Applications
Deep Sea's Hidden Treasure

Obtain a Broad Sea’s Shipwreck Map

There is a very rare chance a Broad Sea’s Shipwreck Map will drop when you participate in a Sailing Gate then use a key on the chest that spawns at the end.

Keys are obtained from seperate Sailing Co-ops. Each Sailing Co-op has a specific key that it can drop.

The easist beginner key to obtain is Key of Harmony, obtained by participating in any of the 3 missions within Sailing Co-op events for Vern, Arthetine, and Anikka.


Gate of Harmony

Finding Sailing Events

Open the Calendar (Alt + H) then select the Sailing category.

Sailing Co-op Events

Sailing Co-op events occur 3 times every day and Gates about every other day.

Use Broad Sea’s Shipwreck

RMB the Broad Sea’s Shipwreck in your inventory.

It will show the location of the shipwreck.

TIP: the text will change on the map as you move, indicating how close you are. When you are very close, it will start to give you more precise directions.

deep sea hidden treasure map

Finding the Shipwreck Location

Look for an icon on the water that looks like a wooden ship that has been destroyed.

Entrance to Broad Sea's Shipwreck

After you interact with the shipwreck, you will be placed outside on the ship’s deck.

Go upstairs then look for a portal that may be hidden or blocked by other objects.

The portal takes you inside the ship.

Broad Sea's Shipwreck

Your goal is to find a brown or red treasure chest with gold and goodies inside.

If the chest is not on the lower deck, look for a portal in inside the shipwreck that will take you to the very top deck.

Red Chest on Broad Sea's Shipwreck

You may have to fight pirates or destroy trash on the way to the chest.


Broad Sea's Shipwreck Treasure Chest

Some Broad Sea Shipwrecks will require you to avoid detection.

Stay outside the guard’s red radar circle.

Hide inside the green bush if a guard comes too close.

If you are noticed, all the guards will attack you. If this happens you must run inside the green bush to reset the guards.

broad sea shipwreck

Broad Sea’s Shipwreck Rewards

If you are lucky, you will get a rare or epic sailor.


Example Rewards:

  • Gold: 2,222
  • Card XP: Soul Leaf x4 and Eternity Essence x1
  • Sea Bounty: Broad Sea’s Adventure Map
  • Sailor: Seoyeon  Rare Crew for White Wind
  • Roster XP: 670
  • Related Achievements: Restaurant on the Sea, You Work for Me
Broad Sea's Shipwreck
Lost Ark Sailor: Seoyeon

Related Achievements


View Achievements: Alt + O → Sailing → Crew


You Work for Me!

  • Recruit 10 crew members (520 Roster XP)
  • Recruit 20 crew members (670 Roster XP)
  • Recruit 40 crew members (820 Roster XP)
  • Recruit 60 crew members (1120 Roster XP)
  • Recruit 120 crew members (1490 Roster XP)


Restaurant on the Sea

  • Obtain Rare Morimori
  • Obtain Rare Yongjin
  • Obtain Rare Seoyeon
  • Obtain Epic Yozo
  • Obtain Relic Sorang