[Bonus] Cooking for Heidelian Soldiers is a quest you can randomly obtain, after achieving Skilled 1 Cooking level.

  • Obtaining this bonus cooking quest is limited by Cooking level and Cooking recipe.
  • View the chart below to determine which Cooking recipes can reward this bonus cooking quest.

QUEST REWARD – Choose 1:

Bonus Cooking Quest Details

As you cook, you can obtain a special [Bonus] Cooking quest that requires you to cook a specific amount of dishes. Obtain this quest up to 3x per day. Cook 100 Pickled Vegetables and hand the quest into Liana when finished.

Bonus Cooking quests are obtained randomly, but require you to have a specific level of Cooking while you create specific recipes.

Icon Bonus Cooking Quest Dish Requirement Dish Recipe
[Bonus] Cooking for Heidelian Soldiers 100 – Pickled Vegetables 8- Vegetables
4- Vinegar
2- Leavening Agent
2- Sugar


In the table below, the Cooking level listed is the Cooking level required to randomly obtain a Bonus Cooking quest.

It is NOT the minium level required to cook the recipe.

For details about the recipes below, visit this Cooking Recipe Chart you can filter and search, with Cooking Exp, level requirements, etc.




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