Truffle Mushrooms can be gathered in secret underground caves by using a hoe.

Purchase a Firefly at a General Goods Vendor to help you see inside dark caves.

Recipes Using Truffle Mushroom:

Elixir of Detection – Critical Hit Damage +10% (skilled 1 Alchemy recipe)

Seafood Mushroom Salad – Weight Limit +20LT

Truffle Mushrooms are rarely found on the marketplace and are usually max price.

Price EachIn Stock
truffle mushroom2000000

Price and availability updated every 30 minutes.

Glutoni Cave – Calpheon Territory

Glutoni Cave entrances

Glutoni Cave – Truffles and Rainbow Stones

Glutoni cave is located NW of Keplan and has a total of 10 Truffle nodes. It also has a wealth of other resources including: Rainbow Stone nodes which yield various gems, Ruby and Topaz nodes, various ore nodes, various mushroom and wild herb nodes.

See map above for Glutoni’s 2 entrance locations.

This cave is enormous, teaming with level 40ish mobs. The smaller NE entrance has a guard holding a torch stationed just outside. Pics and directions for Truffle nodes begin at this entrance.

We found 9 of 10 Truffle nodes. PLEASE comment or contact with location, pic, or directions of the missing 10th Truffle node.

Long lost Truffle 10 has been found by eagle-eyed commentor below! THANKYOU!!

Glutoni NE entrance

Glutoni Cave Truffle Nodes