In the world of Arkesia, pets are a huge help to your characters. Not only do they complete your character’s look (cute, ferocious, or creepy), but they serve useful functions like picking up your loot, providing passive buffs, and contributing to the success of your stronghold.

While Crystalline Aura is active, pets can also be used to remote access your storages and mailbox, remote repair gear and trade tools, and refacet gems. This is a huge convenience when you’re out in the wilds and don’t want to (or can’t) pause in your adventures to return to town.

white bunny pet LA

Pet Basics

  • Ony 1 pet can be summoned at a time.
  • A pet must be summoned for auto-looting and application of its effects and skills.
  • Open your Pet Menu by pressing Alt+P or by Ctrl+Right-clicking directly on your summoned pet.
  • Crystalline Aura must be active for remote functions (storage, mail, repair, refaceting).
  • Your 1st pet, a white rabbit, is acquired after completing a beginner questline in Prideholme.
  • All pets are roster bound, meaning all your characters have access to every pet you acquire.
pet menu via mouse

Pet Quality & Stats

Currently, pets come in 3 qualities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Rare pets are the lowest quality, while Legendary pets are the highest quality with the best stats.


  Rare Epic Legendary
Effects 1x Defensive
no Offensive
1x Defensive
1x Offensive
1x Defensive
1x Offensive
Skills no no 1x Skill Set
Cookie Production 2/10 minutes 3/10 minutes 4/10 minutes
Dispatch Bonus no 1% 2%

Pet Effects (Buffs)

Every pet has at least 1 passive Defensive effect or buff. Epic and Legendary quality pets have 1 Defensive effect and 1 Offensive effect. These effects are passive buffs that your character will receive as long as the pet is summoned.

There are 5 different Defensive effects and 6 different Offensive effects. Defensive effects buff your character’s health, physical defense, or magical defense by a certain percentage. Offensive effects buff your character’s Combat Stat by 10%. If your character’s Specialization stat is at 1500 points, then your pet’s effect of 10% would add 150 points.

lost ark pet effects


Pet effects can be changed at the Pet Management NPC, Working Achatemeow.

Find Achatemeow on your map by locating the puppy profile icon or do a map search for ‘pet’. He is stationed in every major city. You can also find Achatemeow stationed at your Stronghold if you have a Pet Ranch.

Pet retraining is currently a free service in the Western release of the game and only takes a few seconds to complete.

Interact with Achatemeow, select the pet you want to retrain, then select the effect you’d like to change and the effect you’d like instead from the list on the right.

Prideholme Pet NPC
pet management NPC

Pet Upgrades

Pets can be upgraded at the NPC, Achatemeow, to improve their quality, giving the pet more effects, skills, increased ship dispatch bonus, and increased cookie production at the Pet Ranch.

Pets need 100% of their Expertise bar filled and Pet Enhancement Tokens to upgrade. Please see chart. Tokens and Pet Expertise are acquired through your Stronghold’s Pet Ranch, so you must have the Pet Ranch unlocked to upgrade a pet to Epic or Legendary quality.

Note: Be sure pet has been removed from Cookie Workshop and Pet Ranch before attempting upgrade.

Upgrade Level Rare >> Epic Epic >> Legendary
Expertise Required 30,000 100,000
Tokens Required 10x 30x


rare epic egg comparison

Rare >> Epic Pet Upgrade

rare egg upgrade

Epic >> Legendary Pet Upgrade

epic to legendary pet upgrade

Pet Ranch

To unlock the Pet Ranch, you’ll first need Stronghold level 15 and have the Farm and Cave unlocked. Your Manor’s butler will then offer the quest, “Yay, Pet Ranch!”. After completing the questline, you will have access to the Pet Ranch and Cookie Workshop.

Place your pets in the Cookie Workshop or Ranch at the NPC, Dispatched Chromarong. Sending them to work at the cookie factory will earn them Expertise and Jam Cookies. Jam Cookies are used to purchase pet upgrade supplies, character skins, and other goodies at the NPC, Totocookie.

Pets will work until their morale runs out. Each pet has 14,400 base morale. You can recover morale gradually by placing your pets in the pet ranch to play and rest or you can recover morale faster by feeding your pets cans of Vitameow. Each can of Vitameow restores 1,440 morale and each pet can be overfed up to 144,000 morale.

happy pet arcane booster

There is a chance that your pets may become “Happy” as indicated by a yellow smiley face next to their name. Please see pic. For a limited time, the “Happy” pet will produce 2 extra cookies per cycle when placed in the Cookie Workshop.

Pet Upgrade Supplies

Totocookie sells pet supplies, skins, and other goodies in exchange for Jam Cookies. 

jam cookie vendor

Pet Sitter Chest (500 cookies)
Randomly obtain one of the following items:

  • 10-50 Vitameow (restores 1,400 morale)
  • 1-3 Arcane Battery (3 extra cookies produced per cycle while active)
  • 1-10 Pet Enhancement Token (needed to upgrade pet quality)

Pet Expertise Potion (90 cookies): Adds 1000 Expertise to pet.

Pet Inventory Expansion Ticket (10,000 cookies): Adds 10 pet inventory slots to Legendary pet. Limit 1 per Roster.

Pet Customization Potion (5,000 cookies): Changes appearance of Legendary pet.


Each can of Vitameow restores 1,440 morale to your pet. You can acquire Vitameow through login rewards, events, and Rapport item exchange. Minky, Protector of Pets, is the rapport exchange NPC at your Stronghold’s Pet Ranch. See chart for the exchange rate.

Rapport Quality Cans of Vitameow
Epic 3
Legendary 20
Relic 100


Arcane Battery

When opening a Pet Sitter Chest, there is a chance you can obtain 1-3 Arcane Batteries. Arcane Batteries increase cookie production by 3 each cycle for the life of the battery. Each battery lasts for 14,400 morale which is the base morale of 1 pet. If you have 3 pets actively producing cookies, the battery’s life span (14,400) will be consumed faster. However, you can apply more than 1 battery at the same time, up to 100.

Pet Enhancement Token

In my own experience, token yield is usually 1, very rarely 2-3. Consider yourself blessed if you receive more!

pet sitter chest

Legendary Pets

Legendary Pets have a few perks that Epic and Rare quality pets don’t have access to, including pet skills, appearance changes, and pet inventory expansion.

Pet Skills are only available to Legendary quality pets. Your pet will randomly receive 1 of 6 possible skills after upgrading. If you don’t want the skill you were given, you can change it at the NPC, Achatemeow for 20 Blue Crystals.

Each Skill will randomly proc 1 of 3 buffs while the pet is summoned, once about every 3 minutes.

Lengendary pets can also change their appearance by purchasing a Pet Customization Potion and extend their storage capacity by purchasing a Pet Inventory Expansion Ticket.

legendary pet mario

Legendary pets have a glow effect when summoned.

Legendary Pet Skills Legendary Skill Effect for all Skills

Cheers of the Heart

20% chance of recovering 8% of Max HP

40% chance of casting a 5s Shield for 10% of Max HP

40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP

Cheers of Serenity

20% chance of resetting Cooldown of Movement/Stand Up Skills
and reducing the Cooldown by 40% for 8s

Cheers of Heaven

20% chance of Attack Speed +3% for 8s

Cheers of Courage

20% chance of Move Speed +5% for 8s

Cheers of Resonance

20% chance of Specialty Meter gain +10% for 8s

Cheers of Silence

20% chance of recovering 25% of Max MP


Legendary Pet Skill Change

pet skill change