The BDO Farming Spreadsheet below is a simplified version of Summer’s Sheet, reflecting the three primary ways you can obtain money from farming.

  • CRATE: harvest 1 out of 3 crops. Breed 2 out of 3 crops.
    • Workers craft crops into crates
  • MARKET: harvest 1 out of 3 crops. Breed 2 out of 3 crops.
    • Crops are sold on Market with Value Pack
  • VENDOR: breed all crops. Sell extra seeds at any vendor.

For more details on how you can use these 3 methods to earn money, please view our Farming Profit guide.

Farming Spreadsheet Assumptions:


  • Farming Byproducts crafted into Stonetail Fodder and sold at Marketplace
  • Fruits of * are sold at the Marketplace (Increase Farming Profit by crafting)
  • .845% silver return on Marketplace (using a Value Pack)
  • 10 Strong Fences (100 Contribution spent)
  • Farming four times a day. (4 Cycles/day staying logged in)
  • Crop Crates: Beginner 1 Trade Skill, Grána workshop, 20m cost for stack transport
  • Growth Time reflects the use of Fertilizer, which reduces time by 40-60% (might not be neccessary)
  • spreadsheet reflects NA prices updated every 30 minutes


BDO Farming Spreadsheet: Crops

The spreadsheet does NOT use max developer price and only the middle price. (The middle price is in white text on the Market.)

Prices auto update every 30 minutes.

CropFruit Grow TimeAreaCrateMarketVendor
SunflowerAbundance3hr 12mVelia/Calph47M63M59M
CarrotNature3hr 10mVelia/Calph45M54M58M
CornSun4hr 10mVelia18M60M38M
WheatSun3hr 42mVelia33M69M61M
PotatoNature4hr 6mVelia33M70M62M
Sweet PotatoNature4hr 13mVelia33M65M60M
BarleyNature3hr 42mVelia or cooler34M70M60M
OliveCrimson Flame4hr 26mVelia30M46M33M
PumpkinCrimson Flame3hr 1mVelia43M63M55M
TomatoSun3hr 20mVelia29M47M35M
PaprikaSun4hr 0mVelia30M45M37M
StrawberryAbundance4hr 10mVelia44M62M58M
GrapeAbundance3hr 55mVelia30M48M38M
GarlicCrimson Flame3hr 42mVelia45M56M57M
OnionAbundance3hr 42mVelia45M64M58M
PepperCrimson Flame4hr 6mVelia42M85M58M
Hot PepperCrimson Flame4hr 13mVelia27M58M33M
Fire Flake FlowerEnchantment2hr 46mVelia33M61M58M
Silver AzaleaEnchantment3hr 55mVelia34M65M56M
Dry Mane GrassEnchantment2hr 22mMed/Val33M53M58M
Silk Honey GrassEnchantment3hr 20mVelia33M60M57M
NolinaNature3hr 42mVelia37M56M60M
Dalvenia AlreaNature2hr 46mVelia or hotter37M52M58M
Acacia LeafNature4hr 26mVelia14M41M39M
DelotiaSun3hr 42mVelia63M59M


BDO Farming Spreadsheet: Mushroom

MushroomFruit Grow TimeAreaCrateMarketVendor
EmperorMagic Power4hr 35mVelia39M63M56M
HumpMagic Power2hr 40mVelia or hotter40M52M55M
ArrowPerfection5hr 33mVelia38M71M55M
DwarfDestruction4hr 45mVelia40M62M57M
Fortune TellerMagic Power4hr 45mVelia39M63M58M
CloudPerfection5hr 33mVelia38M69M54M
TigerMagic Power5hr 12mVelia40M71M57M
GhostDestruction4hr 19mVelia41M57M60M
SkyDestruction4hr 56mVelia40M61M57M
AmanitaDestruction3hr 20mAlmost anywhere37M73M56M
AncientDestruction3hr 44mAlmost Anywhere41M70M58M
BouquetNature3hr 1mVelia or hotter42M65M58M
LeccinumNature3hr 1mVelia or hotter43M66M60M
PurpleNature2hr 46mVelia or hotter44M58M57M
PieNature2hr 53mVelia or hotter43M64M57M
FogPerfection5hr 3mVelia or hotter38M74M56M
BlufferPerfection3hr 44mAlmost Anywhere37M72M51M


BDO Farming Spreadsheet: Livestock

Live StockFruit Grow TimeAreaProfit/Day
Magical Haystacknone4hr 37mVelia57M
Mag. Chicken Feednone4hr 37mVelia14M

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