Courser Awakening can begin when a Courser obtains a specific set of 7 skills. These skills are required in order to create a Dream Horse.


Courser Benefits:

  • roughly 3 to 4 times more Horse Market sell value than a normal horse
  • potentially earn more horse skills from breeding.
  • start Courser Awakening to obtain a Dream Horse

Coursers have a gold horse head icon inside the horse info window.

The image shows a Courser horse on the right side vs a normal horse, without a gold icon.

BDO Courser at the Horse Market

7 Courser Skills are required in order to start Courser Awakening.


T8 Courser Skills:

  • Charge
  • Sprint
  • Drift
  • Instant Accel
  • Sideways
  • S:Instant Accel
  • S:Sideways

Each horse tier has their own requirement for Courser. The more tiers your horse has, the more skills are required.

Courser Skill Requirements by Tier

Tier Required Horse Skills for Courser
1 & 2 BDO Horse Skill Charge
3 & 4 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill Drift
Charge / Drift
5 & 6 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill Sprint
Charge / Drift / Sprint
7 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill SprintBDO Horse Skill Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill Sideways
Charge / Drift / Sprint / Instant Accel / Sideways
8 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill SprintBDO Horse Skill Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill SidewaysBDO Horse Skill S: Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill S: Sideways
Charge / Drift / Sprint / Instant Accel / Sideways / S:Instant Accel / S:Sideways


To view a detailed list of horse skill info, visit our BDO Horse Tiers, Skills, & Stats List.


Courser Skills UI

View the horse skills that are not yet learned by the mount when mousing over the horse icon.

T8 Horse Comparison

  • Horses with well-rounded stats are 8A, 8B, and 8D.
  • 8E has the best Speed, but also usually the worst Brake.
  • 8C excels at Brake, but looses in Speed.

Base Stats for Tier 8 horses are shown in the chart.

Horse Coat Code Speed
LT HP Stam
T8B 128.5% 125.5% 90 1613 3290
T8C 128.8% 136.0% 135 1620 3361
T8D 130.0% 124.0% 135 1651 3409
T8A 131.5% 122.5% 90 1783 3296
T8E 136.0% 112.0% 135 1675 3441


Horse Skill Gain Chances for T8

Thank you to for the data values.

Also big thanks for a spreadsheet posted by Wolfy in Discord: view source spreadsheet


Horse Coat
w/ codex link
T8A 0 4 5
T8B 2 4 3
T8C 0 0 8
T8D 5 3 1
T8E 0 8 0



** Courser Skills

Horse Breeding with Coursers

When you breed two Coursers, you get a foal with 2 horse skills. If just one parent is a Courser, you only have a 50% chance of getting two skills.

Starting with 2 skills is a benefit because it increases your chances of obtaining an above normal amount of skills. Many low Tier horses struggle with learning 2 skills.

NOTE: performing Horse Exchange, instead of normal Horse Breeding of coursers produces foals with only one skill.


Courser Skill Training Methods

In order to start your goal in obtaining a Dream Horse, you will need a Courser with those 7 specific skills.

But how can you be sure to get the skills you need?


2 Horse Skill Options:

  • Mount Skill Selection Coupon: 3100 Pearls to select the horse skill you want.
  • Mount Skill Change Coupon: 250 Pearls for RNG horse skill.


Forechop Method

The “Forechop Method” is one way trainers have attempted to secure a courser. This method claims to increase the amount of skills a horse can obtain, thereby increasing the chances you will get the Courser skill set.


Forechop Method Step by Step

  • Level your horse until it has the skills most easy for it to learn like Fore Chop, Hind Kick, and Quick Back
    • usually occurs before horse reaches level 15
    • look at the T8 table above, find your horse coat and the skills that have the highest chance to be learned
  • Thereafter, use a Mount Skill Change Coupon on Fore Chop, each time your horse learns a new skill.
    • Pearl Shop price for coupon is 250 Pearls for 1 or 2500 Pearls for 11 (Buy 10, get one free)
    • Fore Chop will be replaced by a horse skill from your pool of unlearned skills. You don’t get to choose which skill you get.
    • Increases your chance to learn the skill you want by a small amount… the amount may be extremely low. Look at the chart to see if it’s worth it to you. For example, S:Sideways has the lowest learn chance of all Courser Skills (0.225% for all Tier 8 horses)

As you can see, RNG can work against you using this method. However, there is a kind of failstack system in place. Read more below.


Mount Skill Change Point

The success rates of changing a mount’s skills, when using the Mount Skill Change Coupon, are visible in the Manage Skill window at the <Stable Keeper>

Mount Skill Change Point Facts:

  • The Skill Change Point stays the same even when you select a different Desired Skill
  • The chance of learning the Desired Skill increases as the Skill Change Point increases
  • Courser skills cannot be changed to other skills once a horse becomes a courser.
  • Each rate reflects the Skill Change Point.
  • Each rate is rounded up to the thousandths.



Courser Training Part 2

So you spent hours leveling your horses and have obtained a beautiful Courser!


Now you move on to the next step in your journey of Dream Horse freedom! 🙂