The Hyena <Dastardly> is a rare wild animal you can hunt with a matchlock. It can be found in North Eastern Valencia, just west of Ancado Inner Harbor. Ancado is the small harbor town north of Valencia City.

Rare hunting mobs are difficult to find, but drop an unusual amount of loot from butchering them. Respawn is randomly between 12 and 24 hours.

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Dastardly Hyena Location Map

Dastardly Hyena Loot

Dastardly Hyena Knowledge and Titles

The first time you kill the <Dastardly> Hyena, you will gain knowledge under the category: Ecology > Rare Hunting Guide.

Completion of this category will allow you to obtain the Rare Hunting Guide from Lacy which then allows you to exchange energy for Manor Olvian Furniture designs.

You also have a chance to obtain 3 different titles while killing Dastardly Hyena:

– Dastardly
– Chomp Chomp
– Desert Cleaner

<Dastardly> Hyena Loot

Butchering Dastardly Hyena yields Supreme Tough Hide, Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast, and Energy-exuding Hide which is used to craft Manor Olvian Furniture. Hunting mastery makes a difference in the amount of each loot type and gives you the chance to obtain rare hunting loot like Sharp Tooth and Supreme Hide. Low mastery can still proc high mastery loot rarely as a crit.

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Dastardly Hyena Loot

Dastardly Hyena Lore & Mechanics

Hyenas usually inhabit dry regions, although some have been known to be bred in Calpheon by Giants. They have a powerful bite, and often move in clans led by an alpha. Hyenas exiled from their clan are unable to hunt wild prey, and are instead notoriously known for preying on the horses of merchant guilds traveling along the desert trail. Their terrifying gaze never fails to strike fear into the hearts of these desert traders.

Behr Gossip:

Hyena: Merchants passing from the north of Valencia desert were attacked by hyenas. Their goods and gold were damaged. It is surprising the merchants with backpacks were not harmed.


Dastardly Hyena only appears when you pass his spawn locations while riding a mount. He chases after spawning for a short distance, then pounces. After pouncing, he will slowly circle you. To avoid damage, roll when he pounces and shoot when he circles.

Hyena <Dastardly>
Level: 50 page


Sources & Additional Info

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