BDO Elvia Realms are special channels or servers that convert low level Serendia and Calpheon zones into end game grinding spots, where players can earn top tier rewards for their troubles. In fun times, right? Or… *splat*

Elvia Serendia has lower AP recommendations than Elvia Calpheon.


Elvia Serendia Benefits:

  • Revived Lunar/River Necklaces (high Accuracy or high DP)
  • upgrade defensive Blackstar gear into Obsidian Blackstar
  • high reported silver per hour
  • Elvia Kzarka for permanent +1 AP DP, +20 HP
  • Elvia Atoraxxion has better rewards
  • Enhancement for Yellow Grade Accessories (Elvia Cups)
    • add +3% Critical Hit Damage to rings
    • add +125 HP to rings for wimps! 🙂
    • add +150 HP to necklaces
    • add +6 DR to belts
    • add +3 AP to belts and earrings
Elvia Realm Server Select

Elvia Servers have a round and green icon.

Note that Arsha is also an Elvia Realm, giving +50% Item Drop Rate.

Give me an evil Elvia Realm to vanquish!! Hadum will perish!

Elvia Serendia Grinding Spots

Elvia Serendia grinding spots include 7 areas located in Serendia.

The DP listed is the mininum you should have. Recommended level is 61+

Elvia Serendia hunting locations have unique mechanics to learn in order to master them.


Is Elvia AP Capped?

Elvia zones have “Optimal AP Levels” or AP Cap, which means you will not benefit “unfairly” from having an AP that exceeds the highest number in the AP range.


Elvia Grinding Spot Mobs AP Levels DP

Elvia Biraghi Den Guide map:
Biraghi Den

Bandits 240-270 310

Altar Imp Habitat
(party of 2 rec.)

Location Map:
Northern Plain of Serendia

Imps 240-270 310

(party of 3 rec.)

Location Map:
Castle Ruins

Rebels 250-280 320

Swamp Fogan Habitat

Location Map:
Southern Cienaga

Fogans 260-280 320

Elvia Glish Swamp Guide

Location Map:
Glish Swamp

Nagas 260-280 320
Location Map:
Orc Camp
Orcs 280-320 340

Elvia Bloody Monastery Guide

Location Map:
Bloody Monastery

Cultists 280-320 340


Elvia Loot with Grinding Spot Data

Elvia Loot is desirable to upgrade gear you may have already and drops ingredients for a DP or Accuracy necklace.

The numbers under the grinding spot indicate the rough number per hour you can expect at that location.

Thank you to Duodecil for number dropped per hour data! View his youtube channel here.


Elvia Loot to Upgrade Accessories

The ingredients that drop in Elvia Grinding Spots allow you to craft 6 different items via Processing > Heating to upgrade accessories.

For more details on Elvia Cup upgrades for accessories:



Revived Necklaces

You can obtain the ingredients required for Revived Necklaces from Elvia Grinding Spots.

Revived Lunar Necklace

This is a very high Accuracy necklace with a secondary bonus of AP.

Revived Lunar Necklace
Enhancement Level Item Effect
Revived Lunar Necklace AP 11
Accuracy 2
PRI (I) Revived Lunar Necklace AP 15
Accuracy 12
DUO (II) Revived Lunar Necklace AP 19
Accuracy 22
TRI (III) Revived Lunar Necklace AP 23
Accuracy 32
TET (IV) Revived Lunar Necklace AP 27
Accuracy 42
PEN (V) Revived Lunar Necklace AP 31
Accuracy 52


Revived Lunar Necklace

Revived River Necklace

This is the best defensive necklace in BDO at the time of this writing. It is very high in DP, with a secondary bonus of Accuracy.

Revived River Necklace
Enhancement Level Item Effect
Revived River Necklace Accuracy 8
Evasion 7 (14)
Damage Reduction 6
PRI (I) Revived River Necklace Accuracy 12
Evasion 9 (18)
Damage Reduction 7
Max HP +30
DUO (II) Revived River Necklace Accuracy 16
Evasion 11 (22)
Damage Reduction 8
Max HP +60
TRI (III) Revived River Necklace Accuracy 20
Evasion 13 (26)
Damage Reduction 9
Max HP +90
TET (IV) Revived River Necklace Accuracy 24
Evasion 15 (30)
Damage Reduction 10
Max HP +120
PEN (V) Revived River Necklace Accuracy 28
Evasion 17 (34)
Damage Reduction 11
Max HP +150


Revived River Necklace

Revived Necklace Comparison


Moonlit Necklaces AP Acc DP Eva DR Moonlit Necklace Stats
Moonlit Ogre Ring 35 24 Max HP+150
Moonlit Sicil’s Necklace 22 24 13 13+26 Max HP+150
Moonlit Serap’s Necklace 28 24 Max HP+200
Moonlit Tungrad Necklace 35 24 Self-obtainable Black Spirit’s Rage +20%
Max HP+150
Moonlit Laytenn’s Power Stone 35 24 Max HP+150
Moonlit Deboreka Necklace 40 24 Max HP+150
Moonlit River Necklace 28 28 17+34 11 Max HP+300
Moonlit Lunar Necklace 31 52 Max HP+150
Moonlit Capotia Necklace 30 20 Max HP+150


Elvia Mats for Blackstar Upgrades

Elvia grinding spots drop ingredients required to upgrade Blackstar defensive gear.

You need to craft 1 Obsidian Specter’s Energy to upgrade to Obsidian Blackstar.


Ingredients Obsidian Blackstar Ingredient Recipe

Obsidian Specter’s Energy

Simple Alchemy:

1x Passion of Valtarra

Simple Alchemy:

Valtarra’s Flame x100
Garmoth’s Scale x100

1x Reason of Okiara

Simple Alchemy:

Okiara’s Tide x100
Oil of Void x100

1x Courage of Narc

Simple Alchemy:

Narc’s Lightning x100
Fragment of All Creations x10
Legacy of the Ancient x10

1x Flower of Madness

Simple Alchemy:

Seed of Void x100
Concentrated Boss’ Aura x10

1x Specter’s Energy

Dropped by mobs starting in Valencia. Specter’s Energy Guide

Thornwood Forest in O’dyllita and Shultz Guard in Mediah have highest drop rates.



For more details on upgrading Blackstar defense gear, view our Obsidian Blackstar Guide.



Elvia Weapon (NPC Buffs)

Elvia grinding spots used to give Elvia Weapons. That has been removed. Now it is a buff instead, without any requirement to equip a different weapon.

This Elvia buff (“Blessing of the Elvia Spirits”) allows you to do much greater damage to Elvia mobs and Elvia bosses.


  • “Blessing of the Elvia Spirits” only lasts for 10 minutes!
  • The buff has a 10 minute cool down.
  • There are Daily and Weekly exchange quests you can do to get “Blessing of the Elvia Spirits”. (See Details below.)

  • Elvia buffs are obtained by glowing NPCs that spawn as you are fighting,
  • Chat with the NPC (Okiara, Narc, Valtarra) for a weapon buff.

The ancient spirits Valtarra, Okiara, and Narc grant their blessing to yourself and party members who initially summoned the spirits. (Not applicable to platoons. Party members must be in your party before the spirit spawns.)

Receiving the “Blessing of the Elvia Spirits” will apply the “Reminiscence of the Elvia Spirits” effect simultaneously, which will prevent you from obtaining another “Blessing” buff while under the effects of “Reminiscence.”

Once your blessing of the Elvia ancient spirits ends, you will need to wait for 10 minutes until you can receive a new “Blessing.”

The “Blessing of the Elvia Spirits” and “Reminiscence of the Elvia Spirits” effects’ cooldown timers will not continue to tick down while you’re logged out of the game.


Blessings of the Ancient Spirits

The Elvia ancient spirits spawn and stay for 5 minutes before they disappear. 1 minute before they disappear, their appearance changes.

You can obtain the “Whispers of Elvia Realm Spirits” buff, applied equally to both main and awakening weapons, by interacting with any spawned ancient spirit.

The “Whispers of Elvia Realm Spirits” buff grants Extra AP Against Monsters +3 for 5 minutes, and it is separate from the “Blessings” and “Reminiscence of the Elvia Spirits” buffs.

Once you’ve interacted with an ancient spirit and received their “Whispers” buff, the spirit will hide their presence as before.


Elvia Awakening Skill

Every class has a special Elvia Awakening Skill that can only be used with an Elvia Awakening Buff.

  • Costs 0 Skill Points
  • Elvia Skills have a 100% Critical rate
  • Superarmor & Down Attack
  • Good Debuffs: -20 to mob AP & DP for 10 seconds
  • Recover MP/WP on good hit (costs 40 MP/WP)
  • Cooldown 15s
  • Damage is good… so whack!

The image shows Guardian’s Elvia Awakening Skill.


    Elvia Awakening Skill for Guardian




    Predator’s Roots

    Predator’s Roots are obtained via Daily repeatable quests in Elvia.

    Predator’s Roots can be exchanged for 4 of the ingredients needed to craft Obsidian Specter’s Energy which is used to upgrade Blackstar defense gear to Obsidian Blackstar.

    To exchange, visit Lejenti, located in the basement of Glish.


    Predator’s Root Exchange Requirements:

    • Level 60+
    • Black Spirit quest “[Elvia] Obsidian Ashes” (Recommended Quest tab)



    Lejenti <Ahib Audrite Priest>
    Location: Glish Basement

    Predator’s Roots Exchange Rate

    Elvia Loot

    Predator’s Roots

    Elvia Loot Notes
    Narc’s Lightning
    100 Narc’s Lighting is required to upgrade Blackstar
    Okiara’s Tide
    100 Okiara’s Tide is required to upgrade Blackstar
    Seed of Void
    100 Seed of Void is required to upgrade Blackstar
    Valtarra’s Flame
    100 Valtarra’s Flame is required to upgrade Blackstar

    Elvia Weapon
    Elvia Main Weapon Box x1 or Elvia Awakening Weapon Box x1



    Elvia Quests for Predator’s Roots (Daily)


    • Level 60+
    • Be inside an Elvia Server

    These Elvia quests are family daily quests that reset at midnight (server time) of the day of completion


    Zone Quest NPC Quest Objective Reward
    Orc Camp Orc Hunter Brodie [Elvia Daily] A Chilling Presence at the Orc Camp Defeat Small Red Orc x100 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Voices from the Fog Defeat Red Orc Berserker x500 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Missing Red Orcs Defeat the Red Orcs x1000 x15
    Bloody Monastery Annalynn [Elvia Daily] Missing Thread of Hope Defeat Cultist x400 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Green-tinged Monastery Defeat Cultist Warrior x400 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Strange Cultists Defeat the Cultists x1500 x15
    Swamp Fogan Habitat Dernyl [Elvia Daily] Vigilant Fogan Defeat Swamp Fogan Guard x300 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Big Fogan Defeat Big Swamp Fogan x250 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Farm Owner’s Problem Defeat the Swamp Fogans x1000 x15
    Swamp Naga Habitat Zegna [Elvia Daily] A Familiar Swamp Defeat Naga Apprentice Spearman x250 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Swamp Naga Ecology Defeat Swamp Naga Axemen x250 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Missing Swamp Nagas Defeat the Swamp Nagas x1500 x15
    Castle Ruins Ruben [Elvia Daily] Tense Silence Defeat Mobility Unit x400 x5
    [Elvia Daily] The Eerie Calm in the Castle Ruins Defeat Charger x400 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Missing Al Rhundi Soldiers Defeat the Al Rhundi Rebels x2000 x15
    Biraghi Den Etunar [Elvia Daily] A Mountain in the Dark Defeat the Bandit Raid Captain x250 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Hidden Deep in the Mountains Defeat Bandit Defense Captain x500 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Kidnapped by Bandits?! Defeat the Bandits x2000 x15
    Altar Imp Habitat Zara Lynch [Elvia Daily] The Hidden Truth Defeat Altar Imp Fighter x200 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Strange Phenomenon Defeat Altar Imp Warrior x150 x5
    [Elvia Daily] Missing Altar Imps Defeat the Altar Imps x1000 x15

    Elvia Quests for Weapon Box Buffs

    Elvia weapon box quests are given by Lejenti <Ahib Audrite Priest> in the basement of Glish.

    • Elvia Weapon Boxes will expire 3 hours after you claim them, so use them quickly!
    • Elvia buffs last for 10 minutes.
    • Requirements:
      • Quest ‘[Elvia] Obsidian Ashes’
      • Level 60+ on the Elvia Realm server.
      • Weekly quest resets every Thursday at midnight (00:00 UTC).
      • Daily quest will reset at midnight (server time).


    Elvia Quest Quest Rewards

    [Elvia Daily] The Power of Three Ancient Spirits

    Hand over 50 Predator’s Roots

    Burning Valtarra’s Main Weapon Box
    Torrential Okiara’s Main Weapon Box
    Thunderous Narc’s Main Weapon Box
    Burning Valtarra’s Awakening Weapon Box
    Torrential Okiara’s Awakening Weapon Box
    Thunderous Narc’s Awakening Weapon Box

    [Elvia Weekly] Ready for the End

    – Hand over Liverto Main Weapon to Lejenti
    – Hand over Essence of Destruction to Lejenti

    Burning Valtarra’s Main Weapon Box
    Torrential Okiara’s Main Weapon Box
    Thunderous Narc’s Main Weapon Box
    Burning Valtarra’s Awakening Weapon Box
    Torrential Okiara’s Awakening Weapon Box
    Thunderous Narc’s Awakening Weapon Box

    Elvia Marni Stones

    Purchase Elvia Marni’s Stones and defeat the required number of enemies to exchange the stone for Elvia loot.


    • Level 61+
    • kills are counted only if you make the last hit
    • 110,000 silver per Elvia Marni Stone


    Buy and exchange Elvia Marni’s Stones with Wacky Toshi.

    Wacky Toshi is located in Glish.

    Marni Stone Guide

    Wacky Toshi <Marni’s Top Assistant>


    Elvia Marni’s Stone Kill Quantity Reward Item
    Elvia Marni’s Stone (Northern Plain of Serendia) 1,100 Shard of the Tearful Night
    Okiara’s Tide
    Elvia Marni’s Stone (Biraghi Den) 1,700 Shard of the Drained Night
    Narc’s Lightning
    Elvia Marni’s Stone (Southern Cienaga – Swamp Fogan) 1,100 Shard of the Tearful Night
    Okiara’s Tide
    Elvia Marni’s Stone (Glish Swamp – Swamp Naga) 1,400 Shard of the Drained Night
    Narc’s Lightning
    Elvia Marni’s Stone (Castle Ruins) 1,500 Heart of the Parched Forest
    Shard of the Furious Night
    Valtarra’s Flame
    Elvia Marni’s Stone (Orc Camp) 1,300 Heart of the Parched Forest
    Shard of the Furious Night
    Valtarra’s Flame
    Elvia Marni’s Stone (Bloody Monastery) 1,300 Narc’s Lightning
    Shard of the Drained Night



    Title Monster Zone
    Forged in the Flames [Elvia] Red Orc Camp
    Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
    Darkness Scorcher
    Resistance is Futile [Elvia] Swamp Naga Habitat
    Leave If You Naga
    Warrior of Thundering Swamps
    Can’t Stop the Fogan [Elvia] Swamp Fogan Habitat
    Swamp Warfare Expert
    Toot, toot! Ribbit, ribbit! Toot, toot!
    Death Throes? What’s That? [Elvia] Bloody Monastery
    Angel of Lightning
    Complete Different, You and I [Elvia] Altar Imp Habitat
    Bheg’s Chainmaker
    Professional Altar Builder
    I’m a Den Flower [Elvia] Biraghi Den
    Knocked a Thous-den Times
    Sought After Hadum’s Treasure
    Professional Backstabber [Elvia] Castle Ruins
    Specter of Castle Ruins
    King of Subjugation


    Elvia Titles for Combat

    You can obtain 21 titles by defeating monsters in Elvia Realm.

    Sources & Additional Info