[Manor] Lion’s Reach Fountain rewards those who have dedicated time to Dark Rift boss hunting and Serendia Knowledge.

It is one of the easier manor yard decorations to obtain.


[Manor] Lion’s Reach Fountain


It can only be installed in the exterior yard of a manor.


Bad Joke #007:
Q: Why did the NPC like the Lion Fountain?
A: She thinks its purrrr-fect.

[Manor] Lion's Reach Fountain

Requirements at a Glance

  • 5 Dark Spirit’s Greed
  • 10 Moonlight Opals
  • 3 Ecology Knowledge categories in Serendia

Dark Spirit’s Greed

To obtain the first quest, hunt Dark Rift bosses until you obtain 5 Dark Spirit’s Greed.

Have in Inventory:

 Dark Spirit’s Greed


Quest Name: [Manor] Northern Heidel Gothic Fountain

Quest NPC: Jemkas Wyrmsbane <Node Management>

Quest Requirements for Knowledge:

  • Ecology of Serendia – Beasts (Serendia)
  • Ecology of Serendia – Plants (Serendia)
  • Ecology of Serendia – Insects (Serendia)
Dark Rift Boss UI


Northern Guard Camp is a gateway node located north of Heidel. View Northern Guard Camp node location on somethinglovely.net.

Jemkas Wyrmsbane

Quest Start NPC:
Jemkas Wyrmsbane
<Node Management>

Obtain Ecology Knowledge in Serendia

The first quest from Jemkas requires completing all of the Knowledge in 3 different categories.


Press H key → Ecology→ Ecology of Serendia →


 Northern Heidel Gothic Fountain


Completing all of the above, will allow you to exchange for the Northern Heidel Gothic Fountain through Jemkas Wyrmsbane.


Exchange x5:

 Dark Spirit’s Greed

Exchange NPC:
Jemkas Wyrmsbane
<Node Management>
Location: Northern Guard Camp

 Lion’s Gaze


Complete Bianstimi’s easy quest to open the option to exchange for Lion’s Gaze through him.

Quest Name: [Manor] Lion’s Gaze

Quest Requirement: Speak with Bianstimi


Exchange x10:

 Moonlight Opal


Learn how to obtain Moonlight Opal.

Quest NPC:
Location: Calpheon City

Bianstimi Location Map

Recipe for [Manor] Lion’s Reach Fountain


[Manor] Lion’s Reach Fountain is crafted by a Worker in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.


Design Recipe:

Lion’s Gaze x1

Northern Heidel Gothic Fountain x1

Screenshots of [Manor] Lion’s Reach Fountain

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