Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear is obtained via Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>. You can exchange PEN Tuvala and TET boss gear for TET boss gear that has a method to guarantee PEN at 100% chance.

Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>


PEN boss gear is limited to one set of armor and weapons per account.

This boss gear has a method to 100% guarantee enhancement via “Reform Levels.”


  • Awakening Weapon (Sol) for Shai is excluded.
  • Accessories are excluded.
  • Boss Gear will be bound to family.
  • Boss Gear can not be sold in Central Market, however the chest piece CAN be upgraded to Fallen God’s Armor, which can be sold.


  • Gear that can be exchanged for “Brilliant” boss gear:
    • PEN Tuvala that has been converted during Season Graduation (even from past Seasons)
    • TET boss gear that was given via a boss gear exchange coupon.
    • TET boss gear that is purchased on the market or obtained normally.
    • Before exchanging your gear:
      • place gear in your inventory (so it is not equipped)
      • remove any Caphras levels
      • remove any crystals

Obtain up to 7 Boss Gear:


  • Helmet:
    • TET: Giath’s Helmet or
    • TET: Griffon’s Helmet
  • Gloves:
    • TET: Leebur’s Gloves or
    • TET: Bheg’s Gloves
  • Shoes:
    • TET: Muskan’s Shoes or
    • TET: Urugon’s Shoes
  • Armor:
    • TET: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor or
    • TET: Red Nose’s Armor
  • Main Weapon:
    • TET: Kzarka Main Weapon Box or
    • TET: Offin Main Weapon Box
  • Sub Weapon:
    • TET: Nouver Subweapon Box or
    • TET: Kutum Subweapon Box
  • Awakening Weapon:
    • TET: Dandelion Awakening Weapon Box

100% Chance PEN Gear:

This gear has also been called “Brilliant Boss Gear”, “Reformed Boss Gear”, and “Resplendent Boss Gear” although it retains the traditional boss gear names. It is just like normal boss gear, with the same names, but has a “Reform Level” not seen on normal boss gear. This is because it requires a completely different method of enhancement.

Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear

Reform Levels:

Jetina Boss Gear is given to you at TET level. You upgrade it 5 times with 5 different Reform Stones.

Base Level 0:

Jetina Boss Weapon

Reform Level 1:

Jetina Boss Weapon: Reform Level 1

Requirements for Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear

  • Level 60+
  • Short Quest Line (talking to NPCs)
    • “A Cry for Help” Black Spirit (,) > Quests > Suggestions
    • “Old Moon Guild’s Trade Offer” (Jetina)
    • “[PEN (V) Boss Gear]: The Old Moon Guild’s Best Deal” Black Spirit (,) > Quests > Suggestions
BDO Old Moon Quest

Upgrading Jetina Gear to PEN

Jetina’s unique TET Boss Gear can be upgraded to PEN by using special stones.

The main materials used in creating the stones are obtained by a weekly quest from Jetina.

This weekly quest requires you to turn in 2 *boss name* Latent Aura for 115 Concentrated *boss name* Crystal.


Obtaining Latent Aura:

  • World & Field boss
  • Dark Rift boss
  • Summon Scroll Boss


Jetina Boss Gear: Awakening Weapon Reform Stone

Boss Latent Aura

2 Latent Aura are needed for the weekly quest for 115 boss crystals.

Boss Spawn Types

Spawn bosses and defeat them to obtain *boss name* Latent Aura or Concentrated *boss name* Crystal.


Qty Boss Spawn Type Boss
1+ World Boss Kzarka, Nightmarish Kzarka, Nouver, Bloodstorm  Nouver,  Kutum,  Thundercloud Kutum, Karanda, Stormbringer Karanda, Offin Tett
1+ Field Boss Dim Tree Spirit, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg
1+ Dark Rift Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon
0+ Normal Boss Summon Scroll Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon, Urugon, Leebur
1+ Awakened Boss Summon Scroll Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon, Urugon
1+ Darkened Boss Summon Scroll Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon, Urugon

Boss Spawn Times: Velia Inn and Boss Discord.

Weekly Quest for Jetina Gear

After completing the quest “Old Moon’s Guild Trade Offer” Jetina will offer the following quests that give 115 boss crystals:

  • Each quest rewards 115 Crystals.
  • Weekly quests are limited to one per family per week. (You can’t get crystals for your Dandelion plus your Kzarka in the same week.)
  • Resets every Thursday at midnight.
  • Quests are shared with all characters. (You can pick it up with one character, switch to an Alt to exchange the Latent Aura, then switch back to the first character to finish the quest and obtain the reward crystals.)

Reform Stone I Recipe

Processing (L) > Heating:

  • Rough Opal ( via mining. See details below.)
  • 20 – Magical Shard (Processing (L) > Heating: yellow grade Black Magic Crystal)
  • 60 – Concentrated *boss name* Crystal (get from weekly quest requiring 2 Latent Aura)
  • 10 – Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon or Armor) (Processing (L) > Heating: Crystal Shard + Black Stone (Weapon or Armor)
  • 50 – Memory Fragment



Resplendent *weapon/armor name* Reform Stone I


This is the first stone required to upgrade your gear to Reform Level 1.

The recipe is the same for all gear, except the Crystal and Black Stone will reflect the gear you are upgrading.

Jetina Gear Reform Stone Recipe

The images reflect the Dandelion Awakening Weapon.

Reform Stone Progression & Mats

Each reform stone requires more materials than the last.


Reform Stones (Dandelion images) Black Stone
Magical Shard
Memory Fragment
Boss Crystal
Boss Aura
Oquilla Crystal
Resplendent Reform Stone I 10 20 50 60
Resplendent Reform Stone II 20 30 100 60
Resplendent Reform Stone III 30 50 150 60
Resplendent Reform Stone IV 40 100 250 60
Resplendent Reform Stone V 50 450 120 30 1
TOTAL 150 200 1000 360 30 1


NOTE: Oquilla Crystal requires silver. The price increases each time you purchase it. Base price for 1 weapon is 1.5 billion silver.

Oquilla Crystal Cost

The largest cost will be for PEN level Reform Stone, because you will need 1 Oquilla Crystal.

The only way to obtain this right now is with silver. ( 30 to 220 Oquilla Piece of the Old Moon is exchanged for 1 Oquilla Crystal. Completed via exchange quests that get more expensive each time you complete them.)

Oquilla Piece of the Old Moon: 50,000,000 silver each at an Old Moon Manager.

Oquilla Crystal Costs:


Jetina Gear Oquilla Piece
of Old Moon
1st PEN Weapon 30 1.5b
2nd PEN Weapon 70 3.5b
3rd PEN Weapon 120 6b
1st PEN Defense Gear 80 4b
2nd PEN Defense Gear 120 6b
3rd PEN Defense Gear 160 8b
4th PEN Defense Gear 220 11b


TOTAL Defense Gear Cost:

  • 29 billion silver ( for all 4 at PEN )


TOTAL Weapons Cost:

  • 11 billion silver ( for all 3 at PEN )


NOTE: does NOT include costs of other mats purchased, like Memory Fragments, Black Stones, and Magic Crystals which can be purchased on the Market.

View Primm’s Cost Analysis Image. Thanks Primm! 🙂

Rough Opal

1 Rough Opal is required for the first level Reform Stone.

It is currently sold out on the Marketplace.

It can be gathered with a mining pick from “Strange Rock” and “Opal” nodes.

View location maps below. Map Credits: thanks!

BDO Rough Opal

Rough Opal Location: NW of Sausan Garrison, along the coast.

Rough Opal Location Map

Rough Opal Location: SE of Kusha, along the coast.

Rough Opal Location Map

Rough Opal Location: N of Port Epheria, along the coast.

Rough Opal Location Map

TET Boss Gear Comparison

Which TET boss gear is the best choice? They have identical stats to the gear available in the Marketplace. So lets take a look!

Boss Gloves

PEN Stats:

Boss Glove DP Acc Eva DR
Leebur’s Gloves
62 25 33 + 103
29 + 17
Bheg’s Gloves 60 50 26 + 78
34 + 19

Leebur’s trades 25 Accuracy and 7 DR for 32 Evasion + 2 Sheet DP.


For more boss gear comparisons and stats, please view our Jetina Gear Comparison page.

You can cast your vote and view player favorites!

TET Leebur's Gloves
TET Bheg's Gloves


More will be added as we know more. Thanks for checking back!


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