6 types of furniture for a concert hall were added for the manor on 2-16-22. Flondor Concert Furniture can be obtained after the title, “Wings of Florchestra” is earned.

“Wings of Florchestra” title is a reward for collecting all Florchestra instruments, as well as having completed the [Manor] A Father’s Heart quest.

[Manor] Flondor concert furniture requires completing specific quests to obtain each design and can be crafted with other materials through a level 5 Furniture Workshop.

Bad Joke #007:
Imp <Flaming Guitarist> burned down Flondor Stage.
I have no symphony for him.

Flondor musical performance items can be installed in the exterior of a manor.

Flondor Furniture Florechetra Concert

Flondor Concert Furniture Quests


Quest Start NPC: Stella <General Goods Vendor>

Quest Line Rewards:

Design: Flondor *furniture*


Flondor Furniture Quest Start
[Manor] Letter from Port Epheria
[Manor] Letter from Grándiha
[Manor] Letter from Altinova
[Manor] Letter from Alejandro Farm
[Manor] Letter from Duvencrune
[Manor] Letter from Calpheon


Stella <General Goods Vendor>
Location: Florin, Calpheon Territory

Florechestra Knowledge Requirement

Flondor Concert Furniture requires you to obtain 8 Knowledge in order to get the title, “Wings of Florchestra”.

Each of these Knowledge are given after you obtain a new Florchestra Instrument.


Knowledge (H) → Adventure Journal → Travel Journal → Florchestra Instruments

8 Knowlege hints say, “Artina’s Instrument Shop”

Flondor Concert Furniture Screenshots

These screenshots were taken from the Global Lab patch notes here.


[Manor] Flondor Jukebox


[Manor] Flondor Stage


[Manor] Flondor Dais


[Manor] Flondor Three-tiered Starry Risers


[Manor] Flondor Three-tiered Foliage Risers


[Manor] Flondor Blessing Chair


Flondor Orchestra


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