Life Buffs are a great help to reduce Life Skill leveling time.

Life Skill buffs come in a variety of ways:

  • Life Skill Exp items like scrolls, food, and elixirs
  • Events that reward Life Skill Exp buffs
  • Special mechanics that reward a Life Skill buff

Life Skill Exp vs Skill Exp:

Life Skill buffs do not impact “Skill Exp”, which is a short name for “Combat Skill Exp” which only increases Combat Skill Points, not Life Skill levels.

Life Skill Exp buff events can occur, just like a Combat Exp event. (Although, not nearly as often.)

BDO Leveling Event

Life Skill Exp buffs are beneficial for all 11 Life Skills.

Life Skill EXP Items & Methods

This is a quick list. For details, please see below!

Icon Life EXP Item EXP
Time Elixirs or Verdure Draught (Alchemy) 10%, 15%, or 20%
Perfume of Swiftness stacks with Time Elixir or Verdure (Alchemy) 20%
[Villa] Turning Gates (180 min.) or [Camp] Life Buff 10%
Sute Tea, Seafood Cron Meal, or Fresh Whale Meat Salad (Cooking) 8%, 10%, or 15%
GM’s Blessing (1h) (event item) 5%, 10%, or 15%
[Event] items like Turkey or Lara’s Tea 8-50%
Value Pack (Pearl Shop) 30%
Server wide event buff or Olvia Server 50% to 100%
Secret Book of Old Moon (Pearl Shop) 50%
Birthday Cake 100%
Anniversary Celebration Cake 100%
[Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll (Season Graduation reward) 20%
Pearl Outfits Canape and Pavilla or Equipment Tailoring Coupon costumes 10% to 15%


Icon Life EXP Item EXP
Lighstones & Lighstone Combo Effects up to 41%
Artifacts (Sethra’s) up to 10%
Life Skill Mastery Accessories (NPC, recipe, marketplace) up to 75%
Secret Book of Florin (weekly quests) 20%
Extra Life EXP Scroll or Book of Life 50%
Krogdalo’s Donkey Gear (Hee Haw 3-set buff) 10%
Experienced Cry (Guild Skill) 10%
Complete Perfection (Guild Skill) 20%
Guru’s Touch (Guild Drill) 40%
Caphras Journal of Nature (Caphras Log) 10%
Life Skill Clothes (workshop or marketplace) up to 40%
Dim Magic Crystals (Challenge Reward for Life Skill levels) 3%
All Pets have RNG +5% Life Skill Chance Up to 25%
Specific T4 pets with Life Exp Talent 4% to 45%
Falasi’s Bookshelf with Knowledge on Excavation (2 different quest lines) 3%

Life Skill Exp Stacking

Most Life Skill Exp items stack.

When you stack life experience buffs, it can be the difference between +10% and +500%.

It means time Life Skill leveling can be greatly reduced with some smart planning!

Each Life Skill exp buff has its own timer. If it has its own icon, it shows that it has stacked.

BDO Life Exp Stack

Extra Life Exp Scroll +50%

Life Exp: +50%
Duration: 1 hour
Cooldown: 1 hour

The easiest Life EXP item to obtain in game is the Extra Life Exp Scroll.

These do NOT stack with the Book of Life.

Obtained via, Pearls, Challenge & Login Reward, and sometimes via Loyalties.

About Loyalties:

Earn 200 Loyalties each day for logging in.

  • Collect earned Loyalties: Y
  • Spend Loyalties: F3 → Loyalties tab
Extra Life Exp Scroll

Pearl Shop (F3) → Function → Consumable:

  • 1x Life Scroll: 50 Pearls
  • 11x Life Scroll: 500 Pearls

Life Skill EXP from Pets


With 5 Pets:

Life Exp from Pet Skills:  up to +25% (all pets RNG chance)
Life Exp from Talents:  up to +21% (some pets)
Duration: continuous, must be out of stable

Pets have a random chance to obtain +5% EXP of a specific Life Skill, in the form of Gathering Exp, Hunting Exp, etc.

Pets get a random skill when they gain tiers after pet breeding. (3 Skills at tier 4, plus 1 Talent)

With the maximum allowed pets of 5, you could have up to +25% Gathering EXP as an example, just from pet skills. (Life Exp Talents give 4% per pet at Tier 4.)


Pets with Life Skill Exp Talents:

Choppy, Hedgehog, Penguin, Marmot, Shadow Wolf, Little Lamb, Otter, Ferret, Flondor Duck, Panda (not red), Jojo, Newborn Crimson Dragon, Newborn Golden Dragon, most cat pets, etc (900+ Pearls)

  • 1% Life EXP per Tier (up to +20% for 5 pets)
  • all pets have RNG chance to learn +5% *specific life skill type* EXP buff (up to +25% for 5 pets)
  • T5 pets have special talent rules.
    Hedgehog Pet with Skills Combat Gathering

    Hedgehog is considered a must have pet for many Life Skill players.

    • Life EXP: 5% at tier 5
    • good chance of learning other beneficial skills of Gathering and Fishing +5% (and Combat EXP +5%)
    • significantly increases items for Gathering & Hunting Life Skills


    Life Skill EXP Calculation from Pets

    The maxium Life Skill Exp you can obtain from pets is +46%.


    Life Skill Pet Examples:

    • 1x Tier 4 Cat = 4% Life EXP
    • 5x T4 Cats = 20% Life Exp
    • 5x T4 Cats all with 5% Processing Exp Skill = 45% Processing Exp
    • 4x T4 and 1x T5 Cat all with 5% Processing Exp Skill = 46% Processing Exp

    Classic Cat Skills at Highest Chance:


    1. Processing: 43.79%
    2. Alchemy: 42.76%
    3. Karma Recovery: 40.39%
    4. Cooking: 38.42%
    5. Fishing: 38.29%
    6. Farming: 38.29%

    Other Life Skill Pets

    Besides pets that give Life Skill EXP from a Talent Skill, I find the following pets to be helpful.


    Pets with Other Unique Life Skill Ability:

    • Haetae Talent: a cat giving Mount EXP Boost (1% per tier)
    • Auto-fishing Time Special: giving about 10%-30% time reduction. Penguin, Marmot, Otter, Newborn Crimson Dragon, Newborn Golden Dragon, Young Crimson Dragon (Garmoth drop), Bos’n Jack
    • Bos’n Jack Talent: parrot that gives big ships more Bartering LT.


     Bos’n Jack

    • Pet Type: RARE
    • Talent: +50LT Big Ship Weight each Tier
    • Special Skill: Auto-Fishing Time Reduction
    • 5x T4 Bos’n Jack = 1,000 LT
    • Increased Chances to Learn these Skills:
      • Fishing Exp +5%
      • Hunting Exp +5%
      • Training Exp +5%
      • Trading Exp +5%
      • Karma Recovery +5%
    Bos Jak Pet Skills

    Bos’n Jak could be good for Hunting Life Skill also.
    48% chance to learn +5% Hunting EXP

    Obtaining Life Skill Pets

    Pets can be found in two seperate categories. Be sure to look in both.

    • Pearl Shop (F3) → Pet
    • Pearl Shop (F3) → Hot & New

    Pet Costs:

    • Classic Pet: 900 Pearls
    • Premium Pet: 1100 Pearls
    • Rare Pet: 900 to 1650 Pearls

    Sales and Packs can decrease the cost by up to 50%.

    Some pets can be more difficult to obtain and you will have to patiently wait for them to become available. For example, Bos’n Jak is a rare pet type and is only available during a limited time.


    Free Pets from Quests:

    5 pets can be obtained once per family by completing the main quest line.

    • Bartali’s Buster (Shaggy Dog)
    • Lauren’s Fluffy (Fluffy)
    • Kalis’ Delphe (Sky Hawk)
    • Bareed’s Junaid (Junaid Cat)
    • Marumin’s Squawky (Scarlet Macaw)

    There are also other pets that can be obtained without real dollars. Free Pet Guide

    Book of Old Moon: +50% Life Exp

    • Life EXP +50%
    • Combat EXP +100%
    • Skill EXP +50%
    • Reset (enhanced) skills freely
    • Change skill add-ons freely
    • Change Skill Preset in Safe Zone (Cooldown: 10 min)
    • Buy villa scrolls via your campsite without having a villa invitation
    • Stable slot +1 (for all regions)
    • Wharf slot +1 (for all regions)

    Pearl Cost: 1250 (15 Day Duration)
    Loyalties: 2000 (1 Day Duration)

    Secret Book of Old Moon is a great item to have on at all times because of the bonus buffs to Combat, Skill, etc.

    Old Moon Book

    Book of Life: Life Exp +50%

    Life Exp: +50%
    Duration: 24 hours
    Cooldown: 1 hour
    Days: 1 to 30


    How to Obtain Book of Life:

    • event periods from the Loyalty shop
    • free gifts via Login/Challenge rewards
    • Gathering quest line
    • hidden in Pearl Shop packs


    Challenge (Y) Rewards: 

    Esc → Reward → Challenge

    icon [New Adventurer] Reached Lv. 45!!
    [New Adventurer] Reached Lv. 53!!
    [Returning Adventurer] 18 Hrs Playtime!!


    Sealed Book of Life

    Note: After activating a Sealed Book of Life, the buff does not immediately start. You must right click Book of Life it gives, so that you see a 24 hour Life Exp buff in your buff list.

    The life buff is character specific and not shared with the entire family, but you can move the book via a Storage Keeper.

    Book of Life buff does NOT stack with Extra Life EXP Scroll.

    Book of Life from Quest

    The Gathering quest line will reward a Book of Life at the end.


    • 21 total quests
    • O key → Suggested → [Basics of Life] Learning About Gathering! 0/21
    • Requires level 31+ or quest, “The Gateway to Heidel”
    Sealed Book of Life from Quest

    Life Skill Exp +40% via Clothing

    Life Skill Clothes give up to +40% Life Skill EXP and other helpful life skill buffs.

    Silver Embroidered Clothes are crafted in workshops or purchased on the marketplace.

    Bartering and Hunting are the only Life Skills that don’t have Silver Embroidered clothing.


    Silver Embroidered Life Skill Clothing:

    • up to +40% Experience gain for +5 Enhancement
      • +1: 10% EXP
      • +2: 15% EXP
      • +3: 20% EXP
      • +4: 25% EXP
      • +5: 40% EXP
    • also contains other buffs like Movement Speed, Crafting Success, etc
    • worn in your armor slots, and CAN’T be converted into a Costume worn in the Appearance slots.
      • can be paired with Luxury Vendor clothes that have been converted.
        • How to Convert Luxury Clothes: Pearl Shop (F3) > Equipment Tailoring Coupon (1500 Pearls)

    Silver Embroidered Life Skill Clothing

    Silver Embroidered Alchemist’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Farmer’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Sailor’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Trader’s Clothes
    Silver Embroidered Trainer’s Clothes


    View our Life Skill Clothes Guide.

    Life Exp Event Items

    During holidays and events we can look for special items that reward Life Exp.


    • GM’s Blessing 1, 2, or 3:  5%, 10%, or 15% Life XP
    • [Event] Pinchos: +20% Life Exp (Termian Event)
    • [Event] Steamed Red Seabream: +20% Life Exp (Termian Event)
    • [Event] Six-Leaf Clover: +8% Life Exp
    • [Event] Hearty Grilled Turkey: +10% Life Exp (Thanksgiving Event)
    • [Event] Warm Sweater: +10% Life Exp (Christmas Event)
    • [Event] Lara’s Warm Black Tea: +30% Life Exp
    • [Event] All We Need Is Love (Life) +50% Life Exp (Valentine’s Event)
    Life Skill Exp Item from Valentine's Event

    Life Skill Mastery Accessories

    Life Skill Mastery items frequently have Life Skill Exp buffs on them.


    Life Mastery Necklace Buffs
    Life Mastery +5
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +8
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +15
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +10
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +14
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +30
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +18
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +26
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +50
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +28
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +45
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +75
    Life EXP +8%
    Life Mastery +40
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +70
    Life EXP +5%
    Life Mastery +105
    Life EXP +10%
    Life Mastery +60
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +110
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +150
    Life EXP +12%
    Life Mastery Rings and Earrings Buffs
    Life Mastery +4
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +6
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +10
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +8
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +12
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +25
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +16
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +22
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +40
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +24
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +36
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +65
    Life EXP +8%
    Life Mastery +32
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +55
    Life EXP +5%
    Life Mastery +90
    Life EXP +10%
    Life Mastery +50
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +95
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +125
    Life EXP +12%

    Life Skill Exp on Life Mastery Clothes:

    Only sailing and hunting Life Skills get Life Mastery Clothes with bonus to Exp.

    • Sailing Exp: all clothes from Loggia, Geranoa, and Manos
    • Hunting Exp: Manos only

    Guild Skills with Life Exp

    Purchase [Guild] Pledge of the Blood at a <Guild Manager>.

    You cannot store guild items in personal storage.


    Experienced Cry:

    Life Exp: +10% & Combat Exp +10%
    Learning Cost: 15 Guild Points
    Cool Down: 5 hours
    Duration: 60 minutes
    [Guild] Pledge of the Blood: 25


    Tier 1

    Guild Skills with Experienced Cry


    Complete Perfection:

    Life Exp: +20%
    Learning Cost: 20 Guild Points
    Cool Down: 5 hours
    Duration: 60 minutes
    [Guild] Pledge of the Blood: 300

    This Guild Skill requires learning the previous skill, Experienced Cry.

    Tier 2

    Complete Perfection


    Guru’s Touch:

    Life Exp: +40%
    Learning Cost: 50 Guild Points
    Cool Down: 1 hour 40 mins
    Duration: 60 minutes
    [Guild] Covenant of Blood: 250

    This Guild Skill requires learning the previous skills and a Guild Drill.

    Tier 3

    Guru's Touch

    Life Skill Exp Item from Season

    [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll


    Life Exp: +20%
    Life Skill Mastery: +100
    Duration: 1 hour
    Cooldown: 1 hour


    How to Obtain Scroll:


    Graduation: Gift Box Full of Memories

    Life Exp Elixirs & Draughts

    Use Alchemy to craft or purchase on the marketplace.


    • [Mix] Time-Training Elixir: 15% Life EXP, 10% Mount EXP, 8 min duration
    • Elixir of Time: 10% Life EXP, 5 min duration, 10 min for [Party]
    • Elixir of Flowing Tme: 15% Life EXP, 8 min duration, 15 min for [Party]
    • Verdure Draught: 20% Life EXP, 15 to 60 min duration
    • Perfume of Swiftness: 20% life EXP, 20 min duration (stacks with verdure or time elixir)

    2x Verdure Draught + [Event] Magical Elixer = 1 hour duration


    Specialized Pots

    • Celerity Draught: Sailing EXP +20%, Mount EXP +15%, Training EXP +20%, 180 min duration
    • Unbridaled Celerity Draught: Sailing EXP +20%, Mount EXP +15%,Training EXP +20%, 360 min duration
    • Fiery Celerity Draught: Mount EXP +30%, Training EXP +30%, 600 min duration



    Verdure Draught

    Life Skill EXP +3% with Dim Magic Crystals

    Dim Magic Crystals give a +3% *life skill* Exp buff and can be put inside the armor socket.

    These are rewarded after reaching certain levels in a specific Life Skill.

    How to Access Challenge Rewards:

    Press Y key or

    Esc → Reward → Challenge


    Most armors (chest piece) will allow 2 crystals for a potential +6% exp.

    Life Skill Exp Crystals

    Sometimes you can find these on the marketplace as well.

    Note that Life Skill clothing that covers the chest does NOT have any sockets to put these into. Not sure how beneficial these are when even a +1 Cook’s Clothes give 10% Cooking Exp.

    Sources & Additional Info