Magnus is a solo zone with hidden “Abyssal Veins” that you unlock via questing. Each time you discover an Abyssal Vein, you unlock rewards like fast travel and remote city storage.


Magnus Requirements:

  • Main quest line completion up to about level 50 to 56. (Details below)
  • You are given Magnus-exclusive equipment, so gear level is not required.

Magnus contains unique puzzles to solve.

BDO Magnus

Magnus Reward Highlights:

  • Choose 1 PEN (V) defense gear that’s bound to family.
  • Fast Travel from region to region, requiring 5m silver.
  • 1 new class-specific Magnus Skill for most classes.
  • Remote City Storage access from any Storage Keeper NPC or Pearl Shop Maid.
  • Other goodies rewarded via a Black Spirit quest after each region is completed.
  • +2 Max Energy
pen boss gear griffon's helmet jetina magnus

Magnus Questline

Magnus has a questline of about 105 quests.

You can view your progress by pressing O → Main → [Abyss One] The Magnus

Magnus Questline Start: [The Magnus] Nostalgic for Velia

Quest Giver: Black Spirit (,)

BDO Magnus Questline

Begin Magnus Questline:
Black Spirit (,) → Main Quest →  [The Magnus] Nostalgic for Velia

Magnus Quest from Black Spirit

Magnus Quest Line Requirements

The requirements for starting the Magnus questline were designed to be easy.

Basically, you have to complete the main quest line up to about when you turn level 50 to 56.

Main Quest Start Magnus Quest Requirement
Balenos ◆ Complete Calpheon Main Questline
Simplified Main Questline
(Season veteran)
◆ Available from Lv. 50+
Land of the Morning Light ◆ Complete Land of the Morning Light Main Questline
◆ Complete Succession/Awakening (Talent, Ascension)
Everfrost ◆ Complete the Everfrost Main Questline
◆ Complete Succession/Awakening (Talent, Ascension)



Magnus Exclusions

You cannot enter Abyss One: The Magnus for the following situations:

  • In a party/platoon
  • In a duel
  • While equipping a non-class weapon (i.e. matchlock, fishing rod)
  • With trading goods in possession
  • Less than 0 Karma
  • In Fugitive state
  • With Forced PvP (Alt+C) activated
  • With a Trial Character

Magnus Questline Walkthrough

Black Spirit will have you chat with Eileen, <General Goods Vendor> located in Velia.

You will then travel to Bartali Farm and have to jump into a water well.

Jumping into the water well teleports you into the Magnus.

Magnus Entrance is a well

[The Magnus] Where Are We? Investigate the unidentified structure.
→ Interact with the glowing Abyssal Altar.

Magnus Abyss Altar

[The Magnus] Stone Chamber Relic?

Quest Text: Climb the stairway and investigate the unidentified sphere.

You will find a glowing orb called “Magnus Power Engine”.

Magnus Power Engine

[The Magnus] Below

Quest Text: Head down the stairway and look around the lower floor

Look for a beam of light illuminating a round platform.

Interact with invisible object, “Abyssal Vein”


Magnus: Abyssal Vein

[The Magnus] Center of the Abyss

Quest text: Investigate the center of the abyss
Go back to where you first arrived inside Magnus. Interact with invisible object, “Center of the Abyss”

Magnus Quest

[The Magnus] Peaceful Vagabond

You will be dumped into the abyss and must board a rowboat with a cat on it.

Press SPACE to climb into the boat then R key.

Follow the glowing white clouds, rowing through them. If the cloud splits into two, the cat will “Meow” at you when you are heading in the right direction.

The final cloud has a beam of light shooting up into the sky. Dismount the boat by pressing R key then interact with the “Abyssal Afterimage”.

You will be teleported to a nearby floating ‘ship’. Step into the center and you will be teleported back to the Magnus. Talk with Wuju who is next to you to continue with the questline.

Magnus Boat Quest

Sad Red-nosed Imp

Quest Name: [The Magnus] Why Don’t You Do It Yourself?

Quest text: Resolve the Sad Red-nosed Imp anomaly.

Pick up 5 Abyssal Pearls hidden throughout the cave while avoiding the troll.

Abyssal Pearls are laying on the ground and on top of ledges.

Pick them up and carry them to the altar with a beam of light illuminating it.

Press R to drop them on the altar.

When all 5 are correctly at the altar, a black cat will spawn. Follow it back to the ship.

Talk to the cat to be ported onto the ship that will take you back to the magnus.

Magnus Sad Imp

Teleporting Back to the Magnus

At the end of each puzzle during the Magnus questline, a Black Cat will appear when you have successfully completed the puzzle.

Speak to the Black Cat who will port you onto the ‘ship’ teleporter that takes you back to the Magnus.

Note: Sometimes the Black Spirit will appear at this point to grant you knowledge.

Pendulum Goes Tick-tock

Quest Text: Resolve the Pendulum Goes Tick-tock anomaly.

Objective: Carry the Abyssal Pearl to the column of light at the opposite end while avoiding the boucning blue orbs.

Careful of the smaller blue orb that travels randomly!

If you are caught, you will have to start all over again.

After dropping the Abyssal Pearl down at the beam of light, your quest will update. Pick it up again and travel to the opposite end, making 3 trips to complete the riddle.

When all 3 Pearls have been successfuly placed, a black cat will spawn. Talk with it, talk to the Black Spirit to learn knowledge, then step into the middle of the ship to portal back to the Magnus.

UPDATE: from patch notes 7-19-23: The difficulty was lowered.

Pendulum Goes Clickety-clack

[The Magnus] Steps of the Abyss

Quest text: Go through the abyssal veins in the lower levels of the Magnus to find Wuju.

Speak to Wuju, who is down some stairs.



[The Magnus] By Mountain’s Breeze

Quest text: Move to Serendia through the abyssal veins.

Use the teleporter behind Wuju to travel to Eastern Border node, which is east of Heidel.

This will open up remote storage for Balenos and Serendia Territory.

Speak to the Mysterious Traveler nearby for rewards, then head to Moretti Farm to examine the next anomaly.

Magnus Steps of the Abyss

The Mysterious Traveler

At the end of each anomaly investigation, you will be ported back to the real world to investigate the anomaly in a new zone.

A Mysterious Traveler awaits you there to reward you with different goodies.

[The Magnus] To Moretti Farm!

Quest text: Examine the anomaly at Serendia’s Moretti Farm.

At Moretti Farm, climb the ladder outside the empty building to the top of the roof and interact with a glowy cloud.

Speak to Black Spirit to pick up the next quest, then jump into the water well and speak to Wuju.

Magnus Quest

Golden Lion of Serendia

Quest Name: [The Magnus] Strange, but Familiar

The square stone platform under the beam of light opens the gate ahead when you stand on it.

Chat with Jordine a few times and wait for him to stand on the platform. After he does, run ahead and stand on the square platform before the floor of fire. This keeps the gate open permanently.

Go back into the previous room and interract with the “Mystical Waterfall” in the small pool of water.

With the visible effects of the Mystical Waterfall’s buff on you, approach the fire carefully until it disappears. It will disappear in sections. Proceed slowly and wait for the fire to die out before moving again. If you run through too quickly, you will die.

Step on the square plate to open a closed gate. Run just inside the next room and wait for Jordine. Speak to him and allow him to lead you through the next room to safety. Don’t touch the black wisps floating in the air.

Magnus Mystical Waterfall

Golden Lion of Serendia #2

Pick up the Abyssal Pearl on the floor and place it on the square diagonally from Jordine (or 2nd Pearl). See pic.

This opens the gates to the room near Jordine.

Interact with “Small Container” object inside the room to get Ancient Orders. Place them on the wooden table called “First Altar.”

Interact with “Junk” object to get a Rusty Helmet.

Note: Interacting with “Old Crank” opens the gates if they close.

Now move the Pearls to the opposite diagonal corners to open the gates to the second room.

Place Rusty Helmet on the 3rd Altar.

Interact with “Sword and Shield” object to get a Rusty Quiver. Place Rusty Quiver on the 4th Altar.

Interact with “Strangely Patterned Flag” object to get a Old Flag.

Move the pearls again to open the first room. Place the “Old Flag” on the 2nd altar.

Summary of Item Placement on Altars:

  • 1st Altar: Ancient Orders
  • 2nd Altar: Old Flag
  • 3rd Altar: Rusty Helmet
  • 4th Altar: Rusty Quiver
Magnus Abyss Pearl

Golden Lion of Serendia #3

Follow Jordine ahead down the corridor, defeating mobs along the way and destroying 3 gates.

Magnus Quest

Golden Lion of Serendia #4

At the end, you will fight Katzvariak.

When he paints the room with a different color, get behind a pillar to avoid his AOE attack.

Text on the screen will warn you ahead of time and let you know what to do.

After the monster is dead, speak to Jordine, then the cat to board the ship and go back to the magnus.

Magnus Boss

Exploding Fireworks

After portaling in, look to your right or left for the snake, Ibedor, and talk to him.

A discarded chariot (cannon) will spawn beside you. SPACE bar and then R to mount it.

  • LMB: Fires cannon
  • RMB: Rapid Fire
  • W: raise angle
  • S: lower angle
  • Hold LMB: Extends Range

Protect the large gateway on the left side from being invaded by rock golems! 

The rock golems will come out of two small circles and march toward the middle pointed structure then march back to the large purple circle gateway. Kill the golems before they destroy the gateway!

Aim your cannon fire at the pointy structure in the middle and LMB when the golems get near it. RMB to rapid fire when the circles are filled. Kill the golems before they head back to the gateway.

After the test is over, speak to the black cat and portal back to the Magnus.

Magnus Fireworks

To the Dragon Palace

Find and interract with only the spheres called “Spacetime Afterimage”. The balls called “Spatial Afterimage” will teleport you back to the beginning.

  • 1st Spacetime Afterimage: only 1 available to start the puzzle
  • 2nd Spacetime Afterimage: second to the last ball
  • 3rd Spacetime Afterimage: only 1 available at the opposite end
  • 4th Spacetime Afterimage: go right. second to the last ball
  • 5th Spacetime Afterimage: on the left narrow walkway
  • 6th Spacetime Afterimage: go left, 3rd closest ball
  • 7th Spacetime Afterimage: the last ball at the end

The 7th Afterimage is more glowy than the other ones. Using it will teleport you to a tall narrow pedestal.

Jump down into the water below where you see rafts and a light in the middle.

Swim to the light and interact with the light called “Abyssal Afterimage”.

After being teleported out, go downstairs and speak to Wuju at the very bottom center of Magnus. You will be teleported to Falres Dirt Farm, SE of Calpheon.

Speak to Black Spirit and accept the Magnus quest. This unlocks remote storage for Calpheon territory.

Some Adventurer’s Grave

After traveling to Gabino Farm, interact with “Misplaced Alchemy Sack” in front of the water well.

Speak to Black Spirt and pick up next Magnus quest.

Jump down the well and go downstairs to speak to Wuju at the very bottom center of Magnus.

Go upstairs and interact with the glowing Abyssal Altar.

Interact with a square, “Some Adventurer’s Legacy” to start the puzzle.

Press Q key to crouch and move to the yellow beam of light.

Destroy the diamond shaped object at the end and pick up the Pearl.

Wait until the red circles disappear, then carry the Pearl to the next yellow beam of light. Drop the Pearl on the platform highlighted by the yellow beam of light.

Magnus: Some Adventurer's Grave

Girl Who Lost the Sea

Interact with object “Bonfire”.

Interact with object “Flint.” (It is a large rock nearby with a slightly glowing corner.)

Interact with object “Bonfire” again.

Speak to Lara and keep chatting with her until you have the option to “Ask for the location of the tree.”

Follow the yellow ball of light over a small cliff and interact with the “Hard Tree” object below. If you fall off the edge at any time, you will be teleported safely back to Lara. The puzzle does not reset.

Chat with Lara again and select, “Ask for the location of the tree.”

Again, follow the ball of yellow light to a Hard Tree.

Chat with Lara and select, “Hand over Hard Tree x2”.

Chat with Lara until you can select, “Ask for the location of the materials”.

Again, follow the ball of yellow light to a “Tree Trunk” object.

Chat with Lara and select, “Ask for the location of the resin”.

Again, follow the ball of yellow light to a “Solidified Resin” object.

Interact with Bonfire and select, “Melt the hardened resin”.

After the raft is built, chat with Lara and follow her to the beach.

At the shore, chat with Lara again then board the raft.

NOTE: If the raft dumps you into the water, you may have to swim to the teleportation device far away from the island.

Speak with the Black Cat on the raft below the device.

Magnus: Girl Who Lost the Sea
Magnus: Girl Who Lost the Sea

Only Thing that Matters

Go towards the light and speak to Gorgath laying on the ground.

Run toward the thin beam of yellow light and gather Sunrise Herb. (Beside a tall tree.)

This light was hard to see, but if you look carefully, you can see it.

Run toward a different thin beam of yellow light to gather Evening Primrose.

Magnus: Only Thing that Matters

Speak to Gorgath again and 8 Pillars will appear.

Turn each Pillar until their orbs are all facing foward in the same direction.

The orbs will show when they are in the correct position by becoming glowy and shimmery. (See the change immediately in the Interact window after using the Chat option 1 or more times.)

See image for an example glow. It’s quite faint and easy to miss, so watch carefully!

The Black Cat will appear when you are done.

After you are teleported to Magnus, go to the Abyssal Vein room downstairs.

Mediah and Ulukita Abyssal Vein knowledge and remote storage is rewarded.

Glowing Giant Pillar
Magnus: Only Thing That Matters

To the Altinova Gateway

Use the Abyssal Vein, which will teleport you just ouside Altinova.

Talk to Black Spirit and pick up the next Magnus quest.

Speak to Gorgoth. You will be teleported to Calpheon College.

After the cut scene, talk with Black Spirit. Run back to Gabino Farm, drop down the well, then take the Mediah Abyssal Vein which teleports you back to Stonebreak Shore near Altinova.

The quest will automatically draw an auto navigation line back to Gabino Farm. DON’T GO BACK THERE!!

Instead, open your map and look for the quest icon over the node Altinova Gateway. Head to the Altinova Gateway node which is NE of Altinova in Valencia territory.

Magnus Bug

Beneath the Surface

Interact with a glowy white cloud in front of the water well at the node Altinova Gateway, NE of Altinova.

Jump into the water well and talk to Wuju.

Speak to Zobadi then follow the dust clouds until the moles pop up out of the ground so that you can kill them.

Find the Fercious mole and kill it.

Talk to Zobadi and then interact with the “Light Left By Someone” that spawns.

Magnus: Beneath the Surface
High Spot on Prow

Look Before You…

Speak to Yeonhwa several times.

Run up the long stairway to the top and interact with some text on the wall called “First Hint.”

Magnus 1st Hint

Go back downstairs until you see the section of stairs where half of the stairs are missing. There is a unique looking lamp on the wall next to it.

Interact with the lamp object called “Beneath the lamp.”

Walk backward from the lamp off of the ledge and fall down to an invisible ledge below.

Interact with the wheel on the wall called, “Worn Device”.

Press LMB to “Crank Left”.

Drop down or climb up and go back to the top of the stairs where Yeonhwa is. Interact with the writing on the wall to complete the 1st hint and begin the 2nd hint.


2nd Hint

After speaking to Yeonhwa, 3 soldiers will spawn behind you. Kill each one. The one that looks like he drops the most gold coins (3 coins) is standing in front of the correct “Worn Device”. Press LMB to “Crank Left”.

Magnus Worn Device

3rd Hint

Run all the way to the top of the stairs and interact with “3rd Hint”.

A fighter called Belmorn will appear behind you on an invisible bridge.

Wait until you see two streaks of light race across the bridge then run to the where the fighter is and kill him. Fight in the small area where he stands, so that future light beams don’t touch you.

If the lights touch you, you will be sent back to the stairway.

Magnus Belmorn

4th Hint

Run all the way to the top of the stairs and interact with “Fourth Hint”.

A dog and a chicken will spawn on small glowing circles below.

Run downstairs to find and jump onto the circle with the chicken.

A platform will spawn. Walk onto each platform, after it spawns.

The final platform will take you to the Black Cat.

Magnus Chicken

Stormy Hills

Interact with the sparkling device, “Cron’s Heart”.

A sparkling yellow wall encircles you and shrinks smaller and smaller around you.

Move so that you are always in the direct center of the circle.

A green circle will appear in the middle which is safe.

If you are ouside the green circle, you will have to start over.

After successfully completing the cycle 4-5 times, you win the game which spawns the Black Cat.

Magnus Stormy Hills Wall

Struggle for Survival

You will arrive near a band of Cenaurs trying to destroy a well.

Fight them and more waves of monsters will come.

Finally defeat Kutum and Nouver.

Talk to the Black Cat, go back to the Magnus, and speak to Wuju.

After a cut scene, take the Kamasylvia Abyssal Vein which portals you to Lake Flondor. This unlocks remote storage for Kamasylvia.

Speak to the Black Spirit and the Mysterious Traveler at Lake Flondor before heading SW to the Grana Dirt Farm to find Eileen.

After speaking to Eileen and the Black Spirit, drop into the well and interact with the glowing Abyssal Altar in the Magnus to begin the Soar Like a Bird quest.

Magnus: Struggle for Survival

Soar Like A Bird

Talk to Baulo several times and answer him correctly:

  • 1st Answer: Two eagles flew by
  • 2nd Answer: Seagull

Finish listening and responding to Baulo’s story to finish the quest. Speak to the Black Cat and portal back to the Magnus.

Magnus: Soar Like a Bird

Scarlet Thread

Interact with the ball “Thread of Fate” to begin the puzzle.

The puzzle spawns 3 NPCs with 3 spheres that are red, yellow, and blue. They will station themselves like Chess pieces.

The objective of the game is to draw a path from each NPC to its like-colored sphere without intersecting any other color paths.

How To:

  • Pick up the Abyssal Pearl at each NPC and carry it to a matching color sphere to draw a path.
  • Make sure the circular platforms you walk over light up to form a path. If you go, too fast the path will break.
  • Drop the Pearl at its matching color Sphere.
  • Complete this process with all 3 NPCs.

The puzzle turns white when you are successful. Finally, interact with the “Abyssal Rift” to spawn the Black Cat.


Scarlet Thread Magnus
Scarlet Thread Win

Peculiar Library

Speak to Momellies to begin.

Answer her questions correctly:

  • Wind and Lightning
  • If there’s no bread, then cake!
  • Everlasting Glory of the Vedir, Ordore

If you accidentally select the wrong answer, hit ESC key then RETRY.


Speak to the Black Cat on the stairs and go back to the Magnus. After a cut scene, interact with the Drieghan Abyssal Vein and portal to Drieghan. Speak to the Black Spirit and the Mysterious Traveler. Drieghan remote storage is rewarded.

Head to the Marak Farm node to speak with Eileen, then use the well to portal back to the Magnus and speak to Wuju.

Magnus: Peculiar Library

End of Tomorrow

Speak to Oberin then jump onto the wagon to pick up a Pearl.

Carry the Pearl to Jordine standing in a glowing circle in the distance.

Wait until Jordine disappears then carry it to the next circle.

Carefully observe the pattern and timing of the meteors that fall and avoid them.

The falling meteors repeat in a loop. If you don’t walk in the right path at the right time, you will have to start all over by speaking to Oberin and obtaining the Pearl from the wagon again.

Drop the Pearl in the circle around Oberin standing between two pillars and speak to him.

IMHO this has been the most difficult puzzle. It helped to view videos of other players succeeding with this puzzle. Thanks Ksx for this video.

UPDATE: from patch notes 7-19-23: The difficulty was lowered.

Magnus: End of Tomorrow

Southward Travels

Speak to Yeonhwa then interact with “Worn Device”

LMB to “Crank Left” two times until the gate is open and follow Yeonhwa inside.

Locate the two Brazier on each side of some steps leading to a hallway with a closed gate.

Memorize the symbols above the two Brazier.

Interacting with any of the 6 objects called “Torch” surrounding the central “Brazier” allows you to take some kindling.

Interact with the middle “Brazier” to light the kindling you just obtained.

After lighting the Brazier, watch carefully the symbol that illuminates for a very short time before the flame goes out.

If the symbol matches either of the symbols you memorized near the steps, then take the kindling to the matching Brazier by the stairs.

Also remember the location of the Torch, whose kindling doesn’t show any symbol, but keeps the middle Brazier lit. This torch will need to be used to light the middle Brazier after the two Brazier by the steps are lit first.

Magnus Southward Travels

Drieghan Crest
(royal symbol)

Kamasylvia Crest
(antler symbol)

Step 1. Torch

Magnus: Southward Travels Torch


Step 2. Middle Brazier
(Look for Antler or Royal Symbol)

Magnus: Southward Travels Antlers

Step 3. Same Torch if Symbol Matches

Magnus: Southward Travels Torch


Step 4. Antler or Royal Brazier at Stairs

Magnus: Southward Travels Antler Brazier

Part 2

The gate will open when all 3 Braziers are lit. Follow Yeonhwa through the next rooms.

Yeonhwa will run to a room that has a large circle with a glowing symbol embedded in the wall called, “Ator’s Lungs”. It’s behind Yeonhwa, who is facing the doorway this puzzle unlocks.

Memorize the shape displayed inside Ator’s Lungs and visit the matching room to pick up its artifact. Bring it back to Ator’s Lungs. The artifact will be in a glowing circle on the floor.

You will have to do this four times for four different symbols.

Southward Travels Map

Magnus: Southward Travels

Room Layout:

Pyramid → Sphere → Octahedron → Ring

(if you go right after facing “Ator’s Lungs”)

Match 4 Different Shapes

southward travels shapes

After all 4 shapes are placed correctly at the lung, follow Yeonhwa to the end room and speak to the Black Cat.

Octahedron Room

southward travels octa

Pyramid Room

southward travels pyramid

Ring Room

southward travels ring

Sphere Room

southward travels sphere

Riddle of the Slumbering Sage

A row of red rings is used to display your progress in this puzzle. With each memory test you win, one red ring will turn yellow. When all 5 rings are yellow, the Black Cat will spawn.

Two ancient weapons will spawn inside the room. Memorize them before they disappear.

After the 2 disappear, then two more will spawn, 1 inside each rock circle. Stand on the circle/ancient weapon that did NOT spawn previously. If you selected the right creature, you win the 1st round and the game proceeds to the 2nd round.

Each successive round gets more challenging as they increase the number of ancient weapons you must memorize each time.

Answer correctly 5 times and you win.

Talk to the Black Cat and portal out to the Magnus. Talk to Black Spirit and the Mysterious Traveler at Salanar Pond. 

This unlocks remote storage for O’dyllita.

Travel to Delmira Plantation and speak with Eileen. Use the well to go back to the Magnus and speak to Wuju and the Black Spirit.

Magnus: Slumbering Sage

The Third Laboratory

Maintain the sealed energy at appropriate levels.

There is a yellow bubble surrounding Red Nose, with 1 Sealing Device at 4 corners.

Don’t let the bubble around Red Nose grow too big or small by attacking a blue or red Sealing Device.

  • Blue Sealing Device: enlarge bubble (charge energy)
  • Red Sealing Device: shrink bubble (release energy)

Follow the visual and text clues to know when to attack a blue or red device.

Interact with one of the 4 Sealing Devices to spawn the Black Cat. Portal back to the Magnus and speak with Yeonhwa and Wuju to begin the next quest.

Third Laboratory

Where the Dragon Sleeps

Move ahead and speak with Leon. Have him light up the area.

The objective of this game is to reach the chest behind the sleeping dragon without waking him up. Running into jars and skulls will wake him up.

Press Q key to crouch. You can move while crouched. 

Turn left as soon as you are able to and move while crouched around the jars, under his wing. Touching the dragon’s wings, feet, or tail will not wake him up. 

Interact with the chest located under his tail, then interract with the Black Cat to move to the portal.

Dragon Sleeps

Light-bearing Pot

This game’s objective is simple and random. Destroy pots until you find the one that has a hidden light.

If you destroy more than 40 jars before finding the hidden light, the puzzle resets. The location of the light is random each reset.

Interact with the hidden light to spawn the Black Cat.

Speak with Wuju after portaling back to the Magnus, then take the Mountain of Eternal Winter Abyssal Vein.

When you arrive in MoEW, speak with the Black Spirit and the Mysterious Traveler. This unlocks remote storage for Mountain of Eternal Winter.

Head North to the well at Erethea’s Belt.

Magnus: Light Bearing Pot

Into the Fire

The object of this game is to place 1 pearl on each of the 5 round platforms surrounding the fighter.

Approach the fighter to begin the game.

Dodge the red circles and race to the outer edges of the area to find a blue glowing pearl.

Pick up the pearl and carry it back to the fighter, placing 1 on each platform. Dodge any attacks he might make.

It’s okay to make mistakes as the hits take health but do not kill immediately.

Repeat 4 more times until all platforms have a pearl. Speak to the Black Cat to finish and go back to the Magnus.

Magnus: Into the Fire

Rhutums Strike Back

Speak to the Rhutum Wizard then follow him inside the fort and speak to him again.

The object of the game is to allow 5 other Rhutum Wizards inside the Gateway to help the quest giver and kill any other Rhutums that try to get through. 

While the quest giver is busy at the spheres, stand in front of the Gateway and interract with it when you see groups of Rhutums spawn outside and walk towards you. The evil Rhutums will be revealed by the Gateway as they pass through, transforming them into hideous beasts. Quickly kill them.

Only allow Rhutum Wizards to reach the quest giver. They come in groups of 2, hold staffs, and look just like the quest NPC.

When you have 5 Rhutum Wizards inside, you win.

Speak to the Rhutum Wizard again to spawn the Black Cat.

Magnus: Rhutums Strike Back

Dreaming Kamaslyve

Defeat Goyen after choosing the battle difficulty.

Easy and Hard difficulty give the same rewards.

Goyen will heal himself and has several large AOE attacks you can dodge. After defeating Goyen, listen to his story. After talking through things, follow Wuju’s trail up the tree and interract with the Black Cat. Take the portal back to the Magnus, speak to the NPCs and finish up the main Magnus questline.

After returning to Balenos, speak to the Black Spirit and the Mysterious Traveler to receive 120 Failstack, 500 Crons, and a 15 day Value Pack.

Use the well at Bartali Farm node to go back to the Magnus and speak to Wuju.

The Black Spirit will have you use the Balenos Abyssal Vein to find the chest Wuju spoke about.

Magnus: Goyen

Finishing the Magnus Questline

Quest Name: [The Magnus] Chest from the Abyss

After arriving in Balenos, do not follow the auto navigation to find the chest. The chest is already near where you are dropped off at.

Head a few steps south to a chest that’s on the right side of the nearest cloth covered wooden stands.

Pass up the Spotless Treasure Chest and open the Unidentified Chest to receive Wuju’s Gift for Pen V Boss Gear.

Black Spirit will have you go back to the Magnus, talk to the Black Cat, then head to the Contaminated Farm in Calpheon to speak to Gorgath. Summon Black Spirit to finish the main questline and receive your Class Abyssal Legacy Skill. See below for more details on class Legacy Skills.

Magnus Chest

Magnus PEN Boss Armor

Magnus PEN Boss Armor

Unidentified Chest Location

Unidentified Chest Location

Additional Chest Location Resources:

Having trouble locating the chest?

Magnus PEN (V) Boss Gear

Choose 1 PEN (V) Boss Gear for completing the quest, “[The Magnus] Box from the Abyss.”

  • Limited to once per Family.
  • Can’t be registered on Central Market. *
  • This gear is identical to Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN (V) boss gear.
  • Optional Slumbering Origin Armor Upgrade:
    • Gear can be upgraded after enhancing the Caphras level to 10.
    • * Slumbering Origin Gear can be registered on the Central Market.

Slumbering Origin Armor Set


  • PEN (V) Giath’s Helmet
  • PEN (V) Griffon’s Helmet


  • PEN (V) Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
  • PEN (V) Red Nose’s Armor


  • PEN (V) Urugon’s Shoes
  • PEN (V) Muskan’s Shoes


  • PEN (V) Leebur’s Gloves
  • PEN (V) Bheg’s Gloves

Choosing the Best PEN Boss Gear

Boss Gear that provides more Damage Reduction, rather than Evasion is going to be the best choice for most players. Please see excellent guide on DR vs Evasion for details.


Top Rated Damage Reduction Boss Gear

PEN Boss Gear DP Accuracy Evasion Damage Reduction Item Effect
 PEN (V) Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor  89 0 40 (+120) 49 (+24) Max HP +200
Max MP/WP/SP +100
 PEN (V) Red Nose Armor 89 0 40 (+120) 49 (+24) Increase HP Recovery
Max MP/WP/SP +100
 PEN (V) Urugon’s Shoes 79 0 43 (+45) 36 (+41) Movement Speed +1
 PEN (V) Griffon’s Helmet 80 0 28 (+60) 52 (+22) All Resistance +5%
 PEN (V) Bheg’s Gloves 60 50 26 (+78) 34 (+19)




Compare All PEN Boss Defense Gear

Includes all possible choices, even those with evasion focus.

PEN Boss Gear DP Accuracy Evasion Damage Reduction Item Effect
 PEN (V) Urugon’s Shoes 79 0 43 (+45) 36 (+41) Movement Speed +1
PEN (V) Muskan’s Shoes 77 0 43 (+90) 34 (+14) none
 PEN (V) Griffon’s Helmet 80 0 28 (+60) 52 (+22) All Resistance +5%
 PEN (V) Giath’s Helmet 80 0 28 (+60) 52 (+16) Max HP +100
 PEN (V) Bheg’s Gloves 60 50 26 (+78) 34 (+19) none
 PEN (V) Leebur’s Gloves 62 25 33 (+103) 29 (+17) none
 PEN (V) Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor  89 0 40 (+120) 49 (+24) Max HP +200
Max MP/WP/SP +100
 PEN (V) Red Nose Armor 89 0 40 (+120) 49 (+24) Increase HP Recovery
Max MP/WP/SP +100



Still having trouble deciding which boss gear to choose?

  • Best DP: Either chest piece offers the best DP of the four available defense gear slots. They will help you hit DP brackets easier. The helmets are almost, but not quite as good, giving 9 DP less.
    • Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor: higher cost to Caphras level 10. (x8,260)
    • Red Nose Armor: lower cost to Caphras level 10. (x7,224)
  • Best Offense: Bheg’s Gloves is the only gear piece that offers any Accuracy.
  • Highest Demand & Best Value: at the time of writing, PEN Urugon’s Shoes has the highest Base Price and demand of the 4 slots.
    • NOTE: game changes can occur suddenly, so please see current sales data to confirm.
    • Urugon’s Shoes is upgradable to Ator’s Shoes, which is the most recent addition to Slumbering Origin Armor Set.

Caphras Level 10 Upgrade Costs:

  • Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor: x8,260 Caphras Stones
  • All other boss gear: x7,224 Caphras Stones

Also visit our Boss Gear Player Poll to see player opinions. (For example, Dim Tree is currently the most popular choice for stats alone, but Red Nose has a cheaper upgrade cost.)


Marketplace Prices for Boss DR Gear

Since Magnus PEN Boss gear is equivalent to what you can purchase on the marketplace, we can discover the cost and player demand.

Marketplace prices below are NA and auto update every 30 minutes.


Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor

Current price, stock, and daily sale rate of a Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor.

Dim Tree ArmorBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume


Red Nose’s Armor

Current price, stock, and daily sale rate of Red Nose’s Armor.

Red Nose's ArmorBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume


Griffon’s Helmet

Current price, stock, and daily sale rate of a Griffon’s Helmet.

Griffon's HelmetBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume


Bheg’s Gloves

Current price, stock, and daily sale rate of Bheg’s Gloves.

Bheg's GlovesBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume


Urugon’s Shoes

Current price, stock, and daily sale rate of Urugon’s Shoes.

Urugon’s ShoesBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume

Magnus: Land of the Morning Light

You can now begin an additional Magnus questline that will allow transport and storage access in the new zone Land of the Morning Light.

1. Be Lvl 56+
2. Completed the Abyss One: The Magnus Main Questline – [The Magnus] Chest from the Abyss

Begin by talking to the Black Spirit and accepting the quest: [LoML] Yeonhwa’s Departure.

Speak several times to Yeonhwa who is located at the Velia docks.

After she boards the ship to Land of the Morning Light, accept the quest: [LoML] Snotface Wants To See You from the Black Spirit.

Enter the Magnus through a well and go up the stairs to speak to Wuju.

Yeonhwa's Departure

After speaking to chatty Wuju several times and completing quests: [The Magnus] Last Abyssal Vein and [The Magnus] Another Anomaly, Wuju will give you the quest [The Magnus] Memories of the Deep Sea to investigate the new Abyssal anomaly that suddenly opened up.

Head back down the stairs and interact with the Abyssal Altar to activate the Memories of the Deep Sea anomaly, then head down to the middle to enter the puzzle. Equip the special Abyss One Gear when the UI opens up.


[The Magnus] Memories of the Deep Sea

Approach the circular platform to begin the puzzle. Several metal balls will spawn around the circular platform.

Memorize the order the beam of light strikes each ball then carry each ball to the circular platform in the exact same order to complete the puzzle.

Grab the Damaged Record Device that spawns over the platform.

Speak to the Black Cat that appears and enter the portal that takes you back to the Magnus.

Hand in your quest to Wuju and gain [Knowledge] Memories of the Deep Sea.

Hand Wuju the Damaged Record Device and speak to him several more times. Head back downstairs and interact with the Abyssal Altar to activate the Unseen Shadow anomaly.

Memories of the Deep Sea light beam
Damaged Record Device

[The Magnus] Unseen Shadow

Interact with the Unidentified Device by the staircase and accept the quest to begin the timed anomaly. You have 2 minutes to run to the top of the tower and finish the quest by interacting with the Device at the top. Be sure you are out of combat mode and use Sprint (Shift key).

On the way to the top you will come across several Devices that you can interact with. Interacting with certain Devices activates circular platforms that you have to jump on to get across gaps in the broken staircase. Don’t take time to activate every Device you come across.

The first gap can be jumped over without activating a Device. The last two gaps require activating the Devices right before them.

If you time out before turning in your quest to the Unidentified Device at the top of the staircase, simply jump off the stairs and fall to the bottom. (Make sure you have the fall buff still active.) Activate the Device at the bottom of the stairs to restart the timer and try again.

Hand in your quest to Wuju and gain [Knowledge] Unseen Shadow. Accept the quest to begin the 3rd puzzle. Head back downstairs and interact with the Abyssal Altar to activate the Netherworld Registry Institute anomaly.


Unidentified Device
Unidentified Device activates platform
Device at Top of Tower

[The Magnus] Netherworld Registry Institute

Speak to the Unknown Headmaster and accept the quest “Precious Register” to begin the puzzle. Interact with the correct 2 objects to complete.

Interact with a round white Luxurious Vase on the wooden floor beside a zig-zag patterned column. It’s on the NPC’s left hand side when you are facing the same direction as the NPC.

Next, interact with the Antiquated Box on the stone floor in the outer hallway. It’s by the right side of the entrance door, when you are facing the door. There is a long narrow white vase above it on the book shelf.

Give the register from the box to the Unknown Headmaster to complete the quest. Speak to the Black Cat to portal back to the Magnus. Speak to Black Spirit to accept the quest: [The Magnus] Morning’s Breeze.

Note: This final quest is worded wrong atm. You can’t run to Wuju to speak to him. If you do, he doesn’t have a quest to turn in. Instead, run down to the Abyssal Vein portal area and run towards the only empty Abyssal Vein platform. After a movie plays, you are finished. ….And done for buster! 🙂

You will receive [Knowledge] Abyssal Veins: Land of the Morning Light and [Knowledge] Special Relationship. This will open up a portal to travel to Land of the Morning Light.

magnus netherworld vase
magnus netherworld

Magnus Gear

Inside the Magnus, you are given a set of gear automatically.

Press I key and right click each piece to equip the set.


Magnus: Abyss One Gear:

  • AP: 243
  • DP: 323
Magnus: Abyss One Gear

Magnus Knowledge Rewards

As you progress through the main Magnus questline, you’ll get knowledge which opens quests for more goodies.

  • After obtaining an “Abyssal Veins” knowledge for each region, talk to Black Spirit (,) to obtain a quest.
  • The quest requires you to speak to a Mysterious Traveler NPC to claim your rewards.
  • Items are rewarded once per Family.
Abyssal Vein Inside the Magnus Abyssal Vein Knowledge Quest & Rewards
Abyssal Veins: Balenos

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Velia Duel Arena

1x Advice of Valks (+120)
500x Cron Stone
1x Value Pack (15 Days)

Abyssal Veins: Serendia

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Eastern Border

5x Elion’s Tear
5x Blessed Message Scroll (120 min)
5x Item Collection Increase Scroll


Abyssal Veins: Calpheon

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Falres Dirt Farm

5x Valks’ Cry
5x Artisan’s Memory

Abyssal Veins: Valencia

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Fohalam Farm

1x [Event] Sealed Book of Life (7 Days)
5x Secret Book of Florin

Abyssal Veins: Kamasylvia

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Lake Flondor

1x [Event] Tachros’ Spirit Stone
1x [Event] Stella’s Spirit Stone

Abyssal Veins: Drieghan

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Duvencrune Farmland

1x [Event] Shakatu’s Luxury Box
1x [Event] Enhancement Help Kit III

Abyssal Veins: Mediah

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Altinova Entrance

1x Sealed Compass (7 Days)
1x [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days)

Abyssal Veins: Mountain of Eternal Winter

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Zvier Highlands

3x Item Brand Spell Stone
1x Patrigio’s Apparel Bag

Abyssal Veins: O’dyllita

[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Salanar Pond

3x [Event] Golden Blessing of Agris
3x [Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll

 Abyssal Vein: Land of the Morning Light


[The Magnus: Special Gift] Traveler at Moodle Village

1x Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon
1x [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (20 Days)
5x Elion’s Tear
10x Secret Book of Florin
20x Item Collection Increase Scroll

Abyssal Veins: Ulukita 🙁


+2 Max Energy for Magnus Knowledge

You will gain a total of 2 Max Energy for completing the Magnus knowledge categories:

Press H key to view Magnus Knowledge:

  • Adventure Journal → Abyss One: The Magnus Journal → Abyss Adventure Log I and Abyss Adventure Log II

After completing the main quest line, visit the following NPCs:

  • Gorgath and Eileen: Calpheon City Library 1st floor near Kaia Feresio
  • Yeonhwa: Velia on the northern dock near Criox the Wharf Manager
  • Jordine: west of Southwestern Gateway (west of Glish) in the big ravine.
  • Goyen: Kusha, Mediah inside the tallest white building up several stairways.

NOTE: Warriors have a slightly different questline that rewards additional Knowledge. (but not required for the Energy reward.)


Magnus Skills: Abyssal Legacy

A unique Magnus Skill is rewarded to each class for completing the main Magnus questline.


Quest Rewards:

If you lose the secret book item, you can get another one by talking to Cruhorn Wyrmsbane.

After using the book, find your Abyssal Legacy Skill by looking in the Main tab of your Skills UI (K).

Magnus Skill Questline:

  1. [The Magnus] Box from the Abyss
  2. – [The Magnus] Abyssal Legacy
  3. – [The Magnus] Revelations
  4. – [The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation (60+)
  • [The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation” quest is available once per character.

Quest Giver: Black Spirit
Requirement: level 60+


Magnus Remote Storage Access

Magnus allows you to access almost all city storages from any other city storage. (Not available in Muiquun and Port Ratt.)

How To Use: vist any Storage Keeper NPC

Requirements: Magnus main questline


Remote Access to Other Regions’ Storage

  • Item Exclusions: trade items, exchange items, treasure items, Ornette’s Spirit Essence, Odore’s Spirit Essence, and basic potion items.

Magnus Teleport Map

Abyssal Wells are magical water wells located near major cities that allow you to travel from region to region almost instantly.

  • Jumping into an Abyssal Well teleports you into The Magnus, in which you can travel to distant regions for silver.
  • To travel to a specific region, you have to unlock the corresponding Abyssal Vein (teleport) located inside The Magnus.
  • Abyssal Veins (teleports) are unlocked by completing that region’s Magnus questline.
  • After completing the Magnus questline, you can bypass the Magnus and interact with an Abyssal Well to open a teleport map.
    Abyssal Well
    Abyssal Well Activated Map

    Bypass the Magnus to Teleport:

    • After finishing all Magnus quests, you unlock Abyssal Wells for teleporting to other areas.
    • Simply interact with an Abyssal Well to open a map and choose where you want to go.
    • Once you’ve picked a destination, it gets marked on the map and the glowing orb over the well changes into an icon representing the territory you selected.
    Abyssal Well Not Activated 4

    Jump the Activated Well!

    • Use SPACE to jump onto the Abyssal Well, then drop inside to teleport.
    • You can’t pick your current location as a destination.
    Abyssal Well Jump

    Deactivated Abyssal Well
    Interact to open a teleportation map.

    Abyssal Well Not Activated

    Activated Abyssal Well
    Jump inside to teleport!

    Abyssal Well Activated

    Abyssal Well Locations and Cost

    • View Abyssal Well locations you have obtained on the World Map (M).
    • 5,000,000 silver is charged regardless of the distance.
    Territory Icon Abyssal Well Location Arrival Point

    Bartali Farm
    Bartali Farm

    Moretti Plantation
    Eastern Border

    Gabino Farm
    Falres Dirt Farm

    Altinova Gateway
    Stonebeak Shore

    Erdal Farm
    Fohalam Farm

    NW Grána farm
    Lake Flondor

    Marak Farm
    Duvencrune Farmland

    Delmira Plantation
    Salanar Pond

    Erethea’s Belt
    Zvier Highlands

    Land of Morning Light
    Nampo’s Moodle Village
    Nampo’s Moodle Village

    SW of Muzgar
    West of Muzgar


    Magnus Abyssal Well Locations

    Use the “Find NPCs” function located to the left of the minimap to search for the location of Abyssal Wells once you have obtain the corresponding Knowledge from completing the Magnus questline.

    Click the Abyssal Well button icon to navigate to the Abyssal Well nearest to your location.

    You can also click on an Abyssal Well icon on the World Map (M) to draw an autopath to it.

    Magnus Titles

    The Magnus main questline rewards the following titles:

    1. Young and Reckless
    2. Dunce
    3. Snot-faced Wuju
    4. Monster
    5. Singularity
    6. Eileen’s BFF
    7. Anomaly Normalizer
    8. Copycat
    9. One of a Kind
    10. Got the Chills
    11. Dimensions Apart
    12. Exhausted
    13. More Bark than Bite
    14. Abyssal Traveler
    15. Well, Well, Well
    16. The Greatsword’s Master (Warriors can obtain a special title by proceeding with the main questline)

    A Roudy Crowd

    UPDATE: from Patch Notes 7-19-23:

    • An accident has occurred where some parts of the abyss sank down too deep. Thanks to the energy gathered from solving many errors, the Abyssal Veins is in perfect order.
      • Below are the parts lost to the depths.
        • A Rowdy Crowd
        • Captivating Cruise
      • Due to their disappearance, related Magnus quests had their completion conditions adjusted.
    Guide before patch

    A Roudy Crowd

    Interact with the Wagon and select, “Look for the Rope and Raw Sugar.”

    Press the I key and select the Bag Tab. Right click the capturing rope to equip it.

    Horse Taming:

    • Slowly approach horse. If you get too close, the horse will spook and you’ll have to start over.
    • Line up your cross hairs with the horse until it turns red.
    • Press LMB
    • If you are successful, the first minigame will appear. Press space when the bar is in the blue. (Very similar to the fishing mini-game)
    • Approach the horse until you see the horse rear up and a SPACE button icon appears.
    • Rapidly hit your Space bar as quick as you can. It has to be extremely fast.
    • The goal is to get the pointer all the way over towards the horse icon on the right. You have 10 seconds to get the pointer over to the right, or you will fail taming.
    • Keep approaching the horse until you can press F5 to feed 5 Lumps of Raw Sugar.
    • Pres R key to mount the horse
    • Ride horse to the wagon, then interact with the horse that is pulling the wagon.
    • Speak to the Black Cat to finish and portal back to the Magnus.

    If you fail, the wagon will replenish your ropes and sugar.

    Captivating Cruise

    UPDATE: from Patch Notes 7-19-23:

    • An accident has occurred where some parts of the abyss sank down too deep. Thanks to the energy gathered from solving many errors, the Abyssal Veins is in perfect order.
      • Below are the parts lost to the depths.
        • A Rowdy Crowd
        • Captivating Cruise
      • Due to their disappearance, related Magnus quests had their completion conditions adjusted.
    Guide before patch

    Captivating Cruise

    The object of this mini-game is to find a flare in the wreckage and set if off at the top of the ship’s prow while avoiding detection by circling pirate ships.

    The pirate ships’ large detection area is shown in red around them. Avoid detection of the pirate ships by crouching or swimming under water.

    Interact with the object, “A Light Stuck Between Books”  to begin the game.

    Interact with objects on the wrecked ship and debris that have a faint purple glow until you find a Flare.

    The quest objective text for finding the Flare will be grayed out when you have found it.

    TIPS: While crouched, try adjusting the camera angles with mouse and arrow keys to better see the pirate ships. Move while crouched when possible. Note any objects with a purple aura. Be patient and pounce on the objects when the area is clear. Immediately crouch after interacting with objects and check your Quest UI to see if you have found the flare as there is no obvious notice.

    When you are safe from pirate detection, climb to the ‘High Spot’ at the tip of the ship’s prow and interact with it to complete the quest. It’s at the front of the ship, at the end of the pole that has a red ribbon hung underneath.

    Talk to the Black Cat, go back to the Magnus, speak to Wuju and take the Valencian Abyssal Vein. This unlocks remote storage for Valencia territory.

    Investigate the 3 suggested well locations near Fohalam Farm, then head south to speak to Eileen. Afterwards, go north to the location suggest by Professor Libero. After a short cut scene, you will be portaled to a well at Erdal Farm.

    Use the well to go to the Magnus and speak to Wuju. Begin the next set of games.

    Magnus: Captivating Cruise
    High Spot on Prow