Truffle Mushrooms can be gathered in secret underground caves by using a hoe.

Purchase a Firefly at a General Goods Vendor to help you see inside dark caves.

Recipes Using Truffle Mushroom:

Elixir of Detection – Critical Hit Damage +10% (skilled 1 Alchemy recipe)

Seafood Mushroom Salad – Weight Limit +20LT

Truffle Mushrooms are rarely found on the marketplace and are usually max price.

Price EachIn Stock
truffle mushroom2000000

Price and availability updated every 30 minutes.

Fountain of Origin – Underground Altar – Drieghan Territory

Origin Altar Entrance

Fountain of Origin – Truffles

Underneath the Fountain of Origin node lies the underground altar. From the node manager, take the rocky staircase that winds down to the brick tunnel and the underground altar. You will recognize this place if you’ve completed the Drieghan main questline. 

There are 8 Truffle nodes located in the underground altar cave. You will find 2 Truffle nodes in the dirt tunnel leading down to the altar, 5 Truffles on the left side of the cave and 1 Truffle on the right side of the altar. 

BTW, there’s a chance to proc 1 additional Truffle mushroom when a Hedgehog or Pwudgy Llama pet is summoned.

Stairway to Altar

Truffle Nodes – Fountain of Orgin Altar

Truffle locations in pictures start from the tunnel entrance, to the left side of the cave and back, then to the right side of the altar.