Mining is one of six Trade Skills in Lost Ark. It’s important for improving Strongholds and Ships, but also gives other benefits.


Mining Benefits:


  • Build, repair, and improve ships.
  • Research new Stronghold technologies.
  • Sell excess ores on the markeplace for gold.
  • Mine ores used in crafting recipes for consumables and other Stronghold items.
  • Mining gives rare materials and collectibles
    • 10 specific World Tree Leaves for special rewards
    • Platinum Field Tickets for no cost materials.
Lost Ark Mining Tiers

Obtain the Mining Trade Skill

Characters can’t mine unless they have completed a quest line that opens up all Trade Skills.


Lost Ark Mining Requirements:

  • complete the main story questline, starting with Crown of Lakebar, located in West Luterra, Lakebar.
  • level 24+
    • Trade Skills like mining are not available until about level 24, after following the main story quest line.
    • Trade Skills are opened after completing the quest called, The Peddlar of Luterra.
  • obtain and use any Mining Tool on an ore node.
  • 30 Energy required per ore mined.


Trade Skill Quest: Crown of Lakebar
Lost Ark Trade Skills Obtained

Mining Tools

You will need at least a Novice Mining Tool in order to begin mining.

Completing the main quest line up to Crown of Lakebar will open up a series of Guide quests that reward your first set of Trade Skill Tools.


Mining Tools get 1 to 5 random buffs, depending on their tier. A T1 Novice Mining Tool comes with one random buff. T5 Mining Tools get 5 random buffs.


Possible Mining Tool Buffs:

  • Super Armor (Immunity to Paralysis)
  • Increased Gathering Speed
  • Increased Basic Reward drop rate
  • Increased Rare Material drop rate
  • Increased chance for Special Rewards
  • Reduces chance of tool durability loss
Master Mining Tool

View an example T5 Master Mining Tool on reddit.

Mining Tools via Stronghold Crafting

Mining Tools can be created inside your Stronghold, using materials you have gathered.

  • Stronghold is given after completing the quest called “Clerk Theo’s Invitation”. This is part of the main story, after saving Luterra Castle, at about level 25.


For more details on how to obtain a mining tool, please visit our Trade Skill Tools guide.

1 Charm to Mine them All!

A Trade Skill Charm can greatly improve mining. It is equipped to your Charm slot under the Special Equipment section in your Profile (P) window.

Your first Trade Skill Charm, Faint Ore Charm, can be obtained if you have 12 World Tree Leaf Points. It can then be upgraded as you obtain more World Tree Leaves.

World Tree Leaves are a very rare drop from all Trade Skills.

Faint Ore Charm allows you to mine T2 ore at mining level 19 instead of 20.

Faint Ore Charm


Trade Skill Charm Mining Buffs icon
Faint Ore Charm All Trade Skill Mastery Lv. 1
All Trade Skill’s Basic Reward Bonus 5%
All Trade Skill Activating Lv.1
Luminous Gem Charm All Trade Skill Mastery Lv. 2
All Trade Skill’s Basic Reward Bonus 10%
All Trade Skill Activating Lv.2
Luminous Elemental Stone Charm All Trade Skill Mastery Lv. 3
All Trade Skill’s Basic Reward Bonus 25%
All Trade Skill Activating Lv.3
Brilliant Star Charm All Trade Skill Mastery Lv. 4
All Trade Skill’s Basic Reward Bonus 40%
All Trade Skill Activating Lv.4



Best T1 Locations to Level Mining

The locatons below are best for beginners wanting to level their mining.

Optimal Mining Skill Levels: 1 to 19



Best Beginner Friendly Mining Location


  • Lakebar in West Luterra:
    • Level 24+ characters and easy for beginners to find.
    • Dense mining nodes that quickly respawn.
    • If too many players, you can usually switch channels.


Thank you for mining maps below. View Source.

Lakebar Mining in West Luterra

Mining Locations in Lakebar



Next Popular T1 Mining Location


  • Meteora:
    • Island requires access to a ship and Level 40+
    • Many nodes in a small area
    • Well known spot and may not be able to switch channels if someone else shows up.
    • You can buy weekly Novice Mining XP potions here. You get 1580 XP per potion and can buy 5 per week which is 7900 Mining XP.
Mining Map for Meteora

Best Mining Locations for T2

In certain higher level zones, Tier 2 or Tier 3 nodes have a chance to spawn instead of a normal node. They drop twice as much loot and also have an increased chance of rare materials.

Mining nodes have different names in each zone, but all give iron ore. For example, silver nodes in Punika still give iron ore. (This was to make crafting less complicated.)


Mining Node Tiers

There are 3 different tiers of nodes. The highest tiers are found in higher ilvl locations and require a mining level of 30.


Mining Node Requirements:

  • Tier 1: level 1 mining
  • Tier 2: level 20 mining
  • Tier 3: level 30 mining

You can find tier 2+ mining by looking inside a zone or island’s map info. The description will state “Tier 2 (or 3) Special Materials.”

Mining Tier Info



Tier 2 Mining Locations

To find and mine tier 2 nodes, you have to have an item level of at least 600 and level 20 mining.

Yorn: Item Level 600+

  • Black Anvil Mine
  • Iron Hammer Mine
  • Yorn’s Cradle


Feiton: Item Level 960+

  • Nameless Valley


Orvis Island: Item Level 802+

  • 6 potential Strong Olivine nodes
  • Convenient location with no main story quest requirements to visit.
  • Mob density is high and respawn is quick! Bring lots of defense and Super Armor.
  • Orivs is a poplar island. Expect others to steal me precious ore… ack!


The first time you encounter tier 2 mining during the main quest line is in Yorn, which requires a 600 item level and tier 2 gear.


Strong Olivine
T2 nodes have a purple title and a level 20 mining requirement.

Tier 2 Mining Node: Strong Olivine

T2 Mining Locations in Yorn

Yorn is located in the very SW corner of the world map and requires 600 item level to enter.

The location maps below are courtesy of Thanks! View source.


Black Anvil Mine

Tier 2 Mining Map in Yorn


Yorn’s Cradle

Tier 2 Mining Map in Yorn


Iron Hammer Mine

Tier 2 Mining Map for Yorn



T2 Mining Locations in Feiton

Feiton is located in the far NW section of the world and requires an item level of 960 to enter.


Nameless Valley

Tier 2 Mining Map in Feiton


T2 Mining Location: Orvis Island

Orvis Island is located just SE of Luterra continent and requires a boat.

Recommended item level of 802+, but has easy access and no other requirements.

This is my least favorite place to mine T2 ore because there are too few nodes, high mob density, and competing players.


Orvis Island

T2 Mining Orvis Island

Mining Loot

Every time you mine, you will obtain 1 to 2 Iron Ore, that increases in quantity with level and buffs. You also have a chance to obtain green and blue grade loot or crit which gives a second gather.

Mining gives 1 to 2 normal ore each time if there are not crits. At my current mining level of 34, I frequently get 3 to 4 normal ore.


Loot Categories Explained

  • Normal: obtain 1 to 2 Iron Ore, increasing with levels, tool buffs, and gear.
  • Uncommon: Heavy Ore is obtained more rarely than Common.
  • Rare: Strong Iron Ore is the most rare ore.

T1 / Basic / Normal:
Iron Ore

Lost Ark Iron Ore from Mining

T2 / Basic / Uncommon:
Heavy Iron Ore

Lost Ark Heavy Iron Ore from Mining

T3 Rare:
Strong Iron Ore

Lost Ark Strong Iron Ore from Mining

The ore gathered from mining is stored inside the Storage tab of your inventory. Press I → Storage.


Items mined inside a Stronghold Farm have their own seperate use and recipes. They have a house icon on them. This method of mining is not recommended unless you are short on time or don’t like to mine and don’t mind paying extra Life Energy for ore.

Mining & Trade Skill Storage

iconMining World Tree Leaves

Mining provides a total of 10 World Tree Leaves. These are obtained very rarely any time you mine at any location.

View your current World Tree Leaves: Alt + L


World Tree Leaves from Mining:

  1. World Tree Leaf #4
  2. World Tree Leaf #10
  3. World Tree Leaf #16
  4. World Tree Leaf #22
  5. World Tree Leaf #28
  6. World Tree Leaf #43
  7. World Tree Leaf #52
  8. World Tree Leaf #61
  9. World Tree Leaf #70
  10. World Tree Leaf #79
Lost Ark Mining for World Tree Leaves

Mining Terms

To help us understand mining, there is a list of “Mining Details” in the Trade Skill UI (L).


Mining Details


Mining Details Explanation:

  • Shows the increases gained from Trade Skills. Trade Skill Tools and various buffs.
  • If the drop rate or XP gain increases, shows stats aside from the base probability set for gatherables.
  • For Crystalline Aura. the effects are shown on the gatherables and increased stats. However, if there is no increase, it will not be shown.
  • Stats increased through Leap Essence will not be shown.
  • Basic Reward Acquisition Rate +
    • Chance of obtaining additional Normal/Uncommon materials
  • Rare Material Acquisition Rate +
    • Chance of obtaining additional Rare materials
    • Chances increase drastically upon using certain skills. (Perfect Timing, Throw Bait, Sniffer Dog)
  • Special Material Acquisition Rate
    • Chance of obtaining additional Normal/Uncommon/Rare materials
    • The normal and uncommon aquisition rates are independent from eachother
    • Chances increase drastically upon using certain skills. (Green Thumb, Kick Tree, Moonlight Miner)
  • Gathering Speed Increase → increase gathering animation speed.
  • Durability Nonreduction Rate + → Chances that Durability will decrease when using tools.
  • XP Acquisition Increase → increase Trade Skill experience gained.

Recipes Using Iron Ore from Mining

The Iron Ore obtained via mining is used in many important recipes. Craft most of these recipes in your Stronghold.

Some of these can be used to increase the amount of gold you can earn from mining. For example, at the time of this writing, Sleep Bomb, has a gold price of 34, which would give a profit per craft of 51 gold.


Item Made from Iron Ore Cost Recipe that uses Iron Ore Qty
Clay Grenade 15 3 12 24 5 3
Electric Grenade 15 3 12 24 5 3
Flash Grenade 15 3 12 24 5 3
Frost Grenade 15 3 12 24 5 3
Luterra’s Horn 30 4 2 20 40 2 3
Normal Ship Parts Material 10 16 16 15
Powder of Sage 10 6 6   1 1
Sacred Bomb 15 3 12 24 3 3
Sleep Bomb 15 4 12 10 32 3
Structure: Armor Display Rack 40 24 24 1   1 1
Structure: Bent Marble Bench 40 48   1 1
Structure: Card Table 40 12 36 1   1 1
Structure: Dessert Sale Canopy 20 6 18 1
Structure: Dyorika Waterwheel 5,000 10 10 1
Structure: Festival Iron Pot 20 18 6   1 1
Structure: Firework Device 20 12 12   1 1
Structure: Fixed Barricade 20 12 12   1 1
Structure: Flag 20 6 18 1
Structure: Game Table 80 24 72 1   1 1
Structure: Giant Fish Tank 80 72 24 1   1 1
Structure: Half-Boiled Egg Chair 30 18 18   1 1
Structure: Large Tent 30 36   1 1
Structure: Large Windmill 60 18 54 1   1 1
Structure: Load Wagon 30 9 27   1 1
Structure: Lord’s Chair 40 5 44   1 1
Structure: Luterra-Style Large Fountain 80 96 1   1 1
Structure: Luterra-Style Medium Fountain 40 48 1   1 1
Structure: Marble Bench 40 48   1 1
Structure: Marble Table 40 48 1   1 1
Structure: Multi-Purpose Wagon 60 18 54 1   1 1
Structure: NACT-1 Counter 3,000 5 5 1
Structure: Reinforced Safe Box 20 6 18 1 1
Structure: Rethramis-Style Large Fountain 80 96 1   1 1
Structure: Rethramis-Style Medium Fountain 40 48 1   1 1
Structure: Rethramis-Style Small Fountain 20 12 12   1 1
Structure: Rohendel-Style Large Bench 80 24 72   1 1
Structure: Round Table 40 12 36 1   1 1
Structure: Solid Safe Box 20 6 18 1
Structure: Urr’s Tree Bench 3,000 5 5 1
Structure: Vern-Style Bench 40 12 36   1 1
Structure: Vern-Style Large Fountain 80 24 72   1 1
Structure: Weapon Display Rack 40 24 24 1   1 1
Structure: Wood Board Chair 20 6 18   1 1
Structure: Wooden Barrel 10 3 9 1
Structure: Wooden Fence Door 20 6 18   1 1
Structure: Worship Bench 40 12 36   1 1


Mining Skill Attributes

As you level mining, you will gain skills that make it more powerful and fun.


Mining Mastery Skills

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing gives a low chance to spawn a mini-game.

A button that says “G” will pop up and you have only a few seconds to press your G key. If you fail to press your G key in time, the mini-game will fail.


  • Mining Level Requirement: 10
  • Passive chance to proc a mini game that requires a key press.
Lost Ark Mining Skill: Perfect Timing

Moonlight Miner

Turn this mining skill on to gain double loot and exp for double the cost.

Moonlight Miner speeds up mining, but it is unknown if it impedes World Tree Leaf drop chances. Also, if your goal is to finish as many guild quests as possible to level the guild or reach your guild Contribution goal, this may not be the best skill to use.

  • Mining Level Requirement: 20
  • Toggle to get 2x mining loot + exp for 2x the energy cost.
Lost Ark Mining Skill: Moonlight Miner

Mining Bomb

Blow up any mining nodes in a circular area to harvest their materials.

  • Get 2x mats for 2x energy. Can be used with Moonlight Miner for 3x mats + energy cost.
  • Mining Level Requirement: 30
  • Placing a bomb takes about 3 seconds.
  • 2 minute cooldown.
  • Prevents other players from stealing the node.
  • How Mining Bomb effects World Tree Leaves is unknown.

TIP: use Mining Bomb when there are two mining nodes close together. It has an AOE that can destroy them both.

Lost Ark Mining Skill: Mining Bomb

Mining Bomb & Moonlight Miner:

If you use Mining Bomb and then mine, it uses 90 energy with Moonlight Miner vs 60 energy for Moonlight Miner only.

Mining Bomb + Moonlight Miner gives 225 xp vs 150 xp. There is a 50% increase in both energy and XP.

Other Mining Bomb Benefits:

  • Use in Platinum Fields, on the middle right side of the map. Quickly blow up rocks blocking a bridge to an area that has 4-5 nodes and a zipline to another area below.
  • Spida Island: helpful for quickly breaking the egg that spawns the boss. 6-8 rounds of Mining Bombs from players can break open the egg much faster than normal mining.
  • Gain access to 2x Mokoko Seed at Promise Island.

Mining Mastery Skills

Mastery Skill levels increase at certain levels of mining and also by equipping a Trade Skill Charm obtained via World Tree Leaves.

Mastery Skills for mining are all passive.

View your mastery levels and rewards by pressing the L key.

Mining Mastery Skills

Master of the Pickaxe

Master of the Pickaxe decreases the chance to lower the Durability of Mining Tools.

Mining Mastery: Master of Pickaxe

Master of Mining

Master of Mining increases the speed of the mining animation.

Mining Mastery: Master of Mining

Gem Appraiser

Gem Appraiser increases the chance of getting rare materials.

Mining Mastery: Gem Appraiser

Mining Skill Potions via NPC


  • You can buy 5 Novice Mining XP potions each week. You get 1580 XP per potion, which is 7900 XP.
  • If you were to purchase them weekly for a month, you’d hit around 7-10 levels.
  • Exchange NPC is named ‘Ritarre’, visible on the map.
  • Cost for each potion is 250 Strong Iron Ore (blue grade ore).


Trade Skill Xp Potion Locations:

  • Mining – Meteora
  • Logging – Giant Mushroom Island
  • Foraging – Liebeheim
  • Hunting – Mercia
  • Excavating – Golden Wave Island
  • Fishing – none 🙁

More info:

Mining Requires Life Energy

Mining requires 30 Energy each time you mine. One node usually requires 60 Energy because you can mine each node twice.

Normal Energy regen rate is 30 Energy every 10 minutes.

Crystaline Aura gives +3 Energy every 10 minutes.

Energy Regeneration Rates:


  • 1 Day = 4,320 Energy
  • 1 Day w/ Aura = 4,752 Energy
  • 8 Hours = 1440 Energy
  • 8 Hours w/ Aura = 1584 Energy
  • 1 Hour  = 180 Energy
  • 1 Hour w/ Aura = 198 Energy

Leap’s Essence:


Leap’s Essence doubles the resources, but also doubles the Energy used.

  • Leap’s Essence is purchased in the cash shop.
  • Limited purchase amount of 100 Leap’s Essence per week.
  • Cost is 100 Blue Crystals for 10 Leap’s Essence.


Weekly Trade Potions Pack:


  • 1 Leap’s Essence
  • 3 Basic Life Energy Potion (1,000 Life Energy each)
  • Costs 60 Blue Crystals
  • Limited to 1 purchase per week

Life Energy in Mari’s Shop

You can buy 5x Life Energy Potions (1,000 Life Energy each) for 100 Blue Crystals inside Mari’s Secret Shop (F4).


Life Energy Potion in the Mari Shop