[Manor] Fireflies is a softly glowing decor item for manors.

It is a quest reward from finding the quest NPC, “Firefly” hidden in the grinding spot, “Protty Cave”


[Manor] Fireflies


Unlike [Manor] Atanis Fireflies, it can only be installed in the exterior yard. It is more of a mood decoration than a functional light.


Protty <Hungry>: “How is the Firefly Soup?”
Protty <Waiter>: “De-light-ful.”

Manor Fireflies

Manor Fireflies Location

Quest Name: [Manor] Deep Sea-seeking Firefly

Quest NPC: “Firefly” (hidden object)

Quest Reward: [Manor] Fireflies x4


Protty Cave is an underground grinding spot located on the node “Weita Island.” Optimal AP is 170+.

It is far across the seas north of Velia and SW of Iliya Island. You will need a boat.

View Weita Island node location on somethinglovely.net.

Manor Fireflies at Protty Cave

Protty Cave Entrance Location

Protty Cave Entrance

The entrance to Protty Cave is marked by two NPCs in the middle of the island.

Protty Cave Entrance

Protty Cave NPCs

Go inside the cave and pass 3 NPCs that allow you to repair, buy potions, and sell.

Protty Cave NPC

Turn Left at the 1st Room

After passing the NPC area, turn left when you enter the first big room full of Protty mobs.

Manor Fireflies at Protty Cave

Go Over One Bridge (Not 2! 🙂

You will pass your first bridge. If you encounter a second bridge, you have gone too far and need to turn back.

Manor Fireflies at Protty Cave
Manor Fireflies at Protty Cave

Firefly Location

The quest NPC object “Firefly” is invisible until you walk up to it.

It is on the left side of the entrance to the second room full of Protty baddies. (Bad, Bad, Protty! Kidnap a poor Firefly.)

You will need to step onto a piece of rock that is almost bare.

Manor Fireflies at Protty Cave
Manor Fireflies at Protty Cave
Manor Fireflies at Protty Cave

Manor Fireflies Quest

Interact with the Firefly to accept the quest and it finishes without any other requirements.

Be sure to get the other 3 Manor Fireflies locations!

4 Manor Fireflies Locations:

TOTAL Fireflies: 10

Manor Fireflies Visibility

[Manor] Fireflies can be difficult to spot, unless you know what you are looking for.

At times, you can’t see them at all.

They look like glowing specs of differing faded colors of violet, yellow, and green. They float around and fade in and out of view, randomly.


Placement & Retrieval:

Once placed onto the manor yard, they are nearly impossible to find and pick up again. Pay close attention to where you place them.

To retrieve them, click on their icon in the furniture icon list window. They will have a check mark and be faded in color.

You can also use “Retrieve All” button to move all furniture to your inventory.

Manor Fireflies

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