Find A Residence to Buy

In your world map (M) select the city you would like to obtain a Residence that is most convenient for you.

On the top right select the drop down menu and then “Residence” option.

  • Arrows will highlight all the housing that you are able to convert into a Residence
  • Not all housing provides a Residence, but many do.
  • Blue houses can be purchased right away. Darker houses with arrows require you to purchase other houses first.
BDO Residence Location Map

Purchasing a Residence or House

  • Residences cost Contribution Points (obtained via questing)
    • some Residences are as cheap as 1 Contribution Point, but are small and unattractive
    • others are large, beautiful, and expensive
  • Click the home you would like to view and make sure “Residence” is selected and then choose Purchase.
BDO Residence Purchase Menu

Contribution Quests for Beginners


Low on Contribution? Can’t Afford a Residence?

  • Earn more Contribution by completing daily quests.
    • Calpheon City has daily Contribution quests. (Also in other cities for higher level players.)
    • Press O key and then “Recurring” tab
    • Some repeatable quests in Calpheon City have requirements (usually a level 35 to 40 requirement)
    • Other Cities with Daily Contribution Quests:
      • Valencia City: Level 56 -> 200 Contribution EXP
      • O’dylitta City: Level 60 -> 150 Contribution EXP
  • Cooking produces Witch’s Delicacy, which can be turned into Contribution EXP
BDO Contribution Quests in Calpheon City

What is the Best Home City?

Velia, Heidel, and Calpheon City are the most popular. All of these cities have cheap Storage, Workers, and Worker Lodging.


  • Heidel:
    • very central location to all of BDO
  • Calpheon City:
    • Specialized vendors for many things that you can’t find anywhere else
      • Cooking: Fruit Vendor (fruit is often considered a bottleneck item)
      • Farming: Seed Vendor selling tier 2 Seeds (also some Withered Seed)
      • unique Alchemy Vendors, Housing items, etc.
BDO Velia Node
  • Velia:
    • access to cheap weapons/armor to build Failstacks for Enhancement
    • fishing hotspot just west of Velia, along the beach
    • good location for players who also like to Sail and Barter.


Calpheon City for Cooking Vendors

Many players choose Calpheon City for their Cooking head quarters because of the Cooking ingredient vendors located there.

Sometimes ingredients, like fruit, can be hard to find on the Marketplace.


The image below shows a very good location to purchase a Residence for Cooking. (Market Street 6-1, 2F)

  • cheapest price of 1 Contribution Point
  • close to the Storage Keeper
  • closest cheap Residence to Fredelles Herba, the general Cooking Vendor
  • close to seed vendor, Ahr.
  • fruit vendor, Milano Belucci, is south across the bridge.

Fredelles Herba <Tavern Owner>

Calpheon City Residence Close to Cooking Vendor

These are some things I’ve noticed about cities. I personally use Heidel or Velia, because I am there most often fishing or enhancing.


Bad Residence Locations

Keep in mind that even if your residence is in a difficult location, you can rent a container from the <Storage Keeper> to place inside your Residence. This gives you access to that city’s Storage.

  • Click Chat Option > Rent Container
  • Cost is 10 Contribution Points (ouch!)