Hunter’s Seals were updated in a patch on July 1st, 2020 to reward Hard Crystal Shards and Sharp Crystal Shards, as well as other enhancement materials. Hards and Sharps are used in higher levels of enhancement.

Hunter’s Seals are primarily obtained via boss fights, scrolls, and repeatable quests.

Hunter’s Seals can be given to Daphne DelLucci, if you are short on Black Shards. The quests are simple exchange quests, repeatable every day.


Hunter’s Seal Shard Rewards:

  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard

You can also obtain other enhancement materials. See details below.


Daphne DelLucci
<Node Management>

Hunter’s Seal NPC Location for Sharps & Hards


Daphne DelLucci – Balenos Forest Node Manager (SE of Velia)


Thanks to for the map! View Balenos Forest there.

BDO Balenos Forest Map

Hunter’s Seals for Sharp & Hard Shards

Exchange with Daphne. These are daily, repeat, quests that reset at 00:00 UTC.


 Icon Daily Quest Hunter’s Seals Black Shard Rewarded
[Daily] How to Scare Bears I 20
x1 Hard Black Crystal Shard
[Daily] How to Scare Bears II 100
x5 Hard Black Crystal Shard
[Daily] How to Scare Bears III 300
x15 Hard Black Crystal Shard
[Daily] How to Scare Boars I 40
x1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard
[Daily] How to Scare Boars II 200
x5 Sharp Black Crystal Shard
[Daily] How to Scare Boars III 600
x15 Sharp Black Crystal Shard



Hunter’s Seals for Other Enhancement Materials


 Icon Enhancement Item Price Exchange NPC
Black Stone (Armor)
Mansha, Andria, Thyshelle Arms
Black Stone (Weapon)
Mansha, Andria, Thyshelle Arms
Grade 3 Armor Reform Stone
Thyshelle Arms
Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone
Thyshelle Arms


Obtaining Hunter’s Seals

Hunter’s Seals are given as rewards for taking part in world boss fights, like Kzarka, Dim Tree, etc.

They are also obtained in boss fights from using scrolls like, Ancient Relic Shard.


Hunter Seals are also obtained from repeatable quests.

Subjugation Quests:

  • Subjugation quests reset at 00:00 UTC every day
  • You can only complete Subjugation quests twice a day
  • NOTE!! Do NOT complete any graduation quests, if you want to continue doing their dailies.


Hunter’s Seal Quest Level Skill EXP CP Hunter’s Seals
[Daily] Bolero’s Helm Subjugation Request
kill 120 Helms mobs
Mediah 50 356’480 200
[Daily] Guccio’s Mane Subjugation Request
kill 120 Manes mobs
Mediah 50 356’480 200
[Daily] Kasula’s Wandering Rogue Subjugation Request
kill 120 Rogues mobs
Mediah 50 356’480 200
[Daily] A Miner’s Abandoned Iron Mine Subjugation Request
kill 120 Mines mobs
Mediah 50 356’480 200
[Daily] A Gigantic Scheme (1/D)
kill 100 Calpheon Giants
Calpheon 50 0 0
[Daily] Increasing Manshas (1/D)
kill 100 Mansha mobs
Calpheon 50 0 0
[Daily Quest Graduation] Giants and Manshas
kill 200 Giants + 200 Manshas
NOTE: ends daily subjugation Giants/Manshas
Calpheon 53 0 300
[Daily Quest Graduation] Helms and Manes
kill 300 Manes + 300 Helms mobs
NOTE: ends daily subjugation Manes/Helms
Mediah 56 0 400
[Daily Quest Graduation] Wandering Rogues and Abandoned Iron Mine
kill 300 Rogues + 300 Mines
NOTE: ends daily subjugation Rogues/Mines
Mediah 56 0 400
Savagery Oppressing Keplan (Event)
kill 200 Giant mobs
Calpheon 0 0 0
Pirate Island Extermination #1
kill 25 of 4 different pirates – 100 total pirates
Kuit Islands 55 0 0
Pirate Island Extermination #2
kill 30 of 3 different pirates – 90 total pirates
Kuit Islands 55 0 0
[Daily] Wheelbarrow with Reward
deliver Zaramas’ Wheelbarrow after repeatable Rogues quests
Mediah 50 0 100
[Daily] Preparation for Escape
kill 120 Mines mobs
Mediah 0 356’480 200
[Repeat] Today’s Last Secret Mission
kill 18 of 3 different Helms mobs
Mediah 0 0 90
[Repeat] Suna Lise’s Reward
meet Suna after repeatable Helms quest
Mediah 0 0 90
[Repeat] Monta Farm Guardian
meet Monta after repeatable Manes quest
Mediah 0 0 10


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