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I love sitting on the edge of my seat, as I delve into dangerous and undiscovered territories in an MMORPG. Wonderful immersion can be found in online gaming. But do you ever feel like your back and body pays the price? A study conducted in 2017 concluded that MMORPG players spend an average of 26.6 hours per week gaming in their computer chair. A typical gamer spends 1 to 5 hours playing each day. Source

Best Gaming Chair Features:
  • Weight Limit: As a general rule, chairs with high weight limits are better quality
  • Leg Room: pay close attention to the distance between seat and floor. Is it adjustable?
  • Arm Rests: Important for good posture and helps with sitting and standing
  • Back Support: Can the back be adjusted? Is there ample lumbar (lower back) support?
  • Gaming Chair Covering: Typically PU-leather or fabric. Do you sweat easily? (Choose fabric.) Is cleanliness an issue? (Choose PU leather.)
  • Rocking Gaming Chair: Rockers are preferred by many gamers because they help keep us moving even while seated
  • Reclining Gaming Chair: Now that’s the life! Stretch out your body without having to leave your group.

Back & Neck Pain During Gaming

Back and neck pain is a real issue for many gamers. This is because it’s harmful for the body to sit in one position for too long of a duration. Proper posture while seated is very important if you plan on playing or an extended period. If at all possible, try to remember to get up and take a short break. (5 minutes every hour.)

But keyboard warriors can’t stretch in the middle of an epic dungeon! Gaming chair to the rescue! Racing chairs (aka gaming chairs) are an attempt to focus on the back, neck, and head support of players. You can see by looking at them, that most of them are shaped a little differently than boxy office chairs. These gaming chairs have curved, ergonomic supports in place for those key areas that many players feel discomfort, when they sit stationary during long battles.

Spine Health Posture

Proper Gaming Posture?!… Pffft!

Even the mightiest warrior eventually falls from exhaustion. But why make our journey painful? With the help of good body posture and alignment, players can prevent pain and injury from forming.

Back Injury While Gaming?
Pain occurs after gaming because remaining stationary while seated puts extra pressure on shoulders, arms, and legs. Also, it’s common for the back to slouch during gaming, and this can put the spine out of it’s natural alignment, by straining ligaments, discs, and spinal structures. Back muscles and spinal discs become especially stressed.

How to Keep a Spine in Alignment
Notice the spine illustration. Do you see how it naturally curves in on the bottom? This natural shape needs to be maintained. At the very least, you can roll up a towel or pillow and put it behind your back in the place where you see the natural curvature of the spine. If you can afford one, an adjustable ergonomic gaming chair is an easier way to keep everything in good alignment.

Source: Spine-Health Office Chair: How to Reduce Back Pain?

Gaming Ergonomics Good Posture
  Image Credit: Ergonomic Office

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

I have read that the only difference between a gaming chair and an office chair is the “racing style” design. You will find this just isn’t true, if you take the time and do a little research. Gaming chairs typically have more customization options, like arm rest height, seat height, recline, lock, and rocking features. Some even come with speakers or foot rests! There are many office chairs that just have the very basics.

Spine Health Posture
Look for the Following Benefits of Gaming Chairs:
  • Lumbar Support (lower back)
    • Adjustable lumbar cushion with straps to hold it in place
    • Integrated curvature in the lower back of the chair
  • Head & Neck Support
    • Removable head/neck cushion with straps to hold it in place
    • Integrated pillow/padding at the top of the chair
  • Recline
    • typical ranges are 80° to 180°
    • stretches hips and back muscles
  • Rock
    • stay in motion while seated
    • increases blood flow and circulation
  • Adjustable Arm Rests
    • elbow should rest on the arm rest and extend to gaming mouse at a right angle
    • look for padded comfort
    • keeps wrist from being in a bent position
  • Adjustable Seat Height
    • for long stationary sessions, feet flat on the floor helps maintain natural alignment
    • look for ample padding and memory foam
    • tall enough to keep the wrist and legs from being scrunched up or resting at an odd angle

Best Gaming Chair 2019 (Under $200)

I did some research and found all the best gaming chairs available for purchase on I chose these chairs because they all have proven track records with a generous amount of positive reviews. These top rated gaming chairs are also cheap for what you get. One even comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you buy one of the gaming chairs or accessories below through the affiliate link, I will get an ad fee on qualifying purchases that are within 24 hours of your first click. Thanks!

Gaming Chair BuyGaming Chair ModelGrumpyG’s
(L X W)
Seat Height
CoverReclineRockGaming Chair Review Info
Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

• Locking tilt
• 360° swivel
• Ergonomically curved
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆19.8″ x 20.5″300 lbs.16.1″-20″PU-leather180°• can’t adjust arm rests
• 6 month warranty
• Adjustable lumbar support
• Removable Neck support
• High back 30.5″
Homall Gaming Chair Carbon Fiber Style Design

• Locking tilt
• 360° swivel
• Ergonomically curved
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆19.8″X20.5″300 lbs.15″-17″PU-leather150°• can’t adjust arm rests or rock
• replacement parts warranty
• Adjustable lumbar support
• Removable Neck support
• High back 30.5″
Furmax High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

• 3″ thick padded footrest
• Locking tilt
• 360° swivel
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆19.7″ x 20.9″310 lbs.17.3″-20.5″PU-leather180°• Adjustable arm rest: 27″-31.5″
• unknown warranty / return policy
• Adjustable lumbar support
• Removable Neck support
• High back 32.3″
KILLABEE Reclining Memory Foam with Retractable Footrest

• padded footrest
• Locking tilt
• 360° swivel
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆21.3″ x 20.1″250 lbs.18″-22″PVC leather175°• Back tilt Locking mechanism 90-175 degrees angle adjuster
• 1 year warranty
• Adjustable lumbar support
• No adjustable arm rest or rocking
• High back 31.9″
AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair

• 25 degree rocking function
• sideways rotatable and 7 level height adjustable armrest
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆20.9″ x 20″250 lbs.18.1″-21.2″PU leather155°• Lifetime warranty on frame, 24 months on parts.
• chair back can be locked at any angle between 90-155 degree
• removable lumbar support and headrest
E-WIN Racing Style Gaming Chair Ergonomic High Back

• cold cure foaming sponge
• Locking tilt
• 360° swivel
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆21″ x 15″330 lbs.18.8″-22.2″PU leather155°• Adjustable arm rest: about 10.2″ to 13.8″ from seat
• 3-10 Yr Warranty
• Adjustable lumbar support
• Removable Neck support
• High back 32.7″
KILLABEE Big and Tall 400lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair

• 3D Arms
• Adjustable Back Angle
• memory foam padding
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆20.5″ x 21.7″400 lbs.20.5″-22.8″PU leather155°• wide armrests can be adjusted to 3 dimensions: Up and Down, Back and Forth, Right and Left
• 1 Yr Warranty
• Lumbar support
• Removable Neck support
• High back 33.5″

You might have noticed a couple went a little past the $200 mark. But I added them anyway, since they weren’t that much over $200 and were so well reviewed. And the added value they provided seemed worth putting them in this top rated gaming chair list.

Gaming Chair Accessories

If you’re considering gaming chairs, you might also want to check out these gaming chair accessories. All are highly rated and popular choices on Amazon. Also threw in a very cheap gaming chair that still has great reviews, but lacks some features for those on a tight budget.