Lost Ark Astray is the end game of sailing ships. Obtaining this legendary ship is a monumental undertaking. Purchasing Astray sailors may even make your wallet cry! In comparison, upgrading the Astray is a breeze.

Not only does crafting the Astray require a ton of resources in pirate coins and materials, there are many gatekeeping elements like days of Una’s tasks, minimum virtue requirements, and building trusted rapport with Blackfang.

Does the Astray make sailing easy? In your dreams.

But imagining the future wind shears in your wake makes it all worthwhile somehow.

astray materials list

Obtaining the Astray

You’ve been dreaming about the Astray for a while now–the wind and sea mist weathering your whiskers–so you’ve hoarded every sailing coin and chest you could get your hands on. Well, that’s a good start. It takes 300,000 pirate coins to craft the Astray. But now it’s time to get serious…


Astray Materials:

1x Astray Construction Blueprint

1x Astray Operation Manual

1x Certificate of Pirate

570x Timber

375x Uncommon Ship Parts Material


After acquiring these items, open dialogue with Belrod at Blackfang’s Den and he’ll craft the Astray for the low, low cost of 10k silver.


crafting astray at belrod


Astray Requirements Detailed

  • Silver: 10,000
  • Pirate Coins: 300,000
    • Purchase ‘Pirate Star: Astray’ quest item from Mariner Rosa at Blackfang’s Den after you have reached Trusted Rapport Status with Blackfang. After completing the quest, Blackfang will reward the Astray Operation Manual
  • Una’s Task ‘She Drifts, Sea Gifts’ for 25 days
    • Level 3 reputation completion rewards: Astray Construction Blueprint
      • Requires completion of Rohendel main questline to open task
  • Una’s Task ‘Pest Control’ for 15 days
    • Level 3 reputation completion rewards: Certificate of Pirate
      • Requires completion of quests at Blackfang’s Den to open task
  • Trusted Blackfang Rapport:
    • Virtue Requirements:
      • 180 Wisdom
      • 260 Courage
      • 260 Charisma
      • 220 Kindness

Trusted Rapport with Blackfang

Reaching trusted Rapport with Blackfang can be a long process. Gifting rapport items will help speed up the process, but you’ll still encounter virtue checks at Neutral, Amicable, and Friendly that will prevent you from going further until the virtue checks are met and rapport quests are completed.


To open up rapport with Blackfang, you’ll first have to complete a quest chain that begins with the quest ‘Beastly Origins’.

beastly origins blackfang quest

Blackfang will send you to Port City Changhun to investigate the whereabouts of Bloodclaw. Speak to a couple crew members and Gainal on the docks, then sail east and investigate 3 spots along the coast before heading back to Blackfang’s Den.

beastly origins gainal

After turning in the first quest, Blackfang will send you to Mariner Rosa, who gives the quest ‘Bloodclaw’s Dagger’ which sends you on a voyage to three different places to talk to a few men.

bloodclaw's dagger quest

First, sail north to Atlas and speak to a man there, then head northwest to Peyto island, then to Port Krona in Vern.

Green Tongue in Port Krona will give you Bloodclaw’s Dagger. Press F5 to inspect the blackened dagger, then return to Blackfang’s Den.

Green Tongue Blackfang Rapport

After completing this quest chain, you will still need to meet the Virtue checks for Neutral Status: 80 Wisdom, 110 Courage, 110 Charisma, 100 Kindness. Then she will allow you to begin the rapport building process of songs, emotes, and gifts.

Along the way to Trusted rapport with Blackfang there will be several more rapport quests and Virtue checks. To gain Trusted rapport you will need to reach Virtue checks of: 180 Wisdom, 260 Courage, 260 Charisma, 220 Kindness.

Raise virtues by completing Achievements, completing parts of the Adventure Tome (field bosses and hidden stories), and by equipping skins. You can also gain Virtue potions as rewards from certain Una’s tasks and quests, and from reaching rapport levels with certain NPCs like Prideholme’s Neria.

When Trusted rapport is finally reached, you’ll be able to complete the quest ‘Pirate Star: Astray’ which you purchased from Mariner Rosa for 300k pirate coins.

blackfang trusted rapport

Una’s Tasks for the Astray

Two of the items needed to craft the Astray are the Level 3 reputation rewards from two separate Una’s Tasks.

1. She Drifts, Sea Gifts
– Rewards Astray Construction Blueprint

2. Pest Control
– Rewards Certificate of Pirate

The reputation part of the task reward can only be obtained once per day. The task ‘She Drifts, Sea Gifts’ will take 25 days to obtain the Astray Construction Blueprint. The task ‘Pest Control’ will take 15 days to obtain the Certificate of Pirate. Read below for further details on each task.

astray blueprint

1. She Drifts, Sea Gifts

– Completion of the Ratik quest, which is the last quest in the Rohendel main questline.

– Read Blackfang’s letter
– Salvage treasure from the Treasure Salvage Point (0/3)

To complete this task, you’ll need to participate in a Sailing Co-op. These co-ops are scheduled 3x each day. All of the co-ops have a chance of spawning a treasure salvage mission, but Yorn and Arthentine co-ops always begin with a treasure salvage co-op. The goal is to build reputation by completing this task 25 times. You can only receive the reputation part of the reward 1x each day, so it won’t help to complete it on mutiple characters in the same day. After 25 days of completion, you will be able to collect the level 3 reputation rewards which include the Astray Construction Blueprint and 29,000 pirate coins.

treasure salvage she drifts sea gifts2
astray construction blueprint

2. Pest Control

– Completion of the quest: Catch the Rats, which is the second quest given by Ruri at Blackfang’s Den.

Defeat the pirates that try to harm Blackfang.
– [Option 1] Defeat the Red Shark Pirates (0/5)
– [Option 2] Defeat Captain Lorka
– [Option 3] Defeat Lieutenant Taizo

To complete this task, you need to kill 5 Red Shark Pirates, or Captain Lorka, or Lieutenant Taizo. They spawn at frequent time intervals (20 minutes?) at Blackfang’s Den which is an island way east of Wavestrand Port. The goal is to build reputation by completing this task 15 times. You can only receive the reputation part of the reward 1x each day, so it won’t help to complete it on mutiple characters in the same day. After 15 days of completion, you will be able to collect the level 3 reputation rewards which include the Certificate of Pirate, Vitality potion, and 16,000 pirate coins.

taizo pest control
certificate of pirate pest control

Timber and Ship Parts for the Astray

The 570 Timber and 375 Uncommon Ship Parts are fairly easy to get compared to the rapport and days of Una’s tasks.

Timber can be gathered or purchased at the Auction. Uncommon Ship Parts can be crafted via the Processor NPC in any major city. Processor NPCs have a distinct icon processor iconon the map that resembles a yin/yang symbol.

Each batch at the Processor NPC makes 15 Ship Parts. Sometimes the Processor will crit when crafting the ship parts and give you extra.

processor uncommon ship parts


If there are no crits, you will need 25 batches to make 375 Uncommon Ship Parts.

The required materials for 25 batches:

75 Strong Iron Ore
75 Sturdy Timber
200 Heavy Iron Ore
200 Tender Timber

Processor Icon Map

Ugrading the Astray

After you’ve finally crafted your shiny (waxy) new Astray, you’ll want to upgrade her as soon as possible. Don’t worry, upgrading her is the least painful part of the whole process! TRUST!

Please read how to upgrade the Astray.

astray upgrade 9 10