Barrier of Infestation is a questline that rewards three permanent family-wide stats of +20 HP, +1AP, and +1DP. It requires defeating 3 different Elvia Kzarka, a solo boss that you can summon at the end of the questline.



  • Level 61+
  • 280 AP and 320 DP or a character who can be buffed to fight in Elvia Serendia grinding spots.
  • Questline starting with [Elvia] Obsidian Ashes from Black Spirit (,)
  • You can only accept the quest [Elvia] Dreary Moonlight while inside the Elvia Realm.

Total Rewards:

  • Permanant Sheet Stats:
      • +1 AP
      • +1 DP
      • +20 Max HP
  • 15 Valtarra’s Flame
  • 15 Okiara’s Tide
  • 15  Narc’s Lightning
  • 10 Seed of Void
  • 125 Predator’s Roots
  • 50 Cron Stone
  • 500 Ancient Spirit Dust

Elvia Kzarka Highlights:

  • Summon and defeat a progressively more difficult Elvia Kzarka 3 times.
  • 7 minute time limit on defeating Kzarka (bring Elion’s Blessing to save time on running back after death)
  • Death Penalty does not apply if Kzarka is the last one to hit you.
  • Elvia Weapon can’t be used on Elvia Kzarka.

Where did I put that Bug Spray?!

Barrier of Infestation Questline & Rewards

Barrier of Infestation Quest Quest Rewards
16 quests starting with:
 [Elvia] Obsidian Ashes
 15  – Valtarra’s Flame
 15  – Okiara’s Tide
 15  – Narc’s Lightning
 10  – Seed of Void
[Elvia] Kzarka: Barrier of Infestation II  5  – Predator’s Roots

[Elvia] Kzarka: Barrier of Infestation III

Defeat Restrained Kzarka

 30  – Predator’s Roots
All DP + 1 (Family-wide)

[Elvia] Kzarka: Barrier of Infestation IV

Defeat Consumed Kzarka

 500  – Ancient Spirit Dust
 40  – Predator’s Roots
 Max HP + 20 (Family-wide)

[Elvia] Kzarka: Barrier of Infestation V

Defeat Transcended Kzarka

 50  – Cron Stone
 50  – Predator’s Roots
 All AP + 1 (Family-wide)



Elvia Kzarka Requirements

Level 61+

View Questline: Press O key → Suggested

  • [Combat] [Lv. 61] Elvia, Kzarka, and the Barrier of Infestation

Start NPC: Black Spirit (,)


elvia kzarka barrier of infestation

[Elvia] The Black Sun’s Realm

Obtain 100 of each trash item from the following locations:

  • Oily Orange Mushroom: Red Orc Camp
  • Proof of Reckless Courage: Biraghi Den
  • Hardened Casque: Swamp Fogan Habitat
  • Bruised Naga Fin: Swamp Naga Habitat
  • Mark of Desperate Rebels: Castle Ruins
  • Covetous Eye: Altar Imp Habitat
  • Proof of Blind Faith: Bloody Monastery
the black sun's realm quest


Elvia Grinding Spot Mobs AP Levels DP

Elvia Biraghi Den Guide

view map:
Biraghi Den

Bandits 240-270 310

Altar Imp Habitat
(party of 2 rec.)

Location Map:
Northern Plain of Serendia

Imps 240-270 310

(party of 3 rec.)

Location Map:
Castle Ruins

Rebels 250-280 320

Swamp Fogan Habitat

Location Map:
Southern Cienaga

Fogans 260-280 330

Elvia Glish Swamp Guide

Location Map:
Glish Swamp

Nagas 260-280 330
Location Map:
Orc Camp
Orcs 280-320 340

Elvia Bloody Monastery Guide

Location Map:
Bloody Monastery

Cultists 280-320 340


[Elvia] Fate of Glish – Mark of Hadum Puzzle

  • The Fate of Glish
    • Get 9 puzzle pieces ‘Mark of Hadum’ from NPCs located around Glish
    • Requires 270 Energy (You can use Alt’s Energy as well.)
  • The following NPCs give ‘Mark of Hadum’ for 30 Energy each:
    • Cheremio <Dispatched Investigator from Heidel> (the basement, in the room beside the Kamasylve Tree)
    • Ceasar <Skill Instructor>
    • Urahr <Seed Vendor>
    • Freharau <Alchemist>
    • Kanna <Material Vendor>
    • Amaranto <Arms Dealer>
    • Seilane <General Goods Vendor>
    • Frenil <Storage Keeper>
    • Allan <Stable Keeper>


Mark of Hadum Puzzle Pattern

Form the Mark of Hadum puzzle pieces into an eye shape.

Make sure auto arrange is turned off.

Adventure Logs & Quests Giving AP & DP

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