A free Dream Horse can be obtained once per family by collecting it from the Challenge Rewards (Y).

  Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse

dream horse arduanatt


After collecting Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse from the Challenge Reward, find it in your inventory.

vipiko dreaming horse


Right click Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse and select the Dream Horse you want, then type the EXACT name shown including parenthesis.

Register your Horse Emblem at a Stable Keeper located in cities.

dream horse text

Which Dream Horse is Best?

Arduanatt is considered the best option for beginner players because of its ability to glide over rough terrian.

Below is just a quick overview of the 3 different Dream Horses and their strengths. For more details: Dream Horse Guide.

TIP: Female Dream Horses are worth more silver, but male Dream Horses are more rare on the markeplace. Vipiko’s Dreaming Horse can’t be sold, but the gender of the horse matters if you want to upgrade to a T10 Mythical Arduanatt, Mythical Dine, or Mythical Doom. Check the availability of male and female horse on the market, if you plan to breed your horse with another dream horse.

BDO Dream Horse: Doom

  • Best offensive PVP/combat
  • 2 Seater Skill
  • Slowest AFK travel.

BDO Dream Horse: Arduanatt

  • Best land mobility and speed.
  • Air glide after double jump.
  • Best AFK travel.

BDO Dream Horse: Dine

  • Fast desert travel.
  • Best defense.
  • HP/MP heal for party.

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