Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear is obtained via Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>. You can exchange PEN Tuvala and TET boss gear for TET boss gear that has a method to guarantee PEN at 100% chance.

Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>


This boss gear has a method to 100% guarantee enhancement via “Reform Levels.”

Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear Facts:

  • Awakening Weapon (Sol) for Shai is excluded.
  • Accessories are excluded, but 1 PEN Accessory is available via a different PEN Accessory system.
  • Can not enhance with the old RNG method. Caphras can be used after PEN level is reached.
  • Jetina Boss Gear can’t be sold, unless you Caphras it to 10 and upgrade it to Slumbering Origin Armor: Fallen God’s Armor, Dahn’s Gloves, Ator’s Shoes, and Labreska’s Helmet.
  • Can use Gear Exchange Coupons at PEN level to change to a different class.
  • Can change the boss type once per slot, but only if the gear hasn’t been reformed yet. (Ex. change Nouver to Kutum)
  • Having negative Karma will negate the item effects. (This does not apply to the final PEN (V) Boss Gear.)

Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear is limited to one set of armor and weapons per account.


Obtain up to 7 Boss Gear:

  • Helmet:
    • TET: Giath’s Helmet or
    • TET: Griffon’s Helmet
  • Gloves:
    • TET: Leebur’s Gloves or
    • TET: Bheg’s Gloves
  • Shoes:
    • TET: Muskan’s Shoes or
    • TET: Urugon’s Shoes
  • Armor:
    • TET: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor or
    • TET: Red Nose’s Armor
  • Main Weapon:
    • TET: Kzarka Main Weapon Box or
    • TET: Offin Main Weapon Box
  • Sub Weapon:
    • TET: Nouver Subweapon Box or
    • TET: Kutum Subweapon Box
  • Awakening Weapon:
    • TET: Dandelion Awakening Weapon Box

Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear

Reform Levels:

Guaranteed Boss Gear is given to you at TET level. You upgrade it 5 times with 5 different Reform Stones.

Base Level 0:

Jetina Boss Weapon

Reform Level 1:

Jetina Boss Weapon: Reform Level 1

Reform Level 2:

Jetina's Guaranteed Boss Gear: Awakening

The first Reform Stone adds AP or DP and 1 Reform Level.

View details of every Reform Level and all Guaranteed Boss Gear Stats.

100% Chance PEN Gear:

This gear has also been called “Free PEN Boss Gear”, “Reformed Boss Gear”, “Resplendent Gear”, and “Untradeable Boss Gear” although it retains the traditional boss gear names. It has the stats of normal boss gear, with the same names, but has a “Reform Level” not seen on normal boss gear. This is because it requires a completely different method of reaching PEN.

Requirements for Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear

  • Level 60+
  • Normal character or Season character that has graduated.
  • Short Quest Line (talking to NPCs)
  1.  A Cry for Help  – Black Spirit (,) → Quests → Suggestions
  2.  Old Moon Guild’s Trade Offer – given by Jetina
  3.  [PEN (V) Boss Gear] The Best Deal – Black Spirit (,) → Quests → Suggestions
BDO Old Moon Quest

Follow your quest progress in the quest UI:

Quests (O) → Suggested → [Combat] [Lv. 56] PEN (V) Gear – The Old Moon’s Best Deal

jetina pen boss gear questline

Eligible Gear

What Gear can be Exchanged to Jetina?

  • Gear that can be exchanged for “Resplendent” boss gear:



  • Before exchanging your gear:

Season TET Boss Gear Example:

tet dim tree armor bound

Normal TET Boss Gear Example:

tet dim tree armor from the market

Converted PEN Tuvala Example:

Pen Tuvala Armor

Upgrading Jetina Gear to PEN

Jetina’s TET Boss Gear can be upgraded to PEN by using 5 different Resplendent Reform Stones.

Making these Reform Stones is inexpensive at first, but increases in time/silver cost each level.


Boss Crystal Time Cost:

An important material used in creating Resplendent Reform Stones is obtained by a weekly quest from Jetina.

This weekly quest requires you to turn in 2 Latent Aura for 155 Concentrated Boss Crystal.


Magical Shard Time Cost:

Another important time cost may be attaining enough Magical Shards.

Magical Shards are obtained mainly via grinding spot drops starting in Valencia.

Jetina Boss Gear: Awakening Weapon Reform Stone

Boss Latent Aura

2 Latent Aura are needed for the weekly quest for 155 Concentrated Boss Crystal.

You will exchange a total of 6 Latent Aura per gear to reach PEN level.

4 Latent Aura = 310 Concentrated Boss Crystal

Pick up the remaining 50 Concentrated Boss Crystal from looting a defeated boss or completing another weekly exchange.

kzarka's latent aura

Boss Spawn Types

Spawn bosses and defeat them to obtain *boss name* Latent Aura and Concentrated *boss name* Crystal.

Qty Boss Spawn Type Boss
3-5 Empowered World Boss Nightmarish Kzarka, Bloodstorm  Nouver,  Thundercloud Kutum, Stormbringer Karanda
1-2 World Boss Kzarka, Nouver,  Kutum,  Karanda, Offin Tett
1-2 Field Boss Dim Tree Spirit, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg
1-2 Dark Rift Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon
1 Normal Boss Summon Scroll [Special I] Confronting Bheg (1/D)
[Special I] Confronting Giath (1/D)
[Special I] Confronting the Red Nose (1/D)
5 Normal Boss Summon Scroll [Special II] Confronting Dim Tree Spirit (1/W)
[Special II] Confronting Muskan (1/W)
[Special V] Face Ahib Griffon (1/W)
[Special VI] Confronting Urugon (1/W)
[Special] Confronting Leebur (1/W)
3 Awakened Boss Summon Scroll [Special I] Confronting Bheg (1/D)
[Special I] Confronting Giath (1/D)
[Special I] Confronting the Red Nose (1/D)
15 Awakened Boss Summon Scroll [Special II] Confronting Dim Tree Spirit (1/W)
[Special II] Confronting Muskan (1/W)
[Special V] Face Ahib Griffon (1/W)
[Special VI] Confronting Urugon (1/W)
[Special] Confronting Leebur (1/W)
3+ Darkened Boss Summon Scroll Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon, Urugon


Awakened Boss scrolls are created by arranging 3 to 5 awakened boss scroll pieces into a pattern.


Boss Spawn Times: Velia Inn and Boss Discord.

Concentrated Boss Crystal Quests

2x Latent Aura = 155x Concentrated Boss Crystal.


After completing the quest “[PEN (V) Boss Gear] The Best Deal” Jetina will offer the following quests that give 155 Concentrated Boss Crystal if you give her 2 Latent Aura:

  • Each weekly quest rewards 155 Concentrated Boss Crystal.
  • Concentrated Boss Crystal quests are limited to one per family per week. (You can’t quest for crystals for your Dandelion plus your Kzarka in the same week.)
  • Resets every Thursday at midnight.
  • Concentrated Boss Crystal quests are shared with all characters. (You can pick it up with one character, switch to an Alt to exchange the Latent Aura, then switch back to the first character to finish the quest and obtain the Concentrated Boss Crystals.)

Reform Stone I Recipe

Processing (L) → Heating:

  • 1x Green Crystal (Obtain Rough Green Crystals via mining or worker nodes then Process (L) → Heating)
  • 20x Magical Shard (Processing (L) → Heating: yellow grade Black Magic Crystal)
  • 60x Concentrated Boss Crystal (weekly quest costs 2 Latent Aura)
  • 10x Concentrated Magical Black Stone Processing (L) → Heating: Hard/Sharp Shard + Black Stone (Weapon/Armor)
  • 50x Memory Fragment



Resplendent *weapon/armor name* Reform Stone I


This is the first stone required to upgrade your gear to Reform Level 1.

The recipe is the same for all gear, except the Concentrated Boss Crystal and Black Stone will change depending on the gear you are upgrading.

Jetina Gear Reform Stone Recipe

Recipe for Reform Stone I for Kzarka Main Weapon.

UPDATE NOTE: Green, Blue, Red, and Black Crystals are required instead of Opals in the reform stone recipes. (source)

Resplendent Reform Stone Levels & Mats

Each reform stone requires more effort and cost than the last.

Reform Stones (Dandelion images) Black Stone
Magical Shard
Memory Fragment
Boss Crystal
Boss Aura
Oquilla Crystal
Resplendent Reform Stone I 10 20 50 60 Green
Resplendent Reform Stone II 20 30 100 60 Blue
Resplendent Reform Stone III 30 50 150 60 Red
Resplendent Reform Stone IV 40 100 250 60 Black
Resplendent Reform Stone V 50 450 120 Oquilla 30 1
TOTAL 150 200 1000 360 5 30 1


NOTE: Oquilla Crystal requires silver. The price increases each time you purchase it. Base price for 1 weapon is 1.5 billion silver.

Magical Shard

200 Magical Shards are needed for each gear piece to get Reform level 4.

They are primarily created by heating a yellow grade Black Magic Crystal, but also from Imperial Alchemy.

Black Magic Crystals are a rare drop from grinding spots. Some are better locations than others.

For more details and to view player voting on Magical Shard grinding spots, please view our Magical Shard guide.

Green Crystal

1 Green Crystal is required for the first level Reform Stone. You will eventually need Blue, Red, and Black crystals as well.

Obtaining Green Crystal:

green crystal
rough green crystal

Green Crystal Worker Node

Obtain Green Crystal by purchasing Rhutum Outstation with 8-9 CP, then sending a worker to the node.

Purchase Rough Green Crystal Node:

8 Contribution Points From Trent

  • 1 CP Lumberjack’s Rest Area
  • 3 CP Abandoned Monastery
  • 2 CP Tobare’s Cabin
  • 1 CP Rhutum Outstation
  • 1 CP Mining Sub Node

9 Contribution Points From Calpheon

  • 2 Gabino Farm
  • 1 North Kaia Mountaintop
  • 2 Phoniel’s Cabin
  • 3 Rhutum Sentry Post
  • 1 Rhutum Outstation
  • 1 CP Mining Sub Node

View on Thanks for the helping map!

rhutum outstation rough green crystal

Gathering Green Crystal

Green Crystal can be gathered with a pickaxe from “Green Quartz” nodes. There are many located around Rhutum Outstation node, which is SW of Calpheon City.

View location on Thanks for the helping map!

green crystal gathering map

Oquilla Crystal Cost

The largest cost will be for the final Reform Stone to obtain PEN because you will need 1 Oquilla Crystal.

The only way to obtain an Oquilla Crystal right now is with silver.

30 to 220 Oquilla Piece of the Old Moon is exchanged for 1 Oquilla Crystal in a quest with Jetina.

Oquilla Piece of the Old Moon

Oquilla Piece of the Old Moon is 50,000,000 silver each at an Old Moon Manager.

Oquilla Crystal Costs:

Jetina Gear Oquilla Piece
of Old Moon
1st PEN Weapon 30 1.5b
2nd PEN Weapon 70 3.5b
3rd PEN Weapon 120 6b
1st PEN Defense Gear 80 4b
2nd PEN Defense Gear 120 6b
3rd PEN Defense Gear 160 8b
4th PEN Defense Gear 220 11b


TOTAL Defense Gear Cost:

  • 29 billion silver ( for all 4 at PEN )

TOTAL Weapons Cost:

  • 11 billion silver ( for all 3 at PEN )

NOTE: does NOT include costs of other mats purchased, like Memory Fragments, Black Stones, and Black Magic Crystals which can be purchased on the Market. For full cost analysis, please visit:


Which Oquilla Crystal Do I Need?

  • PEN Defense Gear: 1x Oquilla Earth Crystal each
  • PEN Weapons: 1x Oquilla Sky Crystal each


PEN Boss Weapons

Your first exchange quest to obtain a PEN weapon will cost 1.5 billion silver.

x30Oquilla Piece of the Old Moon
= 1 Oquilla Sky Crystal

Each time you need another Oquilla Sky Crystal, the price increases.

Oquilla Sky Crystal

PEN Defense Gear

Your first exchange quest to obtain PEN defense gear will cost 4 billion silver.

x80Oquilla Piece of the Old Moon
= 1 Oquilla Earth Crystal

Each time you need another Oquilla Earth Crystal, the price increases.

Oquilla Earth Crystal

Time Cost

Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear is not meant to be quickly obtained in a week. (Although this may be possible via server hopping Field Boss spawns.)

Boss Crystals:
160/week (155 with weekly quest + 5 from boss drop)


1 Gear Piece:

  • 1 Week: Reform Level 2
  • 2 Weeks: Reform Level 4
  • 3 Weeks: PEN Level

You can obtain 1 Guaranteed Pen Boss Gear every 3 weeks from the weekly quest.

At this rate, a full set of gear (7 slots) can be obtained in about 5 months. (147 days)

Guaranteed Boss Crystal Quest

Boss Crystals via Boss Loot

Potentially, you could speed up the 3 week time with boss crystal drops. Looks like you get 5 crystals per nightmare boss (aka insta-death boss).

Karanda Example:

Karanda is a world boss spawn occurring 12 times in one week. Spawn times here.

In one to two weeks, you might get enough Karanda Crystals to make an extra level 1 to 4 Reform Stone. (12 nightmare kills * 5 = 60 Crystals)

But look at some of those spawn times… Ummm sleep much anyone? Ha! No sleep for Karanda, means no sleep for good-doers like you either! 🙂

Note to Self: sleep is good. Uninterrupted sleep is even better!


Example Stormbringer Karanda:

Karanda Loot: Boss Crystal and Aura

Example Normal Karanda:

Normal Karanda Loot: Boss Crystal & Aura

Example Nightmare Kzarka Loot:

Nightmare Kzarka Loot

Concentrated Boss Aura

You will need 30 Boss Aura to create a PEN Reform Stone.

Obtain this by using Simple Alchemy on certain boss gear and via Exchange.

For more details, please view our guide on Concentrated Boss Aura.

Concentrated Dim Tree Aura

Jetina’s PEN Boss Gear Comparison

Jetina’s PEN boss gear has identical stats to the gear of the same name available in the Marketplace.

Having trouble deciding which boss gear to pen first?

Out of the defense gear available, the chest is the best choice. Caphras it to level 10 after reaching PEN then upgrade it into Fallen God’s Armor. If you already have a Fallen God’s Armor, then the helmet can be upgraded to Labreska’s Helmet

Slumbering Origin Armor Set

The Slumbering Origin Armor Set gives added set effects if two or more pieces are worn.

2-Set Effect:
Max HP +100
Monster Damage Reduction +10

3-Set Effect:
Max HP +300

4-set effect:
Max HP +150
Max Stamina +150

BDO Fallen God's Armor

Caphras Cost Comparison

When making your choice of which of Jetina’s Guaranteed Boss Gear you want to PEN, you may want to know the future cost of getting it to Caphras Level 10 so you can exchange it for Slumbering Origin Gear.

Caphras Upgrade Costs:

  • Chest Slot → Dim Tree Armor: x8,260
  • Chest Slot → Red Nose Armor: x7,224
  • Giath’s/Griffon’s Helmets: x7,224
  • Leebur’s/Bheg’s Gloves: x7,224
  • Muskan’s/Urugon’s Shoes: x7,224

Also visit our Boss Gear Player Poll to see player opinions. (Dim Tree is currently the most popular choice for stats alone, but Red Nose has a cheaper Caphras cost.)


BDO Caphras Stone

Can I Change the Boss Gear?

You can change the boss gear type for each slot once per family. For example, exchange a Nouver for Kutum.

The gear has to be base, which means you haven’t inserted a Reform Stone yet.

You exchange the gear at Yisar Pjetyo <Alchemist> located in Tarif, Mediah Territory.

He will have 7 quests total, one per gear slot. So you can change your mind once per gear slot.

Example Sub Weapon Change:

  • Nouver to Kutum sub-weapons exchange has a corresponding quest called “[1 Exchange per Family] Old Moon’s Resplendent Sub-weapon”

Also note that you can use a Weapon Exchange Coupon from the Pearl Shop after the weapons reach PEN level, in order to change their class.

Yisar Pjetyo <Alchemist>
Location: Tarif, Mediah Territory
(east side of the city)

Sources & Additional Info