Cooking Recipe Tool Tips:


  • The EYE BALL Button:
    • Click the EYE BALL to hide or show any column you like.
    • all columns are shown by default
  • Search Tips:
    • Search via Cooking ingredient to find all recipes that use that ingredient
    • Search anything you like: name, level, exp amount, etc.
    • Use β€œQUOTES” for strict search
      • β€œall ap” will list all items that effect AP
  • Filter Boxes: show only Cooking Recipes of a certain Level, EXP, or Type
    • select more than one Filter
    • click the link that pops up to remove a filter
  • Sort by Column: numerically or alphabetically

    WARNING: Cooking EXP is greatly dependant upon your little goblin’s idea of what is difficult to cook!

    • But don’t worry, cooking goblins only cook and don’t eat… humans. πŸ™‚
    • Healthy Cooks can cut Cooking time in half by 1/8 of a cup of Cooking Disaster!