Jade Starlight Forest is a grinding spot that became available with the global release of Mountain of Eternal Winter (Everfrost) on 4-6-22.

Jade Starlight Forest is important because it is one of three grinding spots that drops a required material to obtain Labreska’s Helmet. (Fallen God Helmet)

You can also obtain ingredients used in Eternal Winter recipes via quest.


Jade Starlight Forest:

  • Optimal AP: 280
  • Optimal DP: 350
  • Recommended Level: 60+
  • Mob Level: 65


BDO Jade Starlight Forest

Okjinsini mobs of Jade Starlight Forest

Jade Starlight Forest Loot

Obtain the following items in Jade Starlight Forest.


Jade Starlight Forest Loot Details
Flame of Frost need 1 for Labreska’s Helmet
Embers of Frost Processing → Heating:
100x Embers of Frost
= 1 Flame of Frost
Forgotten Witch’s Token Need 1 to start Erethea’s Limbo.
Lesha’s Artifact – Monster Damage Reduction Monster Damage Reduction +9
Marsh’s Artifact – Extra AP Against Monsters Extra AP Against Monsters +6
Caphras Stone
Dragon Scale Fossil need 100 to make Olucas’ Crystal
Starlit Jade’s Breath Processing (L) → Simple Alchemy:
Spirit Perfume Elixir x1
Starlit Jade’s Breath x1
= Bracing Spirit Perfume Elixir x1
Ancient Spirit Dust
Starlit Jade Powder Trash Loot Value: 20,140
Black Stone (Armor)
Black Stone
Flame of Frost

Jade Starlight Forest Mechanics

  • Has structures like “Totem” and “Brazier” with strong powers protected by Okjinsini.
  • If you destroy the structures, it will weaken the Okjinsini.
  • When Okjinsini are killed, they inflict damage to nearby Okjinsini.
  • TIP: focus attack on the lowest HP + weakest mobs to increase damage to the group.
  • Respawn is very fast, enabling you to grind in a small area, rotating between 3 different spawn points
  • Continue defeating Okjinsini to spawn elite Okjinsini and a lower chance to spawn Erebjork <Wanewinter Guardian>
  • Possible Elite Mobs:  Winter Keeper, Lighthouse Keeper, Brazier Keeper
  • Source: thank you to JangSS! video
Jade Starlight Forest Mobs


Okjinsini Winter Keeper


Okjinsini Lighthouse Keeper


Okjinsini Brazier Keeper


Okjinsini Brazier


Okjinsini Totem


Okjinsini Stone Tomb

Erebjork: Everfrost Boss

Continue fighting in Jade Starlight Forest and Winter Tree Fossil grinding spots and Erebjork will spawn.

Erebjork has a chance to drop Flame of Frost.


Rare Boss Spawn: Erebjork <Dreadwinter Guardian>

BDO Erebjork

Erebjork Spawn Mechanic

1st – Okjinsini and Winter Tree Fossil

Appears with a low probability while grinding mobs. About once every 2 hours.

This Erebjork is challenging, but can be killed solo.


2nd – Spawns in Snow Storms

Party boss with same difficulty as Valencia Gatekeeper.

“A stronger version of the [Wanewinter Guardian] Erebjork can also be found within snowstorms throughout Everfrost.”


Example Erebjork (Solo) Loot:

Erebjork Loot

Jade Starlight Forest Location

Jade Starlight Forest is located in the zone Mountain of Eternal Winter (Everfrost), south of Eilton.

Everfrost is SE of the mountains of Drieghan.

Jade Starlight Forest Location Map
Map of Mountain of Eternal Winter: south of eilton node tree

Jade Starlight Forest Rotation

Thank you to 시렌지야 (Shirenji) who made the following map showing Jade Starlight Forest Rotations!

(I’m still looking for the original source link. Please let me know if you find it!)


Okjinsini Map of Jade Starlight Forest

Jade Starlight Forest Quests

Jodin, a self-proclaimed well-known explorer, asks you to rebuke the Okjinsini who tormented him.

These are daily repeat quests, giving Caphras Stones.


– [Daily] Plucking Beards – 2x Caphras Stone
– [Daily] Dreadwinter Possessed Beings – 3x Caphras Stone
– [Daily] Since They Troubled Me… – 15x Caphras Stone


Requires level 60+

Location: east of Mt Top Guard Post

Jade Starlight Forest Quest NPC: Jodin Location Map

Jade Starlight Forest Rare Drop

Jade Starlight Forest is one of the grinding spots that drop the rare Flame of Frost, which is one of the requirements for obtaining Labreska’s Helmet. (AKA Fallen God Helmet)


Labreska’s Helmet Base Stats:

  • DP: 90
  • Evasion: 33 (+66)
  • Damage Reduction: 57 (+27)

Item Effect:

  • +5% All Resistances
  • +210 Maximum HP
  • +10 Monster Damage Reduction

3 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Max Stamina +200

4 Set Boss Gear Effect:

  • Attack Speed +1%
  • Casting Speed +1%

*Slumbering Origin Armor 2 Set Effect*

  • Max HP +100
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10
Obliterating Labreska's Helmet: PEN Level 5

* Equipping Labreska’s Helmet with the Fallen God’s Armor will provide an additional set buff (HP +100 and Monster Damage Reduction +10) that is unique from the boss gear set effects.

Jade Starlight Forest Guild Missions

Guild Quests can be obtained for Jade Starlight Forest .


Guild Missions Quest Objective (Number to Defeat)
Small Medium Large Extra Large
Defeat Murraska in Murrowak’s Labyrinth 1000 1500 2000 2500
Defeat the Okjinsini of Jade Starlight Forest 283 425 570 710
Defeat monsters from the Winter Tree Fossil 600 900 1200 1500

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