[Manor] Flondor Pond is a water garden filled with green plants for your mansion yard.

It is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop, after obtaining Knowledge and many materials.

[Manor] Flondor Pond


It can only be installed in the exterior courtyard of a manor.


Flondor Pond may cause a craving for Flondor Duck…

Flondor Pond

Morning Mist’s Embrace Requirements


Before you begin, you will need to obtain two materials in order to complete the first quest 2 times.


Total Material Requirements:

Inextinguishable Stone Quest

Quest NPC:
<Seed Vendor>
Location: Grana, Kamasylvia

Vilentia’s Vedelona Bouquet

Quest Name: [Manor] [Repeat] Vilentia’s Vedelona Bouquet

Start NPC: Vilentia <Seed Vendor>

Location: Grana

Complete Vilentia’s quest 2 times.

  • Each quest requires 50 Vedelona and 30 Peridot Leaf.
  • So you’ll need a total of 100 Vedelona and 60 Peridot Leaf to craft 1 [Manor] Flondor Pond.

Quest x2 Reward: 2x Vilentia’s Vedelona Bouquet

Vilentia Location Map

Waterstarwort Knowledge

Quest Name: [Manor] Miloberry’s Apu Apu Waterstarwort

Objective: Show Vilentia’s Vedelona Bouquet to Miloberry.

NPC Shakatu Location Map

Start NPC:
<Fruit Seller>
Location: Lake Flondor, Kamasylvia

Miloberry Map

After you complete Miloberry’s quest, you will have the required knowledge to create with an Alchemy Tool:

100x Miloberry’s Apu Apu Waterstarwort.

Flondor Pond Design

[Manor] Flondor Pond is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.

4 different materials are needed to make the pond, requiring you to quest, gather, and craft.


Required Materials:

Flondor Pond Design

Flondor Pond Screenshots

The last image shows what the Flondor Pond looks like with flowers placed in it. 🙂

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