Exploration 1 Knowlege is important for increasing Max Energy and completing Adventure Log Bookshelf goals.

Exploration I Knowlege Rewards:

Knowlege (H) → Academics → Exploration I

Academics Exploration I Knowledge

Before you begin, consider gathering some helpful items.

Part for Explorer Compass

Get one each day from a Sailing Quest.

Speed, Jump, Fall, & Swim Crystals

It helps to have maximum Movement Speed with all 5 ranks.

You can do this easily with crystals.


Movement Speed Crystal (Max 2):


Jump Height Crystal (Max 2):


Fall Damage Crystal (Max 2):


Underwater Breathing (Max 2):


Move Jump Crystals


Character Profile (P) → Battle Stats

Movement Speed Higher levels increase Movement Speed.
– Lv. 1: By 5%
– Lv. 2: By 9%
– Lv. 3: By 12%
– Lv. 4: By 15%
– Lv. 5: By 20%
Movement Speed Ability Stat 5

Speed, Jump, & Fall Lightstones

Lightstones can also be beneficial for movement and jumping.

[Emergency Landing Artifact Combo]
Fall Damage -50%
Movement Speed +2%

Required Lightstones:

Movement Speed Lightstone Fire Rush
Lightstone Combination Lightstone Effects + Combo Effect
Fire: Rush
Wind: Feather
Wind: Fortune
Wind: Fortune
[Choice & Focus]
All AP -150
Item Drop Chance +30%
Movement Speed +2%
Movement Speed Level +1
Max Weight +20LT
Luck Level +2
Fire: Zeal
Fire : Claws
Fire: Rush
Wind: Fortune
[Lost Angel Wings]
Karma Recovery +50%
Movement Speed +2%
Attack Speed Level +1
Critical Chance Level +1
Movement Speed Level +1
Luck Level +1
Fire: Rush
Fire: Rush
Wind: Feather
Wind: Fortune
[Emergency Landing]
Fall damage -50%
Movement Speed +2%
Movement Speed Level +2
Max Weight +20LT
Luck Level +1
Fire: Earthquake
Fire: Frenzy
Wind: Mind
Iridescent Lightstone
Black Spirit’s Rage +20% that can be acquired alone
Movement Speed Level +1
All Special Damage +0.5%
Max MP +50
Fire: Rush
Fire: Rush
Wind: Feather
Wind: Feather
[Take Off!]
Jump +50
Movement Speed +2%
Movement Speed Level +2
Max Weight +40LT

Exploration I Knowlege in Valencia Great Desert

  • The following knowledge topics are found in the eastern section of Valencia territory.
  • Make sure you have items to cure desert sickness.
  • Optionally, you can buff HP Recovery crystals or items. (For example, Kydict’s Crystal – Adventure gives +5 HP Recovery each. Also search marketplace for Harphia crystals.)

The Dragon’s Jaw of Al Halam Sea

Nearby Node: Gavinya Coastal Cliff

City: Ancado Inner Harbor

Odd Rocks under the Sea

Nearby Node: Gavinya Volcano Zone

City: Ancado Inner Harbor

Save Navigation Point

Right Click anywhere on the World Map to place a favorite navigation point.

A navigation box will appear.

Select button “Set Favorite”.

Name the Favorite and navigate there any time by using “Find NPCs” → “Favorites” tab.

set favorite map way point
set favorite map way point navigate

Beautiful Sunset

Nearby Node: Arehaza Town

City: Arehaza Town

More Details: Beautiful Sunset (An Attraction South of Arehaza)

Tip: Exploration Point across a rock bridge along the coast SE of Arehaza. Follow the shore until you come to a large rocky bridge. Climb the rocky cliffs to cross that bridge.

Pavino Greko Collection 3.3 Beautiful Sunset

Shipwreck of Al Halam Sea

Nearby Node: Ancado Inner Harbor

City: Ancado Inner Harbor

More Details: Shipwreck of Al Halam Sea (Ancado Inner Harbor) → Underwater Exploration Point north of Ancado Inner Harbor.

  • Pick up quest, “Shipwreck at Ancado Inner Harbor” from NPC Jeremy <Guild Wharf Manager>.
  • Buy a raft at the Wharf Manager (extremely slow travel) or bring better ship.
  • The quest is optional, but will show you exactly where to dive into the water.
  • The Exploration Point is near a ship that has broken in half.
  • Emergency Escape will put you at the Ivero Cliff node to the east.
Pavino Greko Collection 3.3 Shipwreck of Al Halam Sea

Mysterious Map Carved on a Rock

Nearby Node: Titium Valley

City: Valencia City

Exploration I Knowlege in Valencia

The knowlege here is in the western section of Valencia.

Petroglyph in the Sea

Nearby Node: Gahaz Bandit’s Lair and Gahaz Villa

City: Shakatu

Spring-water of the Crag

Nearby Node: Shakatu Abandoned Pier

City: Shakatu

Al Halam Western Entrance

Nearby Node: Shakatu Abandoned Pier

City: Shakatu


Flat Mushroom-shaped Rock of Mediah

Nearby Node: Leical Falls

City: Altinova


Perilous Game

Nearby Node: Rock Post

City: Rock Post


Dried-up River of Pujiya Canyon

Nearby Node: Waragon Nest

City: Sand Grain Bazaar


Exploration I Knowlege in Mediah


Baby Elephant Rock

Nearby Node: Altinova

Ancient Goblin Altar

Nearby Node: Awakening Bell

City: Altinova

Sunken Mediah Trader

Nearby Node: Mediah Castle

City: Altinova

Ancient Ruins of the Eltro Sea

Nearby Node: Tinberra Island

City: Iliya Island

  • Ancient Ruins of the Eltro Sea (Captain Moguly, Splashing Point)
    • Exploration Point underwater and about 750 distance west of Tinberra Island node manager.
    • It’s easy to spot: giant circular ruins surrounded by 5 smaller circles.
    • Swim to the bottom left section of the central circle across from the yellow coral.
    • Captain Moguly hints that someone else knows the location, but I couldn’t discover which NPC it was. Anyone know?

Exploration 1 Knowlege in Kamasylvia

Ladiana Wind Valley

Nearby Node: Valtarra Mountains

City: Behr

  • Ladiana Wind Valley (Viv Foretta Hamlet)
    • Exploration Point SW of Valtarra Mountains node. Go west from the node into a tree filled valley. Follow the valley south past the first Exploration Point called “Breezy Valley” to the very edge of the mountain cliff. Carefully slide down to the Exploration Point on the cliff’s ledge. You can jump back up the way you came.

Three-tentacled Octopus Boulder and Door to the Skies

Nearby Node: Yianaros Field

City: Behr

Limestone Cave

Nearby Node: Tooth Fairy Cabin

  • Limestone Cave (Grána City)
    • Exploration Point SW of Tooth Fairy Cabin. Drop down into the mist shrouded cavern north of the bridge of the most western river.
    • Make sure you are at the western river and don’t run around like some dolt I know (me) looking around the base of a waterfall in the eastern river.

Eight Stepped Waterfall

Nearby Node: Tooth Fairy Cabin

Fault-line Topography

Nearby Node: Weenie Cabin

City: Tooth Fairy Cabin

Snake Nest Boulder

Nearby Node: Krogdalo’s Trace

City: Grana

Golden Sunset of Grána City

Nearby Node: Grana

Severed Land Bridge

Nearby Node: Grandiha

City: Grana

Elephant Rock in Grána City

Nearby Node: Grana

Seven Giant Streams

Nearby Node: Acher Southern Camp

City: Grana