There is a very rare chance to proc 1-2 Buried Trace in your loot table when Lumbering, Tanning, Extracting, Hoeing, Mining or Butchering.

An announcement will appear alerting you to a buried trace after you’ve gathered from a node. Use 1 energy to interact with the buried trace (dirt cloud) to spawn a mystery chest.

* Use a Gold Key to open chests!

Buried Trace and Mystery Chest will disappear if not interacted with!

buried trace announcement
dig in the buried trace

Obtainable items from the Mystery Chest

▼ Guaranteed drops:
– Sharp Black Crystal Shard x5-7
– Hard Black Crystal Shard x10-15

▼ Obtained according to a set probability:
– Ancient Spirit Dust x5-20
– Fruit of Crimson Flame x5-10
– Fruit of Abundance x5-10
– Fruit of Nature x5-10
– Fruit of the Sun x5-10
– Fruit of Enchantment x5-10
– Fruit of Magic Power x5-10
– Fruit of Perfection x5-10
– Fruit of Destruction x5-10

* You will need a Gold Key to open chest.

Example of loot from Buried Trace Mystery Chest below.

buried trace loot
Gold Keys

Don’t have any Gold Keys? No problem! Exchange 100 Silver Keys for 1 Gold Key at the Crow Merchants Guild’s Morco who is found in major cities. Silver and Gold keys can also be purchased at the Marketplace.

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