Finto’s Strong Fence is a reward for completing a quest line of 9 quests. After reaching Master 1 Farming, you can upgrade the fence to Klau’s Old Moon Fence, which allows you to use less fertilizer and water because it’s smaller, but has the same slots.


Finto’s Strong Fence:


  • 10 slots (A maximum of 10 crops can be grown using this fence.)
  • limited to 1 per family
  • requires no Contribution Points to own
  • calculated with normal fences in reaching the maximum of 10 fences allowed per family.
Finto's Strong Fence

Finto’s Strong Fence Quest Line

Requires level 20+ and 3 Contribution Points (temporary for the quest line)


Quest line starts at Liana.

Liana <Valentine’s Apprentice>
Location: every major city

Upgrade to Klau’s Old Moon Fence

Finto’s Strong Fence can be upgraded after you reach Master 1 Farming level. Complete an exchange quest, which is limited to once per family

The benefit of Klau’s Old Moon Fence is that it is smaller, but still has 10 slots. You can use less fertilizer and water.

Visit Klau, <Old Moon Manager> located in Velia.

– New Fence, Worn Fence


– Hand over Finto’s Strong Fence
– Hand over Mysterious Seed x3
– Hand over Gold Bar 100g x2 (20 million silver total)

Klau <Old Moon Manager>
Location: Velia

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